Free Hendrik Moebus!

Below is an interview with Evelyn Hill, the founder and webmaster of Being a friend of Hendrik's before his trouble began, I was intrigued to know who the stranger was who offered up so much of her time in helping him, gaining nothing in return. While you may or may not share some of her beliefs, her dedication to such things as justice and freedom are something to be admired, as these two things are what all races and cultures ultimately strive for. It should be understood that when an injustice is directed to just one individual it affects us all. We are bonded by the inherent rights we possess, regardless of politics. We ask of you perhaps the most difficult thing of all, to consider Hendrik's case with a clear and unbiased mind.

First, can you introduce yourself to the reader, by letting them know who you are, what work you generally do on the web/etc.
Hello, thank you for the chance to talk to you. I work for the National Alliance and do its web sites and For about five years, I worked at the offices of the National Alliance in West Virginia. I now work out of my home in California. I also do the print publication 'Free Speech' for National Vanguard Books. I used to do the site, but someone else does that now. Most importantly, for present purposes, I do the web site. I obtained this domain the day after Hendrik was arrested by the U.S. Marshals. I designed it and now maintain it on my own and not in connection with the National Alliance.

When did you first become aware of Hendrik's case? How did you learn of it and what made you decide to start the FREE HENDRIK MOEBUS website? Has there been a lot of outside support?
When I was in West Virginia, in February of 2000, a reporter from the Los Angeles Times came by to interview Dr. Pierce. On my way to lunch I looked into her car. It was parked in the office parking lot. On the front seat she had a book called: 'Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground'. This sounded rather sensationalistic, of course, but also intriguing -- especially as I knew that Dr. Pierce was interested in expanding Resistance Records from mostly Skinhead/Oi! music to other types of pro-White music, including Black Metal.
So anyway, I bought this book from and thereby found out about Hendrik Möbus. A few months after this, a guy who was helping out with Resistance Records saw the book in my office and told me that Hendrik was at that time in the United States. This was quite interesting to me because I thought he was still in Germany and most likely still in jail.

In June of 2000 Erich Gliebe, the manager of Resistance Records, came to Hillsboro with a visitor who he said was very involved in the music scene in Europe. The visitor said that his name was "Hans" and that he was on vacation in the United States. He was making use of his vacation by discussing non-mainstream music with various people in the United States. Hans was rather badly injured when he arrived. Erich said this was due to a motorcycle accident.

Of course, "Hans" was actually Hendrik Moebus and his injuries resulted from a beating he received at the hands of Nathan "Zorn" Pett and Michael Lujan. They were irritated because their record label didn't make as much money for them as they hoped. The main problem was that they didn't have enough money to press or advertise CD's. One of his attackers also had a long history of violence and mental problems. This also did not help his company succeed. However they preferred to blame Hendrik for all their problems and beat him savagely.

Hans decided to stay in Hillsboro for a while to recover from his injuries and to help out with Resistance Records. He was a very hard worker and his strength of character and mature ideology impressed Dr. Pierce.

On August 27th a visitor came by the National Office of the National Alliance in Hillsboro. I warned Hans to stay away from him, as I regarded his behavior on past occasions as suspicious. However, Hans/Hendrik was a very friendly and trusting person. When this person asked if he would like to go in to town for lunch the next day, he happily agreed. When the car arrived at the restaurant, instead of parking in a spot close to the restaurant, they parked in a far corner. While the visitor showed Hendrik a knife he recently bought, the car was surrounded by U.S. Marshals vans.

Hendrik was rapidly surrounded by armed Marshals. He got out of the car voluntarily and put up no resistance whatsoever, but he was nevertheless savagely handled by the Marshals. They throw him against a car with enough force for his teeth to make a dent in the hood and twisted his left arm behind his back in a manner designed to break it. His arm was not only broken, but had a ½ inch gap between the bone parts. He complained of this to the Marshals and later to the prison authorities, but he received no medical treatment whatsoever for several months.

Dr. Pierce tried to find out what had happened to Hendrik and what jail he was in, but neither the Marshals nor any other government agency would give him any information.

I was out shopping when all this happened, but I found out about it when I returned to Hillsboro. This was the same day that he was apprehended. The next day, I purchased the domain. I did this because I regarded what had happened to him as extremely unjust.

Being from California, I knew perfectly well how leniently illegal aliens are treated. And overstaying his visa was Hendrik's only crime by U.S. law. Those who say that he was an "international fugitive" just do not understand how U.S. immigration law is "enforced." In California not only are the U.S. Marshals not sent after illegal aliens, illegal aliens are legally allowed to attend state-sponsored colleges and universities -- as illegal aliens!

Clearly, the only reasons Hendrik was arrested were his politics and his influence on youth culture in Germany. His case is an excellent one for showing how hypocritical the U.S. government is. It also shows how little those who talk about believing in freedom actually believe in freedom. This is true for both those in the government and those in the media .

There was a good deal of support for Hendrik when the National Alliance was publicizing his case. As most readers probably know, Hendrik applied for political asylum while in prison in the United States and the National Alliance handled his legal fees. After Hendrik was deported, the National Alliance stopped paying his legal fees and also stopped giving much publicity to his case. This has negatively effected the number of donations to Hendrik's defense fund. The NA's goal was to get political asylum for Hendrik and then have him work as a paid representative of Resistance Records and Ancestral Research Records.

Of course this is no longer possible with Hendrik back in Germany, but he still very much needs money for attorneys. He will most likely have many trials in Germany for his political "crimes" and having a good attorney could shorten the sentence he receives. He also needs good legal representation to protect him from ill-treatment while in the prison system of the FRG. While many police officers and prison guards understand that he is not a common criminal and respect him for standing up for his beliefs. The political bureaucrats and the media hate him. The modern-day commissars of the FRG will do all they can to make his prison time long and difficult. While the media people will do all they can to get the general public to hate him.

I know you're not very familiar with the type of music which Hendrik was at one time involved in, certainly it isn't important for the great work you've been aiding him with, however, you've probably learned a lot more about the black metal scene in the time you've been assisting his case. Could you tell us your thoughts in general?
Actually, I still do not know much about the scene. I do like a lot of the music. I do not care for the typical vocals of Black Metal, however. To me truth is very important and this growling style of vocals sounds put-on and phony. I like the darker, slower stuff with non-traditional vocals or no vocals. Keep in mind that I am an outsider, however. (And an old lady at that!) I do not have any desire to tell people how their music should be played or sung. And I do like many of the people I have met in the scene. Many are very intelligent and ideologically sound.

What kind of person have you found him to be through your correspondence?
He is interested in a wide variety of subjects. He can also write in English very well. Although he doesn't have a dictionary in prison, it is very rare for him to even misspell a word in English. I doubt if he ever misspells anything in German! He is also very optimistic and has a good sense of humor. He always tries to make the best of his situation, no matter what it is.

Are you still in touch with Hendrik since he was taken back to Germany?
Yes, we still exchange letters. Recently, he has been permitted to write letters in English, formerly he could only write in German. Both his letters and those written to him are read by censors, however. If they do not conform to the FRG's Orwellian thought crime laws, the letters will not reach their destination. Hendrik likes to get mail, and would encourage all who support him to write to him. Unfortunately, he cannot answer every letter he gets. The authorities have assigned him to be a janitor in prison, so his free time is limited. Also, the postal rates in Germany are very high and this sometimes prevents him from writing -- especially overseas.

Did he reveal his thoughts about it all (going back)?
He did not want to go back, of course, because he knew it would mean many long years in prison for political "crimes." He loves Germany, but wants to be somewhere where he has enough freedom to do his musical work. He was totally surprised by his apprehension and also by his deportation as he had no idea either would occur.
He does however prefer prison in Germany to prison in the United States. There are fewer Third Worlders and fewer violent inmates in German prisons than there are in U.S. prisons (although some German prisons rival the U.S. prisons in both regards). So conditions in German prisons are generally not as strict as in U.S. prisons. And while many of the inmates in Germany hate him because they have been brainwashed by the German media, others think of him quite favorably. He also thinks the food is much better there.

Will he still be able to write any articles/etc. for the FHM site?
No. He has been expressly prohibited from making any public statements. He cannot write for publication, either in print or on the Internet. He also cannot give interviews. Not only is he forbidden to give interviews with zines and underground publications, but also with mainstream publications and television. Germany is not a free country and the main reason he was apprehended and locked up was to silence him.

You do a lot of web work for the National Alliance. How did this come about and what is your motivation behind it? Could you explain to us what the NA means to you? Is it indeed this racist, hate organization which the media paints it to be?
Well, I grew up in California. When I was young, the were many beautiful empty spaces, clean air, un-crowded beaches, mountains, rivers, and lakes. The schools were the best in the nation and most neighborhoods had very little crime. Generally, only the husband in a family would work, but even with a few children and the wife staying at home, the family could a afford a nice house -- even on "blue collar" wages. Of course, this is all totally different now and the reason for the difference is the massive immigration from the Third World.

When I got out of college and started working with the public, I realized it wasn't just the increased numbers of people that caused this deterioration (although overpopulation would be a problem regardless of the nature of the populace), but that different ethnic groups have different morals, different ideals, different intelligence, and different goals. People with so many differences cannot help but be in conflict. Furthermore, "nice" slogans do not overcome human nature. I quickly came to believe that an all-White society would be vastly better than the multiculti morass that we have today. I think that the National Alliance is the most professional and capable organization working for a White society.

The word "racist" has been demonized by the media, but I do not think it should be. Every healthy people prefers their own kind. I do not think this is evil, it is what Mother Nature intended. I also do not think this desire to be among one's own kind is "hate." The word "hate" has basically lost its meaning as given in a dictionary when used by the mainstream media.

If you, for example support a greater number of non-White students in a school, you will almost certainly be subjecting the White children to verbal and physical abuse, but, somehow, this is called being opposed to "hate." In fact, it is cruel and hateful. On the other hand if you simply advocate that Whites should marry and have children with other Whites and try to maintain their traditions, this is "hate." "Hate" is now just a word to scare people into conformity.

Tell us your thoughts on the growing censorship in America and worldwide? Do you envision a day when the Internet is censored? It seems it would be an almost impossible task, yet one that is continually being attempted.
The response to the events of September 11th have made it clearer than ever that censorship and political repression are coming to America. The "War on Terrorism," will not only take away Americans' traditional freedoms, but it will not protect them from terrorism either. As long as the U.S. government acts like the bully of the globe, those whom it bullies will try to retaliate when they can.

I feel, the Internet will become less and less free. Straight out censorship, where a panel of censors screens everything, may not be workable, but it is quite possible for smaller ISP's to be bought by bigger ISP's, so that in time there will be a very limited number of companies providing Internet services. Those that own these ISP's will either voluntarily, or through the pressure of special interest groups, then promote the same sort of uniformity for the Internet that one sees now on television. Sites and even individual e-mail accounts may be canceled for "hate" (as political dissent is now called). There may still be a few small independent ISP's remaining, but these can be blocked by the bigger ISP's. "Hate sites" may also be listed by fewer and fewer search engines. Very interested people will always be able to find alternative views, but in the future they may have to work harder to do it.

Clearly, in Europe also, things are becoming more repressive. Members of the E.U. are being told that they must unify their criminal codes and that "racism" must be a crime. However, Europeans could speak about this more knowledgeably than I can.

It is quite obvious, that because of Hendrik's musical preference and political beliefs he is seen as some kind of enemy to the global 'system.' Yet, when he was a 'free' man, he was merely involved in music, labels, etc., promoting primarily music that the system didn't agree with or understand. They must have felt that if he was behind bars he wouldn't be a trouble to them anymore. I feel they made a great error. By hunting him globally, ignoring their own laws and ours in the process, they strengthened people's opinions and resolve of them. They reaffirmed what many people knew all along, and maybe what others were only beginning to understand, they made clear. That there is no true justice for any of us, no truth, no real freedom. They have made it so that many people who never would have spoken to one another, such as ourselves, have met and united in a sense against this injustice. Your thoughts?
This is certainly the way it should be! However, many people have said, "Hendrik is locked up now and there is nothing we can do, so why bother with him any more?" This is a wrong and fatal attitude. The injustices that he has been subject to should be brought up again and again. They should strengthen people to fight for our freedom and for our people.

Speaking of some of the growing negative aspects of the world we live, what is your opinion on the future? Will things grow worse before better? Do you see any real solutions to changing things?
Certainly things will get much worse before they get better. However, many people need bad conditions to motivate them. Also remember that things will have to get very bad indeed before one can truly say all is lost.
There were articles in magazines and newspapers a few months back saying that most of Europe's population is descended from 50 women. From this small group of people every great work of art and every scientific development in Europe (and the rest of the world where people of European descent live) came about. As long as there are a few thousand healthy and intelligent White people in the world and the planet isn't poisoned to death, a total rebirth is possible.

How can people continue to assist Hendrik, even though he was taken back to Germany? Any information or ideas you could give would be great.
Hendrik has written me many times wanting to know how many people have contributed to his defense fund. Unfortunately, recently there have been very few. I stated why he needs money for legal fees earlier. He would also like to have money to buy things to make his life easier, such as an electric typewriter, a radio, etc.

Donations can be sent to:
Free Hendrik Möbus!
P.O. Box 61453
Sunnyvale, CA 94088

Money orders, checks, and cash are all okay.
People can also spread the word about his case on the Internet and encourage other sites to link to Of course, they can also print and distribute flyers on his behalf, etc. Anyone with more ideas or willing to help can e-mail me at

Lastly, we thank you for your time and thoughts, please give your final thoughts about Hendrik's case and any general closing thoughts.
Thank you very much for giving me the chance to talk to you. I hope people will look into Hendrik's case and get involved -- both for the sake of Hendrik Möbus and for our future.

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