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The following interview is done with Thargelion...

Let's begin this by you explaining the history of Gontyna Kry.
GONTYNA KRY arose in Winter 1993 a.y.p.s. It was founded by Bard Neur and Komes Lupul Kurhan, then Wicher joined in, and who presently isn't a member of the Horde anymore. We parted very quickly. The Horde's anthems from that period are, same as today, a tribute to all that fell into oblivion with the advent of the hated Christianity. The whole has an air of real Black Metal. In 1994 a.y.p.s. came the Thargelion recording of the 1st demo-reh. its title being 'Przebudzi ze snu' (Awake from the Sleep). The quality of this material is not very good, it was recorded on quite primitive equipment, but the music itself is total destruction. Unfortunately, the demo is unavailable because of its sound quality. Then year 1995 a.y.p.s. came the 2nd demo-reh. 'Pusty Wieczór' (The Empty Evening). In my opinion it is an extraordinary piece of music, full of hate and mysteriousness and with elements of folk. Of course, as it isn't studio material, you cannot expect very sophisticated quality from it, but you can get used to it. In addition, Krut took part in the recording session, who just like Wicher is no longer with us, having appeared to be a hypocrite and a traitor, which caused us to not want to work with him any further.
      To return to the material, it was released by Pagan Folk Productions on a cassette version. The following demo, already the 3rd, is 'Oblicza prawd zdradzonych dla krzyza' (The Faces of truth betrayed for the cross) from 1996 a.y.p.s. This is music much more mature than the previous achievements. It is released by Old Legend Productions in a cassette version together with our 4th demo (a studio one) Welowie (The Ancestors) under the title 'Na pohybel chrzescijanstwu' (Bane for Christianity). As to "Welowie", it is a very good material, personally I like it most, full of great music, mature and well – thought – out. Now, the only drawback is the studio. However, we recorded it on our own cost – I think that if we could have afforded more professional conditions at that time this demo would appear even better. The release of "Welowie" was taken on by Old Legend Productions, and earlier in the cassette version Moonshine Productions and Nocturnal Silence. However, that production was not of an outstanding quality. And as to the present line-up, the ranks of Gontyna Kry are formed by Bard Neur, Komes Lupul Kurhan, Genthar and me (Thargelion).
Tell us of the current happenings with the band and what we can expect for the future.
Presently we are in the course of recording our 1st album titled "Krew naszych Ojców" (The Blood of our Forefathers) - a fully studio material. In the not – too – distant future we will release also our 2nd one 'Smierc'. Both these pieces of material are destructive music combined with elements of mysteriousness and majesty, a tribute to our Fatherland and our Ancestors, exterminated by the pestilence, which Christianity is. Together with Bard Neur we have made breakthrough changes in our music, which in turn confirms us in the conviction that we are doing individual material, free from the many influences. The only inspiration is our feelings, nothing else.
Could you illuminate us on the meaning of your band's name?
Yes, of course. GONTYNA KRY means in the old – Slavic language the same as "Temple of Blood".
From your perspective, tell us your thoughts on your country's 'scene,' including the good and bad points.
Kurhan Poland is definitely a very strong point in the black metal scene of today. Many bands have embraced a relentless political, cultural and spiritual stance, carrying their beliefs into their music. Our country with Germany definitely has an excellent scene full of great bands. Nevertheless, as there are positives and negatives everywhere, so it is here. There is a small top of the groups that are sincerely devoted to what they do – it is not only the music itself but also political views, culture and beliefs. Yet you can also see bands which above mentioned values do not count. They in turn give themselves to the power of money and fame. Such people are really numerous, but we try to fight it as strongly as we can. Besides, we are not interested in any hordes that make the so – called career out of Black Metal. Our conviction is that this art is also a fight, which we put up by means of music, etc. I think examples of such carrion ruining the Black Metal Scene can be our country's Behemoth and similar bands, like: Christ Agony, Mastiphal, Immanis, etc.
Is there any bands you'd like to give coverage that you feel are deserving, and that the reader should look out for?
Yes, certainly among them are: Graveland, Kataxu, Galgenberg, Thunderbolt, Swastyka (Pol), Veles, Thor's Hammer, Wojnar, Nokturnal Mortum, Nargaroth, Pantheon, Striid, Tuonela, Temnozor, Absurd, Carpathian Forest, Abyssic Hate and many more, but these are the most uncompromising to me.
What of those bands masquerading as something they are not? Could you reveal any of these bands that you feel are not what they portray?
As I mentioned earlier the bands listed in the previous answer are the most interesting and most credible to me. Of the rest i.e. those which act under the influence of money, I mentioned above, too – behemoth and the remaining carrion are absolute poseurs greedy for money and fame. Here in Poland it is seen most clearly, and besides, I have known this band (Behemoth) since the very beginning, I know what they used to represent formerly, and what they do today. I am wasting my words...
Your CD, Welowie, is on Old Legend Productions. Could you tell us a bit more about this label and what it stands for?
Well, Old Legend Productions is a relatively young firm, however, probably one of the most honest and competent. We have never had any reservations about it. Besides, it releases very good bands, interesting ones. Old Legend Productions also make sales of our t -shirts "Blood & Honour". I think that what OLP offers is of a high quality, to which we cannot have reservations. Moreover, OLP in a relatively short time has gained a big support among people, which nowadays does not happen very often. Of course, everything has been achieved thanks to the label's premises and offered productions. It certainly deserves special recognition, and I myself will support OLP. And as to the premises, the label remains deeply faithful to them, as is the case with most real NSBM bands. Music for Aryans only!!!
What are some of the topics that your lyrics deal with? Do you find lyrics to be a very important part of a band?
Our lyrics deal with questions related to Nature – its dark side; culture, beliefs; they are also a manifesto against Judeo-Christianity. Furthermore, they are a reflection of Komes Lupul Kurhan self: it is he who writes the lyrics. To me they are a part of our faith, an important factor co-working with music. I think they show the ideology that the band bears and which is a basic matter in Black Metal. Besides, Black Metal is now only a symbolic name: presently it is something more, which cannot be comprehended by anyone who has never had anything to do with it. It is not only music alone: this art cannot be based on sounds alone; here emotions and feelings in the form of lyrics are absolutely crucial and indispensable.
What message would you say you wish to convey to your listener? Bard Neur
Support all that is Aryan, the values most important for us. Aim at development and creativity. What is more, the unity, which shall exist among us, shall also be ever greater. In this situation only the unity will allow us to achieve a monumental victory, a victory of the New Millennium
The international black metal scene is in great abundance of worthless bands. A lot of which are politically correct slaves of their corporate record labels. What do you think of this? And what have you to say to these types?
I have a quite precise opinion on this issue. To me such bands are just a dead branch in this art. A complete lack of individuality leading to an inevitable fall, which in turn makes me very glad, because thus they issue sentences on themselves nonetheless, bands exist which flood the scene with their awful music and, though it may seem otherwise, they manage to remain on the scene quite long, but is it this I leave for others... Just so? Personally, I scorn such creations for they mean absolutely nothing to me.
To the more philosophical end of the interview... the world as we know it is in decline. The common person has sacrificed the ideals of his ancestors for materialism. Too many live their lives by the scraps and lies their masters feed them. What would you say triggered this massive global decline of values and morals?
It is true. Today's world is full of corruption, lies and lack of responsibility. Most people do not take care of the achievements of their ancestors, it is unimportant for them, indeed, even senseless. Yet they fail to notice that behaving as they are, they are becoming worthless materialists, caring about their splendid carrier and money. I consider that a man lacking respect for the past of their country should not call themselves a citizen (partly a patriot) of that country. Personally, I foster and take care of the past of my Fatherland, actively support it in writing and music. I count on it that some beautiful day everything will go back to its roots, we will again become those people for whom ideals; honour and Fatherland were important. Today's world is devoid of these very values, morale falls down, ethos does not count anymore; only a small group of people, those real patriots, are aiming for the past to not be forgotten, and they still take care of the ancestors' achievements. There ought to be more such people, yet our times are very hard so one does not know how things will turn out to be; what one knows is that only the commonly known materialism counts, which actually is a kind of utopia for the whole of mankind.
And of the world, its quite apparent a violent period stretches before us. Do you see the world getting better before worse? Or do you see a Dark Age coming?
As to the first part of the question, I think the world is becoming both better and worse – it depends on the viewpoint: there are domains allowing man to rise above average. Still generally I believe the world to be falling, I mean moral values, culture, languages etc. it comes to the mixing of races, which in turn is unallowable to me, as thus values aren't constructive. They destroy what the White Man possesses. Besides, as is commonly known, money rules the world, and money can destroy literally everything, I have experienced that myself. Another disadvantage is the Christian pestilence debasing men themselves, their ethos, and devouring their morality from the very core. Further, I consider they do not notice their own mistakes, but soon they shall see their own stupidity. You are asking about the age of dark. Well, everything is subject to cyclicity, so I think it shall soon come. In what form? I think time will show its face, after all history likes to repeat... We simply depend on it.
In your opinion, what are the major problems in the world today, and why?
There exist many problems; I could not point out a specific one. But nonetheless the most troublesome is all kinds of Semitic religions and their doctrines. People who are sincerely given to them also deserve the name of 'problem'. Still I do not think that I could not oppose to it... Despite the fact that I constantly see a potential danger from those issues, I try to rise above them and fight for my own rights. However, it is very difficult to do in my country, for, as you probably know, Poland is one of the most catholic countries. What is terrible is that a country of so rich a history and culture appears at the same time to be so hopelessly susceptible to influences, in this case ones from we-know-where.
Genthar Hypothetically, if you could go back in time to any period, when and where would you go. What would you do there?
To be honest, many are the periods I long for. But I would most like to go back to the early slavonism of the area of my country, where my culture and pantheistic beliefs took their shapes. I suppose I would be one of the warriors who fought for their fate and rights, and opposed to all pestilence coming from the outside and aiming at the destruction of everything in the name of their own rules. Anyway, it is only my own fantasy, which affects me positively, I think.
If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
I have never considered that, but I suppose it would be Friedrich Nietzsche. A very important figure for me. Why? Because he was a great philosopher, who noticed differences in the world-especially in man, that is not the same besides, his monumental creation has greatly impressed me; it confirmed me in the conviction that the only law of this world is force and the will of power. He was absolutely right in this and other cases. You can see it for yourself many times, even in our everyday life, where man fights for survival and in the best case for position more than anything else.
What are your thoughts on modern religion? Do you have any religious/spiritual beliefs you could share with us?
Yes. I think that modern religions are a utopia, that's all. Besides, I believe that man is a part of the universe, that's why I'm pagan. This philosophy is very virgin; it is the most adequate to my person.
On your site, the band member 'Wicher' you have (R.I.P.) after. Could you explain this?
That is right. What is more, Krut is marked the same way, too. They are people having co-operated with us at some time in the past, but who have nevertheless not deserved to support GONTYNA KRY's ranks. R.I.P. stands for "Rest In Pain"; it is a paraphrase of the commonly known "Rest In Peace". I think it is a scornful enough remark, and a further comment is needless, I guess
Where can those interested obtain your releases? I know in the USA Moribund carries your CD WELOWIE.
All of our productions can be ordered from Old Legend Productions as well as many others labels which deal with our distribution: Darker Than Black Records, Tellurian Battlegrounds Productions, Battlefield Records (The label with which we have now signed a contract for the 1st and 2nd albums), Drakkar Productions, Dead Christ Commune, Eastclan Distribution and Wolftower Productions.
Your last comments and words of wisdom to our readers?
Thank you very much for your support and the interview. Praise the power of the Pagan God; be proud of your being Aryans for that means being creative and independent of all the masses. Stay faithful to the ideas of N.S.B.M. Glory to our Ancestors! Glory to us!

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