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The following interview is done with Pierre Wilhelmsson...

First, introduce Månegarm with a history.
We started Månegarm back in November '95. In May '96 we recorded our first demo called "Vargaresa" which included four tracks. Some months later we had some problems within the band so we did some line-up changes which ended with a new vocalist and second guitarist. By the end of '96 we were supposed to enter the studio again to record our following demo when the vocalist suddenly left us. But with some help from a friend we recorded the second demo "Ur nattvindar" in Feb. '97. We got a real good response with that one and signed with Displeased Records in October of the same year. We also found a new vocalist by that time...We went into the studio pretty soon after and recorded our debut album "Nordstjärnans Tidsålder" which was released in June `98.
Your latest release, Nordstjarnans tidsalder, could you translate this title and tell us a bit about this album in your own words?
The English title is "The age of the Northstar". The title of the album represents a new era, an era when we stand as a strong and proud people again, as we once were before Christianity raped the spirit of the Nordic people and condemned our ancient customs. The northstar was also a star which the Vikings used for navigation when they sailed across the oceans on their long journeys. A guiding star, if you see what I mean!
What does Månegarm mean and why was is chosen as the name of the band?
The name is taken from our old Norse mythology. Månegarm is a wolf who lives on the blood from the dying humans and at Ragnarök he hunts down and swallows the moon. We thought this was a good name especially because Norse paganism is a big part of the band and of course for us as individuals.
What sort of topics do your lyrics deal with?
What I can say is that paganism runs all through the lyrics even if you don't notice it all the time. The thing is that I hate to explain lyrics….I want people to read them instead and get their own opinion, that's why we have translated all lyrics to English.
Nordstjarnans... was recorded in late '97, what have you been working on since? When can we expect the next release and what changes will there be ? Any title for this release chosen yet?
We have been rehearsing some new material ,we were a bit lazy some months after the recording, sometimes you need a break. But now we have begun to concentrate on material for the next release which may be called "Havets Vargar" (wolves of the sea). If you don't know, that's what the Vikings were called in some places when they came in hundreds across the sea and pillaged the lands. About changes there won't be any drastic ones and the recording is set to the beginning of June and the release will be sometime in September I guess.
What is your opinion on how some people feel that 'true' black metal should be straightforward with no synth or keyboards or additional like instruments?
Yes indeed, especially the violin. Real Black Metal should be straight and raw. We don't play real Black Metal, you could say that we play some kind of a hybrid to BM.
Are you, are any other band members involved in any other music projects?
Not me, I don't have the time, but Grawsiö (drums) has an grind core project called Desperator.
Have you ever played live and do you have future plans to do so?
We have played live a couple of times and there will be more.
Tell us your thoughts on religion. What are your feelings toward Christianity? Satanism? Paganism?
I think Christianity is a religion for weak people, I hate how they condemned and destroyed a big part of our ancient customs and spirit here in the north. But today there's a lot of people who are bringing our ancient customs back to life, who some call Asatru. I'm one of those who practice our pagan heritage.
There exists a general hatred and distrust of Christianity within the music scene. What do you think? Do you share this stance?
Yes indeed, as I told you earlier they have destroyed so much with their pathetic smiles and lies.
What inspires you outside of music? What kind of things do you do when you're not working with music?
As I live near nature, which is my biggest inspirational source and like a drug for me, I spend much time walking around in the woods. Except that I work to get money for food and beer.
What are your thoughts on the current world situations? Almost all the bands we interview possess a very gray outlook on the future of this world, sharing a vision that things will grow worse before they get better. What do you think? Will things get worse?
It will get worse and humanity will drown in their own shit
How do you view man's destruction of nature?
As I told you earlier nature is one of my biggest sources in life and I can't understand why we should destroy a thing so beautiful and mysterious. I can only say STUPIDITY.
If there were one question you could ask an 'all-knowing being,' what would it be?
I don't have a clue, I have so many questions I wouldn't know where to start.
And alas, thanks for your time and thoughts! Final comments and words of wisdom?
Thank you, all the best to you and M.T.A. Watch out for our new release in September….

Unite… sons of Midgard.

c/o Wilhelmsson
Grisslehamnsv 15
S-760 40 Vaddo


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