Let's begin with a history of In Peccatum taking us up to the present.
The band came up back in January '98 and at the time was formed by A. Neves (guitars/vocals), A. Gouveia (bass) and H. Almeida (drums). In the same year, the first demo "In Beauty" was released. In the beginning of 1999, P. Alvim (keys) joined the band and helped preparing the release of "Just Like Tears…", the 2nd demo released in 2000. During 2001, P. Alvim leaves the band and In Peccatum, again with the original line up, prepared and recorded the new and most recent MCD "Antília" released in February 2002.

Your most recent release, Antilia, is very masterful at creating rich atmospheres. Are there any professional music backgrounds in the band? Tell us more in depth about the song writing and composition.
Some of us study music and, of course, the knowledge of music's mechanics is very helpful when it comes to write something. About the atmospheric character of our sound, we may say that it meets our tastes and reflects our personalities. Most of the songs are written by Almeida, but we can say that there's a piece of each member of the band on each song.

Could you enlighten us on the music scene there in Portugal? Is there any unknown bands you'd care to mention?
Of course when you speak about the Portuguese scene, we have to mention Moonspell or Ramp, but we would like to refer a very little known band but very talented one, Morbid Death.

Today's world lacks much of imagination and inspiration of the past. Where do you find inspiration when writing/ recording music?
It's close to a cliché to say that everything has been invented, but it is quite true that the novelty or the new thing lies in the combination of different aspects of different genders. We try to do that…

What sort of topics do you tend to deal within your lyrics?
In Antilia, all the songs are about a local legend even though the final product are different poems expressing different feelings of the characters of those legends (it's a kind of a role play).

What are your thoughts on pagan religions? Could you tell us anything about the old Gods/Goddesses of Portugal?
We don't usually refer to religious matters in as much as we consider that each one is free to choose his. About the Portuguese gods and goddesses, there is a very rich tradition and we dare to say that we have a strong mythology but this field is somewhat obscure and being object of several studies.

Tell us your interpretation of death…do you believe in any sort of afterlife, and if so, what do you envision?
Death is a part of life, just as the night is part of the day. It would be a great disappointment to find out that there was no life after death.

What do you see for the future of mankind and this planet? Do you think things will get worse before better?
Unfortunately yes…it is inevitable that things would come to a bad end. Hopefully, it will only happen some generations from now.

What would you say are some of the pros and cons of your country?
The main problem is the government!! Just kidding… Portugal is a small country with the same problems of big countries: crime, unemployment… but still so, it is a beautiful place to live in, specially the Azores, that's where we live in.

Your thoughts on political correctness and censorship?
Like everything in life there are good and bad politicians. Censorship used to be a problem in our country back in the 70's, before the revolution, but nowadays is up to each one's principles.

If you could know one answer to any question… what would the question be?
Something like… Is there life in other planets?

What would you say is the most important thing in this life? And if life has a goal, what would it be?
Self accomplishment, we would never be happy if we were not doing what we want.

Back to music… please tell us your plans for the future. Any plans to have a label release your next work?
It might sound odd, but finding a label is not a priority for now. However, it is something that we would like. Maybe our future plans is to release something within three years, self released or not.

Lastly, your final comments and words of wisdom.
Thanks for your support and support Portuguese bands. Stay underground and like we use to say "Honi soi qui male pecca" (Damned he who does not sin). Don't forget to check our website:

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