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The following interview is done with Sadorass...

Introduce the unsuspecting world to Frost with a history up until now.
Well, FROST was formed by myself (Sadorass) and Chraesvelgoron in 1.994 e.v. In 1.995 we released our first demotape "Embraced by Darkness" and two years later our second "In the Gleam of a Morbid Fullmoon." In 1.998 we recorded the third demotape "I.C.C." which was limited to just 88 copies, as we planned to record a CD soon. For drums-we used up to then, a drum-computer which wasn't satisfying for us to record a CD with. We found a drummer who left the band a short time after, so we had to cancel the CD. In 1.999 we found a new drummer F.B. who is now part of FROST. We recorded the split-demo with the Italian band NACHZEHRER with him and also the song for the split-7"ep with KAIADAS. The song was originally taken from our third demo and we haven't changed the arrangements but on the 7" it's a much better sound and of course with better drum-playing. Now we are doing the last rehearsals for our debut-CD, which will come out on the label FOG OF THE APOKALYPSE. The Italian label HELLFLAME will do a limited vinyl edition next year as well. Line-up 2.000: Sadorass (guitar), Chraesvelgoron (bass + voice), F.B. (drums)

What sort of thoughts or emotions do you wish to convey to the listener through your music? Sadorass
Our main-intention is simply to express ourselves through the music of FROST, so the opinions or feelings of other people are not the most important for us, but music is also a good tool to reach the brains and minds of other people and as we have a strong ideology, which is written down in our lyrics, we think we can open the eyes of some people with our art, or perhaps just manipulate some people to act and think the way that we show them with FROST. It's right if people feel wrath and hate while listening to FROST as we feel the same when creating the music. It's also right if they start to let these feelings out, and act and think how we would act or think. We want it that way. People should fight for their/our beliefs. STRENGTH AND ANGER, ART AND POWER. The weak has to be crushed.

You also do a very good raw black metal side-project called Sadorass, tell us about this as well.
I started my solo-project SADORASS in 1.996, because FROST was on ice for a short time and I felt the need to record something new. So, I recorded my first demo in the same year. One year later I recorded a second demo and in '98 the last demo "The sound of ultra-sadism." Sadorass is more brutal and primitive music. It's just self-expression, no technical-playing shit, only pure hate. People should get the urge to kill while listening to it. Music for extremists and mass-murderers! SILENCELIKE DEATH PROD. released a 7" of SADORASS which was limited to 500 copies, but as 300 were destroyed some time ago, there are only 200 copies around now.

Tell us about your label/distro Satanic Terror Productions.
S.T.P. was started in '98 to distribute the releases of FROST and other true Black Metal bands. I released the 3rd demo of FROST, a GOATFIRE 7", the SATANIC TERROR mag. and the FROST/KAIADAS split 7". I decided to end S.T.P. in 2.001 to concentrate myself on other activities, but I still want to release a FROST pic' 7" and a HORNA/VORNAT split 7" before.

Brushing the subject, your thoughts on Satanism? What about the religions pre-dating Satanism?
I am following my own kind of Satanism, which I call "völkisch" Satanism. I see Satanism not as dogmatic, instead it is a manifestation of the universal forces and the principle against the monotheistic religion of enslavement like jewdom, Islam, Christianity... My Satan is not personal and he includes also the Lucifer- and Abraxas-aspect in one. So, I use pagan rituals and meditations to channel the powers of Satan, which is also the way of chaos-magic. I see the ancient rituals of your own tribe/blood as the most powerful way to use these spiritual powers. So, it's useful to know about ancient cultures. White men are connected to every aryan blood back to the Sumerian, which was one of the first aryan cultures. I am sure that there's a lot of truth inside the myths of the ancient cultures when you know how to interpret them, a skill that is unfortunately rare in this materialized time. I accept also every other form of Satanism, Luciferism and Abraxas worship as they are against the reign of Jahwe. Jehovah means reign of weakness, destruction of the strong and in the end of whole humanity. Fight to be free! Satan is power!

Your thoughts on the Christian church and its impact on mankind?
As a Satanist and a strong personality, I am absolutely against the church and it's teachings. The goal of this stupid horde of weaklings is the enslavement of humanity under the reign of the Semitic god, which will lead to the total destruction of life on earth in the end. The impact of Christianity and other pro-Zionistic religions is too high, and that's what we are fighting against, we will crush the realm of god. Death to scum! Hail to the strong and wise!

In February 2000 your label released your work on a split 7 inch with the Greek band KAIADAS. Tell us about this release and the other band involved, how did the cooperation come about?
The split-7" of FROST and KAIADAS was planned long ago. I was in contact with Aithir from KAIADAS for 3 or 4 years now, and as we have some very similar ideas we thought it would be great to do a split release one day. When we found the right drummer for FROST I made the suggestion to release a split 7" and Aithir agreed. They offered the track "Winterwar memorial" which was originally released on a Greek compilation before and we decided to re-record the track "Cyclical manifestation of aeonics" from our third demo. Well, that's about it.

There is also an interesting crude drawing on the cover of the 7 inch... demons attacking and dismantling a 'pyramid' and ripping out its 'all-seeing eye.' Tell us about the concept and motivation.
You all know that this symbol of the pyramid with the all-seeing eye is on the $1 bank note. It's the symbol of the secret Zionistic and freemasonic order of the Illuminates, which whose aim is the world-domination of the Jewish race and god JHVH. We hate Zionism, freemasonry and JHVH as we are the tribe of Satan, the enemies of JHVH and his principles. It's all against what we stand and so we hate this symbol and fight the forces behind it. Chraesvelgoron got the idea for the painting some time ago, and so he did it and I chose it as a cover for our first vinyl release.

Tell us about the lyrics of Frost and their topics. How does Frost differ from Sadorass?
The lyrics of FROST are about Satanism, occultism, darkness, apocalypse, personal experiences and our holy war against the realm of god. Mostly, they are reflections of our inner feelings and thoughts, which we express in different ways, one time the direct way, another time in a more indirect and distorted way. SADORASS' lyrics deal with the same topics, but expressed in a more primitive and aggressive way. Also the music is more primitive to reach the lower subconscious of the listener.

You had to add 'the true' to the title of the band. Apparently some other German band took the name? Tell us about this situation and why not just change the name altogether?
Well, that's a real stupid thing. A German poser band had stolen our name and we don't want to be mixed up with them, so we had to add "the true" to it. We also thought about changing the name, but we had released two tapes before, and I think we have the right to wear that name as we ARE THE TRUE!

Your thoughts on the world today? What would you say are societies greatest flaws and setbacks?
I really have no positive thoughts of the world today. Mankind's shame is that man is blind and stupid, following the teachings that lead to the death of all. Man is possessed by the Zionistic laws of greed and materialism, which are totally wrong, as they stand against the laws of nature. So, humanity will fall into total chaos, but then we will rise (I hope) and build up again a new order on earth. All the parasitic scum will be crushed and the strong will live free again.

How long do you believe mankind can continue ? Can you foresee the human races end ?
As I told before, life on earth will end in total chaos soon, I guess in the next 20 years. Then the strong will have the chance to rise and clean the world through streams of blood. Order from chaos, creation through destruction. Or if we are not strong enough and mankind has brought forth too few strong characters, the whole of humanity will die, that's sure.

In your perspective, what are some of the things in life worth living for, and ultimately, worth dying for?
Life, has no real meaning, so far as I thought about it, but I think something to live and to die for is your belief, your dreams that you can bring into reality... or not, but it's important to try.

What do you believe exists behind the veil of death, if anything?
Hmm, I often thought about it, but as I got no real answer, I decided to believe in an ultimate end of existence, until I will face my death to see beyond.

What sort of things inspire you in your life? What things do you hate beyond all other things?
The thing I hate most is humanity and its blindness and weakness, I really hate stupidity and weakness. Two things that are symbols for the decadence of modern man. Well, what inspires me the most? There are many things that inspire me in one way or another, for example desolate night landscape where I feel alone and free. There is not much that I can respect on humans, but I always respect truth, as truth is very rare in an age of lies. The whole history of man is embedded in lies, I hate lies.

Is there a person of the past who you derive inspiration from ? Explain to us why?
F.Nietzsche, R.Redbeard, DeGrimston, LaVey and some few others are the persons whose works inspired me when I was younger. But the person I respected the most is Adolf Hitler as he had the ultimate will to power. He fought for his beliefs until the end, which is the most noble thing you can do, a characteristic of a strong and wise man - to die for your ideals.

If you could know the answer to any one question, what would your question be?
I don't know, perhaps I would ask for the source of our universe and all life, or perhaps something else.

And back full-circle to the music. What lies in the future of Frost and Sadorass?
Our next goal with FROST is to record our debut-CD, which will hopefully be in October and also we'll do some gigs. In November/December I will record a SADORASS CD which will be a true manifestation of hate and total aggression. That's it for this year.

Lastly, your final comments to this tired world?
Thank you for the honour to be part of the MOURNING THE ANCIENT pages. The questions were interesting and not only the usual ones, so I enjoyed to answer them.

Release the beast and let them feel the wrath!

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