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The following interview is done with Robert, whose involvement in dark music spans five bands. After being given the opportunity to hear these works, I must say, there is a strong degree of talent and emotion therein. Its good to hear such promising Black Metal in a country that is virtually void of such.

First lets start out with Demoncy. Personally, I've heard the name quite a few times in the past, but never actually got to hear it until recently. Give us a history and tell us about the current situation of the band.
Demoncy was spawned in the year 1989 by me, Ixithra-Lord Of The Sylvan Shadows. Although I wrote and played the material and gathered my magick in darkest creation, nothing was released or recorded for several years due to the lack of members, until '91 and then, only a one song rehearsal was recorded and spread. Although the rehearsal was of a horrible sound quality it did receive quite a response from the underground at the time. The lack of members has always been a constant problem with Demoncy. So many pretend to truly feel the blackest depths of spirit, but it seems only a fascination for them and they end up only wanting to play music for fun or such without any depth, emotion, or feeling, or perhaps merely because it is 'cool' to do so. I channel my life force into my creations and they are of highest order to me and I would expect nothing less from those who join to make the journey with me. In '92 I took a short break from Demoncy to join Profanatica. Although they were to session for Demoncy in the future, that never happened and that band split up several months after I joined due to many personal problems dealing with the aforementioned lack of darkness and depth of spirit of many worthless ones. Demoncy then went through several lineup changes and has continued to do so for the past years. Even with the past lineup problems we managed to record three demos, Faustian Dawn (which was later released on cd in 1995 by So It Is Done Prod.), Hypocrisy Of The Accursed Heavens, and Ascension Of A Star Long Since Fallen and several unreleased recordings, The Dawn Of Eternal Damnation 7", Joined In Darkness cd, and Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost cd. The members at present besides myself are Vorthrus, Lord of the Frozen Planes-Drathirul, Lord of the Mournful Mists-Synvorlath, Lord of the Ancient Moon-Elsiferian, Lord of the Mystic Isles-Vetharanyn, Empress of the Withered Stars-and Keagen, Lord of the Archaic Storms.
Have any labels shown interest yet? I find it strange no label has signed you yet. Demoncy shows a whole lot of promise. Its very quality black metal and one of the few BM bands we enjoy and support from the US. Do you play live ever?
I thank you for your great words on the material. There has been no current interest by any labels. Necropolis contacted us for a brief time, but that soon disappeared just as it did in '93 for they had also contacted us then and nothing came of it. I have never understood the lack of interest from labels, especially now considering the rise in popularity of black metal as of late and so many releases by unknown bands that really have no idea of what black metal truly is (something that I very much detest, because the interest is merely a trend to sell records and make money and not at all true to what real black metal has always been and will always be). Then again, we have always remained in the shadows creating our inner worlds of darkness and magick and have allowed that to speak for itself. With that, not a lot of promotion has ever really been done as we let the name and our works travel of their own accord. Most of the labels today are new to the so called 'scene' and so I would think that a lot of them do not even know that Demoncy exists. I really don't care of this and besides, I would never sign with a label just to sell records. I would only sign with a label that I trust and respect and that has a true interest in the creation and vision of the band as a whole. That would be a rare thing to find indeed especially in light of the current situation within the so called 'scene'. Demoncy has never played live and that has always been due to the fact of not having a complete lineup to do so for any length of time. It may be a possibility for the very near future if things remain as they are. At the completion of this interview, I have started contact with Nazgul's Eyrie, a label from Germany whose work I respect and who has shown interest in the band as a whole, so I shall wait to see what comes of this.
You are currently involved in five bands! Demoncy, Profane Grace, Mysterian, Ravens Bane and Subklinik. Where do you find the time to keep up on all of them? Is there one band of the five that comes first? A personal favorite? If so, tell us why.
I am quite busy with so many projects to keep up with, but it has never been a problem for me for I do each in its own time according to my moods and states of existence as they come. I can't say that one of the projects comes first for me or otherwise it would be pointless to do them as I would choose to do only the one I favored. Each one is every bit as important to me as the other, as they are all different aspects and facets of my inner being. To create utter darkness, evil, sorrow, magick and beauty through my art is of highest order and I wish to express that in many forms and styles.
Could you describe the styles of your projects and tell us how they differ from one another? What do some of your lyrics deal with?
I prefer to let the other projects speak for themselves as this interview is focused on Demoncy. The lyrics of Demoncy deal with things of a very dark and occult nature, the extremist ideology and philosophy behind our own beliefs and personal ways, and our own thoughts and experiences as well as that which we study and find of great interest.
What plans for the future do you have with your projects?
We are currently finishing the material for a new Demoncy recording to be done in late '98/early '99 entitled 'Risen From The Ancient Ruins'. Some of the tracks so far to be included are 'Risen From The Ancient Ruins', 'Empire Of The Fallen Angel', 'The Ode To Eternal Darkness', and 'Into The Twilight Mists'. If no label is found, it may be self released on cd.
Tell us about some of the things that inspire you musically, and outside of music. What sort of things do you enjoy when not working with your bands?
My interests and endeavors are far too numerous and vast to fully list here as well as things that I find of inspiration. My own music is really most inspired by my own personal thoughts, visions, and dreams and so it comes from within. Anything that touches me deeply could be an influence, but outside my personal realm, those would be very small. A small listing of some things that I like outside of music would be Magick, nature, all things creative that touch me either in small or great ways and things I enjoy doing such as: reading/writing (poetry and literature), art (drawing/painting), films, and photography. I also like to travel, learn and study that which interests me, listen to the music of others, or simply summon hordes of demons forth from unknown realms to infiltrate and destroy humanity.
What are your thoughts on Christianity? Have you ever read the 'Holy Bible?' If so, what are your thoughts?
It is the religion of subservience and weakness. Yes, I have read the work in question for knowledge is power and it is good to know your enemies. My thoughts on the book is that it is nothing more than a childish collection of fairy tale like stories meant to explain to the weak in mind and spirit the reason of their being and to yoke them into following the teachings therein. It is a complete denial of what humans are and goes against their very nature. It is the diatribe of slaves and those too wretched to fend for themselves who find hope and 'salvation' in myth for they have not the power to take responsibility for their own existence.
Why, in your opinion, has Christianity attained such widespread 'success' in establishing a worldwide following?
The strong dominate the weak as it has always been and therefore the masses are made up of primarily weak individuals and that is what Christianity caters to, ignorance and weakness. It promises that the meek shall inherit all that they desire simply by following the rules set forth by the religion and that somehow seems to appeal to the lowest of humankind who accept it all in blind faith. Christianity in the early days also took control by force in the crusades and inquisitions as well as creating it's holy days on well known Pagan holy days to easier convert those willing. Christians waste their lives in pursuit of pipe dreams that they can never achieve of their own will. Christianity promises them what they desire in a 'heavenly paradise after death', but simply doesn't deliver and so they live in vain denial of their own 'humanity'.
What are your thoughts on Satanism in general? What do you think about the death of LaVey and how do you think his departure will change the Church of Satan?
I agree with most all of it's views and philosophical ideals. The death of Lavey is a great loss of a very intelligent and highly influential mind for many. I think that the Church of Satan shall carry on, of course, with little difficulty due to this tragic event for it is an organization of the elite and Faustian spirit. The only question is, who shall take over the leadership (so to speak) in place of Lavey? I had heard rumors of a council of nine, but I have not heard anything since.
Well, that leaves paganism. How do you feel about the 'heathen' religions of old?
I look upon them with admiration and respect and many of their glorious tenets hold true even today. I find most of them of very great interest and study them avidly. I incorporate many of the practices into my own and find them of great value and use.
What culture/historical period interests you most?
The medieval times of course, for the darkness of it's nature and way of life, not the persecution and Christian maniacalism that pervaded them.
If you could step back in time for one day, where and when would you go? What would you do while you were there?
I would go back to a day in my early childhood and teach myself then all that I know now, arming myself with the knowledge of the future, and enabling myself the ability to change it at will.
Many see the world growing dark, and the timeline of man deteriorating. With all of the amounting problems of this world mankind collectively suffers, it seems things will get much worse before they get better. And an outstanding growing number of people worldwide agree. What are your thoughts on this world, and will things get worse?
Society is nothing but a mass graveyard filled with people in various stages of decay. The world has degenerated into a great swarming plethora of wasted flesh. Everything to most is reduced to superficiality. Things will always only get worse. The world has progressed to a point in technology that there can be no going back. Technology in itself is not the problem, but the way in which it is used reduces so many things to triviality. Convenience and herd sheep conformity is the concern of most, without depth or thought.
Do you feel the end of man is in sight? Afterall, nothing lasts forever, we need only look back in history. Every 'great' empire rises to fall eventually. What do you think?
Man shall indeed one day fall. Every great empire thus far that has risen in history has fallen, but what we have now is no where near what one could call a great empire. Nothing indeed lasts forever.
Hypothetically speaking, if you could ask an 'all-knowing being' one question, what would it be?
To know the unknowable...
Are you a believer in life after death? How do you picture this?
No, I picture the endless and eternal sleep as the loss of all life and existence for the human side of things. That is not to say that I do not hold any other realmly beliefs and I also do not think of the apparent existence we endure as 'reality' or the only one. There are many things beyond human comprehension and things capable with the powers of mind that few have discovered or know of.
If you could decide the way you would one day die, what would your choice be?
In the arms of the one I love most or in the throes of battle.
Alas, your final comments and words of wisdom?
Eternal gratitude and hails for you for this interview and your great endeavors of dark artistic creation. Thanks to all who support Demoncy and my works.

"...Descend Into This Nether Realm Of The Black Abyss Ascending Beyond Forbidden Thoughts Scorned As One Into The Truth Of Darkness And Light..."

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