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     'I lie awake on the battlefield. A fatal wound in my breast. I'm soon to be dead. But still I am thinking... A sail on the horizon. Vanishing in the crimson dawn... My comrades are gone... Victorious!-and silence descends... Suddenly I hear the hooves. Not born from this Earth. The Valkyries come. They found me worthy. I'm drawn upon a horse's back. Shivering with fright and joy. I know I have died. To live forevermore.'-Leaving the World of Mortals from Infernal

     Originally called Darkfeast, Barathrum was formed by Demonos Sova in 1990. Barathrum, when on Nazgul's Eyrie Productions, had three releases: Hailstorm (1995), Eerie (1995), Infernal (1997). Following these are Devilry (demo/1997), Jetblack (1997-7'EP) and Legions of Perkele (1998-Spinefarm Records). Preceding these releases two demos and a promo tape were released: Witchmaster (1991), Battlecry (1992), Sanctissime Colere Satanas. In the following interview, Demonos Sova (vocals/bass) shares with us his perspective on the world and reveals Barathrum's goals.

First, tell us the history of Barathrum, such as who founded it and when, current line up, release history, etc. Current line up is: Demonos (bass/vocals), Infernus (bass), Sulphur (guitar), Pimea (drums). I formed this band in 1990 YABB, and in the beginning the band's name was Darkfeast.

What are your musical influences? What are your personal favorites of today? I just try to stay away from musical influences... Of course I like to listen to music, and here's my play list for today: Barathrum (Infernal), Sabbat (The Dwelling), Bathory (Blood on Ice), Wrok (Ontgravenis--Demo), Countess (The Book of the Heretic).

What inspires you outside of music? Magick, visions, dreams, nature that surrounds me, actually everything...

Your music is very unique in its sound, you use a lot of distortion in a very determined and rhythmic way. Who's idea was it to create this style? Barathrum was created by me, the almighty Demonos Sova, the chief berserk of Barathrum.

Your lyrics deal a lot with topics of occultism and ancient religious beliefs. Does this reflect a personal religious belief? In a way yes, but you cannot find my inner-personal self directly from my lyrics... I am a far more complicated individual.

The song "Bleeding Sky" speaks of the passing of the Christian god. What are your thoughts on Christianity, and why do you feel this way? Nature itself gives the rules for this planet... The lighter side has been worshiped for far too long now, so we are close to mayhem and destruction... I really can see clear visions about that... Something like one percent of the population will survive from several ways of death like: super-viruses, starwings, wars... Oh, yeah, and I really wait the coming of great death; infernal winds!

Christianity is very prominent in today's age... What would you say is the reason for its dominance in today's world? It's just a bad habit like chewing one's fingernails... Just like just need to put some poison on the fingernails to make them taste bad...

The song "Ravens" from the CD "Eerie" speaks of dying in battle and reaching Valhalla, could you tell us your beliefs of this? You shouldn't take it too directly... That song is actually about the glorious death of a bold warrior... A poem to raise the war spirit.

What do you foresee after death? Carnally speaking, maggots and rot!

With the pillars of the present world crumbling...the echoes of mankind's end ring collectively in our ears. Some believe that the winds of Armageddon are beginning to blow. In Norse beliefs, there is Ragnarokó the end of the present world and the birth of the new. What is your interpretation of Ragnarok? Do you believe it grows near? As I told before, it's the law of nature. Only few will survive, and surely that will happen soon.

What is the symbol used on the cover of "Hailstorm" and also found on "Eerie"? It's my own personal seal, called the Seal of Abyss.

For those who do not know, what does the word "Barathrum" mean, and why did you choose it as the name of your band? I chose that name by magical "accident", and I really like it, it means my mind.

Are you currently working on material for your next album? What will it be called and what can listeners expect? You must mean our third album, "Infernal", which was released lately... Actually, I have already started to work on the following studio album which shall be really occult.

What are your goals for the future? To play gigs, to get that EP out soon, to get another album out sometime, to finish our video.

How do you view the present Black Metal scene? Do you see it growing, or beginning to dim? What do you predict for the future of Black Metal ten years from now? I hope real metal survives, and I know it will survive... There's a few great bands in Europe nowadays: Ancient Rites, Countess, Wizard, Unpure, Necromantia, and of course Barathrum.

Tell us about some of the places you've toured and who you've toured with. I just returned from Barathrum's European tour... We were touring with Sabbat (JAP), Countess (HOL), and Wizard (FIN&GER).

Are you or any of the other band members involved in any musical side projects? I used to have several side projects like Rotko, Fall, Demonos Jetblack, Kirous, etc. Now I am working on a project which is simply called Demonos.

Alas, we thank you for your time and thoughts. Any final thoughts or closing comments? Thanks for this interview. Thanks for the support. Hail to my brothers and friends in Black Metal... Kippis! Saatanaa Teille Kaikille!

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70101 Kuopio
Suomi, Finland

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