Blood & Honour Interviews David Lane
Summer 2006
*Extra special thanks to Blood & Honour for providing this interview! You guys rule!

Dear Blood and Honour Kinfolk. I thank you for asking my opinion on such important subjects.

B&H: How do you describe yourself?

DL: I would describe myself as a natural law philosopher who obeys nature's highest law, which is the preservation of one's own kind.

B&H: What awakened you to the cause and problems we face today?

DL: Oh boy, you ask what awakened me to our cause and the problems we face. To answer properly entails both mundane and esoteric principals!
First of all, I have always been enchanted by the beauty of the women. In the first grade, at age six, I was bewitched and in love with a little Aryan beauty at school. And already in my teens, back in the 1950s, I noticed that almost all movies, magazines, advertisements, et cetera, featured a fair-skinned white woman with a darker-skinned man. Even books extolled the quotes "tall, dark, and handsome male," and "Latin lover." It was far too consistent to be coincidence.

Then there was, and is, also the esoteric. Let me get it out of the way, and also answer you that my "beliefs" in this area do not change my teachings that we must fight this "battle in the realm" in these bodies. There can be no "spiritual escapism" or waiting for a "God" to save us. Regardless of religious beliefs, if there is some power our folk have called God, then power gave us the creativity to invent guns. But God won't pull the trigger.

Nonetheless, there are "Higher Powers" involved in this struggle. Call them Gods, Devils, Angels, Avatars, Aliens, Adepts, or whatever; they do exist. I believe America was formed by higher powers, using Freemasonry, for the express purpose of forcing the collective White race into a corner where they must either abandon the anti-nature suicidal religion of Christianity or accept extinction. And I believe I am incarnated into this time and place to fulfill this mission.

For an explanation go to [no longer active-Ed.] But for now just look at the so called seal of the U.S. on the back of a dollar bill. Note that the separated capstone over the pyramid is the 14th level and the 88th stone as in 14-88. On the other side note that the stars form a 14 and the star of David. Enough of that.

B&H: Who or what do you think is our biggest enemy we face today?

DL: The biggest enemy we face today is a mindset of Universalism that has been cleverly programmed into our people for nearly 1,700 years. Look up the word "Catholic" in an unabridged dictionary. You will see it is Greek in origin and literally means "universal." The Christian religion was created from the myths and faiths of many older religions in order to unite the many races, nations, and cultures of the degenerate Roman Empire. Of course the financial power behind Rome had themselves proclaimed "God's chosen path" in the new religion, then hired the Roman legion to murder everyone in Europe that wouldn't accept it. Most of the stories about jews being persecuted are as phony as the so-called Holocaust dogma.

Today Universalism is also taught by secular institutions such as schools, governments and the media. I believe it is a mistake to hate every Jew, Christian, or American, even though their institutions are determined to mix us out of existence. But nonetheless, as long as they embrace Universalism, they are our mortal enemies and it is a war to the death between us and them.

For two centuries, the Christians and Americans have given the white man's food, technology, medicine, and wealth to coloured races. And now they surrender the last of our territory, power, and women. This is insanity caused by a Universalist mindset. Nature declares separate, exclusive territory for the survival of each race and specie. And nature's laws declare inter-specie compassion to be suicidal if it is detrimental to our own race or species.

B&H: If you could speak to the world on TV for 30 minutes or so what would you say? And how do you think this would alter the world we know today?

DL: A talk on the history of Universalism is probably what I would spend 30 minutes on if I had that time on television. And then it follows that the single most important, sinister event in history was the creation of Universalism, be it either religious or secular.

B&H: What are your favourite books?

DL: Favourite books? Mein Kampf, The Lightning and the Sun, and the Selected Works of Mark Twain, I guess. I also like anything by George Lincoln Rockwell.

B&H: To the newer members of the movement what can you say about loyalty and honour?

DL: What can a person say about Loyalty and Honour? Two words, "Rudolf Hess!!!"

B&H: What things can we as individuals do to help our race?

DL: What can individuals do to save our kind? First, a "revolution" in fact, must be preceded by a revolution in the mind. Cleanse the mind of all dogma and propaganda. Then realize that our race cannot survive without exclusive white nations. The ultimate goal is to have those nations in which to propagate, promote, and protect our own kind. Either we carve out such a nation or this commitment, or immigrate back to Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, et cetera, and warn our folk there.

B&H: Could you tell us what both 14 Word phrases mean to you personally and how you feel that they both have such a massive impact on the whole world? Does it amaze you that people use the 14 Words all over the world as a sign of unity and brotherhood?

DL: No, I am not surprised at the spread of the 14 Words - We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children. Not to belabor the esoteric, but they are an occult formula and an ancient prophecy. Both sets of 14 Words the other being, "Because The Beauty Of The White Aryan Women Must Not Perish From The Earth" have 14 Words, 61 letters, 20 syllables, and a numerical value of 741. See "The Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals" for more explanation if you are interested, again at the aforementioned website.

B&H: To our children, the reasons of the 14 Words, what advice could you give them for the future and what you think must be done?

DL: Our children face a terrible future. Teach them to be wise and cunning when among the enemy. Our folk were brave. The Jews were cunning. So now they rule the world and sentence our race to death. Courage without cunning is suicide.

B&H: The 14 Words have united and inspired thousands of white people together. Do you feel that unity is one of the most important things?

DL: The world unity speaks for itself. We cannot be Americans, Germans, Russians, et cetera. Just Aryans.

B&H: Bob Mathews and The Order inspire many of us. Can you remember the last time you saw him?

DL: About Robert Mathews, two things spring to my mind constantly when remembering Bob: purity of soul and total dedication. Once again, without acknowledging the esoteric, what Carl Gustav Jung called the "Archetype of Wotan." I cannot explain how someone like Bob, or for that matter Rockwell or Hitler, came into this world Savitri Devi used the words "Divine Providence" to explain the arrival of such avatars of higher life. That works for me.

B&H: How do you think he would have wanted people to remember him?

DL: Bob would want to be remembered above all things, I believe, as a symbol of absolute resistance to the murder of his race. Resistance unto death. My guess is that at least some other Order members would like to be a similar symbol if they are destined to die in its enemy's prisons.

B&H: What is the single thing that we today can learn from the history of the Order?

DL: As a practical matter, one lesson to be learned from the Order is the use of cell systems so that when one man breaks, he doesn't know who the other cells are. United in cause, but not in knowing each other, may be part of a future strategy. Our "Leader" is the 14 Words, not a person, at least at first.

B&H: What is the legacy of The Order?

DL: The legacy of the Order, I think, will depend on future events. If we win this struggle, its Order will be honoured; if not, it will be reviled forever. The propaganda of the Victors becomes the history of the Vanquished.

B&H: We as Blood And Honour help promote the white message and awareness through music and social activities. What do you think of this approach?

DL: If Blood and Honour can reach people with our message of racial survival with music and social events, then I applaud the strategy. We can't compete with the system media, but we must reach as many folk as possible so that we have a dedicated core of racial survivalists to start a new nation somewhere and sometime. But a word of warning. In an occupied country a wise man does not paint a target on his chest. Tattoos, public demonstrations with Nazi flags or KKK regalia, just identifies you to the enemy and makes our side look weak. The illegal aliens can put 500,000 people on the streets in one city. The faggots put 125,000 on the streets of one city. We can put a few dozen at most on the streets. Why advertise that our resistance is puny, powerless and pathetic. Instead build a hard core that some day won't be the three p's above.

B&H: Do you feel direct action/revolution is the way to change anything?

DL: About direct action/revolution: from the 88 Precepts, "The pen without the sword has no authority." 'Nuff said!!!

B&H: Do you still believe that lone wolf actions are still a part for today's strategies, or will we see more use of that nearer a Rahowa+?

DL: Lone Wolves? Of course. There can be a secret if two of them are dead. As long as the system is intact, overt resistance is suicide. A declaration of a nation would bring about total destruction as wrought on Germany and all its other places where America has maimed or murdered 200 million people, or the Zionist New World Order. Building the new nation must be surreptitious at first; cleansing it must be by clandestine, deniable "accidents." Read Sun Tzu's Art of War and my short novel KD Rebel.

B&H: Whilst in jail you have continued to fight for your beliefs. What keeps you going day to day?

DL: What keeps me going is the single fact that the beauty of our women will soon be extinct if we don't accomplish the 14 Words. It is not the ability of our race to create technology. Technology that is always used against us. Technology that arguably reverses nature's survival of the fittest plan and leads to devolution.

B&H: How do you feel you are treated differently because of who you are?

DL: Prison guards in this age are a diverse group. Some are just working for a living. Others gravitate to a job where they can be obscene tyrants over men in chains. Fellow inmates, however, have usually been respectful. I try to keep race relations calm in any prison I am in because the fight is out there. And because this Zionist's government wants to destroy the integrity of all races, nations, and cultures. Most White guys now know who I am and want their picture taken with me to send to family and friends. I have many friends and no enemies that I know of in prison.

There are a few staff who have been abrasive to me in the past. I was quite literally tortured at the Springfield so-called medical facility by staff described as CRAP (Christian Right-Wing American Patriots). Makes me sympathetic toward all the scientists, philosophers, pagans et cetera, tortured by the Christians during the inquisition and, in fact, persecuted for 1,200 years. Being tortured "ain't no fun!"

B&H: What does your typical day involve?

DL: My typical day involves contemplation, writing letters and articles, playing chess, and until recently, sports. Let me brag a bit, but fellow inmates will recently tell you I am a freaky good athlete for my age. Never beaten at ping pong. And seldom did my basketball team loose. Unfortunately though, now at my age of 67, almost 68, I have become too fragile for roughhouse basketball and football with guys 40 years younger and 80 pounds bigger.

B&H: Are you allowed to communicate with other members of 'The Order'?

DL: No, I am not allowed to communicate with other Order members.

B&H: You've written a few books and several articles whilst in prison. Will you continue to get your voice heard?

DL: Yes, my voice will always be heard even when I have departed. Hopefully to Valhalla, if that has some real meaning, and if the "Gods" find me worthy.

B&H: How would you like to be remembered after you are gone?

DL: I hope to be remembered like Rudolf Hess, loyal and defiant unto death.
Thank you for allowing me this forum. 14 Words and 88 precepts to Victory or Valhalla.

B&H: Thank you David Lane and WAU for assisting in making this interview a reality! Hail the order - You will not be forgotten.


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