The following interview is done with Capricornus...

You are perhaps most widely well-known for your work with Graveland. But you also have two other music projects, Capricornus and Thor's Hammer. Explain to us the histories of these two projects, and update us on their current situation.
CAPRICORNUS is my personal hateful and extremist project, which I started in 1995. I recorded the debut reh / demo "Kein Blut Soll Verunreinigt Werden" and didn't expect any positive response from the underground, but unexpectedly it has become a cult release among many Black Metal listeners. Last year this material was re-released on 7" EP by WOLFTOWER RECORDS under the name "Stahlgewitter" with one bonus track composed by Darken of GRAVELAND. Finally, after 4 years I decided to release the new material, which is out now on split demo with ARYAN BLOOD. While CAPRICORNUS expresses the darkest and most evil side of my nature, THOR'S HAMMER is ideologically deeper and forces the listener to philosophical reflection. The debut album "Fidelity Shall Triumph" brings back the spirit of the old underground scene and bitter lyrics of the past, the present and the future of our culture. Now we are working on the new THOR'S HAMMER album entitled "May The Hammer Smash The Cross", which should be the continuation of the way we started...

Capricornus is planning to release a split CD with ARYAN BLOOD/CAPRICORNUS. Could you tell us about this release more specifically? What is this other band like?
This split is already out on cassette version and available on my own label. Soon DARKER THAN BLACK RECORDS should release it on MCD. The music and ideology behind it is, gently talking, politically incorrect. CAPRICORNUS is a war machine destroying everything standing in its way, starting from Christianity - finishing on feminism. ARYAN BLOOD is a high quality band from Germany playing Black Metal in the way that it should be.

It's well-known by now everywhere that DTB in Germany has closed, perhaps forever. No Colours also felt the recent raids, among other operations. Since you have ties with both these labels, I'd imagine you have an opinion on this matter?
I believe that the people of DTB and NO COLOURS are "stark wie Deutsche Stahl" and no action against them can break their resistance. I am going to continue the co-operation with both labels and I believe they will work even more effectively in the future. Every strike into the body of our movement makes us stronger.

I understand you are recording your newest work, "May the Hammer Smash the Cross." How is this going to differ from "Fidelity Shall Triumph"?
I hope we will complete the recording yet in January. Musically, the style doesn't differ too much from the debut, but the sound will be better this time. Anyway, I don't like to talk about and define my music before it's officially released...Every fan will have a chance and opportunity to check it out personally.

Could you illuminate your work with Graveland, how did your union with Darken come about? Are there things in the works as we speak?
Well, right now I am a session drummer of GRAVELAND and have no influence on the band's style, sound and ideology preferred by Darken. Anyway, we have been working together since 1992 without any conflicts and probably we will work together in the future too. Right now each of us are working on our own project (LORD WIND and THOR'S HAMMER), but soon there will be a split CD with Polish Skinhead's band HONOR recorded.

You've also done drum work for Infernum... Do you sometimes find it hard to find time for your many projects? How would you explain the differences between the bands you work with?
INFERNUM doesn't play anymore so at least I have no problem with this one. Yes, it is always hard to find enough time for all the projects, but remember that we don't play gigs, have no contracts with big labels and we are absolutely free artists. So we can play what and when we want, we don' t need to do anything. I don't know how to explain the difference between the projects I am involved in. It depends on the season of the year, state of my mind...When I feel I am angry enough to kill somebody, I will compose some stuff for CAPRICORNUS. It's like artistic "katharsis," I can express all my wrath by the music and put my gun down on the table. When I talk with people, watch the news, read the newspapers, I start thinking about the world around me, search for solutions and alternatives for global order and death of ethnic identity. In such moments, I also start to write lyrics and compose THOR'S HAMMER songs expressing my thoughts and reflections...

Additionally, you do a magazine and a label/distro , INTO THE PENTAGRAM magazine and EASTERN HATE distribution. Could you give us information on these? You've also released Absurd's "Thuringian Pagan Madness" cassette EP also, is this still available?
No, the ABSURD - "Thuringian Pagan Madness" is sold out. The latest news is already mentioned- CAPRICORNUS / ARYAN BLOOD split cassette. I think, there is too much to talk about, and personally I don't like the interviews which look like a market place with bands presenting their stuff for sale. Those of your readers who are really interested in my magazine and distribution can contact me directly.

Picking a random song, tell me specifically about the track "Don't Let Your Folk Forget" from Fidelity Shall Triumph. What do the lyrics/message involve? Do your lyrics usually center on certain themes/topics? Do you have a favorite?
Yes, my lyrics always center on certain topics and they are really important for me. I always say that Black Metal without serious ideology has no right to exist. I think the best songs I have ever written "Thurisas" (from GRAVELAND - "Following..."), "Atheosophia" ( from THOR'S HAMMER debut) and "When The Weak Ones Ask For Help" (for the new THOR'S HAMMER album). The lyrics you mentioned are dedicated to every young native European for whom the future and cultural identity of Mother Europe. Christianity is dying, but now we must face maybe even the greatest danger - the global consumptionist system and Americanization (read: culture-annihilation).

Could you summarize your political beliefs for us? They seem to be an important part of your ideology.
I pay no attention to any of the contemporary political systems. No system will work properly if we don' t change the cultural and moral background first. The ideology I prefer is metapolitical, but the ignorants will give me a "Nazi" label.

What do you think of the direction the international music 'scene' is heading? I personally see a lot of worthless, spineless bands around. There is also a lot of ignorance and in-fighting amongst people also. Unfortunately, these people usually share a great deal in common, yet are divided by trivial things. What are your thoughts?
I must admit, in the last months I've been a little bit isolated from these things. I follow my own direction, and the fact I am hated and boycotted by most of the "international music scene" members helps me a lot. I know that everything I do, I do for myself and I will never sell my ass like most of the Black Metal stars did.

Is there a goal and a purpose behind it all besides just playing music?
I want to realize myself and give serious people an impulse to fight.

Tell us about your thoughts on religion, Christianity. And more importantly, your feelings toward the old religions of our ancestors.
Christianity is a natural enemy of humanism and everyone who declares himself as Christian should be punished as a criminal. If the National Socialist parties are forbidden in most European countries, I don't know why the same isn't with the Church? Is the Church more tolerant than NS organizations? Isn't Christianity totalitarian? Those "6 million" being Hitler's blame is nothing if we compare it with the crimes committed by the Christian plague. When it comes to the old religions of our ancestors, I think the return to our ethnic religions, the ancestral, folkish direction is the only solution for European nations and our culture.

What do you believe exists behind the veil of death, if anything?
I hope death is the end. The other way would be absurd.

What sort of things inspire you in your life?
Nature and my wife are the greatest inspirations of my life. But I am also the idealist, dreaming about the new, heathen world of tomorrow...

Regarding the modern age... what are your feelings toward the future if nothing is changed?
If we don't do anything now, the new generations will just be androids living without such values as honour, loyalty and pride- completely replaced by consumption. The idea of man will be reduced to four rules; eat, buy, give life to new consumer and die.

If the dead knew one wisdom, what would you say it might be?

The name Capricornus can be found in the stars, it is the 'goat constellation.' Is this the reason why you chose this? Or is there another?
I am zodiacal Capricornus, but also Ea - Summerian god of wisdom was manifested in the form of Capricornus. There was enough reason to choose this name.

On the topic, your views on space, the universe, the possibilities of life elsewhere? Your thoughts?
I hope one day, the white man, the conqueror and eternal Faustian spirit will start to build the galactic Empire.

Your thoughts on the ancient world versus the modern world. What are the major differences you see? What does the modern world lack, perhaps that the past possessed?
It's impossible to answer this question in a few sentences. The ancient world was lacking in many things, the modern world has lost many great things from the past, but as I have already stated - this is a topic for a great book, especially if we want to create something for the future world.

Back to music...Have you ever played live?
I have played live one time in my life. It was probably in 1991 or '92 with my first band THY WORSHIPER. We don't play live, because we don' t feel any need to do it.

What can we expect from you and your projects/endeavors in the future?
You can expect extremist music and many controversial behaviors, that's for sure...

Lastly, your final comments and words of wisdom to your comrades and enemies worldwide?
Thank you very much for this interesting (I hope, your readers think so) interview. Comrades get my greetings often enough so maybe I should greet here all our enemies and thank them for all those boycotts and death wishes, which make me sure we have chosen the right way. All the free spirits loving war and adventure know that there is no better thing in man's life than being alone against all!

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