The following interview is done with O., of the black metal band Branstock, from Germany. You will notice a Mourning the Ancient photo at the end of the interview, which is the cover of the new Branstock MCD (self-titled, which includes tracks old and new). This is the first time we've allowed use of our photography to a band, and it was an honor and a pleasure to contribute something to such a ferocious piece of black metal.

Branstock is fast becoming a well-known name in the black metal universe. Can you tell us some history and information? What does the name mean?
Branstock was formed in the years 2000/2001. The first songs were cover tracks from old Absurd. At the beginning of 2001 we recorded our own songs. The Absurd cover tracks and three of our own tracks were released on the first tape "Vorstellungstonband 2001a.y.p.s." Then came a split tape with Pesthauch (my industrial noise project), the demotape "Lewwer duad üs Slaav," a t-shirt with silver print, split 7" EP with Nordreich, split 7" EP with Sadorass, 4-way split on 10" with Odal, Cultus, & Deathgate Arkanum, the 12" LP version from the "Lewwer duad üs Slaav" demo (the first 50 LPs came with a gold print t-shirt) and a MCD with tracks from the 7" + exclusive bonustracks. We also recorded three tracks for compilations. The name Branstock comes from Germanic myths. It is a tree in Volsungs hall.

Branstock is raw, primitive and dark black metal. Our favorite kind. What do you think about how black metal has been perverted over the years to sound clean and mainstream?
More and more bands play with clean and mainstream sound because it is the trend and the bands hope they can make money with that type of music. I think it is subhuman shit and I don't support bands with these attributes. However, from time to time I like bands with mainstream sound.

Tell us about some of the your influences, outside of music, that influence your music? Is it easy for you to find inspiration in such a foolish world?
I derive my inspiration from the nature of my country and from the things I see, read and all of what I do. I write lyrics when I see a thunderstorm over the sea or when I go into the woods or when I see the rats going to church in my hometown. All of my life is great for inspiration for lyrics and music.

Life on Earth is relatively short, when it's all said and done. What do you hope to accomplish before your death?
I hope that I can offer my son a good life in this filthy world. He should know where he comes from and that he is a part of a proud folk and cannot be suppressed by the Zionist members of the occupying forces.

Hypothetically, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?
I would ask questions concerning a certain German era...

What to say about this rotten, cold world that we and the world haven't already uttered. Mindless wars spin out of control. Greed consumes the tyrants like never before, or rather, they are more bold than ever before in their raping of this world and its people. Your thoughts on the current situation of this planet, its people and its future? Will things grow worse before better?
This world has come to a point where nobody gives back, they only take. If not soon, then in a short time it all shall perish. The large part of this world is suppressed and governed by Zionist rulers. They destroy and suppress every person (and also nature). Apparently though, these concerns, mosy people do not share. Everyone lives for themselves only and are either too poor or too rich. The only possibility of changing this is a big... but, in this war the right people would have to win, and unfortunately, that is very unlikely. The enemy to be fought is very strong.

Your thoughts on the subject of death? Do you believe a part of us lives on in some way? Or is death the final curtain?
I believe that death ends a segment of our long travels. What was before and what comes afterward nobody can say exactly. A part of me will hopefully live on in my children and their children...

What are your thoughts on political correctness and censorship? Have you had to deal with any of this in the past? Germany can be a very strict place.
I don't like the political correctness and censorship here in Germany. It is hard for us all at this time. I can't say what I want here in my country. I had problems with the Z.O.G. in the year 2000 and 2004 in the form of raids on my house. I had at this time (from 1996-2000) a distro/label and an underground fanzine and the Z.O.G. didn't like the articles and bands in my zine. And in 2004 a subhuman said to his friend on the mobile I have Swastika flags for sale. But this was a fucking lie. But Z.O.G. listened to this call and that was enough here for a raid.

Your country, despite its notorious censorship problems, produces some of the best bands in the world. Music in general, for that matter, dating back centuries. Why do you think this is?
I don't know why. However, there are also many bad bands here in Germany. But it is good here, in spite of the strict censorship, some people still do not allow this to influence their expression and opinions.

Lastly, your words of scorn or wisdom to this tired world?
Thanks to "Mourning the Ancient" for the support with this interview and the picture for the BRANSTOCK MCD. The questions were answered to the sound of "Primitive Supremacy". Thanks for the great sounds!!!

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