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Well, Incantation needs no introduction, so lets start by you informing us on the latest happenings within the band.
Well, we just played the March Metal Melt down in NJ and that went great! We also are getting ready to do about a month worth of dates in Canada along with a few more weeks in the US. Besides that we are just working on some new brutalizing songs for the next release! I forgot to say we are also looking for a permanent Drummer to replace Kyle!
Incantation was formed by yourself and PROFANATICA/ HAVOHEJ drummer/vocalist Paul Ledney... Based upon Paul's music/lyrics/video's that I've seen he's quite the extreme person, some might say he's gone a bit too far in his quest to defile Christianity. What's your honest opinion?
I think Paul is a cool guy. I don't agree with some of the stuff that he has done with his band, but that's part of the reason why I stopped jamming with him because some of our ideas clashed. We are both Extreme people but just in different ways.
Why did Ledney leave Incantation?
We didn't agree on the direction of the band so we went our separate ways! It was on good terms!
Your webpage bio states that originally part of your motivation was 'a burning desire to mock religion.' While this comes to no surprise to those who are familiar with your imagery/lyrics, tell us about this on a deeper level. Your thoughts on Christianity and how this ties in with your music?
Well, I feel that Christianity is a bunch of bull crape. It's just some hypocritical laws that were told to people back in the early days to scare them into doing what they were told to do by the leaders of their day and if they didn't listen to them they would burn in hell. I just can't believe that all these years have past and there are still a lot of people that are still scared to burn in hell! So they will follow blindly a kingdom of lies!
Are you well schooled when it comes to Christianity? Perhaps raised in a Christian household?
When I was young I went to Sunday school. but the real reason for my quest of Blasphemy is because this is my true feelings, and they are not poisoned my a feeble religion.
Finally to your music, your latest release, Diabolical Conquest, how do you think this release differs from the previous and are you satisfied?
I think it's our fastest release to date. It's also our best sounding album as far as production. Diabolical Conquest is an album that I'm proud of musically and production wise! Look for more brutality and heavy sick Blasphemous Death Metal from Incantation!
Tell us about some of the influences, outside of music, that influence your song writing?
I really don't know what to say, it's a feeling I have to create the most sick brutal death metal I can! I'm pretty much just influenced by the brutality of reality.
What do you believe are some of the greatest influences so far in your life, outside of music?
I don't have much of a life outside of music.
What's your personal favorite song you've written?
I don't have a favorite song, all of the Incantation songs mean a lot to me.
Explain to us the lyrics of a random song off your latest release?
Unto infinite twilight / majesty of infernal Damnation is about following your own path of Blasphemy. Finding Pleasure on the dark side of life and being content with the fact that we are all animals.
You've recently returned from a tour, what were you experiences and how did it turn out?
The tour was great, Both Angel Corpse and Krisiun were cool guys and godly bands! It was great to have such a brutal tour. The crowd turn outs were great too! It's cool to know that there are still a lot of people into brutal Death Metal. We look forward to touring with both bands again in the future!
What would you say is the most violent thing you've witnessed on tour?
I really don't know because I really don't look out into the crowd to much when I play. One of the sickest thinks I have ever seen was in Mexico when our vocalist threw out a goat's head into the crowd and then the crowd started to throw it around and swing it and hit each other with the horns. A few people seriously got fucked up?!
Have you ever been confronted by Christians about your harsh stance against their religion?
Not really, but our first album was shown on the 700 club as being one of the most blasphemous bands to look out for and to not support due to the blasphemous nature of the music and lyrics.
What do you think about the 'other' religions, such as Satanism or paganism?
As long as you don't use religion as a crutch, and remember that you are your own master I have no problem . But once Religions becomes more important then yourselves then you are just a stupid puppet!
What do you believe personally?
I believe in the power of myself. And the power of Metal!
Tell us your thoughts on this world and its future... do you foresee things growing worse?
The world overall sucks, it's full of trends! I think the future holds even worse shit then we are experiencing now. Overall, life sucks!
A few hypothetical questions. If the Judeo-Christian God were to be listening, as they say he is, what would your message be to him?
That he can fuck off!
If you could change any part of human history, what would it be?
I really don't know, I really can't think of anything right now! Maybe The Release of "Cold Lake" by Celtic Frost.
And lastly, what can we expect for the future of Incantation?
More true brutal death metal. Also a lot more Blasphemies.
Your final thoughts.
Hail the goat and stay true!!! Thanks for the interview! Hail the Goat!

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