David Lane and the Brüder Schweigen:
The men against time.

An Introduction:

      David Lane. Poet. Writer. Revolutionary. Soldier. The story of David Lane and the Brüder Schweigen is as complex and compelling as the man himself. Undaunted by his incarceration and sentence of 190 years in a federal penitentiary with no possibility of parole, David Lane continues to spread his message from the confines of his prison cell. So far, in his eighteen years of imprisonment, he has written two books and a large number of articles. His message is as simple as it is urgent: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."
      We won't delve into the reasons for his incarceration, as they are long and detailed. But if you would like to read about this, in his own words, instead of the many biased accounts found elsewhere, you can go to: www.pyramidprophecy.net
     The fact that when a person of European descent expresses pride in his or her race and culture it is seen as an evil thing in today's society has always been of interest to us. For example, David's fourteen word message quoted above, is seen by the media as a slogan of hate. That is absurd and obscene. We, as a race, are being taught self-hatred, and this will only lead to bitterness and hatred against those who teach this ridiculous way of thinking. To love your race, to be proud of its accomplishments, does not imply nor suggest the hatred of another race. It is indeed a positive, healthy and natural trait, for every race.
      It is time to wake up to this truth and to many others. Turn off the television. Cancel the subscription to the newspaper. The media is a cesspool of lies, propaganda and misinformation. No longer should we let others tell us what to think of ourselves and the world around us. The world governments have led the world into dozens of wars and brought about countless deaths, and yet they continue to bring us closer to our collective destruction.
     They are preaching the doctrine of the grave. Human life has become a commodity. Nature, an industry. Religion, a tool. Freedom, a memory. The truth, a lie. But to the masters of this world, we leave you with this to ponder... An angry world awaits.

Christmas Eve, 2002

MTA: So much has been written about the man David Lane, The Order, the Fourteen Words, and the days prior to your incarceration. Much of this has been written by the media who strongly disagrees with your views and life's work. So, we'd like to use this opportunity to look into the man himself, in your own words, unedited and unbiased. Can you take us back to the day when you first realized your views on this world and its situation? Can you recall your first memories of when you felt something was wrong with the world and the direction it was headed?

D.L.: There are times when a person finds it necessary to begin a discourse with a disclaimer of sorts. So let me say that while I have, as Bob Mathews, a mystic facet to my nature, it does not in any way lessen, or interfere with the struggle against genocide within this reality, or this earth, at this time.
      Now, that out of the way, you asked when I first felt something was wrong in this world. The answer is, "From my earliest memories." A stranger in this world is how I have always felt. Exactly why some people are "different" is a question that sages have pondered for ages.
      I remember two emotions from earliest childhood. The first was fear. My father was a drunk who often beat his wife and children, causing severe injuries. Then at about the age of five I went to an orphanage. From there I was soon adopted by an equally scary fundamentalist Lutheran minister and his wife. So fear was the first and most enduring emotion. However, in the first grade at a little country school near Morehead, Iowa, I saw a little blond goddess named Mary. I was bewitched, enthralled, enchanted and in love. That love has never died although several "goddesses" have passed through my life since then.
      Many readers of this discourse already know the Fourteen Words, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." But far fewer know of my personal Fourteen Words which are my motivation. They are, "Because the beauty of the white Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."
      My struggle is over aesthetics, and in obedience to nature's highest law which is the preservation of one's own kind. It has nothing to do with the "Aryan Technology," that some racialists use to justify their struggle. Later in this interview I'll give the web address of a site where the reader can see an article I wrote on just what a disaster that technology has been.
      So, over and above the instinctual feeling that I always had that something was wrong, the first time I saw a white woman with a male Skraeling (i.e. non-white) I knew intellectually this was genetic perversion.

MTA: Where do you believe the world is headed if it does not change from its current course? What changes do you foresee, both domestically, and abroad, in the next century? Do you see a day when the world could ever be at peace?

D.L.: Unless there are huge changes soon, I see nothing but disaster. First let's consider the issue of racial survival. Approximately 8% of earth's population is white, and only about 2% of earth's population is young white women. And these women are being influenced to mate outside their race in ever increasing numbers. Judeo-America and Judeo-Christianity deny us white nations, white schools, white organizations and everything necessary for racial survival.
      Determined to destroy the integrity of races, nations and cultures, and most particularly to mix, overrun, integrate, miscegenate, reduce by war and ultimately exterminate the white race, the red, white and blue traveling mass murder machine has maimed or killed two hundred million people, half of them white. Just add up the casualties in the wars, revolutions and assassinations that America has instigated, financed, and participated in, from Dixie to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to Italy, to Germany twice, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Iran, to Bosnia, to Serbia, to Waco, to Ruby Ridge, to Afghanistan and on and on and on.
      The world will never see peace so long as people are not free to pursue their own destiny as separate races, nations and cultures, because that is what nature created and what grew out of nature's varied creations.
      We should also note that industrialization of the third world will quickly use up the remainder of earth's fossil fuels and destroy the planet's environment. In short, we must have huge changes or the disaster that lurks is beyond description.

MTA: Pride in one's race and past accomplishments should be as natural as breathing. Yet, in today's age, it is absurdly viewed as something hateful and racist, largely speaking. What is it that they don't understand? Do they really believe that to love your own race implies the automatic hatred of another? People seem much more comfortable being proud of their country than their own people and their accomplishments. Yet, before September 11th, 2001, even patriotism was seen as something extreme. Until, that is, the government wished to mobilize support for war. People plaster American flags on their automobiles and drape them from their houses, yet they know nothing of America's past, and more so, its future. They only know that it is popular to be a patriot at the time. What are your thoughts on all of this?

D.L.: Our wise Nordic ancestors divided people into three categories. Thralls, Freemen, and for ease we will call the third, natural rulers. Thralls, also called Niflings, are natural born servants or slaves. They never have an original thought in their entire lives. You see them today watching multi-racial sports on T.V. or debating the latest propaganda from the establishment media.
      Freemen today are scientists, inventors, craftsmen and the like. But most rare are natural born rulers or leaders. Along with friends I have speculated in wonderment on how rare are true leaders. How often does a Robert Jay Mathews or a George Lincoln Rockwell come to us?
      We must recognize that the minds of Thralls, and even some Freemen are no different than computers. G.I.G.O. i.e. Garbage In Garbage Out, of ZOG, which stands for Zionist Occupation Government, has more capability to program their minds than we do, then they will be our enemies, even if sharing genetic essence.
      If we are to have victory, then we must support and follow the next Leader that Divine Providence will probably send us.

MTA: It is the children and young people who will inherit this world. What advice could you give them regarding the future and what you think must be done?

D.L.: My heart breaks for them. But they have no choice, get tough or die. I have written a short novel titled 'K. D. Rebel' in which I outline one possible scenario. And am now working on an addition to add details on the possible formation of a white homeland. Meanwhile, our folk must learn to be chameleons. In an occupied country a wise man does not tattoo a target on his chest, or elsewhere for that matter.

MTA: You have been very outspoken in your admiration of Robert Mathews. Your name and his name seem irrevocably intertwined. Could you tell us the reasons behind your admiration for him? Although some books have been written regarding him, they are usually from either a historical perspective or a biased one, or both, could you help us to better know and understand him?

D.L.: I have no idea how to do him the honor he deserves. In the novel 'K.D. Rebel' I called the hero Trebor, which is Robert spelled backwards. This was to honor Bob.
      Shall I fill a page with words like loyal, brave, dedicated and heroic? If the day comes that our race secures its existence, and if I am not alive to ensure it is built, I hope the folk will erect a monument in his memory that school children will visit for ages to come.

MTA: Could you tell us about the last time you saw him? Do you remember his last words to you? Did you ever imagine it would be the last time you would see him alive? If you could go back in time, would you say anything differently to him in your good-byes?

D.L.: The last time I saw Bob was in North Carolina about two months before he was killed or best I can recall. He gave me some ideas that I cannot share because of security reasons. I think he knew that the end was near for him at that time. But he marched to meet his fate with all the courage of Leonidas.
     When you ask if I would have said anything different to him as a farewell, if I had known the future, it fills my heart with a big empty spot. What could I have said? He was fond of an old Norse Proverb that goes like this:

Cattle die, Kinsmen die, I too shall die.
The only thing that does not die
Is the fame of a great man's deeds.

MTA: Since you were his friend and comrade, from your point of view, how do you think he would want people to remember him? What was your personal reaction and feelings when first learning of his death? Do you remember where you were at that moment?

D.L.: He wanted to be remembered for his deeds on behalf of racial survival for our folk. When I heard on the radio about the siege of his house in Washington State, I knew he would not surrender. There was a full moon outside. I stood outside looking at the moon and thinking that that same moon was looking down on his final battle. It was infinite sadness. Then when the radio said he was dead I went out to a Confederate soldiers graveyard and wrote the poem "Ode to Bob Mathews."

Ode to Bob Mathews

It was on the eighth day of December
In nineteen eighty-four.
A full moon witnessed to the deed
On the nation's western shore.

Bob Mathews made his final stand,
He vowed he'd run no more.
He loaded his gun and spit in the eye
Of the Jews and their federal whore.

The blood of Leonidas,
And Custer and Stonewall, too,
Ran strong in the veins of this White man,
To their memory he was true.

Two weeks before in Portland town,
They'd tried to lay a snare,
Thirty-five of the federal dogs,
Bob Mathews whipped 'em there.

So, they rounded up an army
Of maggots and faggots and reds,
Race traitors and cowards and jackals,
And other kinds of feds.

The Jews had given the orders.
Race traitors would obey.
By the hundreds they came to murder
The greatest White man of his day.

They brought helicopter gunships,
And their army did deploy.
They thought they'd break the spirit,
Of this fearless rebel boy.

But even as they poured their fire
Through barricaded doors,
His bullets whistled by the heads
Of treasonous federal whores.

The gunships felt his bullets first
And quickly flew away.
For thirty-six hours, a day and a half,
He held the dogs at bay.

With tear gas next they filled the house,
Twice broke inside the doors.
But rapid fire soon drove out
The devil's federal whores.

They knew they'd met their match,
So they set the house on fire.
And soon the flames touched the sky,
A Viking funeral pyre.

White brother how I miss you.
Who can take your place,
As the leader of the army
That fights to save our race?

As you march through fair Valhalla,
Asgard's mighty hall,
Number one among the Vikings,
I can hear you call:
"Arise you Aryan Warriors,
I've shown you how to fight!
You owe it to my children,
To battle for the right."

-David Lane

MTA: If you had the power to change one single event of history, what would you change? And how do you think this would alter the world we know today?

D.L.: If I could change one event in history it would be the outcome of World War Two. Germany fought that war in an attempt to stop the Judeo-American, Judeo-Christian, Judeo-Communist murder of the white race. If Germany had won, our race would be secure in its existence today.

MTA: Personally speaking, if you could change one event of your own life, would you do so? What would it be, if so?

D.L.: As far as changing one event in my own life, I can't think of any major ones. Naturally there are minor regrets that come from the selfishness and thoughtlessness of youth. But as far as prison goes, if I hadn't been willing to pay this price I'd probably never have gotten the credibility or credentials to make the Fourteen Words and 88 Precepts into the force they now are. So while I don't like it, I also must thank the Gods for the help.

MTA: What books do you hold in high regard? Do you read a lot? Were you an avid reader in your past?

D.L.: Books? Yes, I was an avid reader in the past. However, only until the situation was defined. Most movement members today, even old timers, are still always looking for a new book to read. Why?!! Why?!!
     The situation is clear!! The same dreadful situation has been detailed by hundreds of writers, in millions of words. All of 'Mein Kampf', all of my book called 'Deceived, Damned and Defiant,' and all of a hundred others can be summed up in one sentence, "Jews control all affairs of the Western world and they have sentenced the white race to death." Bob Mathews realized this twenty years ago and was honest enough to recognize the only solution.

MTA: Could you enlighten us on your spiritual beliefs? We read on the internet from a statement you made in the past that since you were very young you were interested in the ancestral deities of Europe. More particularly Asatru. Can you tell us about what brought you to this point, and when you really started to learn more about it? What truths secured your belief?

D.L.: You ask about my spiritual "beliefs." Oh boy, what a subject! Please first note that I put quotations around "belief." That is a word fraught with more danger and deceit than perhaps any other in history. For a rational and sane person a "belief" is an opinion based on the best available evidence, but where the evidence is not sufficient to justify a statement of fact.
     For those in a frenzy of religious or patriotic fervor, a "belief" is just as apt to be irrational fantasy as fact. From personal experiences, from research into the ancient mystery religions, from the statements of others whose judgment I trust, and from the writings of adepts in certain hermetic societies, I have come to "believe" in a creative force and intelligence in the Universe. Because of the forms which nature creates, easy examples being the hexagons of snowflakes and honeycombs, the ancients called this force the grand mathematician/geometrician of the Universe. And still today the Freemasons call God 'The Grand Architect of the Universe,' architecture being geometry.
     The entire Universe, from the tiny solar systems of atomic structure, to the heavenly constellations, consists of, and is held together by electromagnetic forces and patterns. And, "Thought consists of electromagnetic patterns." Recognize this simple statement and all the hermetic teachings of soul, reincarnation, microcosm and macrocosm, and survival of consciousness after bodily death, acquire enough possibility to justify "belief."
     For a detailed explanation of how hermetic philosophers created religions and religious myths please read, 'The Mystery Religions and Seven Seals,' in my book 'Deceived, Damned and Defiant,' or see it on a website I will show later in this discourse. But for now just realize that the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve apostles of Jesus, the twelve lesser Gods with Odin, the twelve lesser Gods with Zeus, and on and on, are representations of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.
     Most importantly on the subject of religion is this simple wisdom; Nature and nature's laws are the work of the Creator. Therefore nature's laws are God's laws, and nature's first and highest law is the preservation of one's own kind. Therefore the Fourteen Words are a divine command.
      Truth seekers should also recognize that when the gates of the mind are opened to the first irrational premise then there are no barriers to a flood of insanity. That is why the tyrants of priestcraft and statecraft demand literal belief in religious myths. Religious myths can contain great truths, or suicidal falsehoods, but the mature mind does not take them literally.

MTA: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." Could you tell us what this phrase means to you personally? When you coined this now popular phrase, did you ever imagine it would become a sort of battle cry for those who share your beliefs?

D.L.: How appropriate that you made the fourteenth question to be in regards to the Fourteen Words. I hate to sound mystical, but sometimes there is no choice. Both the well known Fourteen Words and my personal Fourteen Words came to me as an idea while sleeping. I then got up and wrote them down. Then later I discovered that both slogans had 14 words, 61 letters, 20 syllables, and a numerical value of 741. That means let A = 1, B =2, C = 3, D = 4, etc., then add up the value of all 61 letters. Then several years later when reading Manley P. Halls massive tome called 'The Secret Teachings of all Ages,' on plate 145 I discovered the meaning of 741. This must all sound mysterious and strange to a first time reader, and it originally was even more strange to me since it only scratches the surface of what I have seen.
     I suppose this would then be as good as place as any to give the web address where readers can see many of my writings: www.pyramidprophecy.net
     I have been hesitant in the past to give out this web address because atheists, Christians, enemies, and those with no vision will use the prophecy portion to attack my credibility. However, many friends of mine, including mathematicians who understand the laws of probability put the site up and they believe it has value in the struggle. And, it is a vehicle to get many other writings into the public eye.

MTA: 14 Word Press was run by your wife Katja, which was an outlet for your books and newsletters. She then gave control to a New Jersey-based company called Micetrap Distribution which seemed to stall with the company. What has transpired since then? Also, in 2001 through a statement released by your wife you announced your retirement, will you ever write your newsletters again or continue in some other fashion?

D.L.: That is a difficult subject. I am ever, ever so grateful to Katja for all she did to help make the Fourteen Words into a world wide phenomenon, and I wish her all the best. However, I don't know much about the events that transpired regarding Fourteen Word Press since about December of 2001. Currently, as far as I know, as of late December 2002 the Fourteen Word Press is being run by some folks in Napa, California. The address is:

Fourteen Word Press
P.O. Box 6493
Napa, CA 94581

      I believe my book called 'Deceived, Damned and Defiant' is available from them for $20.00, postage included.
     As far as the statement that I have "retired," that is erroneous and ridiculous. I will retire when I am dead, or when the Fourteen Words are accomplished.

MTA: Even after your incarceration, you have continued to fight for your beliefs. What keeps you going day to day? When so many people draw inspiration from you, people will be interested to know, what sources of inspiration do you personally draw from?

D.L.: Short and sweet, "Destiny and the instincts given by nature and nature's God." One look at a picture of white children, or a picture of a beautiful white woman is always sufficient inspiration. Those images must not disappear from the earth.

MTA: How do fellow inmates and guards view you and your work? Do you feel you are treated any differently because of who you are? How do you feel you have evolved since being incarcerated?

D.L.: Although the so-called trials where I was convicted and sentenced were perjury circuses and mockeries of the U.S. constitution, since coming to prison my treatment has usually not differed too much from that of others. Although there was one negro warden that made my life extra hard. At the prison where I now reside the food is good, but the medical care is a hoax. In fact the so-called medical department is headed by a member of that "chosen" tribe and undoubtedly would like to hasten my demise if I were to push for care. So, I have to endure the problems that come with age.
     I do have many friends in prison now, since the Fourteen Words are known by most white prisoners. Years ago, however, I had problems with white prison gangs who figured my anti-drug and other moral stances would jeopardize their business.
     When first coming to prison I resolved that no influence would change my personality. For the most part I feel successful, although probably no one can judge their own mental state. Nearly eighteen years without a woman, despite sacrificing all to preserve their images has most likely permanently reduced or destroyed a certain sense of chivalry. The Brüder Schweigen soldiers should have flocks of beautiful young women clamoring at the gates for visits and pledging everlasting love. I'm afraid I've learned a lot about female nature and can no longer "love" the images I fought to preserve. Which makes me very sad.

Farewell White Woman

Many years have come and gone
For I was just a lad of five
When I first noted nature's great
Work of beauty made alive

By sacrifice, war and struggle
By mind of God or Cosmic fate
How she got here, why I loved her
I'll leave to others to debate

Skin so fair and golden hair
Brunette or red her tresses
Enchanting temptress in the nude
Or draped in diverse dresses

Desired by males of every race
Nature's greatest glory
They appear a diadem
White women are my story

Twas two score years ago perhaps
Or maybe just a little less
When treason by white women
First brought me this distress

Though our men have failed their duty
That does not provide a reason
For the flaunting by white women
Of suicidal racial treason

First a trickle then a stream
And now it's even worse
The women of our race
The miscegenation curse

Women and folks of color
The slogan of the age
Unite against the white man
Perversion is the rage

A hero tried to save his kind
Bob Mathews was his name
The mother of his daughter
Played the treason game

His men were called the Order
They resisted genocide
They rot in jail, no one cares
For those who fought and died

How I loved you fair white woman
Twas your image I fought to save
It was illusion and delusion
I was a mental slave

Chivalry and romance
Were my codes and dreams of life
Treason and betrayal
Reward these years of strife

I grow old before my time
Dreams are vanquished by
Reality and cold hard truth
Your beauty was a lie

You gave your youth and beauty
To hedonistic swine
Sought pleasure adulation
Not one of you was mine

So when you're old and wrinkled
And beauty with age has fled
Don't come to me for solace
You are the walking dead

My fight goes on until I die
For nature does declare
A man must save his own kind
A truth that comrades swear

If I live to see a victory
Then these years in a prison cell
Have taught a primal lesson
Tempered in a hell

Strong men can still stand alone
Forgoing dreams or hope
Exist without a woman's love
With all things they can cope
And if Valhalla is a truth
A reward someday I'll see
Beautiful Valkyrie
Waiting there for me.

-David Lane

MTA: Can you shed some light on your typical day, from the time you wake to the time you sleep? Do you get many letters from people showing their support, or opposite? Do you still communicate with other members of 'The Order'?

D.L.: My spare time here in prison is spent writing articles for various publications and on letters of correspondence with activists around the world. I also have designed daily exercise routines which fit my age and problems. I've always been quite slender physically and by exercise and diet, hope to stay alive to continue the struggle as long as possible.
     I am not allowed to communicate with other members of the Order Brüder Schweigen, but occasionally I hear some rumors of where they are and how they are doing. I hope readers of this discourse will send their support to these P.O.W.s in the manner they deserve.

MTA: You've written a few books and a number of articles since your incarceration. Could you sum up these to us? Are they still available for purchase, and if so, where can one obtain them? Do you have plans to write more books in the future? Perhaps you are in the process? I also understand a website is being created, can you tell us anything about this as well?

D.L.: In addition to 'Deceived, Damned and Defiant,' I wrote a short novel called 'K.D. Rebel' about the establishment of a white homeland beginning in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. And I am now working on additions in order to make it a full length novel. Hopefully someone will then come up with the money to have it printed in proper book form. For now it is only available loose leaf from:

P.O. Box 580669
Minneapolis, MN 55458

MTA: Lastly, we thank you for your time and thoughts and leave you with the question: How would you like to be remembered after you are gone? Any final comments and words of wisdom to the world?

D.L.: In so much as personal egos matter, it would be nice to be remembered as being instrumental in stopping the Zionist murder of the white race. But, I am also ever mindful of Shakespeare's statement, "All the world's a stage, and we are but players." I have come to "believe" we are puppets in some cosmic drama. Perhaps our destiny is foreordained? Perhaps the Norns (Norse Goddesses of Fate) decide whether a man will be remembered with love or hate. I am no longer certain it even matters. I have done what I consider to be my duty. Let the "Gods" decide if that duty was proper or not proper.

14-88 David Lane

- Pyramid Prophecy -

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