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The following interview is done with Akhenaten...

First, lets begin by you giving us a history of Judas Iscariot.
Judas Iscariot was born around 1992 or 1993. This is when the idea was created. I recorded one demo but no actual releases until 1995 with "The Cold Earth Slept Below...". Since then I have dedicated myself to spreading blasphemy through music!
You're also a part of Sarcophagus, could you tell us a bit about this band also?
Sarcophagus has been around since about 1992 or so. We released 3 demos and 2 albums so far. Although I think the most representative work of ours is the new album "Requiem to the Death of Passion" on Nightfall Records. Sarcophagus is a blackened death holocaust!! Metal and war!!
Its noticeable as of late that there seem to be a lot of worthy Black Metal bands surfacing from the USA finally getting recognition. The States have primarily been known for Death Metal in the past, and you still here the moans of people saying BM bands from the USA are not 'true.' What are your thoughts on this, I'm sure you've confronted these type of people?
Fuck those idiots! The USA is a violent country and moreover it is the Akhenatenworld's strongest Christian and capitalist stronghold. Thus I feel that warriors from the USA are of the most vengeful on the planet, because we are fighting in the heart of the enemy!! Our role is exalted because everyday we must come face to face with Christian puritan morality and capitalist materialism!! Kill all!!
What do you feel 'true' Black Metal is? Do you feel that its not only about music, but also philosophy?
Being 'true' is a tricky question. Many would interpret that as how much you know about metal, or how long you have been in the 'scene'. I am not of that philosophy. I know many young people who have just gotten into extreme metal, yet their hearts are very into spreading blasphemy and hatred from the underground. And on the other hand I know plenty of older people who have been in the scene since day 1 and are complete ignorant posers. So length in the scene or knowledge of metal is not a judge of 'trueness' at all. 'Trueness' is about truly believing the message behind extreme metal. It is about embracing the philosophy of black/death metal as that which governs your life. Moreover, it is about resistance to Judeo-Christian commercialism. Black Metal and Capitalism do NOT mix.
Could you tell us abit about your involvement with Breath of Night? What are its goals?
Breath of Night is for dark heathen underground art only. I seek only to help underground warriors spread their blasphemy. Working for Breath Of Night has been an uphill battle, simply because the industry is controlled by shallow faggots. But hopefully these things will change. Breath of Night only seeks to spread unholy propaganda forever!!
Tell us about the topics of some of the lyrics you write.
Nihilistic philosophy, cold, death, hatred, vengeance. They are often philosophical flights into extremities of emotions. I use language as a way of conveying total darkness and despair.
What are some of the things you personally stand for, both musically and non-musically?
Philosophically I am a nihilist. I see religion as the greatest tragedy for mankind. It is Judeo-Christian morality which will nearly doom the human race. I find it surprising that I can exist in this world. However, I live in a very introverted lifestyle. I avoid contact as much as possible with people who are outside my world view. Personally I stand for the destruction of Christian compassion and morality!!!
Why did you choose the biblical name 'Judas Iscariot,' could you explain the history behind this name?
Judas Iscariot was the adversary to Christ! He sold the bastard to the romans!! He sent the pig to golgotha!! hahah!!
What are a few of the bands, etc. you would consider true to their style and a worthy contributor to the scene?
I do not like to overuse the words 'true', because unless I know the persons behind the music very well it is hard to judge. However, some people who have established unwavering credibility in my eyes are ODIN THOMPSON (Moribund Cult), EZUNOTH (Dungeons of Darkness), LEIF (Death to Peace), MKM (Spikekult Prod), ROB (Elegy Records), PATRICK (Red Stream Records), WITLAS (Dead Christ Commune), LORD IMPERIAL (Krieg), JAMES HELLSTORM (BlackReich Records), ANDREAS (At War Records), CAPRICORNUS (Capricornus Prod.), JASON (GrimGhost Distribution), RADIM (Pussy God Records), and a few others...
If you could instantly wipe one person living from the face of the earth, who would this lucky individual be?
Sarcophagus live Hahah...I do not know if I could pick just one.
You're obviously a very intense anti-Christian. Tell us the reasons you hate it so...
Christianity cunningly uses propaganda to capitalize on human weaknesses. In order for the human spirit to be free we must exterminate all these pathetic religions. I believe that the death of Christianity will come sooner or later, it is a natural consequence in the evolution of human intellect. I can get very long winded on the subject but I can tell you that I would love to see our streets filled with crucified Christian blood!! hahaha
What do you think is Christianity's greatest weapon used to brainwash society? What primary reasons do you see for this disease being so widespread?
Christianity's greatest weapon is the natural fear of death and loneliness which is instilled in our psyche. As long as people succumb to weakness, Christianity will have grasp. The nietzschean overman strives to overcome these weaknesses.
Your thoughts on how Christianity is not even a religion of our people, our blood or even our soil? Yet millions of our blood are enslaved by this alien menace...
Christianity came from a subhuman origin. It is a religion foreign to the Aryan race. This is why Aryan nationalism involves the extermination of Christianity. I cannot understand how these right wing groups like the "Christian Patriots" can hate Jews, blacks and other peoples yet accept such a hogwash middle eastern religion as Christianity. And even funnier, images of Christ often depict a blue-eyed Aryan disciple!! Hah!! What a joke!! People are so easily herded!!
And of the pagan deities of the past, that they tried unsuccessfully to destroy?
I see paganism as a spiritual bond to the land, and at the same time it is in opposition to the Christian cunt. However I explore paganism lyrically I do not consider myself a pagan.
You've expressed a lot of hate towards the world, society, the weak, etc. in past interviews. What are your thoughts on Racism and hate in general?
I loathe the hillbilly 'hate niggers' mentality and I have yet to hear a convincing argument for blind racism. I have many brothers of Latin and Indian descent, so it would be quite hypocritical to support blind racism. Yet at the same time I find the Aryan race to be the most beautiful and the closest to physical perfection. But there will always be ignorant white trash who deserve their turn in front of a firing squad. I am by no means a liberal, yet I believe Racialism MUST be approached with intelligence and restraint. I do not think that Nietzsche ever implied that the Uebermensch (overman) was a biologically determined entity. The Uebermensch is a being of strong spirit and vast intellect. The Uebermensch is an evolutionary zenith. Ape->Man->Overman
Your thoughts on the world and its future? Do you also see a dark fate awaiting mankind if things are not changed soon?
No, I have confidence that sooner or later man will break free from the chains of Christian enslavement, and a new order will come to pass. The new order will involve a perfection of a master race of superbeings, embodying a will to power and a path to glory... A new path is inevitable. But then again, revolution never happens peacefully...Blood will be shed...Revolution happens through terrorism, bombings, raids, firing squads. I will proudly march into the fires of hell!!
Do you foresee a kind of 'Armageddon' drawing near?
Christians will get their Armageddon, that's for sure!!! Enter the fucking flames!!
What sort of things do you enjoy in your spare time, outside of music?
Reading, writing, correspondence...
Name some of the greatest books you've read in your life.

Friedrich Nietzsche THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA - The path of the overman
R.W. Emerson NATURE (Essay) - a god loving pussy, but he expounds upon nature so intensely
Dante INFERNO - the poetic fires of hell

What one person of the past do you hold alot of respect for? And why?
Nietzsche for sure... His philosophy is that of power and glory...
Ok, a few hypothetical questions... if you might choose the way you shall die, what would it be?
And lastly, if the Judeo-Christian God was listening, your words to him?
He is not listening...HE DOESN'T EXIST!!! HAHAH
Final comments and words of wisdom to our readers?

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