This interview is with Gerhard Lauck, leader of the NSDAP/AO. Interviewing Gerhard was special for us for several reasons, one being that he is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, a short 45 minute drive away from us.

I first learned the name Gerhard Lauck, or 'Gary' Lauck, as the media often refers to him, back in 1995, right around the time we were putting together Mourning the Ancient. In an unprecedented act of tyranny Lauck was extradited from Denmark, where he was visiting at the time, to Germany and imprisoned for publishing literature. He was thrown into a dungeon there for four years! What makes this extraordinary is that he is an American citizen, and what he was charged with is perfectly legal in America. But since we talk more about this in the interview I won't go into further detail.

Researching Gerhard Lauck is not an easy thing to do (unfortunately I found out about his autobiography after doing this interview), you have to wade through the muck of enemy propaganda, lies and even legend. Yes, Gerhard's work in National Socialist resistance organizations really is the stuff of legend, and so are other areas of his life. However when I emailed Lauck I didn't find some impersonal and mysterious legend, but a very friendly and extremely helpful individual. He was very prompt and well-spoken and I liked him immediately.

As you will learn in this interview, Gerhard is from the Old Guard of National Socialists. An Old Fighter of the post WWII world. Many of his early battles took place in a world with no internet, email, or even personal computers. But during these days Gerhard published a legendary amount of resistance pamphlets and books containing the truth about this world. His enemies went so far as to call him 'the movement's most dangerous propagandist'. I can think of no greater compliment than that personally.

As Adolf Hitler said:
'Anyone who picks up a Jewish newspaper in the morning and does not see himself slandered in it has not made profitable use of the previous day...' (Mein Kampf, Vol. 1, Ch. 12)

Furthermore, from Mein Kampf:

'Every Jewish slander and every Jewish lie is a scar of honor on the body of our warriors.
The man they insult the most is closest to us in spirit and the man they have a mortal hatred for is our best friend.'

While the name Gerhard Lauck may not be familiar to some of you, you have certainly felt his decades of work. Gerhard's service to the truth continues to this day. He is no doubt sitting somewhere at this very moment, thinking of new ways to spread the truth, to fight our enemy and to ultimately bring final victory.

May 1, 2016

1. You have been active in the fight for truth and free speech for many decades now, can you tell us how the struggle has changed over the years? Do you find the movement of like-minded people growing?

In Europe the movement is much stronger today than it was when I started nearly half a century ago. In the United States the opposite is the case.

2. Your web hosting endeavor has given a voice to many (at least 120 websites according to a 2007 Lincoln Journal Star article) all over the world who are living in countries that oppress free speech. Can you tell us about how people are able to utilize your servers when what they want to say is illegal in their home countries?

The vast majority of these websites are technically legal, even in their own country, but they are nonetheless suppressed. The webmasters know we do not bow to political pressure. Furthermore, we do not even know their identity, but merely have a line of communication.

3. It was quite a big story here in Nebraska back in 1995 when you were extradited from Denmark to Germany and imprisoned for distribution of “neo-Nazi” pamphlets. Please tell us how Germany justified arresting a U.S. citizen for doing something in the U.S., that is legal in the U.S.? It would seem that the U.S. government should have intervened in this case, but obviously our corrupt government is blind to those that have dissenting opinions.

The kidnapping and imprisonment of a U.S. citizen solely for publishing six issues of a newspaper inside the United States under the supposed protection of the First Amendment to the Constitution was a blatant violation of U.S. sovereignty, human rights, and international law. Both U.S. and Danish mainstream newspapers protested against this. Germany claimed jurisdiction on the grounds that the newspaper has subscribers in Germany. Note that both Germany and France later claimed jurisdiction over U.S. websites on the grounds they are “accessible” there. Based on this logic, Christian webmasters could be extradited and imprisoned in countries where the Christian Bible is outlawed. Furthermore, even my foreign political “conviction” was used by the U.S. government to declare me a “convicted felon” and indict me for “perjury” when I refused to accept this label. I won that case, but only on a legal technicality of German (!) law, not on the true merits. Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court later decided this issue in a favorable sense. On the bright side, this outrageous treatment generated a lot of sympathy for me.

4. You spent four years as a political prisoner in Germany, what was it like?

My state-paid vacation was very educational. I received many letters and visits, especially from young female sympathizers. That was great for my male ego.

5. Nineteen years prior to that arrest in 1976 you were arrested in Germany while carrying 20,000 National Socialist posters, served four months in prison, got deported and banned from Germany for life. What were your experiences before, after and during that arrest?

There is an old saying that persecution builds character. It also separates the men from the boys, steels resolve, reinforces comradeship, and forges a hardcore cadre of revolutionaries who fight to the death. Some of my present co-workers have been with me since the 1970s. This is one of the reasons why the movement is so much stronger in Europe than in the United States.

6. Have you had many experiences of harassment for your beliefs, physical attacks, property damage, IRS auditing etc.?

Aside from a few little things like assassination attempts, imprisonments, deportations, banishment, extradition, indictments, etc., I’ve had it easy. Other comrades I knew personally were less fortunate and suffered torture and murder.

7. When did you first realize that there was something terribly wrong with the world and that we had been lied to about WW2? Can you tell us how old you were? What books did you first discover that put you on your way to the truth?

In the 1960s I sensed something was drastically wrong. When I was 14 I read the Communist Manifesto and hated it and Mein Kampf and loved it. As a teenager I read dozens of the low cost books published by Noontide Press and other outfits.

8. The destruction of the ancient cultures and peoples of Europe has been moving in fast forward the last few years. For decades you have been warning people about this. Do you feel that people are finally beginning to awaken? Could this awakening be the one positive thing about the orchestrated immigration in Europe?

The current invasion has reached truly alarming proportions! Nobody knows whether it will be the straw that broke the camel’s back and brings down the hated anti-White system or the coup de grâce that destroys Western Civilization and perhaps even makes the White race extinct. It is high time for every racial nationalist to actively support the resistance movement one way or another.

9. Many people are aware of the struggle but truly don't know what they can personally do. What kind of advice can you give to people that would like to fight, but don’t know how, or where to even start?

First, decide whether you really want to help or simply want to entertain yourself. Second, ask yourself what you are willing and able to do. Especially long-term. Third, search out individuals and/or groups that have a proven track record. Check out this url: , in particular the track record section and the NSDAP/AO Today! section. We strive to match our recruits and their assignments based on their skills and interests instead of trying to “force fit” them to a narrow range of activities. As a long established clandestine international operation, there are many possibilities! Project teams usually have members scattered across the globe. This multiplies the effectiveness of each member. We also work WITH other groups, not AGAINST them. We do not try to “replace” them, but rather to supplement and reinforce them.

10. As a veteran in this fight, what kind of actions do you think are most effective against the enemy? What kind of things should people concentrate their energies on?

Refer to #9 above. Different organizations have different approaches. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages. We should view our respective efforts as SUPPLEMENTING each other. Not as “competition.” Also, do not over-rely on the internet!!! It is a valuable tool, but it is only one tool in our tool box.

11. There are many people out there in the world doing their own thing, fighting for truth in their own way. There are various organizations and methods being used, some more in-your-face, some more subtle. A lot of people these days are starting to stress the need to not in-fight, to concentrate on the enemy instead, and not each other. What are your personal thoughts on this?

My experience is that infighting was more brutal and vicious—sometimes even lethal (!)—in the past than now. Today it usually consists of anonymous smears on the internet. On the bright side, recently we received a sizable donation from a supporter who was outraged by a smear against me! I was tempted to send the offender a thank you letter, but didn’t.

12. In your book 'The Education of an Evil Genius' [sarcastically named after a Reader's Digest feature about him.], you mention that you met Hans Rudel, the greatest pilot the world has ever known, and will probably ever know. Can you tell us anything else about your meeting with Rudel? He is a hero of ours.

I met Rudel in his home in Kufstein, Tyrol (I still remember the address) along with his second wife and young son (whom I gave a piggyback ride) and his mother-in-law. His medals were in a glass case on the wall. While taking a walk we agreed that Hitler had been far too humane, otherwise we might have won the war. While walking along a mountain trail he asked if I was dizzy. At first I didn't understand why he asked, but then I glanced to my side and saw the sheer drop of the cliff. I hadn't noticed it before due to the thin brush line. I was glad he mentioned it! Otherwise I might have stepped off the trail and plunged to my death!

It was a great honor to meet him. And to correspond with others like Helmut Suendermann, Deputy Press Chief of the Third Reich, who praised my youthful booklet "Blood and Soul" and invited me to visit him. When I mentioned this to a comrade in Germany, he looked surprised and showed me a newspaper article: Suendermann had died the previous week.

Comrades like Armin influenced me even more, because we spent much more time working together in the underground. Although not nearly as dangerous as combat, underground work can nonetheless forge lifelong bonds of comradeship and lifetime dedication to a cause. Giving up because the situation looks bad is simply inconceivable.

I am dismayed that young comrades today can no longer meet and talk with such great men. The much fainter "carbon copies" of my generation's "Old Guard" must try to serve this function as best as we can despite our limitations. Fortunately, some of the young people I've mentored are far better than I was at their age. Naturally, I like to think that I have contributed to their development. The most important things are character development and practical experience. "Worldview" is taken for granted. Theoretical knowledge is good, if it contributes to results in the real world, but bad, if it distracts from action and the experience gained.

13. Any chance that you met Savitri Devi? I'm not sure who this Armin you mentioned is, can you tell us who he is?

I corresponded a bit with Savitri Devi, but never met her in person. Actually, I'm so old and senile that I'd forgotten this correspondence until very recently. Another comrade referred to my meeting with her and I told him I hadn't, but when he mentioned a source, I gave it more thought and vaguely remembered. She told me to always send registered mail, because otherwise it'd be lost or stolen. Yes, I read her books back in my teens and loved them.

Armin was a main figure in the earliest days of the NSDAP/AO underground in Germany. Hitler Youth, Wehrmacht, Werwolf, postwar activism, imprisonment, loss of TWO families. There is a section about him in one of Kuehnen's books as well as in my autobiography. His teams used walkie-talkies and would plaster downtown Hannover with HUNDREDS of NSDAP/AO swastika posters on a single night, repeatedly resulting in headline publicity. One action was so big that American short-wave radio listeners heard a report from terrified German authorities that gave the impression a full-fledged Putsch was in process.

The German government was my best press agent. Nobody accused them of exaggeration! Often these official German government reports included pictures of our stickers and fliers...and sometimes they forgot to make our address unreadable! They probably figured the publicity would increase pressure on the U.S. authorities to close down our U.S. base ("Auslandszentrale"), but their investigations failed to produce evidence of anything violating U.S. law. Finally the U.S. and German authorities agreed to claim I was a "terrorist". This lead to my diversionary trip to Denmark, which succeeded in defusing the situation, but also resulted in my state-paid vacation. Afterward they pretended the problem had been solved and reversed their media policy. [The shift from hardcore NS underground cells using open NS printed material to quasi-legal front groups using technically legal propaganda was the biggest factor, followed by the rise of the internet.]

An old Luftwaffe veteran told me there are two main worldviews: nationalism and internationalism. The latter won WWII. The internationalists want to destroy ALL nations and races! They want one big mongrelized mass, which is easier to control and exploit. (Of course, the Jewish masters do not want to lose their own ethnic identity). "Nationalists" and "racists" put their own folk first, but are not motivated by hatred against others. Alliances against our shared foe are logical. Furthermore, since the well-being of the folk has priority, wars for the financial gain of a tiny plutocracy and colonialism are rejected. "World empires" destroy folks, conqueror and conquered alike, in the long-term. And always collapse one day. The U.S. world empire today is merely a tool for the same international plutocracy that is trying to exterminate all races and nations, most noticeably in Europe and the USA, through massive non-White immigration and miscegenation. The real "hatemongers" are the same people who accuse us of "hate", simply because we want to save our own race and nation. - Of course, this relates to your own project! [Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind-ed.]

14. We recently interviewed Sweden's Vera Oredsson. Do you know of her?

Yes, I met Vera in 1974, when Thies Chistophersen (who wrote a book about his time at Auschwitz as an SS agricultural expert) and I attended a NRP party day. Thies also made a strong impression on me. I am saddened when Swedish Old Guard comrades describe the transformation of once beautiful Sweden into a Third World hell-hole.

15. For such a famous figure in the resistance movement it seems like there is not very much information about you online. Have you given many interviews in the past?

I've had hundreds of interviews over the decades, but for the past several years I've been declining interview requests from the mainstream media. Publicity is merely a tool, not an end in itself. Sometimes it's useful, sometimes not. If and when the situation changes, I will reconsider mainstream interviews.

16. There are a number of people, from all different countries, cultures and backgrounds who consider themselves a ‘National Socialist’, I am one of them. But there is no comprehensive manual to knowing the ins and outs of this belief. Many people just like to think of themselves as National Socialist because of their opposition to Jewish power, or they admire Adolf Hitler, or they simply love all things 3rd Reich. But National Socialism isn’t really a simple thing to fully understand, especially in today’s chaotic modern age. Adolf Hitler said something like ‘those that think that National Socialism is a political movement do not understand National Socialism’. National Socialism is more than just a political doctrine or movement. Savitri Devi helped us to understand that is was not only a way of nature, but also something deeply spiritual. You have fought for National Socialism longer than most people on earth, Gerhard. So, can you define to us your understanding of what National Socialism is, and what makes a person a National Socialist?

National Socialism is more than a doctrine. It is a worldview. However, I would not call it a "religion." In my opinion, the movement in America has been harmed by the attempts of some post-Rockwell American National Socialists to ignore Hitler's admonishment in MEIN KAMPF to not try to simultaneously become religious reformers.

The NSDAP/AO believes in freedom of religion. Pagans, Christians, Deists, Agnostics etc.. work side-by-side in our ranks. I take great pains to try not to offend or alienate any of them.(As an example, within one week both a Christian minister and a staunchly pagan co-worker commented that they still didn't know my own religious beliefs despite our long conversions. Neither knew each other or anything about the parallel but totally separate series of conversions.)

"Jeder soll nach seiner eigenen Fassion selig werden," as Frederick the Great said. ("Each should become blessed according to his own fashion.")

I am merely an administrator. Not a great thinker or writer or speaker or leader. Nonetheless, since you asked, I'll put in my two cents worth as follows:

A National Socialist identifies with his folk, loves it, gives it the top priority in his life, and fights for it to the death. Regardless of odds or consequences... Personally, I view this as my self-evident minimum ethical duty. My duty defines my place and role in the universe or creation.

Beyond that, I don't claim to have all the answers!

Sure, sometimes I ponder "deep philosophical questions" during nature hikes. Or over a glass of wine while listening to Mozart. Sometimes this is merely self-entertainment. Other times I am wrestling with something. I considered adding a "philosophical" chapter to my autobiography, but decided against it. Perhaps one day I will write a "personal philosophical" book as opposed to an "official ideological" one. .

I do not believe it is the task of our generation(s) to "revise" or "update" National Socialism! We must preserve the pure faith and, above all, our race and nation! This requires political activism. Not ivory tower theory.

Having said that, I understand that our decadent age has produced a spiritual void, especially among the young. If I can help some individuals to fill that void and become better fighters for our cause - WITHOUT contributing to the emergence of yet another pseudo-NS cult (!) -, then I'd be happy to do so. After all, mentoring is one of my most important and most rewarding tasks these days. This includes sometimes helping young people with their personal lives, too.

17. Many thanks for your time Gerhard! Do you have any final thoughts or words of advice for our readers?

Please give serious consideration to the advice in #9 above!!! If I had a choice between 100 people who say “Gerhard Lauck is a great guy,” but then offer only “moral support,” OR 99 people who say “Gerhard Lauck is an S.O.B.!” and just ONE person who says, “Yes, Gerhard Lauck is an S.O.B., but he tells it like it is and he gets things done!” and this one person then actually provided CONCRETE support, then I would choose the second option!

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