It must have been sometime in the mid-1990s when I first heard the name Matt Hale. The internet was still young, some internet companies still charged your online usage by the hour! Information was slowly trickling online -- nothing like the ocean it is today.
      The racialist movement was also growing and changing with the new technology. In my search for truth I encountered Matt Hale's name and the Creativity movement many times, but for one reason or another, I never got around to reading any of the books of its founder, Ben Klassen. It was my loss, but fortunately I finally did begin to read some of Klassen's books a few short years ago.
What I found was a deeply caring man, who dedicated his whole life in the service of his embattled people. He possessed iron logic, an instant likeability and charm, the kind of person that you somehow felt you had known for years and years.
The latest book I read of Klassen's was his final book, his autobiography: Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs. It is a very personal book, dealing with the many struggles of his life. It details his vast travels, his comrades throughout the world, his victories and losses, betrayals and disappointments.
Ben Klassen laid down his tired and blood-stained sword shortly after finishing this final book.
A great fighter was gone. But as fate would have it, another warrior stepped forward to continue the fight. A young man, full of fire and energy, wit and intelligence. Matt Hale.
Let's let him tell us the rest...

November 25, 42AC (2015)

1) First off, if we could get you to tell our readers who you are, in your own words, that would be great.

My name is Matt Hale, I am 44 years of age, and I am currently imprisoned on transparently false charges of having solicited a murder and obstruction of justice thirteen years ago. I led the Church of the Creator from 1996 until my arrest in early 2003 and I remain devoted to the religion that it espouses. I am for the White Race in all things and at all times.

2) I've read a lot about you and your personal struggle in the past and especially in the last few days while researching this interview. Like you and so many others I believe you were targeted by the powers-that-be for elimination. Why do you suppose they hate you so much? I mean, they really seemed to go out of their way to destroy you. They even took away your organization's name in a court case before throwing you in a dungeon.

The reason why both my church and I were targeted is because we were succeeding at waking up the White masses and giving them a new religion of their own, a religion that, if followed, would save our White Race from the machinations of those who wish to destroy it, namely the Jews. Thus a Jewish lawsuit was filed against us and a Jewish prosecutor concocted phony criminal charges against me. They hate me, and they hate us Creators, because we are effective and because we offer the best hope to defeat the Jewish power and save our White Race. The best always incur Jewish wrath!

3) Are there things you would have done differently to protect yourself? As a lawyer, any advice to others who wish to protect themselves from such abuse? Or are those that speak out totally defenseless to the tyrants' power?

The short answer to your question is "yes!" What happened to me could have been avoided if I had simply told the obvious agent provocateur, Tony Evola, to shut up and never talk about a desire to commit criminal activity again or had I simply blacklisted him when I had figured out what he was. Alas, I did not take his babble seriously and I did not realize just how skilled the Jews and their lackeys are in turning the truth utterly upside down. I let the scoundrel have his say and I paid dearly for it. So, my advice to all of you is this: never tolerate somebody talking about criminal activity in your presence and if they insist, tell them not to commit it and leave the scene as soon as possible. What happened to me is not likely to happen to others, rather, it was by and large a fluke. People are more aware now and that is certainly good.

4) Your religion, Creativity, is something that is unknown to a lot of people. Could you introduce us to what it is and what it represents?

Creativity was founded by Ben Klassen in 1973 and is dedicated to the survival, expansion, and advancement of the White Race and the White Race alone. It is the only totally racial religion that our White people have ever had and it is based on Nature's Laws, not on the "laws" of a supposed "God" that nobody has the slightest evidence even exists. It is a natural religion, in other words, as opposed to a supernatural religion, like Christianity for example. You can read much more about it at!

5) Most religions have a spiritual or mystical experience that is common to them. Does Creativity have a spiritual experience?

If when you say "spiritual," you mean supernatural, the answer is no. Nor do we believe in mysticism of any kind. However, Creativity does have extremely deep beliefs and those beliefs guide the entire lives of those who fully comprehend and follow its teachings.

6) In an interview you did on television someone tried to mock the fact that Creativity was a religion, saying that it was not because you didn't worship a god, and you put them in their place by bringing up Buddhism. How would you define religion?

I would define a religion this way: "a view of the world that encompasses all aspects of human existence and which binds its believers to a certain code of conduct throughout their daily lives." Creativity meets that definition more than any other religion that is known to me. It's just that we don't believe in a supernatural being.

7) The Church of the Creator was founded by Ben Klassen in 1973. I read a lot of Klassen's books and found him to be an extremely likable person. Very wise and sincere, almost fatherly, yet also very no nonsense about things. How did you first come across Klassen? Can you tell us about your first meeting with him and your impressions?

Believe it or not but I never actually met him, much to my regret today. I first learned of him in February 1990 when I was shown a copy of his Racial Loyalty newspaper as well as a copy of his masterpiece, Nature's Eternal Religion, and started writing him shortly thereafter. At that time I had my own organization and made a lot of news in the central Illinois area. I would send him our newsletter every month and he would send me boxes of RL [Racial Loyalty newspaper] to pass out. In 1991 he offered me the position of Hasta Primus (second in command) but I unfortunately turned it down since I was in college at the time. Certainly the fate of the Church, myself, and perhaps even Ben Klassen himself may have been different had I taken him up on his offer! But alas, such is the nature of Fate.

8) Ben Klassen took his own life in the summer of 1993. Correct me if I'm wrong, but based upon what I've read in his last book Trials, Tribulations, Triumphs he didn't want to live anymore after his wife died. How close were you during this period? Can you give us any insight into his mindset and anything else of his final days?

I believe your impressions are correct but I would also add that he had accomplished all that he had set out to do, namely provide the White Man with a comprehensive religion of his own, and thus his mission was complete. I myself only read TTT [Trials, Tribulations, Triumphs] after his death and it was only then that I came to terms with it and fully accepted it. Creativity only upholds the desired life and thus we do not condemn suicide as do other religions. While we do seek White racial immortality, the individual must go sooner or later all the same. So, we Creators do not rebuke suicide. It is the choice of the individual.

[Above: Ben Klassen and his wife.]

9) Your newest book Ending White Slavery is a straight forward, tell it like it is, book of information and truth. Do you have other writings planned? Can you tell us about anything you have in the works?

As a matter of fact, my second book should be coming out very soon; I am just waiting on my typist to finish the last chapter! That book is designed to unite all who are loyal to the White Race on this earth, to give us all a common doctrine, name, and will. It is, in that regard, even more important than Ending White Slavery because finally our movement will be totally united, at least politically, as much as it can be! I also have another book planned after that; it will be basically my entire view of the world. That though will take some time to complete.

10) You sent me a music sheet that you composed and wrote the lyrics called 'For Our Folk!'. You are also a classical violinist. How does one write music without access to an instrument? Has anyone put this to music and recorded it yet?

The anthem that I sent you, For Our Folk!, came to me suddenly nine years ago but I only put it down on paper relatively recently. It is certainly difficult to write music without access to an instrument but I am glad to say I still remember the "concert A," as we classical musicians would say, and can thus formulate the other pitches around that. To my knowledge nobody has yet recorded the anthem but I certainly hope that that changes soon. After all, an anthem does not have much value if nobody is singing it! The quicker that we are all singing the same song, the better, as far as I am concerned!

11) You also sent me a poem called 'A Blow Received', which I loved! Do you write a lot of poetry? You obviously have an artist's soul. Any plans to release a book of poetry?

I write poetry only very occasionally, when the mood suits me. I'm afraid that I haven't written enough poetry yet to fill a book but I will certainly keep your suggestion in mind! I am very perfectionistic about my writing.

12) I think I have a bit of an artist's soul myself, and have been guilty of being a dreamer at times, perhaps even idealistic. How would you describe yourself? Is Matt Hale a dreamer?

I would say this: there is no way that we can change the current order of things without dreaming. I am not interested in "conforming" to the current order of things. Therefore I must dream of a better one and fight to make that dream come true. There must be dream and action, not just dreaming alone! So, am I a dreamer? I am a doer for the dream!

13) At this point I'd like to pick your brain and ask you a few hypothetical questions. First, if you could go back in time, to any period in history, where would you go, and what would you do there?

That is really a tough question. If I may answer generally, I would like to have stopped the outbreak of the Second World War and thus stop the downfall of the Third Reich, perhaps the most calamitous event in world history, in my view. Think of how far our White Race has fallen since then! It still hurts us today.

14) You are admired worldwide for your passion and dedication to your beliefs and to the struggle for truth. I think Ben Klassen would be proud of you, Matt. If you could ask him one question, or for any advice, what would it be? What would you say to him?

I think I would tell him that I did the best that I could for our Church under the circumstances in which I found myself but that, as a Creator, I know that better can always be done. There are things that I would of course do differently today as I'm sure that there are things that he would have done differently as well. Every Leader has that burden, the burden of hindsight that must be learned from!

15) There is a ton of support for you on the internet, I don't know if you know it or not, but a lot of people are very aware of you and your situation. Your mom has done multiple interviews detailing your case and the injustice about what happened to you. You should be proud to have her as a mother, and she proud to have you as a son. Can you tell us about your childhood? What is your very first memory? Do you remember when you first realized something was wrong with the world? Can you tell us about what it was and what you thought?

My mother is my pearl beyond price and I am well aware of how fortunate I am to have her in my life. My childhood was a difficult one but at the same time, I cannot say that I regret any of it since it helped to make me who I am. If my recollection is correct, my first memory is when my father went down to the basement to retrieve a Christmas present for me. And as for my first realizations of there being something wrong with the world, I would say that it was more so that it was plain to me early on that things could be a lot better. I was struck early on by the fact that there seemed to be no direction at all to the world around me, that there was no common purpose or goal held by the humanity that surrounded me, and I thus set out to find that purpose or goal. I found it in race and my life has not been the same since!

16) What advice would you give to both old-timers and newcomers to the struggle?

This cause is not nearly as difficult as people have made it out to be. Rather, it can be won and it will be won if we who love our White Race want that victory more than our foes want our defeat. It is up to us to win and nobody else and that can only be done through mass activism, in public, where we must win the battle for the hearts and minds of our kind. The internet is a nice means of communication and inspiration, true, but our real battle is in the public square. We must never forget that, lest we forfeit any chance at all of prevailing in our struggle. I talk about this at length in my next book, The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, and I would urge all of you to read same when it comes out shortly.

17) Do you see any hope for the future? Not just for the white race, but for mankind? The world is torn apart, more than ever with death and hopelessness. Things only seem to be accelerating and getting worse. How do you foresee the future? What do you think is in store for humanity?

I in fact see a great deal of hope for the future for our White Race but only so long as those of us who are fighting for it get our act together and fight for that future with all of the courage, tenacity, and audacity that we can muster and do so in public incessantly until the masses are won to our side. That is the only way. Just talking to each other on the internet will not cut it. Rather we have to win over those White people who today stand against us. As for the other races, things will only grow worse for them in light of their artificially-inflated populations and the lack of arable land on this earth to accommodate such. The non-white races will inevitably revert back to a more primitive mode of living once the influence of the White Man is gone and that influence will be gone either way: because the subsidy of them will be ended by our kind or because our kind itself will be ended. So, either way, things will not be good for the non-white races. As for the White Race, its future remains to be seen!

18) Can you tell us about the current situation with your case? Appeals? Is there anything that people can do to help you? It is such a terrible thing to see an innocent person, like you, sitting in a dungeon, and being powerless to help.

I have a case for freedom in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals right now and my lawyer argued before that court just last week. He is optimistic that we will obtain the remand for the hearing on the merits that we are seeking. Once we obtain that hearing, we will be arguing the fact that I was denied my right to a fair and impartial jury in light of the foreman's misconduct, which we have already proven. People can help me in several ways. They can donate to my mother (her email is They can spread the word of my plight, on the internet as well as with bumper stickers, signs on telephone poles, etc. They can write me. All of this helps me and it is all needed and appreciated greatly. My suffering is not near as bad when my many friends have me in their hearts and minds!

19) Do you read a lot? Can you tell us what were the last three books you've read and what you thought of them?

I do, indeed. The last three books I read were White Fang by Jack London, Third Reich Victorious by Peter Tsouras, and The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler by James Giblin. I had read White Fang before and it is a truly wonderful book. Third Reich Victorious presents possible scenarios by which Germany could have won the Second World War and I enjoyed it too. As for the last book, it was the usual biased fare but it did contain some worthwhile information and photographs.

20) People in the struggle often complain that they don't know what to do to help the cause. They say that if there was a clear way to help they would. Can you offer any advice? What can people do to help?

My best advice is for everyone to focus on their own community. Find those of like mind in that community, hold regular meetings, and develop a plan of action to win over that community to the Racial Loyalist cause. There is nothing wrong with knocking on doors, speaking up at city council meetings, and otherwise making it clear to your fellow White people that loyalty to the White Race is a good thing, not bad. We simply have to get out of our homes if we are going to turn things around. We cannot afford to be bashful about standing up for our kind.

21) Have you been following the 'migrant crisis' in Europe? It is astonishing what is happening. There is a clear agenda behind it. The Czechoslovakian President Zeman called the 'migrant crisis' an 'organized invasion'. What do you think? Can you offer us your insight?

The Jews are behind this invasion just as they are behind so-called "multiculturalism" generally. First they destabilize a region and then they use their propaganda to induce White people to take in the "poor refugees." Israel is looking to vacate the land of its neighbors because it plans on annexing that land in the future and Jews in general wish to destroy the culture, genes, and lives of the White Race by mixing us with the so-called "migrants." So, here they are hitting two birds with one stone. Jewish organizations are bankrolling the so-called "migrants" and their puppet governments in Europe are letting them in. However, our people are waking up because of that and that's good.

22) Lastly, we'd like to extend our deepest thanks for your time and thought in doing this interview Matt. It is an honor to correspond and interview you! Any last thoughts? Words of wisdom to the world?

I thank you for all of your excellent questions, your kind words, and your heartfelt support. It means a lot to me, my dear Sister. I urge all of your readers to, first and foremost, read Nature's Eternal Religion and The White Man's Bible by Ben Klassen, and also read Ending White Slavery and The Racial Loyalist Manifesto. These books will give you the hope, inspiration, knowledge, and direction that you need. Those are the best words of wisdom that I can offer within these lines because those books will offer many more lines. Ha ha. For now though, just remember that the future of your people is entirely in your hands! I would also say this: we cannot afford any more infighting between our adherents, period. Rather the cause must always come first and our egos must come last. We simply cannot waste any more time and energy fighting each other, an activity that was always foolish in the first place. As Ben Klassen would say, we need White Racial Teamwork if we are to save our kind. Always remember that and our cause will be in good stead. Finally, if I can endure being imprisoned for nearly thirteen years now for no crime and in solitary confinement at that, there is simply no challenge in your own lives that you cannot overcome!

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Poems by Matt Hale:

  • A Blow Received

  • Against Tyranny

  • For Our Folk!

    Musical anthem by Matt Hale:

  • For Our Folk!

    'The prison called ADX Florence is a tomb for the living.'
    So said the media after attempting to investigate inhuman conditions at the prison.

    [Above: Matt Hale]

    A former warden actually said that in ADX 'Death is better than life' and went on to say that if you really want to punish a person, don't execute them, put them in the ADX Florence dungeon.
    He concluded by saying that 'the solitary confinement eats away at your humanity every day.'

    Now imagine being an innocent man, locked in this dungeon for no other reason than you spoke out against the tyrants of this world.

    That is Matt Hale.

    Guilty of loving his race, and hating those that are murdering it.

    Every day that you are quiet in the face of these crimes against truth the enemy grows stronger.

    Silence is death.

    Alone we are vulnerable.

    Together we are invincible.

    Speak out!

    Join the fight against injustice.

    Be a hero to the children of tomorrow.

    Be a soldier of truth today.

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