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The following interview is done with Dana...

First, I think you should clear up any misinformation about the end of Demonic Christ, and tell us the current happenings.
The rumors about the end of Demonic Christ are untrue I have kept it going on even though I went separate ways from my last line up. I have been writing new material and have recently released a CD on Cryonics Records. Although this is all older material, I am still proud to have demo songs released on CD format. Currently I am working on material for the next CD release. I may put out a 7" record soon just to give everyone a sample of things to come. I am very excited about the direction my music is going and am very eager to record it. This time around I am going to have the help of long time friends to help me execute the blasphemy onto CD. I foresee it to be the best DC material to date. The reason for the lack of a musical release is that a year ago I had a baby and she is the most important thing in the world to me and raising her and being with her for her first year was essential to me - music had to wait. Now I am ready to return to the scene and put forth the purest, strongest energy thus far.
After 'Punishment for Ignorance,' the other members left D.C. and formed Darkmoon. Could you explain your side of this breakup and the reasons behind it. Also, were the other members just session musicians or full-time members? I noticed on the demo re-release CD that it states them as sessions.
Every story has 2 sides and I will be happy to tell you mine. However, I must clear up that the split did not happen after "Punishment For Ignorance." Only Jon recorded on that CD - it wasn't until a year later that Scott joined and almost a year after that Devon. There were 2 more recordings made. A promo tape in '95 as a 3 piece and then the 4 of us recorded another 2 song tape in '96. Then it unfolded. I think it is expected that when band members split, everyone is going to say "I left" no matter what because no one likes to face rejection...
     Here is how it actually went: In December of '96 Scott, the drummer quit. Without a drummer we were not able to practice our old songs and writing new ones was seeming impossible. At this time the energy was very low, so I suggested we take some time off until we found a drummer and also to give me time to put some ads in magazines, to catch up on mail, answer interviews, etc.. I could see the lack of a drummer creating tension that was going to do nothing but harm the band. Jon and I got into it since he did not see taking a break as an option and things got out of hand. Jon and I have been known to have our differences, personal and musical and I just didn't like him as a person anymore. Trying to keep that aside since I wanted Demonic to progress, I was trying to do what was in the best interest of the band. It was always about a power struggle and I felt that with Demonic Christ being my band I had really given him a lot of room to "play" by writing music together and having him express his thoughts in lyrics and vocals. I even played several guitar riffs of his that I didn't really like but that was the compromise of having 2 songwriters.
      When I made suggestions about the musical direction we were going he took it very personal and lets just say we both knew it was over. In our case neither one of us left, it was mutual. The following day I spoke with the bass player and asked him which one of us he was going to stay with and could not get a straight answer out of him. That went on for 2 or 3 weeks. I gave up on him. I felt if he couldn't decide that I didn't need him anyway. Soon after that I decided to contact the drummer to see if he wanted to get back together with me since we clicked so good and we wrote extremely well together. We got together and talked a lot and I asked him to help me record (not to rejoin Demonic Christ) and he said he didn't think Jon would like that - that he was going to be playing for Jon and that Jon would get mad. So at that point, I no longer had any desire to play with him ever again since he, like the bass player could not make up his own mind. So apparently after Jon and I went separate ways, he contacted both Scott and Devon and that's when they formed Darkmoon.
      I didn't really know Devon (he was only in DC for a short while) but I was very disappointed to see Scott deny me after all we had been through and how well we worked together. Now, as far as the CD release listing them as "session musicians," this was my "throat cutting" to them for being so disrespectful towards me from the day they formed their band. Jon and I agreed that there wasn't to be any shit talking on either side and when they created a bio, it stated that they wrote 99% of the music for Demonic Christ and that they WERE DC. This is ludichrist! I formed DC in '92 and did not add Jon as a member until '94, Scott in '95 and Devon in '96. There were 7 songs written before I ever laid eyes on Jon, and the other 2 did not write music. So this claim ignited a fire within that was fueled by rage. I have worked extremely hard over the past 10 years to create a name for myself and I was not about to let others take the credit. I whole heartily admit that Jon and I wrote together when he was a part of DC, I have never denied that. However as far as DC material as a whole is concerned, I have written the majority of it.
      Scott could not make up his mind about being in the band and left several times with no answer as to if he was coming back or not, and Devon wasn't in the band that long, so in a way they were session members. But I admit due to rage, it was a way for me to retaliate against their ridiculous claims. I do not strike out at the innocent. But once I have been stabbed in the back; once you have crossed me when I have put my trust in you - I shall attack with great fury and vengeance! Each one of them joined Demonic Christ because they believed I could take them somewhere musically and they saw the energy and the power it held, so apparently at one time they each respected me. I have been labeled a dictator by them and I guess if the definition of dictator is making sure things are done for your band (mail, bookings, interviews, contacting labels, making merchandise and making sure the musical direction stays the way you want it) for your own band than I am a dictator. I had a vision when I created this band and musically it was veering a bit too far off the track - it was going in Jon's direction, which made me feel like I was playing in someone else's band. That was not right in my eyes.

Jon of Darkmoon expressed some very bitter feelings towards you in an interview he did with us in the past. It seems he feels that you personally offended him, does any of this have any merit in your eyes?
There is a lot of tension between the 2 of us, there always was. At first we used that to our advantage and it gave us a lot of rage and power. But later it proved to kill the relationship. At first Jon wanted to join DC more than anything and he basically offered a few riffs and some vocal lines, as time went on, he wrote more songs insisting we use them and started doing more vocals and before I knew it there were 2 frontmen, 2 leaders and that simply doesn't work. Anyone in a band knows you have to have one person who makes the final decisions, handles the paperwork, someone who is basically in control. So like I said before it was a power struggle and it was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off - it actually lasted longer than I thought it would!!! As far as the validity in Jon being bitter towards me I can only say that he is bitter because I did not submit and let him take the lead - that is my observation.
So I understand that it's just you in D.C. now. What are your plans for the future?
My plans are to continue to write blasphemous, powerful, emotion filled songs and to release them on CD. At this point I do not see reforming a line up since there are not many musicians where I live, however I would like to get the musicians that are going to record with me to also play some live shows, perhaps a few of the larger festival type shows. We shall see, I only know what my goals are but the future is elusive and holds uncertainty. I can assure you of one thing - Demonic Christ is very much alive and has much more to offer to the masses.
The label Cryonics of the Netherlands has recently released old demo and promo material on CD. Could you talk more about this release? Also, to backtrack, I must comment on the liner notes, where it states 'Upon discovering that her band mates were sheep in wolves clothing,' which explains the reason for the breakup. This leads me to believe you also share some publically expressed hard feelings with your former bands mates regarding one another. Do you see an end to this, if there were a way, would you wish to resolve your differences?
This release entitled "Demonic Battle Metal" came about from a letter I received from the label. They stated that they were going to put out a series of CD's consisting of "forgotten demo tapes" of bands that helped "mold the scene in the US" and wanted Demonic Christ to participate. I was of course honored that they chose DC as one of those bands. I also thought it would be great to have all those songs on one disc. So I went and put them all together and sent it to them. They did a great job with the CD and booklet and it was a quick turnaround. It is a very limited disc which also makes it a somewhat special release. I am very happy with it. Until I can get another CD out, this will help keep blood flowing through the veins of Demonic Christ. As far as my ex-bandmates being sheep in wolves clothing, that is my opinion after being lied to, lied about, stabbed in the back and experiencing the weakness of the drummer and bassist not being able to think for themselves. I felt like an idiot for putting these guys in my band and claiming they were intelligent and powerful and in my opinion, that was a facade. Resolving our differences is like a Christian trying to convert a Satanist. We have tried to discuss it (burying the hatchet) and I think we have agreed that what has been said has been said - and to just quit with discussing our differences (however I WILL discuss it in this interview since it is a rebuttal to the lies told about me, I must give my side). We shall see if this truce holds, time will tell. Personally I wish they would just never mention me or DC any longer. I mean it has been 3 years, it's way over.
Let's go way back to your days in Mythic, could you rehash those days for us, for history's sake?
MYTHIC was an all female band out of Pittsburgh that was formed by Terri Heggen and Mary Bielich (now in November's Doom) who were both in the band Derketa and myself. We were more or less a doom/death metal band. We formed in '91 and lasted just over a year ending in '92. I don't think it was a very strong band, it was my first real project and Terri had only been playing a year and needed more practice. Also there were a lot of conflicts musically. Mary was into doom and a lot of other music (jazz, glam, etc.) while Terri liked death/thrash and I wanted to do more of a black/death crossover at the time. Then there was the lyrical difference. They were both against me writing about Satanism, so I was limited to mystical/occult lyrics and was not able to express myself. I knew this band was not going to last since we did not all have the same goals. We put out a MCD on Relapse called "Mourning in the Winter Solstice" and there were 2 demos - that's it. We did play quite a few shows. I kicked out Terri right before the Milwaukee Metalfest (#5) and we got a session drummer and played. And I heard through the grapevine at the show that Mary was quitting so I confronted her about it and she said she wanted to do other things. That very day, I started prepping my mind for the next project, which I knew would be Demonic Christ. The rage was now coursing through my veins and I could tell the time was near.
When we first heard Mythic, we could hardly believe it was a female vocalist. Personally, it was the first female we had heard use that style of vocals. Where did you get the idea, where did it begin?
I take that as a compliment and I thank you! Actually when I got together with Mary and Terri I knew I was going to be playing guitar. I asked them what we were going to do about a vocalist and they said they hoped I could do it, offering the advise that I use a processor to distort my voice saying it's no big deal, that Carcass does it, blah blah blah. I was shocked, as I had never thought of doing vocals. I thought what the hell, I'll try - and it was amazing! I had no idea that strength was in me... And with practice I was able to create a range and hit deep growls like most men, but go higher and raspier than most - so I sort of stumbled upon it, it just happened. It was in my plan I guess. I never did use any sort of effects on my voice live or in the studio, and that is something I am very proud of.
What was the initial response from people regarding the aforementioned question? We've heard people state the opinions that a female doesn't have the credibility that a male might possess... your thoughts?
Well, first off I think the men that say that are macho assholes and are feeling insecure about themselves. They don't want to think that a woman could be as good as them or better at anything! I will be the first to admit that most women do not have the strength and dedication to stick with it for very long. I can count on one hand the other women musicians in the metal industry that I feel have added something to the scene over the past 10 years. That is sad, but it's the truth. So it is rare, but it can be done and has been done. The initial response was great! There was a lot of disbelief and all the time I got people begging me to "growl" during taped interviews and radio promos and shit, it was fun. Even into Demonic Christ, those who had not heard us or seen us live were shocked. I kind of got used to that response though. I really have always wanted to be treated equal. The extra attention was cool at first, but then it got old - especially if there were people there just to see "death metal chick." So I hope that I have proven that it is my natural voice and that I can vocalize with the best of them.
Explain your thoughts on religion, D.C. has always been full of very outright anti-Christian imagery and lyrics... so go deeper on the subject explaining the reasons why you feel this way, and when did you first start thinking the way you do?
It all began when I was about 12 years old and read the Satanic Bible for the first time. I had been feeling alone and full of rage for many years, and when I read this book, I realized I was not alone in my thinking and that my thoughts were intelligent and powerful. I was not raised religiously yet knew that those who called themselves Christians were weak and meaningless, wasting space on the earth. It all became very apparent from that day on. Also at that time I was introduced to a lot of Satanic inspired metal like Venom, Celtic Frost and Slayer which helped mold my young mind. (hehehe) I personally feel that organized religion (Christianity in particular) is a means to control and corrupt the mind and spirit. To instill fear and to attach puppet strings to all individuals to prevent them from living a satisfying and rewarding life. Then you add in the fact that the majority of the religious idiots out there have so much penned up desire, lust, and ambition that they end up molesting children and raping and killing - all in the name of god. What about that makes sense? It is a plague that is destroying human life as we know it. As always, the weak will fall and the strong will survive.
What are your opinions on the 'other' religions, such as the old religions of Europe? Do you foresee a possibility of the soul living on after death, that so many hope for?
I do not have respect for any religion that puts limitations on ones happiness (outside of killing the innocent and stealing or damaging another's property without just cause). But that really doesn't involve religion, but law. There should not be anyone or any book to dictate a pattern for your life. People are so individual, no two being alike. There are similarities, but no duplicates and each individual should have the right to decide for him/herself what is the way he/she shall live... without criticism. Paganism is as close to my beliefs as there is. I do believe that what you do makes a difference in the world and that the negative energy you send out comes back to you ten fold. But if you are willing to suffer the consequences of your actions you should be allowed to do as such. I believe in utilizing the powers you have to your advantage and to obtain your desires. As far as the soul continuing on (which almost every religion is based on) I can say that I believe there is an element of us that continues... but not to a fiery pit or a white fluffy happy land in the sky. I believe that earth is but a small piece on a giant gameboard, there are many realms to enter and conquer. I believe that this life is a test, a test of strength and wit and you must possess it and gain knowledge and power to advance. But I am learning more about the cosmos all the time and as I do, I become more at one with myself and my place in it. There is a reason we are all here. Life would not be so complicated if this were "it."
The international 'underground' scene these days is a fragile reflection of its once strong past. Once again far too many uninspired, untalented bands crowd it. That's not too say there aren't many talented souls still pushing forward, but few compared to those who are not. Your thoughts?
I agree that it is nothing like it once was, but as people age the majority of them feel they have been beaten by father time, instead of gaining wisdom and using it in a positive way they just stop. I think far too many people just give up on the scene and do not want to put their own personal energy into it to restore life to it. It does take work and I hail all those who have remained loyal and have kept the life's blood flowing. All "scenes" go through turbulence; hurricanes, thunderstorms and tornadoes, and when they do you see who remains standing and you see your foundation. They have always been there and I believe will always remain. There are a good handful of hard working dedicated musicians, writers, artists and the like that will always have it in their entity to keep life into it.
To better understand the person behind the name, tell us about where you derive inspiration, outside of music.
My inspiration comes from hatred, past experiences, dreams, fantasies, thoughts, and emotions. I think that being able to convert what you think/feel into music is truly a blessed experience and not everyone is able to do that. I feel I do. The inspiration to write comes from me and my life and the goings on in it. Some major influences, others minor but they all take part in the construction of my songwriting. I go through writing blocks. I will write 3 or 4 songs (usually when I am full of rage and at a boiling point) and then I will not write for several months. But when I do write, it is usually an entire song, not pieces. There is always a build up, the songs are written, and a sigh of relief - a release. (similar to good sex)
The world we 'live' in grows smaller and smaller, and its problems amount on a much larger scale. Population has recently officially reached over six billion. What are your thoughts on the multitude of problems facing this world, or do you not care?
I definitely care - I care that there are so many immigrants polluting and destroying the United States. I care that there is mixed breeding going on and that no one is "pure" anymore. I am very proud of my Germanic/Scottish (Aryan) heritage and can trace it back to the first American settlers and these mutts that are being bred today will have no pride in being half breeds. As long as our government continues to make it so easy for foreigners to set up camp here and have 10 kids a piece and give them money to start businesses while the hard working middle class American struggles just to pay the mortgage and feed their 1 or 2 children, yeah we got a problem! America: the land of opportunity - FOR IMMIGRANTS! You cannot get ahead here unless you are dealing with something illegal and it is a shame. We work to pay for all the niggers who want to sit on their asses all day and watch Jerry Springer so they keep having children claiming they can't work. This is definitely a sick country that rewards laziness and comes down on those who are hard working, honest and want to do the right thing. I am not proud to be an American, I am almost ashamed. Because of all these niggers fucking like rabbits we are going to end up like China with a limitation as to how many children we can have and that should not be for our government to decide. It should be based on your willingness and your resources to take care of them financially and emotionally alone. The problem is obviously not just in the United States, but it is the only country I can legitimately speak of since I live here and have never had the opportunity to travel abroad.
Explain to us your vision of the future of this world. Do you, like many others, share the grim realization that if things aren't changed drastically, a dark future awaits us?
Yes, overpopulation is a very negative thing. Natural resources are going to be used up and tension will build so amazingly high that there will definitely be wars of all sorts. There will be wars just to survive I believe. We need to start off by instilling corporal punishment maybe executions to just get rid of the guilty who are sentenced to death who may never see their end before natural causes take over because the bleeding heart liberals don't want to see any human suffer - FUCK THAT!!! We need to rid the earth of all the scum that are infesting it like gangrene. Just cut them off and destroy the remains.
Hypothetically, if there were one answer you could instantly possess to one question. What would your question be?
What is the meaning of existence?
Some still believe that everything worth living for, is also worth dying for. Do you share this belief? And what things would you give your very life for?
No - I don't think I share that belief. I would die for my beliefs though - I would not convert even if the result was death. The only thing I would willingly give my own life for is my daughter. Once you have a child it changes everything - now there is a reason to make sure you stay strong and carry on with your beliefs. You have created a piece of you that will live on (hopefully) beyond your lifetime and continue with the same drive and passion as you. When you posses powers greater than the average individual I think it is your duty to have children to make sure the tradition of strength and honour continue.
If there were one single thing you could change about the world, instantly, what would it be? Why?
I would get rid of all the niggers and spics - to make this world a prettier and happier place. It would have a domino effect and rid the world of many of it's problems.
Nearing our end, give some words to your critics and your fans.
To my critics: I will continue my evil reign as long as I am able so get used to seeing me around. To my fans: I hail all of you that have stuck with me through the years and believed in me and supported my musical efforts. The ongoing support is a true reward for all I have done. I assure you that you will not be disappointed with future efforts. HAIL!!!
Lastly, your final comments and words of wisdom to the world.
ALWAYS stand your ground and NEVER back down to anyone as long as you are in the right, however humbly accept it when you are wrong. NEVER let there be a weak link in your circle for the circle cannot re-close once broken. Always stay true to yourself and those you chose to give energy to, you will need them someday. Thanks for the opportunity to speak my mind and to clear the lies. Your 'zine is excellent and I am proud to be a part of it.

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