The following interview is done with Crepusculo...

First, tell us about the history of Lament and the current situation with the band.
It began in September 94, after the departure of CEREMONIAL CIRCLE (an old band of mine {CREPÚSCULO-guitars} and NECROMANCY {drums} together with another guy that was kicked out because he had false ideologies). At the same time I met NECROWINDS OF SABBATHIANS RITUALS (screams) and due to his ideologies and him already played in other bands, we decided to invite him to make a test. I had already known FRENZY OF THE FOREST, we have already played together in another band and I know his ideologies are like mine, so we decided to call him to complete the circle. We recorded the DT-Reh "Hynnu A Satanas" on May 16/95 and it was released as a Split-Live Tape together with Miasthenia. It was recorded at Penápolis city in September 09/95. NECROWINDS left the band late 1997 due personal problems. At the same time, among DEC/97, Jan/98 and Feb./98 we recorded the DT-98 "Enuma Elish Nabu Shamanu..." with only three members: NECROMANCY (drums), FRENZY OF THE FOREST (bass, keys) and CREPÚSCULO (guitars, screams). We have been walking our path since then, and now we have been rehearsing to enter the studio to record our next opus... only time shall tell... Crepusculo
Strangely enough, most of the bands we hear these days that we enjoy are demo bands. Many times bands are at their creative peak during their demo stage, they are 'hungry' for completion, possibly recognition. All too often bands get worse and worse after they are signed to a label and begin to experience underground 'success.' They stray from their original sound and direction in search of a broader audience to sell CD's, etc. So tell me your thoughts on this subject.
I agree with you. Many bands used to say that their sound has changed because they "evolved". But I'd rather say that they have wimped-out. Many bands that release a CD and start to be well-know and sell a lot start to think that they are able to live by music. So, they have money as the main goal of the band (well, if a band wants to live by playing, money is the most important thing, isn't?). I think that it is quite impossible for a band to maintain its sound and ideology when it starts to sell a lot. You have only to look around the scene and you will find many examples. Besides, when they sign to a big label, the label will try to make what they want with the band and make a lot of money, they don't care about the art itself and the band loses control over their own band and shit, shit, shit... but they keep saying "we have not changed our music, we have just "evolved...". Do we need all this commercialism to have a strong scene? I don't think so... FUCK POSERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell us about your latest demo cassette.
"Enuma Elish Nabu Shamanu..." is our first studio DT and we think it had a good result, because we know the music we play, so we know the errors we have committed, perhaps due the lack of experience in the studio. The quality both music and graphic wise is good, in my opinion. Regarding the Sumerian title it means "When the sky has not been named..." It has deep meaning to me, it is very difficult to explain in words, however, I can try to explain a little... It has a primitive meaning to me, the beginning of a journey, the primordial. It is the beginning of the ancient times, in the old Sumerian / Babylonian views. I like this myth because it told of the very old beginning, preceded by battles among Gods / Goddesses, where "Chaos" had gotten the total empty... total magick!
What sort of topics do your lyrics deal with?
My lyrical influences are the alchemy between my deep feelings and my very personal ideology that I have been building through my journey, besides witchcraft, ancient rituals and pagan people, the night, the moon, the forests... anti-Christians thoughts above all!!!!!
Necromancy Are there feelings you try to invoke in the listener through your music?
We don't try to invoke any feelings in anyone just because we make music for OURSELVES. If someone likes our ART, it's good for us, but if someone doesn't like it, we don't give a fuck!
Brazil seems to have a very active/strong metal scene, but much of the bands seem confined to their area/Brazil. Tell us about your local area. Is the scene strong there? What other bands are in that area that might deserve recognition?
Our local area is strongly weak. There are many POSERS that wanna be Black Metal and don't understand anything about our ART mean. Years ago, people didn't give a shit about Black Metal, the scene was smaller (concerning number of people) but stronger (concerning ideology /radicalism). Nowadays the over saturated scene shows its weakness concerning ideology /radicalism because it has become a business and people care about making money. Bands want to release a CD and become well-know. They don't care about ideas. Years ago, there weren't as many labels as nowadays. Why? Because they have been trying to make money with this Black Metal "wave" nowadays. Bands have to pay to release its works, but there are some labels that say that they are just helping the Brazilian scene. Hahaha, I can only laugh about these liars. I know that there are interesting and honest labels, but they are a minority. There are a few bands that might deserve recognition, but I will keep in silence, for not to be sorry for it in the future...
To the more philosophical end of the interview... tell us your thoughts on religion. Do you hold any personal belief?
I myself think religions were created by man to try to find answers to unexplainable and unknown topics concerning our existence. I don't have any religion beliefs but I have my own personal beliefs. Firstly, I believe in the power of my own, I'm the one who decides for myself and mustn't have any "God" above me. I believe that any religion or philosophy has all the "truths", I mean, that I can accept their dogmas and laws. All of them have their positives / negatives sides, however, the majority have the negatives sides, they are based on weakness and submission. I try, or have been trying to getting inspiration from the ancient people (that had fascinating ideals, I think) things that I think are important to me, according to my OWN views, and I have been building my very personal dogmas.
Could you illuminate some of the ancient Gods of Brazil to us? Are there yet people who worship these old deities? How do the common people view the pagan past?
Centuries ago, there were many tribes here and they held many beliefs regarding their own gods. There were many Gods that were worshipped by them. Gods of War, Gods of Water, Gods of Forests, Gods of Earth, Gods of Sun, Gods of Moon and the list goes on... Unfortunately, when the Portuguese Christians invaded here (and not discovered like the "media" and the false history have been trying to put in peoples' minds, but unfortunately again, have been obtaining success with their lies, take a look for yourselves at the 500 years of "discovering" (I mean, Invasion) commemorations that will take place here in April 2000) they tried to impose the Christian god and his lies to the natives. Many customs / gods / feasts / tribes were forgotten due the imposition of those liars. These facts we don't learn at school, but you can find out in history school books things like "...Brazil was discovered by Pedro Alvares Cabral in 1500...", "...the first Christian mass that took place here was...", "...the Jesuits and their "holy" mission "saved" the souls of the natives..." and many shits about the Brazilian past. FUCK THEM!!!! We don't learn anything about customs / gods of the natives that had already been here before the Christians had arrived. Nowadays there are a few groups that have been keeping their culture alive. But these ones live in the forests where people can't arrive there easily. Soon or later, these fucking Christians should fuck with them too. Common people don't give a fuck about the pagan past, first because Brazilian people are very religious, I mean, Christians, and second, because the truth has been hiding over the years.
Much of the world is growing tired of the social/political scheme of things these days. From your point of view, how do you view society as a whole, and do you also see things growing worse on an international scale? Do you see a dark future for mankind if things are not changed?
Frenzy of the Forest Our moralistic / hypocritical society shall pay for their actions. The world is growing worse and worse due to how lying, dishonest, lazy and hypocritical man can be, I think. They don't respect each other, don't respect Nature and they even don't respect themselves. How could the world prosper if we have such human beings living here? And those kinds of human beings are the majority all over the world. I'm a pessimist, and yes, indeed, I see a dark future for mankind, actually, I hope mankind pays for its actions, because I don't care about such human beings, I only care about people that are close to me.
On a more local scale, what problems could you bring to light about Brazil and the current happening there?
I think Brazil has a big number of human beings I've quoted. We have many problems, and if I was going to tell about everything, I could write a book. To be very short, I can enlighten about some problems that I think make me (and a great number of people) pissed off with the situation. Things like politicians / lawyers / police and many authorities are involved with drug's mafia, we have a corrupt government (like many countries), we have facilities to the foreign people , our law system has many faults, our president has been selling our country to the international companies, Brazilian people are too peaceful to my taste, we should fight against the government, because we have many hard-working people, but the laws of our country fuck with them. Well, things are going to be worse and worse, and man shall pay for their actions!!!!
When you envision death, how do you see it? Do you believe a part of us could live on?
When talking about death, I just have to say I have no fear of dying. I have a fascination regarding it, death is mystery, death is the unknown, death is the Christian fear. I can't see anything, I can't imagine anything and I can't say if we could live on. It is very simple, I don't know, because I've never lived such an experience.
How would you say you are different from the common man?
The common man needs a leader to follow, I don't; the common man cares about what people will say concerning his /her actions, I don't; the common man needs a religion to follow, I don't; the common man lives in a "socialized world", I live in my "own world", far from this hypocrite world; the common man... there are many reasons I think I'm different from the common man, and I'm very proud about this!!!!
If you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?
Is there a "world" after we die?
What are some of the things you hate most about this life, and, in contrast, what things do you love?
I hate dishonest, false human beings, hypocrite religions, my enemies, in other words, all about human beings and their ignorant actions. In contrast, I love the music I play / listen to, my vinyl collection, my closest friends /family, my city, my SIL, and ... I think that's all.
Crepusculo Is there anything that you would sacrifice your life for?
Everything regarding my very personal ideology!!!!!
What sort of things interest you outside of music? Hobbies?
I like reading very much, watching movies, talking to my true friends while listening to METAL, and.... I don't know... music is the most important thing to me, I live for it!
An important question that the reader might wish to know... what makes Lament worthwhile in pursuing further? What do you feel separates Lament from all the other bands?
Our love and respect to the things regarding the music we play, I think our loyalty to our ideology that is the same since we started. The whole scene is growing bigger but we don't want to be well-know, we don't want to sell a thousand DT's, we don't want to record a CD ( I'd rather to record a vinyl instead ) and be recognized by how many CD's we are able to sell. FUCK COMMERCIALISM!!!!
How can interested readers obtain your works?

Please, get in touch with me at:

c/o Crepusculo
R. José Herrera Higueira #254
Jd. Icatu - Votorantim/SP
Cep- 18110-000

or you can send an e-mail to me at: or I'm very interested in trade, so, vinyl traders, tape traders, zine traders are welcome. I think this is very important to the UNDERGROUND scene. Keep the flame alive! NO COMMERCIALISM!!!!
Have you done any live shows lately? If so, could you tell us about the turn-out and your experiences?
Yes, we played twice this year, one on January 20th and the last one on June 26th. I have no good things to tell of concerning the first gig, only that we love to play live and due to this we can say that it was not lack of time. I'd rather enlighten you about the last one, it was a meeting among our closest friends at a farm or something like that. There were a few friends of ours and we played some music to the right people. We don't care about how many people are around us, if everybody likes our music, or if we will become more well-known after a gig. We only want to satisfy ourselves. I hope to organize some gigs like that in the future. KEEP THE FLAME ALIVE!!!
You also do a 'zine, could you tell us about this?
Yes, of course. I'm editor of CURSED EMPIRE (together with 2 friends of mine). Caio Bildner started the journey about 5 years ago, and he has released 2 issues so far. Late this year he called Necrowinds (ex-Lament's vocalist) and myself to join him in his journey. We shall release #3 soon, and it will have interviews with: Mystical Fire (BRA), Great Vast Forest (BRA), Desaster (GER), Sabbat (JAP), Ragnarok (NOR), MTA zine (do you know this?) and some others to confirm with, also DT's, CD's, LP's, movies /documentaries and books reviews, some poetry and articles. If you are interested, get in touch at the same address above. Traders are welcome!!!!
Have you had any negative experiences in the music scene you care to share?
Hmmm, I don't know... I think we had bad experiences concerning false people (human beings again) in the scene, but nothing that is worth to be mentioned... we are stronger than those POSERS.
Lastly, your final comments.
I'd like to thank you for the interview and support, it was a pleasure to answer the questions of MTA. Keep the underground flame alive. We shall triumph...Posers must die!!!

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