The following interview is done with Scorpios, also the person behind the projects Sabnack and Possession Ritual, as well as the experimental/ritual projects Akrabu and E.V.P. (interview conducted by D.V.)

Welcome Scorpios, first, tell us the history of Crimson Moon, such as who founded it and when, current line up, release history, etc.
To summarize it, I started Crimson Moon in 1994, recording and releasing the self titled 1994 demo on my own and have kept things going since. The current line up is myself, VJS, Blood Moon Ausar, and we have recently added Occaxial Asceticus on guitars. Release history goes as follows:

'94 demo
"Into the Nocturnal Forest Demo" '95
"To Embrace the Vampyric Blood" CD '96
"Under the Serpentine Spell" (recorded in 1997 released in 2005)
"The Choice of Spirit" CD 2006.

With the recent split of Overlord from the band, how do you feel about the current situation in general?
I would compare it to carrying a heavy back pack while on a very long hike, and finally removing the weight of the back pack. The minute change in line up to have Overlord removed has not only allowed a more competent replacement, but action and progress has increased tremendously within Crimson Moon. On my own behalf as well, I have experienced a large increase in motivation and will. As one can see in the above list of releases, a stagnant period for Crimson Moon came about from 1997 – 2005, which is due to an ever weakening presence in Crimson Moon that had to be removed. The releases/time frame ratio will now greatly increase.

Just before Overlord's departure from the band, you were able to complete a US/Mexico tour; can you describe for our readers some intimate details of this experience? Was there a place in particular you enjoyed to perform live ritual?
Yes, it was our first live performance/tour to take place. The main reason behind it was a wait to play in the ideal setting, which the Gathering of Shadows has been the closest to that has ever come about. There was no financial support at all for this, it came out of our own pockets, mostly mine. So, the other shows were arranged to help towards the expenses. As touring goes, Murphy's Law is always into effect. Naturally, nothing was perfect and quite a few problems did come up, though despite all that went wrong, the overall results of performances were decent. - As far as "intimate details" of the tour, I'll just say that it played a large factor in the choice to kick out Overlord. He wanted to do everything himself from releasing the CD on his own "label", to booking and promoting shows, finding a session drummer and keyboardist, etc, I gave him enough rope to do it and he made himself a noose with it.

Can you describe for us the in depth meanings behind the 'Crimson Moon' logo and its symbolism?
I wrote up an in depth description of the logo/symbolism here: - Symbolism -

Your lyrical content and symbolism have much occult meaning; can you tell us of some of your own magickal practices? What path(s) attract you the most? Or, what inspires you outside of music?
Astral Vampyrism has obviously been a major influence on lyrickal aspects, as well as the archetype of the predatory nature of Vampyrism. I try to absorb as much as possible in occult aspects, be it through reading or personal experience. Chaos magick, Luciferian Gnosis, Death Metamorphosis, and Sumerian lore are abundant in my lyrickal aspects. Inspirations outside of music come from levels of spiritual, physical and cosmic aspects.

What are your thoughts on Christianity, and why do you feel this way?
Christianity is not something I waste too much thought on. It's a crutch that people have used for 2,000 years. I suppose if I had any concern or care for the well being of humanity, it would bother me. It does turn my stomach in many aspects. One example would be Christian driven charity causes to give handouts to starving, disease creating children in 3rd world countries. Instead of giving out food and medicine, the smart thing to do would be handing out birth control and free abortions.

Christianity is very prominent in today's age... What would you say is the reason for its dominance in today's world?
Without the wrath of fear and a reign of terror that forced any "heathen" into Christianity, things would most likely be very different. Christianity first came about as a life changing religion when a government realized it to be very effective means to control a populace. Not much has changed since… instead of witch trials there are "wars on terrorism" and other like minded crusades which are employed to flow with changing cultures and world views.

What are your views on Satanism in general?
At best, Satanism is an archetype which goes against the grain of Christianity.

That leaves paganism; how do you feel about the 'heathen' religions of old?
It's quite obvious it makes a lot more sense as opposed to the views of Christianity, or else it would have been simply a matter of converting pagans and heathens to Christianity by means of educating them instead of threatening their lives.

Is there a specific cultural/historical period that interests you most?
Sumerian is one, for it is the earliest known civilization that was capable of obtaining knowledge millennia before what is still being re-discovered in this current age.

Your thoughts on the ancient world versus the modern world. What are the major differences you see? What does the modern world lack, perhaps that the past possessed?
Ancient cultures didn't tend to defecate where they eat and sleep as opposed to what goes on in this day and age. Humanity has grown into a lemming-like mentality, devoting time and energy towards that which will bring their downfall. Most likely in a slow and painful process, which I believe global warming to be evident of.

Are you a believer in life after death? How do you picture this?
Yes, on the simple theory that energy doesn't cease to exist, only changes form.

Hypothetically speaking, if you could ask an 'all-knowing being' one question, what would it be?
Most likely a topic concerning what is beyond death, though the answer I would imagine to be something beyond perception and understanding without the actual experience.

If you could step back in time for one day, where and when would you go? What would you do while you were there?
Considering the effects of Chaos Theory, I wouldn't care to go back and change much if I would then be subjected to the multiple effects it could possibly generate after that "day" was over. I would naturally like to experience what things were like thousands of years ago in various civilizations, though the temptation of causing some sort of change would most likely be overwhelming, or be caused without intention.

Many see the world growing dark, and the timeline of man deteriorating. With all of the amounting problems of this world mankind collectively suffers, it seems things will get much worse before they get better. And an outstanding growing number of people worldwide agree. What are your thoughts on this world, and will things get worse?
I have answered a similar question in the past, years ago, and my answer/outlook doesn't change. Mankind has developed into a parasite upon the earth and its immediate surroundings. It will either be expelled from its host such as a splinter from an infected womb, or bring death to it's host thus severing all ties to life its source.

Now back to music, what are your own personal musical influences? How do you view the black metal scene today?
I listen to a lot of different music of many different genres and have found influences even in music I strongly dislike, as it has shown me what I wish to avoid in my own work. As far as the "black metal scene today", it's amusing to hear people's opinions on this at best. How people flip-flop between how "everything sucks" and using cop outs like "we are no longer a black metal band due to the lost meaning" etc. Perhaps people just give too much thought on philosophizing what is black metal, and what it means. Black Metal is a description for a musical style not a religion, any other additives are going to be of a personal nature which usually has little to do with the music. Things have definitely changed, for better and for worse. The day that what goes on in other people's lives and music starts to effect what I do, is the day I will call it quits.

You have so many other band projects, how do you manage it all? If one wants to obtain material for all of your projects where should they be directed?
I have always kept things in order of priority as far as projects go. I live in a recluse lifestyle, which allows me the time needed to remain active with multiple projects. There are always intervals of fatigue in many different aspects when focusing only on the same thing over and over when this much time is involved. My other projects help me stay active with writing and recording when it's time to give something a break. I experience what I suppose could be comparable to anxiety, while going through any extended period of time without working on music. – To obtain material that is available my contact address is easily found on the Crimson Moon homepage and myspace sites, and I tend to make much of it available online to download for free.

What lies in the future for Crimson Moon?
A new release is in the works, which will begin the recording process in February of 2007. Being this is the first time ever Crimson Moon is now with a complete line-up, planning for live performances in a more suitable and proper manner are currently underway. Other than that, it seems some recent controversy has gathered more attention than usual towards Crimson Moon so we will let our actions speak for us as opposed to talking much about what is to come.

You have a very unique art project called "Post Mortem Creations," call you tell us about it?
Postmortem Creations came about from an interest in collecting skulls and bones and an infatuation with death I have had since a young age. It started with finding road kill and deceased wildlife, experimenting with stripping the bones and tanning the skins, and from a large collection of reptiles and exotic pets I had at one point... some of which would die, and I thought it a waste to simply dispose of the carcass or bury them. Over the last couple years I began to study methods of preservation from other bone collectors and taxidermists resulting in a varied collection of specimens which I felt deserved some sort of recognition other than being piled up on my altar and around my house. I had constructed some ritual items in the past using bones and skulls, but changing location and moving a lot over the years made it difficult to hang to too many personal possessions. After being settled for the last few years in a place that allows me to collect and work on things, I invested in the tools and supplies needed, and began making sculptures on a more regular basis. Some of which I have auctioned off, others I have traded for objects of interest. My focus now is to design occult tools from deceased matter, for personal use as well as to sell for means of acquiring some materials that are a bit more difficult to get a hold of (i.e. human bones and rare species). Due to the personal nature of this work, it becomes difficult to simply part with things for money but opens possibilities to keep working and obtaining necessary supplies. The last few months I have had little time or will to create any new designs, but have remained active in collecting supplies, be it tools or remains I have been lucky enough to find in the woods where I live. It is getting to the point where I have more than enough to work with for several projects in mind, so I will soon continue with this and complete some new 'creations'. A gallery and more details can be found at Postmortem Creations

Alas, I thank you for the interview, any last comments or words of wisdom?
Regards for the interview and support, to stay updated on current progress, one may visit the only official homepages listed below which are updated on a regular basis.

- Crimson Moon -

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