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October, 2020

1) First let's get a few technicalities out of the way! Your great aunt was in the BDM (League of German Girls), was a nurse for the Rote Kreuz (Red Cross), and a Luftwaffe flak helper. She married your great uncle, who was part of the American occupation forces. She seems like a spectacular woman, just from the information and stories you've told me. Among many other famous people from the Third Reich, she was good friends with Himmler's daughter, Gudrun! When did you first meet your great aunt? What was she like? Did she tell you any stories? You said you stayed with them in the summer of 1981 and that she took you all over Germany and Austria meeting people. That would've been a dream for any National Socialist of today. Any memories of these meetings you can share with us?

My aunt and uncle came to visit the US when I was probably 10, so I am thinking 1979. I was taken aback by her looks and that she was foreign, up to that point I never met a foreigner. She was very fit and had an air about her that screamed mystique, and she was super smart. So I had to do the usual showing off, telling her I was into war history and Germany was bad. So at dinner I started a conversation with her, that involved everyone talking about Hitler. She was very astute, and while my family was bashing him, she asked "is that really the case? How is one government's word better than another?" I rightfully took this as defending Hitler, and I was hooked. She told us she served on a flak battery in Nuremberg, and defended the civilians from terror, which ended up silencing my grandfather who believed those bombs only hit factories. She suggested that I should come see Germany sometime as there were many places she would like to show me.

I kept in touch by writing letters to her, and asking for translations of feldpost letters I found at a local antique shop. In 1983 she reached out to my mother and grandparents about having me stay with them for the summer. It was exciting and everyone chipped in to send me. I remember they lived in a small flat close to the train station. One of the first things she showed me was a photo album she had of BDM activities, and I was blown away at the beauty of the girls. She had photos showing modeling shows, beach photos, and Party Day photos. It began to really make me see that the people I was told to call "Nazis" were just like me. They played, they danced, they looked happy, and they loved life. She also started to talk about how the stories told about them were not true. I was wanting to hear more, so we would stay up late talking very often.

She asked me if I would like to meet some veterans who met Hitler and had great stories to tell. There were many who lived in their building, she took me to meet one of them the next day, and he had a granddaughter my age. I remember how pretty she looked and I was trying to learn German and talk to her, but we did more laughing with my aunt translating. The veterans were in the LSSAH [Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler] and there was one guard that worked at the chancellery for a short time. He showed me his photos and even one with him standing next to Hitler. I was really hooked now, and asked her if I could meet more people who fought in the war. She then told me she would take me to meet a very important friend of hers. The next day we drove to meet Gudrun [Himmler], who at first I did not like. When we pulled up and she came out to greet us, I just hopped out of the car, smacking my bubblegum, and ran over to see the property. Gudrun yelled at me, which I couldn't understand. My aunt then came over and told me she asked that I not run through her yard, and to dispose of my gum, she told my aunt to tell me that only whores and idiots chew gum like that. I was mad, embarrassed, and thinking I did not like this old grouchy lady. I did apologize, and put my wad of gum in a tissue. She told me to walk in front of her, and then chastised me again for not holding the door open. I was doing great.

[Gudrun Himmler (August 8, 1929 May 24, 2018)]

I understand now that she was just instilling manners in me that I did not have back then. Once that was out of the way, she had a man introduce himself as a former SS officer, and that Gudrun was his boss' daughter. Then all the photos came out, and when she saw the delight on my face she called for someone else to come over later that day. He was a former SS panzer soldier under Pieper. During this visit Gudrun suggested I meet more people, but I should write down what is said so that I remember, my aunt reinforced this by saying their story needs to be saved. Gudrun later bought me a book to learn German, and my aunt helped me along the way. We spent that whole summer touring Germany, Austria, Italy, and Belgium to meet SS veterans they knew. Gudrun set up many of these with a phone call, and told me to never be insulting as they rarely speak about the war to anyone, so it was a gift that they were agreeing to meet.

2) You have done over 300 interviews! With not only Germans, but Americans and Russian veterans too (plus civilians and various others also!). When you began interviewing them you were still a believer in the lies taught to us around the world of Adolf Hitler and the 3rd Reich, is this correct? Some of your questions are very naive sounding, which ended up being a great antagonist for the interview. Did these interviews lead you to the truth? Can you remember a specific interview that really started to open your eyes?

There were two main people who made me question history as it was being told. My aunt was very important, but the first was Mildred Gellers, she had a friend who lived on my street, I was probably 8 or 9 and was running through peoples yard playing war, wearing a German helmet my grandfather brought back. She saw this and called me to come to her, I thought I was in trouble for running through the yard. She asked why I was wearing the helmet, I replied I was playing war. She asked to see it, and I came up to show her. She then told me that the men who wore this fought against a very bad group called Jews, and they were to blame for all the bad things in the world. I thought she was crazy, and left to catch up with my friends. I thought about what she said, and had the chance to talk to her again, so I had questions to ask her. We sat down and she answered very intelligently, and I could tell she really cared about and loved her beliefs.

[Mildred Gillars (November 29, 1900 June 25, 1988)]

Wow, Mildred Gillars! Better known as 'Axis Sally', she did various radio shows for Germany aimed at Allied soldiers during the war. Since she was an American during her broadcasts they jailed her after the war and that's all most people ever heard from her. But you can verify that she was still a firm believer even after her sentence in March 1949 to ten to thirty years' imprisonment (she was released in 1961). How long did you know her for? Did you talk to her as a young adult? Did she tell you any stories from her time in the Third Reich that you remember? Any details at all that you remember? Anything about her imprisonment?

I only met her perhaps 6 times, and then never saw her again. She had a friend in the diocese who lived down from us, and she often visited, that's how I met her. That was the first time, and then the older I became the more I asked her questions when I saw her. She only spoke of how good everyone had it during that time, and said we destroyed the world's last hope. She never spoke much about her prison time, I am sure it was something she was wanting to forget.

3) In the late 1980s you were stationed in Germany for three years with the U.S. military. This enabled you to meet many more German vets and interview hundreds of them! Amazing. Here's a question: were there any of them you didn't like? You previously called these interviews very 'eye opening', what was the most important thing you learned from them?

Yes, I was at Ramsteim airbase and spent my weekends going all over to meet veterans. I had met a girl who was going to med school, who is now a world famous dermatologist and her opa [grandpa] was in the SS and put me in contact with many front line combat veterans who would never speak to anyone. I guess by now my mind was already made up that National Socialism was a good system, and the people who fought for it were forced into the fight [by the Allies], and then overwhelmed and punished for standing up for a better world. The one thing that was interesting for me was hearing about so called war crimes, from those who were actually there, and telling the other side of the coin. That was an honor to be able to have these veterans confide in me, and no one else. Some said they could not tell their own grandchildren as they would not understand, and were products of brainwashing. I still see the fire in their hearts when they told how it really was, and the enemies of man have lied about them.

I never met a German vet that I did not like but some Allied ones I wanted to punch. Some of the German veterans I made a bad impression on by being overly zealous in asking pro NS questions. It took temperament to understand many of these men were beaten down and threatened so to get them to speak the truth was hard. I always would bring wine as a gift, and it helped loosen them up. I always got the feeling that after they met with me they felt their souls were healed, they got things out they were holding in, some even broke down at times. What these brave people went through is hard to comprehend, and no one should ever have to do.

4) You have thousands of pages of notes, most of which have never before been published until appearing on Mourning the Ancient, when you graciously decided to share them with the world. Historically, these interviews are very important, many of the subjects were never interviewed elsewhere. I was honestly shocked to see some of the interviews you have done. I can't believe all of these interviews sat in your closet, collecting dust for decades. There could have been a fire, a flood, a tornado, hurricane, Godzilla!... who knows? And these would have been lost to us forever. You have to get the rest of them out of your closet and published where they'll be safe. You are doing a book of your SS interviews, but a lot of interviews remain waiting to be published. But speaking of, when will this book be published? Can you tell us anything about this project?

Yes, I have been very blessed to have had the luck to get to meet people who either learned the hard way to not trust so called "historians" or journalists. Sometimes even my aunt and Gudrun were not enough to get them to talk about some topics. It is sad that these interviews, and I believe there are 287, just sat in a musty closet collecting dust. I have shared with a few people, but mostly have kept these hidden away. Life tends to get in the way of great endeavors. Recently I have reached out to a few people and shared them, to great acclaim, so I have been busy dusting them off and trying decipher a young teens sloppy handwriting, which looks mostly like shorthand.

Because of this it has been a slow process to piece the sentences together, and to put them into a modern context so the younger generation can relate to what these men spoke of. I have tried to stick to exactly what they said and have done my best to remain faithful to their words.

These will be a book, it will either be solely SS related or maybe we'll do a mix of interviews to give a first person view of life in the Reich. For me these eyewitness accounts and personal stories bring history alive and counter the popular modern narrative that these people were forced to obey, angry, miserable, and lived in fear. My personal takeaway is that I am glad I got them to speak about dating and relationships. That is something never explored that I know of, life in the Reich was very balanced and full of hope, until all hope was gone. They had ways of finding love even in the darkest hours of their lives. That was some of the feedback from people who have read these, and why putting these in a book will save them for generations to get a firsthand glimpse of the other side, and how they viewed life, Hitler, and the war. They will see a counter to the tales told by those against National Socialism.

5) So, let's go kind of off topic now, during your service in the military did you experience anything interesting? You served during peace time, right?

No not really, it was a fairly boring time for me. The best part was going to other countries to stay. The only part I did not like was meeting someone and starting somewhat of a relationship, then having to leave. Yes I served during peacetime, except at the tail end of Desert Storm.

6) Would you recommend going into the military to a young person today? Can you tell us why or why not? What are your thoughts of the recent American wars and engagements? I mean, those words don't even express recent American 'wars' because really they've been massacres. The whole might of America against these weak, rather primitive countries. It has been a slaughter. Smart bombs, drones, total air supremacy, etc., it's not even a fight really. When one soldier gets killed everyone is like 'oh my god what a tragedy' while millions of Iraqis died from our military and from our embargo. Americans hear millions of Iraqis dead and they don't even give a shit, but imagine millions of Americans dead... say Iraq came over and smart bombed New York or bombed the White House. People would freak the hell out. Foreigners lives have zero value to the average American, it's odd.

I can not say anything bad about the military, it sets you up for a good career after. My main advice for our young is stay in the system to make it work for you so we can have leverage. Something the early NS learned is that people rarely want revolutions to be violent. Go to school, get a good education, go to trade school or college and set yourself up for success, whatever it takes, do it. NS thought is all about being victorious in this life, living a life of happiness and fulfilment, no matter what system we live under. Be an example to others, help your neighbors, and apologize to no one for who we are.

As far as our involvement in wars, I am an isolationist, if it does not directly affect our freedoms and sovereignty then we need to stay out of it. The Arab nations have turned on the west due to the unflinching support of Israel and their endeavors. No one really knows anymore that the early Jewish settlers murdered thousands of Arabs while settling Palestine, and we helped them.

7) I'm sure you've heard of Gulf War Syndrome... some truly nightmarish stuff. The military denied it. People couldn't even get help. Children were being born deformed. All sorts of health ailments. People say it was from Uranium tipped rounds and bombs and perhaps chemicals used. Anything to add? What do you think about it?

The only problems I heard of were blamed on the pills soldiers had to take for chemical warfare protection. I am sure our A10s used uranium tipped rounds, so it would not surprise me if people became sick. Our leaders care nothing of the men fighting.

[A graphic showing possible causes of Gulf War Syndrome]

8) In recent years America got caught dumping body parts of American soldiers into the sea and some even ended up in landfills! Ungodly and outrageous! And how about Walter Reed Hospital... the horrid conditions. Ceilings leaking and soldiers suffering from breathing in the mold... unbelievable shit. Thoughts?

Yes, again this nation's leaders have shown little care for those who have served. They are all show and no go. I have heard the horror stories and they are true.

9) I knew a Marine who served in Vietnam. He was a typical proud Marine with a tattoo and all. He was seventeen when he signed up, he had to get his parents to sign off on it. Well, anyway, one day he got a horrible tooth ache, and he had no money. So he turned to the only place he knew -- the VA (veterans hospital). He told me he had never asked them for anything in his life. They told him they couldn't help him... unless... here's a good one coming... are you ready?... are you sure?... he was a drug addict!?!??! He was broken. His spirit broke as he hung up the phone. He was so disgusted and demoralized. He told me they always told him they would always be there for him. I guess he should have smoked some crack and then they would help him? Disturbing. Your thoughts?

Not surprised, I have heard similar claims that sadly have cost the lives of countless vets. Goes to my point that no one cares anymore.

10) Okay, this looks like I'm picking on you for being a Veteran, I'm not! I hope you don't see it that way. I have great respect for soldiers, especially those who were drafted, or those that fought defending their countries. None of my questions had to do with soldiers anyway, but rather the leaders and politicians, the military apparatus itself. I get emails sometimes from soldiers in Afghanistan, it's pretty cool actually. There is probably nothing better to form a bond than with fellow soldiers, especially if it's in combat. I think it is very hard on a lot of soldiers to come home and suddenly all their comrades are gone. I think it is kind of a shock to their systems. Did you forge any friendships while in the military? How did it feel coming back to The States and to civilian life? Was it hard at all? Must have been strange.

Yes, I met many good friends back then, there is a bond you form that unites you together. I was never in combat but I know those guys have a bond that is built on trust that can never be broken. German veterans had this bond still 60 years later when I met them. Coming home for me was hard as much had changed with friends. I was single so I went about trying to reconnect with past girlfriends who had moved on, that was fun lol. Really wasn't that hard to me, I always make light of every situation and roll with the flow.

11) When you were in Germany, how did the average German civilian view you as an American soldier? Anything negative happen? Any cute Teutonic girls flash a smile at you? hehe

It is an interesting story, I had so much respect for them I never wore the uniform off base unless I was on duty. Around every base the people were long conditioned to accept it and I never saw any distaste. I had a car so I was able to get away every weekend and I had many girlfriends at the time. I was trying to figure out what type of woman I wanted to marry so I had friends from nearly every country in Europe. Gudrun introduced me to a charming girl named Elizabeth who went on to become a very prestigious skin doctor in Munich. Sadly the military called me away, and we lost touch so that was my one that got away.

Nothing negative ever happened actually. The wall was still up so many Germans viewed us as protectors by then, and welcomed us as their friends. It sickened me to see the many non-European soldiers grope all over the women, however, and I wondered what they thought about that, which I'm sure in private they detested.

[Allied insanity]

12) I know you got the chance to see some of the old sites of the 3rd Reich! Which ones did you see and could you feel any energy there? Some golden shadow left behind by the Great ones?

Yes, I was lucky to have been able to visit our sites all over Europe, from Wewelsburg, Quedlinburg, Extersteine, Nurnburg (stayed in the Fuhrer room at the Deutscherhof), Munich, Berlin, and the Ordensburger. I was blessed that I had people like Gudrun, Lina, and others who would join us for talks and tours. It was strange, there is still a presence in the air you can feel. It was priceless to be able to touch the same walls, chairs, and floors the Great Ones did.

13) We've talked about collecting miltaria from WW2. Can you tell us about your personal collection? What's your favorite piece? (any chance I could get a picture of it?) What do you think of all the fakes flooding the market!? Some are getting VERY GOOD, scary good. Ever accidentally bought a fake? And the prices!! Wow they are getting up there. Investing in 3rd Reich stuff is better than precious metals. I've seen doubles and triples in prices in 10-15 years!

Yes I have collected since I was a kid, after seeing the things my Grandfathers brought back. My favorite piece is perhaps a numbered SS Dagger, but it is hard to call, I like them all equally. I mainly collect wedding postcards as it shows the beautiful brides and proud soldiers. Willian Shirer once said "I found the women of Germany to be quite ugly and plain", so in a sense I collect these to prove him wrong. Fakes are very good and I was ripped off many times early on, the biggest loss was a Spanish cross in silver for $300 back in the early 90s.

As for the prices I feel it is perhaps karma that there is far more interest in the German side of WW2 and in collectibles than the Allies. It is perfect soil to plant the seeds of truth, I'm amazed at how many people have woken up just by researching a simple Iron Cross.

14) Do you have any other hobbies? Like collect anything else? I also collect the postage stamps from WW2 (of Germany and the Axis countries). What do you like to do in your spare time? Bowling every Wednesday? hehe

Yes, I am an avid scuba diver, hiker, climber, shooter, and above all I love muscle cars. I especially like Corvettes and have owned many. I like working on cars as it's therapeutic.

15) What do you like best about the 3rd Reich?

It is actually a deep long answer for such a short question. I would have to say the purity and happiness. It was the first time in modern history people were racially based and aware. It was a time when those who had been plundering the people were called to account and removed. I always say there was a reason the people who believed fought until there was nothing more to fight with. It took the might of the corrupt world to bring them down, and the Reich came close to winning it all.

16) Did you know that the German government never signed a surrender in WW2? Only the military. So technically the war never ended. Strange huh? Kinda fitting too. Since so many people, of all races, religions and backgrounds, are taking up the old banners of National Socialism, all around the world. A lot of our grandfathers, great uncles and so on, fought against what we are now fighting for: true freedom. Freedom which National Socialism could give us. If those American and Allied troops could see only what they fought for they would have turned their guns around and fought with the Germans. I've read a lot of accounts of veterans of WW2, now very old, telling stories about how disgusted they are, and how they didn't fight for this world, or that they were tricked. I think most of them are spinning in their graves at this degenerate cesspool the world has become. Thoughts?

I can say that people are people, these vets thump their chest and relish being called the greatest generation, but I can tell you in private many are ashamed of what they did. They understand more and more they fought the one nation who was looking out for the good of the European race and building a safe future for all. Some are still proud of their deeds as well but they are ignorant and living in a fairyland. There was a story in the news a few months ago here of a WW2 vet getting beaten, robbed, and set on fire by one the minorities he fought for.

17) Recently we've had massive riots, wide spread arson, looting and violence all over America. All while most of the police stand down! Letting looters steal whatever they want, watching people get beaten, watching all sorts of crimes and doing absolutely nothing. Insanity. Criminals watching criminals, eh? All while the government mostly supports these terrorists. Tons of big businesses have even gone public supporting the rioters. Sony, for example, even delayed their Playstation 5 release, basically saying 'it wouldn't be the right time to release this... while all these hurting people are expressing themselves'. They even said that 'buildings can be replaced, people can't', regarding all the burning of shops. Thoughts on this madness?

For me it is classic karma, we fought to defend the Jew and his vision of the world, and now we must pay for that decision. We have allowed their dogma, their views, and their morality to shape our lands and it is the self destruction of our nations.

[Christopher Coloumbus statue toppled. Even 'Honest Abe' who freed the slaves didn't escape their idiotic wrath.]

18) People call this Clown World for good reason. Seems like every damn day something crazy happens or simply unbelievable things are announced. Like all the madness and degeneracy is going in fast forward now. We now have hundreds of genders, being born white is a crime, whites can't be victims of racism, gender is a social construct, we shouldn't assign gender at birth we should let them choose it later, unborn babies are clumps of cells, you can get fired for expressing your opinion and even your spouse can get fired too(!), the earth is flat, we should all eat insects to save the world, communism is no longer considered bad and colleges openly promote it now, ETC. ETC. ETC. Your thoughts?

Nothing much else to say, we brought this on ourselves through several generations of being lulled to sleep and not caring. Our kids are not safe, we are not safe, our cities are laid waste, and our hope is gone. They have started pushing those on the fence into a corner and good things do not happen then.

19) Well it's been great talking to you! Thank you for all your time and enormous effort! Your last thoughts and final words to a dark world?

My advice is, learn, learn, and learn. Study the prophets and learn their arguments and truths. Know what we are fighting against and learn how to educate those who do not understand what we believe without coming across as a crazy person. Remember that even in the dark days:

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