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The following interview is done with Shamaatae...

First tell us a bit about Arckanum.
Arckanum is a death black metal act which I created to hail Pan and the trolls and the 80's.
Your latest release on Necropolis, 'Kampen,' is a double cd. Kind of a rare thing for a metal band of your style...
The record showed to be very long so I decided to release it on a dcd. Alot of crap cd players are not able to play long cd's so I wanted it on a dcd so everyone could play it.
How would you describe the music of Arckanum to those yet to hear it?
I wouldn't know.
How have your experiences been working with Necropolis?
Necropolis keeps ripping me off, they are the main factor of rip off!! It's 1999 now, and we released Kampen in the beginning of the summer of 1998 and I still haven't seen my Kampen cd, nor the shirts, Paul is a lying motherfucker!! Joker is my man though.
Is there a message you wish to convey to the listener?
I want all of you to follow Kaos.
What are some of the things that inspire you in this life? Could you tell us what you do in your spare time when not working on Arckanum?
What inspires me would be my lovely woman Kristina. I like to practise magical works and consume moonshine.
Do you possess any 'religious' beliefs?
I got my strong beliefs in Kaos, that's my religion.
Do you believe there is anything that awaits you after death?
My father Pan and my lost kingdom.
What are your thoughts on the motto 'Might is Right?' Do you believe in the survival of the fittest philosophy? These 'natural selection' ways have been stifled by society, where the weak are often praised and glorified. Your thoughts?
As kaos created nature, you have to hunt your own food, if you wish to toss your life away, you have to pay the consequences.
Is there a part of history which draws you to it most? If so, why?
The dark ages. I don't know nature?
If you were granted one wish, what would it be?
The end complete of the human kind.
Your thoughts on society, in general?
I hate it, societies should have never been born.
Do you foresee an end of mankind?
No, but I wish. And if I could, I would laugh out loud and grin and giggle 'til my last breath.
Do believe the situation of the world will grow worse or better?
Both if we're unlucky.
Your thoughts on Armageddon?
I would love it.
What do you hate most in this world?
And last, your final comments?
Thanx for the interview and I hope your mag will bring luck.

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