The following interview is done with Mikael Andersson.

Tell us the history of Indungeon and Thy Primordial . Ok, lets start with Thy Primordial. Thy Primordial was formed in 1994 and our debut demo "De Morka Makters Alla" was promptly released in March 1995. Soon after its release, a one album agreement was reached with U.S. label Gothic Records. The album "Under iskall Trollmane" was conceived and scheduled for release in February 1996. With a release to our name, we continued our musical pursuits with stronger conviction and focus. Thy Primordial soon recorded a follow up demo for promotions in March 1996. This untitled promotional tape was very well recived and a contractual agreement was eventually established with Pulverised Records in July 1996. The materials on the promotional tape was further released as a 7" EP in August 1996 by Paranoia Syndrome. Armed with months of intensive practice and rehearsals, we entered the studio once again to unleash our onslaught. "Where Only The Seasons Mark The Paths Of Time" was professionally recorded in September 1996 at Rolab Music Studio, Sweden. 10 tracks of hellish Black Metal played with uncompromising technicality and melody was laid to tape and was released by Pulverised in the beginning of April 97. Ok let that the Indungeon bio aswell. Indungeon is a hobby project with members from Thy Primordial and Mithotyn. The band was formed during the summer 1996. The members are: Cethulhv - Guitar, L.V. Managarmr - Bass Mournlord - Drums & Vocals and Asmodeus - Guitar. After some months of rehearsal we entered Nidengate Studio in order to record our first demo including five songs, one of them was a cover version of Bathorys legendary "Die In Fire". Before the official release of this untitled demotape we sent out some copies to a bunch of record labels, just to see what kind of response we recieved, and in the very last days of 1996 we recived a contract from Fullmoon Production (U.S.A)which we agreed to sign. So instead of release the demo we saved the songs for the CD. In order to promote the band we recorded two songs for comp. CDs. One for "A Tribute To Hell" and one for another comp. CD. That their time we change studio to Hypersonic and the sound went good so wedecide to record their CD in Hypersonic aswell. Armed with alot of intensive practice we started to record the first CD in early april 1997 and in the late april the CD was recorded. The CD is called "Machinegunnery Of Doom" and includes 10 songs of Death/Trash Metal inspired from the 80's with war inspired lyrics, or in short War Metal.

Tell us the release history behind these two bands and what you're working on for the future. Here is the Thy Primordial discograpy.

De Morka Makters Alla demo 95
Under iskall troll mane cd 95 (was never released)
Svart Gryning promo 95
Promo 96 (later released as a 7"ep)
where only the seasons.... cd 97
where only the seasons... lp 97
At the World of Untrodden Wonder cd (will be out july 98)
And an apperance on the A Tribute to Hell comp cd 98 aswell as apperence on various comp tapes through the years...

Indungeon discograpy:

Mashinegunnery of Doom demo 97
Mashinegunnery of Doom cd 98
Appearence on A Tribute to Hell comp cd98
Appearence on the FMP sampler comp cd 98

Explain the differences and similarities between the two bands. Thy primordial performs black metal and Indungeon thrash/death metal. Thy Primordial is our main band, Indungeon is a hobby band. The lyrics deals with death and darkness in unknowed wein in thy primordial. In Indungeon the lyrics deals with war only. I could list many differences between the bands but I don't want to bore you with that as you see Thy Primordial and Indungeon do not have too much in common, except that two members from Thy Primordial are involved in this project.

How would you describe the band's style of music, to someone who has never heard them? What do some of the lyrics deal with? Thy Primordial perfoms black metal in an aggresive way with alot of speed. The lyrics deal with topics such as death and darkness. Indungeon perform thrash/death metal influenced by bands such as Kreator, Bolt Thrower, etc, with lyrics that deal with war .

What song/songs would you say you are most satisfied with? Least? So far on our released stuff that people can listen to, the song For fires to burn with Thy Primordial. With Indungeon, charging against you.

What bands have been influential in your music? In Thy Primordial we try to be as uninfluenced as possible, maybe something comes in which we do not even think about from the Norway scene which all members in the band like best. In Indungeon it is another siutation, we are influenced by the old thrash bands such as Kreator, nuclear assult, etc... and we mix it with influences from the death metal scene such as Bolt Thrower, Dismember, Deicide and alot of others aswell as we have some rock'n roll influences.

What style of music do you listen to most often? What are your personal favorites? Mostly I listen to Black Metal and I perfer the Norweigian bands such as Emperor, Mayhem, Immortal etc... But I also listen to other types of metal bands, I like Wasp, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray, Helloween The Hellacopters, Backyard Bebies and alot of other bands.

How are the Black/Death metal scenes in Sweden? Do you have much support from the public? What is their reaction to your music? In sweden we have alot of bands as you know, but there are not much of them that I like too much. In general I think the swedish black and death metal is way to melodic for my taste. But there is some that I like. Dissection, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Inbattle, Dismember, etc... neither Thy Primordial or Indungeon is known here in sweden. In the case of Thy Primordial I think it has something to do with that we are not in the same genre as the other swedish black metal bands. And as for Indungeon I think the cd has not good promotion over here almost no one I speak with has ever heard the name of the band and the cd is hard to find in any distrubution list.

Have you toured recently? If so, what were your experiences? Do you have plans to tour in the future? No we have actually not played a single gig for 16 months or so. But before that we did like 10 shows with Thy Primordial. We have no plans for any tour right now, I really don't know if the whole band is interested to do any tour either, even if Iam open minded for it. Indungeon has not done any live gigs yet, but we have some offers to do some small gigs around Sweden later on this year but we have to wait as we have a new drumplayer in the band. But we are open minded for tours and single live shows if anyone would like to include us.

The black metal music scene seems to have always carried with it a certain degree of hatred and violence towards this world. Most prominent a few years back with the church burnings and killings, and recently Jon of Dissection was convicted of murder. Tell me your thoughts on this subject... I think thats up to each one if they like to kill anyone or burn a church. But I would not do that I think I got some better things to do in my life then spend some time in prison. But if someone else has a desire to kill or do any other action toward their surroundings I really don't care, as long as they keep me out of it.

What inspires you musically and lyrically? What about in your life? The inspiration can come from anything you face somehow, a movie or something you see or hear about, at least when it comes to the lyrics, But I don't do so much lyrics for neither Thy Primordial or Indungeon, in fact I don't do any lyrics for Indungeon, so I am not the right guy to answer this question. When it comes to music, I used to sit some hours with the guitar and hopefully an idea shows up it is somehow much more easy to continue when you have the opening on the song ready, but i can't tell you where the idea comes from suddenly it is there...

How do you spend your spare time? Hobbies, interests? I do both Thy Primordial and Indungeon on my spare time, so I don't have to much time left actually. Infact most of my time goes to writing songs and keeping in contact with people for Thy Primordial. We do pretty much interviews and it takes pretty much time. But when I don't spend any time on the band, I used to hang around the people I know, and on the weekends we use to drink some beers and listen to some cool records

Does religion play a role in your life? NO

Do you believe in the after-life? If so, what awaits you? I believe in somekind of after life, but I have no idea where or how. Maybe we enter a new dimension as our souls await another physical life form. But on the other hand it is not impossible that we just drop dead and never wake again.

What are your views on Christianity? Are you as hostile toward it as many are in the music scene? For me Christianity is something the humans created just because they didn't have anything else to blame things for. Christianity stands for weakness and hypocrisy. Why live a life after a book made up on fantasy?

What do you think of Satanism? Is it just a product of Christianity, making it just as undesirable? I don't want to call myself a satanist as I don't worship any personified satan or believe in a life in hell after this. But I think I can agree with some of the main ideas with satanism. Some stuff seems to be an opposite of the christianity.

Explain your views on Paganism. I don't have any view on paganism. It does not interest me at all.

What do you see wrong with the world today? In contrast, what do you see right with the world? There is way too much shit like drugs, weapons, and people seem to kill another human for nothing. And I think it is because the situation is harder today. Here in sweden we have more unemployed than ever before and it makes some people go crazy and it sucks. On the other hand, let people take the life of each other, we may have found the solution of the over population of this planet.

With growing crime, natural disasters, nuclear threat, etc. etc., is this the last chapter of mankind? Will the millenial year finish the book of the world? Do you see any hope for the future? No I don`t think the world has reached the end when we enter the next millenium but we are on the right track so to speak. I think a third world war is the end of this planet, it will be a total apocalypse if the countries start to use nuclear weapons. There is so much of them already to pulverize the planet in just some seconds.

Any final thoughts, comments? Thanks for the interview, support Thy Primordial and Indungeon. Look out for the new Thy Primordial cd it shall be out in july aswell as a t shirt. and check out our home pages for news and info.

Stjarngatan 8b
595 33 Mjolby Sweden

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