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Let us begin by saying Deinonychus is music in its own caliber. The closest other band I can compare it with that's well-known is Bethlehem, although there are a lot of differences also. Introduce Deinonychus with a few words of introduction. Tell us what you think makes it unique?

Deinonychus started off as a one man band in late 1992. I used to be the vocalist/bassist and drummer of a band called MALEFIC OATH before. We'd done one demo, but after that I decided to go for my own grounds. Explore my life-essence, capture valuable experiences in my own performed or better said created art. It was obvious that I couldn't share that with others. Therefore came the idea of starting a one man band. Yet nowadays things changed a bit, but later….
Marco My first and only demo with Deinonychus I recorded back in late 1993, before I did some rehearsals, to improve my musical skills on several instruments. Just a month after the release of the demo, I received several offers from labels. The response was just amazing. Early 1994 I signed with CACOPHONOUS RECORDS. I did two full length albums for them, previously called "The silence of December"(1995), and "The weeping of a Thousand years"(1996). My first album got majority influences out of blackmetal; the second album progressed away from that into a more gothic/doom manner. Obviously the reason for CACOPHONOUS lack of any support! However, I left the label in late 1996, and signed up with SUPERNAL in early 1997. In the same year my demo got released by a Mexican label called GUTTURAL RECORDS on CD, and after those years still there was demand for it! After the recordings of my third full-length called "Ark of Thought" back in Summer 1997; Deinonychus did it's first and only live gig, in a sold out venue in London (UK), where was held the biggest vampire-event Europe had to offer.
In early 1998 things with SUPERNAL sort of went the same as with CACOPHONOUS before. A year of arguing and almost a court trial was the result. So, in the end of 1998 I left SUPERNAL, and signed with a German label called ARS METALLI just three weeks later. However, this all made the recordings for my fourth full-length called "Deinonychus" delayed for ages. In early 1999 for the first time I recruited a drummer for DEINONYCHUS. He's name is William Sarginson who is also known for his work on the latest CRADLE OF FILTH, DECEMBER MOON, THE BLOOD DIVINE. In The summer of 1999 we finally recorded the "Deinonychus" album, after a delay of a year! Yet due to several "punches in the back" the album-release got delayed for months. In March 2000, it finally got released!
Back in December 1999 I went to England to complete a full line up for DEINONYCHUS, as I'm planning to do some live activities with the band next year. However, DEINONYCHUS' music and lyrics will keep strictly my part. All musicians involved, play along my "authority." The new ones are Staff Glover on Bass, and Mark Royce (Ex-ENTWINED) on keyboards.
Coming to the very end of this answer; DEINONYCHUS will enter the studio again in Summer 2000 to record it's fifth full-length called "Mournument," for the first time with a complete line-up. The album will be recorded in Germany. Yet a release isn't due before the second half of 2001, as otherwise things with the recent released album would come to close. Left to mention that the "Deinonychus" album will be available in a 2000 copies limited digipack, a jewelcase version with different lay-out and bonustrack, and on Picture LP!
What makes DEINONYCHUS so unique!?! Speaking in such terms, I better speak in personal interest! DEINONYCHUS in my eyes is so unique, as for me it's a part of life, I'm not just out to create a statement with DEINONYCHUS, or create art with it. There's more to it. DEINONYCHUS gives me the opportunity to explore myself, learn to understand life. It sort of gives me balance in life, which obviously is important. I can't be bothered with opinions of others towards DEINONYCHUS, being too depressive, or sick or whatever. DEINONYCHUS is about ME, DEINONYCHUS captures all my thoughts, feelings, questions etc. There's more to it than just playing music. It's a monument which will outlive my earthly existence…..

The first thing that stands out about Deinonychus is the tortured voice... I think most importantly, you are able to convey emotions through your music, perhaps the most important aspect of music. Your thoughts on all of this and how did you develop your style of voice?
I really have to admit that I didn't really develop my voice in order to convey a certain style. I never practice vocals or whatever. When I'm doing the vocals in the studio for an album, it's the first time I sing to the songs. And I guess that's really the clue, why things sound so emotional. The lyrics are not exactly about happiness in life, and yet very personal. I think to record my vocals in one take gives it a more sympathetic vibe. I can't be bothered with false notes or whatever, I just drift away in melancholy during my vocal-sessions. I become one with all elements, and that makes it so unique. It's for real. I'm not an actor, I just deliver real-life emotions without any hesitations. Perhaps more people should dare to do so…

I'd like to imagine that their exists an individual behind the music who doesn't just write about, or sing about certain topics and emotions, but experiences them, perhaps even is damned in a sense by them. Tell me what emotions you channel into your songwriting, what emotions are most prevalent, most strong in your life-in and outside of music?
No, I'm don't just write down any lines, and pop up with a nice structured topic or so. My lyrics carry all my negative emotions, and feelings, to write them off my chest teaches me to face them, and learn to live with them…it gives me balance. All of them are a result of real-life experience. It's just that I of course convey a certain concept to "hide" the lyrics in; art has to be kept art you know! I think the most captured emotions in DEINONYCHUS are conveyed by disillusionment. Something I experience every other day. It doesn't really sadden me, but it's just a pity! It makes you feel angry, and at times hopeless. It's about most of the people which live around you…

"Deinonychus stands for the truth in life..." Define this quote from your website for us.
In fact an obvious statement. I do myself a favour with flushing down the toilet; my negative "vibes," it gives me balance in life as I told before. Most people walk through life being one of the undead, hiding their true identity, not capable of showing any emotions; either they don't have, or are afraid to show them. I don't want that. I'm true to myself, and know myself at best. I write about things most people just ignore, or hide deep away in themselves… in order to live on their "gray" lives. If one buries all emotions within, and doesn't empty that litter every now and then, it will destroy him or her…. Even worse, they have to live a life not lived by their own pattern, but by the majority's pattern. As it is said that you have to be cool, polite, not outstanding, and just do what everybody tells you.
To confront myself with all my emotions, and others; I create peace inside of me, harmony. You really must know that; to find the essence in life… you have to break down all barriers inside of you, or around you. You have to clear that path in front of you, because you might lose track due to any obstacles in your way!!!!!!!!!

The new release, which is self titled, has a lot of spoken passages, which have been slowed down to a monotone sort of voice. Tell us why you chose to incorporate this? William
The monotone voice perfectly captures hopelessness in every aspect. The voice represents an attempt to analyze the hopeless situation represented in the lyrics. Yet in a very in-depth way. To some the lyrics may represent pure insanity. But that's another story….

The melancholy that is prevalent in your music, surely it is derived from your personal views and experiences. Could you share some of your realizations about the world with us? Its downfalls, let-downs, and illusions...
Well, I consider myself to be an individualist. A lot of you people out there consider that to be a good aspect in man. But to be like that also brings along a lot of negative aspects. I think the craving for sharing my views and statements about life and in this world fall upon deaf-man's ears! Isn't it the ultimate statement in life, that everyone should find their own essence in life and acknowledgment for it? To find that essence; you have to learn about yourself, your neighbor, the world in general and beyond. And most important, you've got to be honest with yourself, you can't go two steps high as even one tires you. However, there's one aspect in the aforementioned which hinders my path to find this true essence, or harmony in life! It's the lack of tolerance people carry, the lack or interest in wisdom, the joy most people experience in rotting away inside their shells, telling themselves at the age of eighty that their lives sucked, as if they didn't spend one fuckin' thought on it! Yet I shouldn't care about that, but living a life among people who are not like you in any way isn't exactly easy. You always have to cut half your intellect, or statements to others, in order to give them a chance to understand you, or to please them! The individualist is the loneliest person in the world, something Nietszche said before. Guess he was pretty damn right there.
However, it's the harmony missing; to live among mankind, and follow my path. In order to find the essence in life, you should ask questions all the time, but there comes a point that you find answers to all your questions, which you ask yourself. Yet it seems impossible to ask your neighbor, because he's either not interested, has no brain, or is just too busy watching telly… know what I mean? I know what I want in life, but to achieve this, I need acknowledgment; something most people can't give me, as they simply don't want to understand!!! This all being the ultimate disillusionment in life……

Tell us about your work with Bethlehem. How did this come about and why did it end?
I used to be friends with BETHLEHEM for several years, and knew about their constant line-up problems, yet I never suggested to them to have me as their vocalist. Back in June 1997 problems occurred with their previous vocalist Reiner Landfermann, who obviously had more fun in ripping off the band and label from their money, than spending any minute in singing. However, they kicked his arse and asked me to do a few songs for their "Im Zeichen Irreligioeser Darbietung"-album. Eventually they found another vocalist, so I was pleased enough to do three songs instead. However, during the recording sessions in December 1997, that vocalist they found, seemed to be a-rhythmic, and was not able to provide their songs with that certain "edge" they needed. After I did my first two songs, in one take as usual, they decided to use me for basically all songs, instead of this other vocalist. Together with Cathrin Campen (female vocalist on SUIZID), we did the whole album in a few hours. During that session we'd done also the mini CD called "Reflektionen auf's Sterben." Shortly after that, I chose to leave the band in August 1998, as things with DEINONYCHUS were going over my head (business-wise and for label political reasons(!?!)).
Yet in June 1999 they asked me to reconsider my "comeback!" In that very month we'd done the "Profaner Fettmilch Lentzt Elf Krank"-Ep for Prophecy prod, in Germany. But surprisingly enough Cathrin Campen had the band before the recording sessions. However, after this session (a couple of months later)…. I reconsidered to step out again, as I simply didn't find any balance within BETHLEHEM anymore. Meanwhile the drummer has left as well, and BETHLEHEM is periodically on ice as they said. And besides that; their guitarist has to carry out other obligations recently, that's why there's no other option yet!

It seems you've had a lot of problems with record labels in the past. Many delays, lay-out problems, etc.. Tell us about your experiences and what you have learned from the business?
These label problems in a way carry on further that, what I simply miss within this society; namely dis-acknowledgement and dis-understanding. Fair enough that they want to fill their pockets with money, but if they don't understand that you as a label have to invest in a band; in order to achieve that, and should be aware of the fact that DEINONYCHUS isn't about teeny-love lyrics, easy-listening popsongs, hilarious enough not even about blackmetal; then they shouldn't wonder that DEINONYCHUS won't sell 20,000 albums! It never was MY intention anyway! However, it seems that labels consider you to be dumb, or even willing to get fucked up the arse! Well, and if things don't work out the way YOU wanted to have it, like for example lay-out matters, studio-bookings, support, advertisement…. And you dare to confront these people with those matters, than they just give you this absolutely dis-understandable look; as if it were them who did something wrong, or didn't understand! How could they! Label managers are the superiour race within the music business right!?! However, I don't eat shit for breakfast, and I open my mouth when it's required. If people can't be criticized upon their work anymore, than they should get in therapy! But like I said before, labels intend to think you're dumb, now perhaps a lot of musicians are. But not everybody is. If things work out the way they want it to; they'll fuck you around. If not; they fuck you around too. I've known the business for eight years by now, and I know the slashes of the whip… However, I'm not the giving-up sort of guy, I fight for my ideals; that's why I always got on with DEINONYCHUS! Now since I'm on ARS METALLI, things go a lot better… of course from time to time there occur problems, mainly due the fact that the communication with the label is rather slow. But then, it's the acknowledgment for my work which counts, and not the constant hassle in my neck about getting commercial!

What impressions would you most like to leave your listener with after they've heard you're music? Do you believe that most people correctly interpret it as you intended it?
That life isn't just about watching telly. If you wanna achieve something in life, you have to work for that, it's a long and hard way to go. The obstacles which hinder you to walk that path too easily, are represented in my songs. I want people to understand that life is a complete waste of time, if you're not interested in the very source of it. I guess it shouldn't surprise you that those very people who acknowledge my work, are exactly those who share the same ideals, and try to conquer all these obstacles as well! That of course lets down a sprinkle of light called hope on this withered earth; or better….. acknowledgment in the fact that, you're not the only one around being "different."
There are quite a few people who don't have a clue about DEINONYCHUS, as they simply interpret with their arses! They just hear the "negative"-vibe in my music which shivers down their bones, and simply shrug it off as depressive music, which makes you jump from a skyscraper! That of course is bullshit. I enjoy life, and I'm positive minded….. Yet I don't run away from myself like others, and the problems I have. I face them and analyze them, in order to learn from it, or to find a way out. I was told at young age that you always had to fight back your opponent with his weapons, it would make him stand there more vulnerable. However, even if this isn't always the truth, as I experienced it myself. It does work with my music. I can't relate to my music being depressive, or suicidal. It conveys strength and confidence in me. Another day to fight even harder for your goals in life……

Thus far in your life, what things regarding this existence do you find worthwhile? What elements of life are never worn of their splendor, as great and mysterious in their 1000th time as in their first?
The gift of true love, the constant craving for wisdom in order to obtain that position in life, where You feel most comfortable! To communicate with your equals; and share wisdom. The beauty of our mother nature, which captures all those species who ARE obviously competent enough to live in harmony. All in all I would say; the most important is, that I never will give up the craving in becoming the ultimately balanced body/spirit person; who finally found and earned the essence in life…….. He who won't fear death, because of being in harmony and peace with himself and everything around him. If that's me speaking these words some day, or even better said; experienced all that….. Then no death can fear me, and I'll join it with a smile, as a next plane is waiting……..

In contrast, the greatest negative aspects of this life? Surely there are many, but what is the darkest for you?
The darkest are: ignorance, intolerance, disacknowledgement, deception etc. All of these are the perfect ingredients for a foreseen downfall of humankind and it's followers; resulting in everyday wars, hunger problems, murders…… The Christian man would speak of a foreseen Armageddon….

Symbolically, birth is dawn, and twilight is death. Is their a second dawn? Do you believe a part of us could live on? How do you view it and what are your thoughts?
I can't speak of others, it's what YOU believe in! I know what I believe and sense from it! I believe in a continuation of life after the flesh being stripped from your bones, withered in the earth again; there where it originates from! It is just that my "theory" on that finds a plausible conclusion of scientific facts, which wouldn't find any attraction by those who think to be born angelic again; adorned with wings, knocking on heavens door…..
……… I know that my spirit (which obviously is a non-material form of energy and force) will become one with the universe again; joining the elements…. Just waiting to get captured in a life-form again due the polarisation of natural forces and energy. In what kind of life form, is still the question. But I guess I wouldn't mind becoming a plant, or banana-tree, ha ha ha. Just remember this…. Those who are willing to believe that their fate carries them to a new life after death; will be granted with that gift! Sounds not particular reasonable, but that is closer to you when you're a non-believer, and assures you of no second option!!!

Do you believe in fate or destiny, or are these things just coincidence and chance?
I believe in destiny. Destiny is the path we walk on. You can't walk off it. However, to me destiny is a representative word or explanation, for an unknown force which guides you through this earthly existence, whether it treats you good or bad. In fact this topic isn't any different from believing in a divine entity, as both should guide you. However, as it is with divine entities, they're just there to feed upon your life-elixir, and take all of your dignity….. As we, mankind, created them! Coincidence; is that which happens in a non-important way to you. Coincidence always appears to be a meaningless gathering of situations, while destiny exactly achieves the opposite.

In life, it is said that only one thing is truly certain: Death. Do you know of anything else as certain?
Guess I don't have to add any further suggestions to your question; you just said it all!!!

When your time here is done, will it matter who you were, what you loved/hated, what you did, how you lived and died? Is there a meaning you've found to this mystery? Perhaps it is right in front of 'our' eyes, yet 'we' are blind to see it, or perhaps 'we' hide our eyes from it. Thoughts?
I guess, there's something about it. It matters only then when you believe in reincarnation!!! Otherwise it wouldn't really make sense; because the "ingredients" you mentioned in your questions are exactly those, who can be described as being the keys, which could tell you if you lived before. Well let's say at least they can give you "reasonable" clues to find out. Yet they only do, if you sense these items being important in your life, or at least recognize them as being part of you…. (Phew, what nonsense ha ha) However, I'm just speculating here, as I don't believe in such a topic. Yet I did years ago, but found out that even I could learn from others and myself. This more smells religion-like, and that with a reasonable fact!

When you are alone, gazing at the night sky, its infinite space, its mystery. What do you envision? What do you fathom might lie out there in the darkness? What is our place in the cosmos?
The night sky confronts me with the fact, that I'm not finished here yet. The night beholds so many Questions I can't answer!!! Questions which are beneficial for me in order to arrive at a next plane in this life! Yet…. The night is both; my brother and sister, or my father and mother…. In her lap I'll rest, when this is all over here. Our place in the cosmos obviously might appear supernatural and divine to some numb-heads. But we are just a part of the elements which are a part of the cosmos. A cycle never to end….

You've stated in the past that religion is a tool of fear. Indeed, modern religion especially is a many faceted machine. Of control, instilling fear, cowardice, obedience, etc. etc.. A way to answer the questions that mankind and science cannot yet answer, or will never answer. The pagan religions however were a lot different in many ways. The key word though seems to be 'were,' unfortunately. Modern paganism seems to me has largely lost its truth. Perhaps this lies more in modern man, and the prevalent corruption and deceit in his heart. So, on a more philosophical place, explain to us your thoughts covering the sphere of religion and spirituality.
All right then, I guess this is quite a tough question, as people have been arguing and making wars over religious statements for thousands of years. It's obvious that my views on this matter won't please everyone. Let me at first say that I don't like arguing or explaining my visions about religion just out of the blue, or out of utter ignorance. I studied several religious beliefs through the years, by reading books, and following a religious class in school at the age of 16 years. In order to find your belief, or recognize it, you should be very open-minded to other beliefs, just in order to check them out, and see if something identical lives inside of you. Over the years I discovered that in many religious forms, always the hands of this millennium returned, which perhaps might sound dull; but it gave me the suspicion that all these religious forms are not older than those of men who could write down their words for the first time.
Yet I might be wrong, but I said before that I'm explaining MY views on this topic. A lot of religious forms proclaim a conspiracy towards the individual in life. The rebellious ones! This all causes me to believe that it isn't about becoming the ultimate human who serves the ultimate ideals of their chosen religion; to me it smells like a covered up form of politics. Moreover it oppresses people, as they give up their individuality, and their responsibility in life. However, I'm a free-thinker, and I say that everyone should belief in what he/she wants, no matter if it's the right thing to do, I'm not to decide that! Yet it makes me sick, that most of men think with their arses as it's so convenient, today's society is soooo lame.
But what the hell; it's so easy to ask or pray to a god if you're in trouble! Just forward your responsibility to a deity, and you can sit back in your sofa again watching telly, right!?! I can understand that there are people who put all their hopes into any religion, because we shouldn't forget that we're not all the same. Some people just don't have the strength to deal with life all on their own. However, it's those people who exploit religion for their own benefits , which is the topic here!!!!! The hypocrisy is so obvious, yet it makes me think sometimes that everyone is stupid or what! Why people don't see that all this is a scandalous fraud. Even these so called paganistic and satanic religions; they're not any better than the Christian ones! Basically they all try to tell you what is best for you. My ass…I know what's best for me- MYSELF! I read the books of Lavey for example; indeed there is some good advice given in his Satanic Bible, but half way through it's just nonsense! However that's my opinion. Nevertheless I have to say, that in every religion there's some truth!!! But moreover it confirms me that these true things are more identical to the modern men; then in general the whole human race since the beginning of time.
Spirituality is a topic way beyond religion, and therefore has nothing to do with the aforementioned topic. I consider myself being spiritual, how else I could belief in such things as destiny! Destiny is something spiritual. Spiritualism doesn't deal with given names to any deities or ghosts or given rules or patterns. Spiritualism lives inside everyone of us, yet you have to find it, and explore it! We're all part of the universe and therefore connected with it's forces, and natural aura. However, I won't get to deep in this topic. To keep it simple, give these words a thought: Spiritualism is not more and not less; the key to communicate and wander through a world out of your flesh and blood-constructed body. This world is in our universe…

Your thoughts on this world and its collective future? Do you see things as a whole getting worse before they get better?
I love to live in this world, as an individual I care less about what happens around me in this world. I reserve every free minute in order to enjoy myself in this world, or find a next step closer to the essence in life. If I would be one of those hypocrite sheep of men, I probably would say something else… but then; would I speak the truth???? But yes indeed I care about the people who care about me, I respect the nature around me, I respect the individualist in men, I respect the freedom of my neighbor…. However, if any of these things get violated by who or whatever… than yes… I would give the world a thought!!! The future: mine probably will not last longer than 40 years, everything after that is your cup of tea!!! So, as a whole, things just become better. ha ha ha…..

Back to the music, tell us your plans with this new release. Any tours or anything special planned?
Well after the release of the "Deinonychus" album, we'll prepare to record the next album in August/September in Germany. The fifth release will be called "Mournument" due for release in late 2001. However, this gives me the chance to finally concentrate on live-activities. However, this might wait until next year! It will be the first year within nine years that I haven't been in a studio! I need some air to breath and concentrate on other things in life as well! However, those who got used to DEINONYCHUS being a studio-project, can please themselves with the three different versions from the "Deinonychus"-release; a limited digipack (2000 copies), jewelcase-CD with bonustrack, and a pic LP. And who knows!?!??! Perhaps we'll play your doormat; after all I might change my thoughts….

What can we expect for the future of Deinonychus? Your ultimate goal?
Agony… a step closer to the truth in life…

Lastly, your final comments and words of wisdom.
I thank you heaps for this interview, I thought my brain had already become full of holes from all these dull interviews which I receive lately. Again a confirmation for me that, there are more people in this world who don't think with their mothers toothbrush. Respect……..!!!! Hmmmm, any words of wisdom…: chocolate isn't always brown!!!!!!……… God is the words running down my lips……

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