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The following interview is done with Vermin...

Lets begin by you telling us about the reasons behind the ending of Sacramentary Abolishment.
Well, simply I feel that the direction of certain band members, on both a musical and personal level, was not in the same direction as it had been in the years from '93-'98. This was not an act of disrespect. The split was amicable, and unanimous. Wor and I wanted to pursue a more militant and brutal style of music, while keeping our old style in the mix. Paulus was more interested in a mechanical metal, with a heavily percussive base. Hence, we went our separate ways. There were personal matters present as well, but they are unimportant really, in the long run. As a side note, and for respect for Paulus, Wor and I dropped the name of S.A., a Paulus creation. The third S.A. CD was to be called "Axis of Advance", so we decided on this as the more suitable title for the band.
Your new band, Axis of Advance, has recently released its first effort, a MCD entitled "Landline". Could you explain the differences you perceive between your newer works and old?
Well, I personally believe Axis of Advance is more brutal. The music is not as mechanical as S.A., but more militant overall. It is not just boring blackmetal, nor trendy deathmetal, but it contains the more brutal elements of each. I also believe that the songwriting is far superior, mixed with drumming that has a lot more feel than the past. Overall, the music flows better.
In the past interview in '98, you mentioned that 80% of the material was done for the third S.A. release. What happened with this? Will any of this ever be released? Or did the ideas go with Axis..?
The songs that were written have been overhauled and are now Axis of Advance songs. The two originals on the MCD were part of the 80% that I had talked about before. These, plus new songs written specifically for Axis of Advance will make up the new CD.
Why did you not choose to include the lyrics this time around? What sort of topics do the lyrics deal with?
Well, the three songs on the MCD had no lyrics printed for a simple reason. The first two tracks will be re-recorded for the full-length CD, and the lyrics printed there. On the MCD, we just wanted to peak the interest of our fans, and be a tad more mysterious than in the past. The third track's lyrics were not included due to the fact that it's a cover song, and people all know the Canadian gods "Sacrifice".
Paulus has since recorded his solo project "Rites of Thy Degringolade". Have you heard this?
Yes, I've heard his new demo cassette. It is quite good. Better than I'd have expected. I recommend getting it somehow..
The aggression and ferocity of S.A. is still very prevalent in Axis of Advance. It's very fast, violent and chaotic at times... explain to us the emotions prevalent in the songwriting and recording of this release.
Well, we wanted to better the intensity of the S.A. releases. As I said before, we wanted a more 'metal' attitude all around. We were also pleased that we were able to greatly improve sound quality without the loss of any brutality. We are the 'militant war metal' of Canada now.. more so than ever.
In the previous interview we did some time back, you expressed your dissatisfaction with society and the world in general. I'd imagine this has only grown in 1999. Things have certainly took a turn for the worse. It's quite a pitiful situation, the way of the world... what are your current thoughts on the subject?
I've done some maturing, I think. I still hate the world and society. However, I think I've developed more apathy than anything in the past year. I've tried to fight it all my life. Now, I'll just be a soldier through my music, literature and so on. As long as there are people/groups/organisations that are trying to better our times, I'll focus all my attention on them, and fuck the rest. I know I'm superior to the mindless people around me, so in that I find my happiness.
To go a bit deeper into the last question.. what would you say are some of the causes for the problem in today's world? Do you see a readily obtainable solution?
I couldn't begin to guess. The only obtainable solution I can see would be what I said in the last question. Do things that give you personal satisfaction. Surround yourself with things that make you happy. Music, art, or whatever..
I think one of the most unique aspects of your bands have been and is your lyric writing/song titles/imagery. It is not typical by far. The subjects of the songs are often left in obscurity, the always carry with them a certain vagueness. Explain to us the motivation behind this.
So the listener can interpret the lyrics for themselves, and maybe even apply them to themselves. The imagery only supports this. What I think the lyrics mean will be different than what you think they mean. I like the vagueness. Perhaps they are visions of the future...
You've previously expressed your interest of ancient wars and times, referring to what you called the 'golden era of WW2.' Would you agree that the world's societies began a major descent after that period? If so, what is your opinion ?
Yes, the world has deteriorated since then, but that was not the beginning of the decline. I think the old Celts and Vikings had the right ideas. A simple life. Now people always want more, and cannot be satisfied. The end of their era was the true beginning of the decline. As for my study of war, I just appreciate the aspects of war, gain, pain to your enemies, and so on. Tactics forth!
And back to the music... before we end this interview, tell us what we can expect for the future of Axis of Advance? Any touring planned yet? I noticed the website wasn't finished yet, plans to have this done soon?
We'll do the website soon, once the time is found. As for touring, we're going to stay in Canada this autumn/winter. We'll aim for the US and maybe beyond next spring/summer. In the near future, there are a few 7" releases coming out, including a song on a tribute to war 7" from a small Danish label. We're shopping Axis of Advance around for label support, and we think we have someone we're going to work with. If so, you can expect the full length CD out in mid-2000.
Lastly, your words of wisdom to the masses and your final comments?
Thanks for the interview, and keep the flame of Mourning the Ancient alive. Stay militant!!

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