The following interview is with Grev Drake (vocals, guitars)...

First, we'll start basic by you giving us a history of G.O.D. .
Well, we started in 1995 when 4 of the members thought about starting a doommetalband with old metal influences. The whole idea was just for fun. When they started I wasn't the band yet, but I was watching it. I immediately liked the corpsepaint with the leather and spikes and I liked the covers they played from old metalbands. When one of them left the band I was asked to join. After that all went very fast and we started writing our own songs. When we recorded our first CD, we had already been on Satellite TV and on several big stages together with well-known bands.
Kind of a catchy name you have for the band, how and why was it chosen?
We wanted the initials G.O.D., because it would provoke a lot of irritation from Catholics. Goddess Of Desire suits very well, because it tells about our show.
Tell us about your new release, 'Symbol of Triumph.'
We wrote a lot of music the last few months and we thought it was time to record a new album. I guess this one is better than the first, because we are more whole than before. The sounds and the music is more mature, ripe. I wrote most of the stuff and I always listen to the riffs whether they're catchy enough and if it suits the other riffs.
In what ways does this differ from your previous release 'Let us win this war?'
We had a bigger budget to record it, so this album is produced better, the sound is much fatter and we took the time for it. The previous album was recorded in only 4 or 5 days and this one in 7 days. We also mixed the album ourselves and really took the time for it. We listened carefully that the sound was good and that the different instruments can be identified well.
You started off as a cover band. What sort of bands did you cover? And what reasons were behind this?
We started for fun as I mentioned above. The whole idea was a bit of a joke. People liked it so much that it became a success. Because we didn't have any songs of our own, we started playing covers from Carnivore, Slayer, Venom, Infernäl Mäjesty, Hellhammer and Celtic Frost because these are bands we liked and still like. The trouble is that most other bands didn't respect us, because we had a lot of success with material from others. I guess I can understand that. Nowadays we also play a few covers, but that's only a very slight part of our show. Most of it are our own songs.
I understand you put a lot into your stage shows at live performances. Tell us what we can expect at an average G.O.D. show? What additions to your stage show can we expect in the future?
We use fireworks, fireworks and fireworks (did I already mentioned fireworks? :-) ). We also have burning scales, burning crosses, a lot of smoke, some sensual/light-erotic act with some girls (Lilith and Delilah) and fire-breathing. Next to that, loud and pounding metal! We dress up in leather, spikes, bulletbelts, fur and nails and we have black corpsepaint. We don't need white corpsepaint, because we already have a white skin (a good question to all those black metal bands who wear corpsepaint...)
I've heard you use alot of fire/explosions at your shows... you even use two females who 'strip-tease' I understand? Do the shows get pretty wild would you say? What is an example of the wildest thing that has happened? What about violence? Do the shows ever get violent?
Indeed, we have explosions and two girls who do some erotic stuff. It's not very extreme, because we have to keep it accessible for all ages, but it gives you what Cradle of Filth has on their shirts. We have never had any violence on stage, but once there was a very irritating guy backstage who asked stupid questions and was bothering the girls. He got what he deserved... and it wasn't very nice... We always have good roadies with us who keep the dressingroom clear. After a gig, we come to the people after we have refreshed ourselves a bit. I like talking to people after a gig. There also was a feminist dyke once and she climbed on stage to show everybody her tits after she made several anti-sexistic remarks to us. We kicked her offstage and everyone in the audience stepped aside, so she dropped on the floor, hahaha!
You have some very anti-Christian lyrics... you also use upside down crosses as part of your stage show. From this its easy to gather you have a good deal of hatred for Christianity. Explain the reasons for this. What are some of the things you hate most about it?
I hate all mass-religion. I think for myself and follow my own instincts. I really look down upon those silly people who read the bible and start to follow it without thinking about the meaning and if it's right or wrong. I especially hate those who are fanatic in these kind of thinks, for example people who kill in the name of God or Allah or whatever they call their gods. They preach piece and practise war. It just doesn't make sense. I think people should think for themselves about things and not let some lamer tell you what to do by dictating a book.
What are your thoughts on Satanism? How about Paganism? Being from the Netherlands, what sort of gods/goddesses were worshipped there before the coming of the Christian swords...?
There are two kinds of Satanism: one is following your own way; doing everything for yourself and your own benefit, not for others. I follow this thought. The other form of Satanism is that one of an organization. This is basically the same as Christianity (a mass-religion) and is just the opposite of it. Some of its ideas I like, but I hate all mass-religions, so this one too. Religion isn't in a book. religion is in yourself. In Holland we used to have gods like Wodan. The old Germanic religions are comparable with the Skandinavian ones. I enjoy reading about it and like the stories. Some of its ideas I like and I use them in my personal way.
What feelings do you hope to portray to your listener?
To enjoy metal and to give your soul to it.
Sum up to us what sort of topics your lyrics deal with and who writes them.
I write a few lyrics, most about war, antichristianity, riding motorcycles, sex, booze and rock'n'roll. Most lyrics deal about some form of sadism, antichristianity, perversion and evil. They were written by a good friend of us from Belgium. A few lyrics have been written by Delilah and Count August. They write about fighting, living for metal and supporting the metalscene.
I understand you have/had some videos available. What is in these videos?
We had two live videos, one was from a gig in Heemskerk where I live. An other was from Dynamo Open Air. It shows the show as it was back then. Unfortunately, they are both sold-out. I heard rumours about tapes being trade in the undergroundscene.
From past interviews, I've read that one of your favorite bands is Burzum. Let's drudge up a bit of controversy and ask you your thoughts on Varg killing Euronymous. Looking back at it all, what are your opinions? Do you think it hurt the scene or gave to it?
I like his music very much and I like some of his ideas, but not all of them. Some of his ideas are rather ridiculous, but he's got some interesting thoughts. Killing Euronymous was stupid, but it gave the whole Skandinavian Black Metal scene a big blast and without it this scene wouldn't have grown so big. I think a lot of people into BM aren't really into the music, but only after the shocking stuff. My opinion: this music is very good and a few bands, like Marduk, Immortal, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir and Emperor will keep on existing. However, just like the Death Metal epoch: there are 10,000 other bands who also follow these few big bands. They will be big for a short while of not big at all. The whole BM scene is already saturated and already bands are combining other stuff with BM so that it still will be original. I hope they will start to think for themselves and start doing something original. I'm not waiting for another Immortal-rip-off.
When it comes to the 'afterlife' what are your beliefs? Rot in our graves or...? Do you think its natural to fear death?
I guess death is an entrance to another dimension. I sometimes fear death and sometimes not. It depends on what mood I'm in. Unknown things are always scary, so why shouldn't death be? I enjoy life however and I wish to live for a while.
What are your thoughts on the world in general? Do you predict things will get better before they get worse?
I guess the world will be fucked up in a few ages. It's just a matter how we are treating the environment. Maybe space-expeditions to other planets will be the answer? Cars driving on Hydrogen? The only exhaustion-gas will be steam.
Describe Goddess of Desire for us in one word.
Future plans for releases? tours?
We want to grow and we are looking forward to tour with a big band who also is into old black/thrash metal. We also want to create a bigger show, but it is expensive and time-demanding.
Final comments ?
I hope people will take us seriously if they are not already doing so. I also hope that the metalscene will grow and that it will be one unity again, just like it used to be. After all, metal is not only something you listen to, it's something you live!

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