This interview is with James Mason. A man of many mysteries and rumors... A man scorned and hounded by the mainstream media. The author of the notorious book Siege, a work feared and hated by the system. An experienced National Socialist with over 50 years of dedication. A man who lived through many historical times and met some legendary people. A legend himself. I found him to be extremely warm and friendly and cool and down-to-earth. Everything a National Socialist should be.

March, 2020

*Special thanks to Carl Alessi for making this interview possible!

1) First, it is an honor to speak with you James! You are a legend and an Old Fighter, someone who has witnessed and participated in some remarkably important times. I'm sure you have a ton of memories of those old days, some good some bad. Could you indulge us with a good memory of those times, and also a bad one? I would love to hear your stories!

General Dietl in charge of the Norway campaign in 1940 said afterward, maybe even in a short poem, "I'm the Hero of Narvik". "If the British commander had stayed another fifteen minutes I'd have left."
Then there's the very old saying about what goes into the making of a master carpenter. He's the one who knows best how to cover his mistakes. And, yes, I've "quit" a hundred times or more.
Some best memories concern the 1st and 2nd Party Congresses in Arlington, Virginia, in 1969 and 1970, respectively. The great turn-outs, the great spirit and, with regard to that second one, the tremendous demonstration in D.C. where the Park Police ran down the commies mounted on their horses. Worst memories are of the betrayals and the let-downs of those who I thought had been comrades and may have even looked up to. These are the things most people have an impossible time getting over.

2) The early movement was characterized so much by its overt hatred against blacks. I've heard that Rockwell used this tactic to garner media attention. What do you think? I mean, I'm sure people were racist, racism is natural, no matter what race you are. But do you think it a waste of time attacking blacks, who have virtually no real power, while the true enemy pits us against one another?

Back in the day "hate" was the accepted norm for speech, behavior and attitude within the movement. It was common and everywhere. Rockwell used this in attempt to make his recruits and it worked to an extent. But the people didn't stick around for very long and the Party remained statis as a result. Pointing out racial differences is not "hate". We are two separate and distinct species, as even the father of Darwin had pointed out. That plus the respective performance of the different races, especially when they are off to themselves geographically without any White foundation as they enjoy here. To mix is death for us. They themselves have no future but we can lose our future and our destiny by mixing with them. History shows this in unlimited cases. Preaching hate is a waste of time. Better to point out the terrible situation this country has fallen into as a result of all this "diversity". Most can identify with that.
But they do have power with the electorate and it is growing. Soon the electorate will be useless to us. The real common enemy is, even as Donald Trump says, the media which keeps our people divided and confused and brain-raped. Of course it is a Jewish mechanism.

3) This leads us into Rockwell's meeting/alliance with the Nation of Islam. What did you think of this?

Rockwell was primarily a racial separatist and so too was the organization of Elijah Muhammad in the beginning. This made the two groups natural allies. Unfortunately I believe even the Muslims have moved toward the "assimilationist" mindset more of the Martin Luther King set who was himself no more than a trained communist agent. The object of the enemy is racial mixing.

4) I'd love to hear your thoughts on the state of the movement today. I know you are without the internet, so I'm not sure how much you know. Many of the ideas which were so taboo yesterday have become much more mainstream today. The internet has been a fantastic vehicle to get our ideas in the open and to teach people the truth. What are your thoughts?

I know a thousand times more today than I did less than three years ago. My new comrades are expert with these "smart phones" and bring up and show me things that I am amazed by. It's a miracle. When I was a kid, all we had was the LP record, "Hitler's Inferno". Today I swear it's all out there to be viewed and heard. This is a flood of truth. Things I never even knew existed. And it is the work of the internet. The people I talk with these days are light years ahead of any of us back in the Sixties. It is one of the most encouraging things I can think of.

We were really in a bad jam back then. To get a book published was like a climb up Mount Everest, literally. Most couldn't or wouldn't even consider it. Jews held all information as their own private plaything. But no more. That can only be a good thing. Still we see the kind of censorship they try against us. But we're too smart to be stopped.

5) You used to work with the legendary artist Carl Alessi. Where did you first meet? You've kept in contact with him for many years, do you still talk to others from the old days?

Carl Alessi is a fine comic artist. We actually never did meet. Back in the late Seventies I still maintained a pretty broad mailing list and literature exchange and he wound up on it. At the time I was first publishing Siege as a newsletter he submitted a collection of cartoons which attracted my eye. At once I knew I had to get these out as a booklet and used the same machine as was printing Siege to do exactly this. From what I hear, this booklet is viewable online at the moment.

[Above: Carl Alessi's N.S.L.F. Underground Comics. An early look at Alessi's work with the National Socialist Liberation Front]

6) Europe, Canada and the USA are being flooded with non-whites. Mark Potok, who works for the anti-white Southern Poverty Law Center, recently did an interview where, inadvertently, a chart was revealed showing dwindling white numbers for America and Europe. White people are already minorities in various places in the USA. The television actually celebrates the day that people of European ancestry will become a minority in the USA. They've programmed our people to hate themselves and that pride in their race is racist. What do you foresee happening when whites are a minority? Will the Jewish overlords, bathed in the blood of the world, put us in concentration camps? Exterminate us? Will the other races, pushed on and programmed by their secret masters, go on mindless killing sprees of white people?

In the Book of Ezekiel the Lord addresses Satan - allegorical for Jews - in this manner, "Here you come, my enemy of old whom I have long been expecting." It is at the end of time when "Gog and Magog" - principally the Khazar Jews who control the world - will "bring against Israel" - really the Whites of the earth - the numberless billions of earth's coloreds. "Then my blood will come into my face..." And it is settled. This means that it has been anticipated, indeed has already happened once (how else could it have been written about?) It won't be pretty, it will get a lot worse before it's over. But it will be resolved and in our favor.

7) It's obvious the enemy wants a mongrel race of 'neutroids', people with no allegiance, no race, no history. The Third Reich warned of this coming day. Rockwell warned of it, and so did you. Will these neutroids be able to sustain civilization without us? Will the Chinese rise to prominence without us? On that dreaded day when Israel becomes the capital of the Earth, and the head of an international court which judges all goyim (non-Jews). That day we knew was coming for so long. Thoughts?

A planet devoid of higher humanity would be something illogical and would never be tolerated. It would be destroyed outright before anything like this could take place. But, again, it's all taken place before, "as in the days of Noah". Cosmopolitan race-mixing was going on globally twelve thousand years ago when the earth had a civilization at least as high technologically as our own today. The geological record and the existing tribal memories everywhere support this.

There is a William Somerset Maugham story called, "Appointment In Samarra". It is ancient Iraq and a manservant comes running up to his master in terror, "Please, master, give me your fastest horse so that I may escape to Samarra for I have just seen Death looking at me in the market place." He gets the horse and rides away. Furious at the loss of his best servant, the master goes to the market place and confronts Death about it. Death expresses his own shock at having seen the servant in the market place because,"I have an appointment with him tomorrow in Samarra." Everything rushes toward a great climax.

8) Trump winning the election is a symbol of how utterly fed up people are with the whole political circus. How can people still believe in this corrupt and rotten Democrat/Republican mirage? For so long people have been picking 'the lesser evil' for their leaders. What a sewer this political show is. Thoughts?

In 1968 Alabama Governor George Wallace went on television and told the American People, "There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats". He was 100% right then. But no more. When they talk about a "division" they aren't kidding. Decent folks will vote Republican while shit-hooks will vote Democrat. Trouble is we are becoming outnumbered in this country by shit-hooks. But I felt that way too in the last big election and look what happened! The vile Democrats have never ceased in their hatred against Trump. They hate him because they know the White Americans support him and they don't want the Whites to have any leadership they can look up to.

In a talk last year to a group I said that this was the greatest thing to take place since the fall of the Iron Curtain. And I stressed then that we had absolutely nothing to do with either. Victor Hugo said a long time ago that there's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Maybe we've been a little bit ahead.

And I would say that we didn't get into this mess overnight and if we are to get out of it by means other than off-earth intervention, neither will that happen overnight.

9) Israel seems to want to destroy Iran with a passion. Iran has done some pretty ballsy things in the past few decades, like -- holding an international Holocaust conference (2006), sponsoring an International Holocaust Cartoon Competition... Yet I was watching a state media television station straight from Iran a year or so ago, and the news people were talking about the Holocaust 'tragedy' and how bad the evil 'Nazis' were...? Smoke and mirrors? Why would a state run television station espouse this lie?

If we have to look to non-white countries, even those outside the orbits of Israel, then we might as well quit right now. Iran nor any of the rest have any desire to help the White man get back up on his feet. They are all fallen people and they realize it. As long as the White race exists they will be painfully reminded of what they are and what they once were. It is we who need to take this lesson.

Israel and Jews in general have this paranoid streak in their brains which won't allow for anything to exist which is not completely favorable to them. That was the reason for the Gulf War which took out Saddam Hussein. His Ba'ath Party had been founded and was allied with the Axis Powers in the Second World War. So they got this country on a false pretext to go and take out Iraq. In the process they totally destabilized the entire Middle East. Some master-brained plan.

10) Speaking of Iran, what do you think about the National Socialists from the Middle East that joined Germany's side during WWII? Dr. Davud Monshizadeh, a native of Iran, was even wounded in the final battle in Berlin while protecting the Führer bunker. He was also a founding member of the National Socialist Iranian Workers Party called 'SUMKA', which was one of the top three political parties of Iran for a time. Also what do you think of Amin al-Husseini, the Muslim leader who met with Adolf Hitler and helped the Germans recruit Muslim volunteers for the Waffen-SS?

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a White man, pure and simple. Look at Assad in Syria. The whole area during ancient times was a lot Whiter than it is today. But lose your "yeomanry", your broadest base of population, and you've lost everything. That's what is happening here now and look at the crime and the degeneracy, the poverty and the disease, etc., as it continues to grow. But it is we who are the "haters", the "cranks" and the "nuts". If we'd had our way, none of this would be happening. But you cannot stand in the way of this Jewish, alien agenda or they will come after you.

11) Let's go back to George Lincoln Rockwell. Did you ever get to meet him? Watching videos of him and reading his books he exudes charm and seems very likable. Do you think he had a natural charisma? A charisma that ultimately could have led our people in a mass movement? How would he fare in today's world? I think he would have picked up on the power of the internet very fast.

Rockwell was assassinated in August of 1967 and I didn't arrive in Arlington, Virginia, until December of 1968. And so we never met. But I was able to sense that his can-do spirit was still very much active for the time being and I later went on to study about all of his writings as well as letters, etc. I feel I know the man better than most.

He was the greatest American of the Twentieth Century. It was the enemy media quarantine which kept him from becoming known to his fellow Americans. But Rockwell is better known today by far than he was during his lifetime due, again, to the internet. And he is reaching his fellow, White Americans as never before. I've said it elsewhere that I'm frankly glad that Rockwell never had to witness the America he loved in the vile and degenerated state we see it in today. It would have broken his heart. He was very ill, very tired, very grieving at the end and it was his own first active recruit who took him out, by the most hateful of motivations. When a man has accomplished what he was meant to do, he is free to go. "I knew I wouldn't live to see the victory I would make possible but I wouldn't die before I had made that victory certain." From his autobiography, "This Time the World".

[Above: This Time the World, 1961]

12) I've read that you joined the youth division and became a member of the American Nazi Party in the late 60s. What was it like? Did you ever live on the compound/property? What was your job?

A great friend and fellow author from the old days said to me of his first visit to Arlington when he too was underage, "You didn't know what to expect but it wasn't what you expected." I think privation is the word.

Do it while you're young. Wouldn't have missed it for all the world but wouldn't go through it again for several worlds. It was fun. It was harsh. It was dangerous. Few would stick under such circumstances. If serious headway were to be made in a tangible manner, then okay. But to go on and on without let-up. No thanks.

My "job" was as printer. And I learned to run an offset print shop. But this was strictly non-union and I also served as duty officer at the headquarters, as a trooper going out on demonstrations, etc.

The former "compound" was gone as of late 1967. The Party had actually bought a very decent building in Arlington proper in May of 1968. But my "home" and "office" was a ramshackle old building about six blocks away. Unheated in winter, windows boarded up so no one could see in to learn just who operated there. Trash had to be personally taken to the dump lest Negro trash men from the District get the big idea. For a time I slept on the floor beside my press. And I lived on about $15.00 per week (but things were cheap then).

13) Let's talk about William Pierce and the National Alliance. You knew him back in the 1960s? What were your thoughts of him back then? To many people today he is a legendary man. Despite his faults, he opened many eyes. I myself was shown the way by his books, newsletters and radio programs. We used to gather around this little beat up radio and listen to his crackly radio broadcasts back in the 1990s here in Nebraska. It was magical to us back then, to actually hear someone on the RADIO that was one of us. Someone who thought the way we did, someone who genuinely cared about what we cared about. I first read Hunter and the Turner Diaries back then and they were mind blowing. They might have been written in a fictional context but they were loaded with truth. I spent the next many years researching what I learned from Pierce. Did you have contact with him in the years proceeding his death?

Dr. Pierce was my mentor. He had the greatest respect from me, this I know. In retrospect he was the only true revolutionary among the three who were running the Party back then. He had humor, he had daring and he didn't shrink back from calling for violence. We at headquarters, way before the days of him being on radio much less internet, would dial up his latest "White Power Message" and get a kick out of what he might be saying (these were no more than old-fashioned answering machines operating with cassette tapes which he changed each week).

When he left the Party in 1970 he founded his own newspaper, "Attack!" It was here that he first serialized his now famous book, "The Turner Diaries". Remember that so much of it has come true from Oklahoma City to the Homeland Security and more. But the whole thing was set to have taken place during the 1990s. Again, I think we've been ahead of ourselves.

They say that "Hunter" was based on Joseph Paul Franklin who I knew at Arlington as James Vaughn. It was Vaughn/Franklin who shot Larry Flynt the pornographer after Flynt printed an interracial spread in his magazine. I also had met Flynt in Cincinnati before the shooting. Some coincidence.

[Above: James Mason in his library. Click to enlarge.]

14) How about Gerhard Lauck? Lauck still runs the NSDAP/AO out of Nebraska and is responsible for many NSDAP book reprints and websites. During the 1970s and 1980s he was the biggest producer of National Socialist materials in Europe. Did you ever have contact with him? He's still active and is focusing a lot on the internet.

During the Seventies there were a number of attempts at forging cooperation among NS and other White nationalist groups. In the course of this I met Gerhard Lauck. I see that he is issuing many fine titles from out of NS Germany and around. This is good.

15) Did you meet David Duke back in the day?

I first met David Duke at the initial Party Congress of 1969. He was eighteen and I was seventeen. He was skinny and I was heavy. At the time he was at or about to enter LSU while I had just the year before dropped out of high school. Neither of us amounted to much at that great gathering. But things changed for him fast. For me, I was always a "late bloomer". I know I've been called a great many things, not all of them complimentary.

16) I'm interested to hear your opinion of Robert Mathews and the Brüder Schweigen. To many, including myself, they are martyrs and shining examples of real men. I got the opportunity to write a few of the men who were in prison and they were truly inspiring, great souls (David Lane and Gary Yarbrough).

The men of The Order - Mathews, Lane, Yarbrough, etc. - are all the greatest of heroes and martyrs. Mathews especially was perhaps the most utterly devoted member of the movement I can think of. There aren't nearly enough like him which is a large part of why we as a people are in the mess we are in. But as Robert Miles warned ominously in his bulletin, "From the Mountain", the people not taking up the struggle as led the way by the likes of Mathews and all, will in the end cost them dearly. And it has and it will.

17) Can you tell us anything about your association with a group loosely called Atomwaffen? There are pictures of you with masked Atomwaffen men. Are these young men who have found Siege and sought you out?

I received a letter im the mail here in May of 2017 asking whether I was "the James Mason we have been looking for." It was from Atomwaffen. We met and I was told, "Anything you write we will publish." I'd been waiting for just this sort of thing for twenty years. Before some of them had been born. Now it's been three years and they kept their word. I entered the picture just at a time of tragedy for the AWD. Two deaths in Florida of two good men of theirs. A shooting in West Virginia, I believe. Soon followed by a stabbing in the Los Angeles area. Not to mention the arrest of their founder and leader on some alleged "bomb plot". And the enemy media had been riding this crest ever since trying to get them outlawed. In the past six months we've seen several arrests on similar such charges. But it is the website itself, not any sort of actions taken, that the enemy wants removed. As long as the site remains we win and they lose.

[Above: Mason and the Atomwaffen]

18) White birth rates are abysmal. They aren't even at replacement levels. Are people just selfish and don't want kids complicating their oh-so-important lives? Does our race deserve to survive if they don't even want to? Has there ever been a race more happy to be led to the slaughterhouse? White people have grown weak, selfish, egotistical and lulled into a deathly sleep. What will become of us? There sometimes seems to be nothing you can tell these people to wake them up. Even if they take the time to listen to you and actually believe you, five minutes later they don't give a shit.

They say that Moses led the Israelites - the last decent Whites - from out of Egypt due to the "bondage" they were suffering. Note that animals in captivity as in zoos, etc., will have difficulty reproducing. Such unnatural conditions obviously, affect the drive to reproduce. I say that as a race we are in bondage right here, right now. It is stated that the testosterone levels in men have been dropping consistently for some time now. When the Israelites settled in their new home their birth rate fairly exploded.

19) I saw pictures of your WWII collection on the internet. Wow, needless to say I'm impressed, you have some beautiful pieces. Do you have a favorite item? Prices have gone up-up-up on anything 'Nazi'. Are there any pieces that you regret not buying back in the day? What about fakes, have you bought any and later found out you were duped?

I was a "collector" par excellence from the age of fourteen until past fifty. Yes I was buying when the getting was good. It was a passion of mine. One could get a good piece off the veteran who brought it back for a song. No more. What I was paying $3.50 for in the day now costs $350.00, as an example. But what really gets me is the type of thing that is now available. One-of-a-kind museum pieces. None of this was even thought of back then at any price. It was all buried, held in secret for the right time to surface. To me this is better than encouraging. The Church has its relics and we have ours. And if a person must "call for a price quote", he isn't apt to be taking bad care for any such item in the future. (Then too there are the insane "regulations" on the display, sales and shipping of this stuff. Can't for example display fully an NS banner. Must remain folded in the illustration with only a corner turned to show some detail. Then too customs can and will hold up the shipment of a badge or the like. We didn't see this back in the day. Are they becoming fearful?)

At the gun shows if I saw it, wanted it, could afford it, I bought it. I never quibbled price and the dealers loved me for it. When it came to an item like a "Blue Max", yes, I'd buy a museum copy as I knew I'd never own the real thing. But get screwed? This I was pretty good at avoiding. Finally it came around to the dealers coming to me anytime they had something they didn't know how to identify. It was good.

[Above & below: A small example of Mason's enormous and beautiful collection!]

20) How come you never got into the internet? I mean, have you checked it out before? You're a very rare person. You also don't use smart phones or anything like that. Are you against technology of this kind?

I am a technophobe. I have very little patience. It has cost me, no doubt in my life. There may be a logic to something but unless it is my own logic then I must reinvent it. Personally I never ventured onto the internet. I did use a computer once but sat there in front of it sensing the potential within it and getting angrier all the time knowing that I'd never be able to tap it. I pushed away from the desk before I got so mad that I might throw it through the window. I still use a typewriter with only my left index finger and do quite well. There are young people aplenty to handle going online for me.

21) Let's go back to the early days, when you were young and full of fire, what led you to the truth? What awakened you? Was there something particular that set you on your path?

Hitler's twisted image came to me in 1966 as I foundered in my own twisted state. Nothing else was going to be able to do it. I had turned my back on everything. Then Hitler's image began getting sorted out even as I myself was getting better squared away. I have to believe that that is something more than magic.

22) You live in Colorado. It's one of my favorite states when it comes to natural beauty. The Rocky Mountains are gorgeous. The first time I saw the mountains I was driving into Estes Park after a ten hour drive from Omaha. I felt like I could faint from the overwhelming beauty. It's one of those things that can't really be filmed. You cannot capture its magic. I was in love! We even filmed the end of our 2002 film in the Rocky Mountains. How did you end up in Colorado? Do you like hiking? What do you think of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado?

When I was very young my Dad - who himself was an audiophile - had a collection of LP recordings and one of these was entitled "Organ Moods". The album cover, a full 12X12 inches, was of those famous "purple mountains" spoken of in the song. Breathtaking. Well, I didn't get a chance to actually see in person those "purple mountains" unti1 I found myself at Arrowhead Minimum Security Prison Camp here in 1995. We were marching back from chow at breakfast time and there they were, all lit up by the morning sun!

When I saw that my finances in Ohio were hopelessly lost and I was unable to get the needed refinance, I looked to my wife of the time and said, "I don't want to be within a thousand miles of this place. Do you have any preference on where to go?" She said, "Yes. I'd like to go back home to Colorado." A fast auction, a cashier's check for a triple lot with two homes on it, everything in three U-Hauls and off we set in January of 1992. Real pioneers.

I very seldom get outside of the city limits. As to marijuana. All that sort of thing is the very sorcery mentioned in the Bible. It is an evil. But the enemy is so very clever. He has provided these people with every sort of "freedom". Freedom to destroy themselves by various and sundry means. And they'll try to kill you if you should dare come between them and these "freedoms".

[Above: James Mason mugshot]

23) In Siege you wrote, very succinctly I might add: '...National Socialism [is] the highest, most sophisticated, and advanced creed yet formulated by the White Man for his own betterment. Nothing more than that today exists, nothing more is required. It represents all of our needs.' (National Socialism - Vol. X, #7 - July, 1981)

Gosh, this says it all doesn't it? Do you see a day when National Socialism will triumph? Will it take the utter collapse of this society for a new one to be born? Rockwell wrote:

'We are the new "barbarians",
forged in iron hardness in the fires
of their hate and persecution.
All over the world, we wait to pounce...'

What do you think?

When I became acquainted with Manson he made the suggestion of using the term Universal Order instead of National Socialism. "No sense makes sense." Or don't go directly with something the enemy is already expecting and well prepared to deal with. And the Manson women liked to say, "The truth is one." One truth, innumerable lies.

24) Did you ever meet Matt Hale? His story is utterly tragic. The system saw him as a threat so they entrapped him and made up a bunch of bullshit charges. He got 40 years in prison. He won't be out until at least 2045! And this is brutal, inhumane solitary confinement. But despite all of this he has never stopped fighting them. Even from his lonesome prison cell he has written three books. His whole story is one of triumph and tragedy. He was to be a lawyer, but because he spoke out for his race they barred him! Do you know of him?

I never met Matt Hale. But I did correspond with him for a period of years. He remains utterly unbroken and totally devoted to the cause. I have seen many an entrapment case. I saw entrapment before DeLorean and AbScam when the term was popularized. But I also know that one must cooperate with the agents provocateur in order for this to be effective. Never have I seen smoke without there being actual fire. Must fight paranoia. Yes, if you are perceived as a threat to them, they'll send in agents to set you up.

A positive guarantee. But remember the three monkeys: "See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil." And the agent activities will fail. Manson said, "Beware of the eagle, don't do anything illegal." Jesus said, "Be as cunning as serpents but harmless as doves."

In all of my own incarcerations I was guilty as hell and so I don't share the sting of having been set up.

25) Now to Tomassi and the NSLF (National Socialist Liberation Front). I've read that you met him a few times in person and later maintained regular correspondence. He's pretty legendary to people who know of him, but strangely not many people do in today's age. He seemed to have lived a fast and dedicated life until he was murdered by his former comrades. Can you tell us anything about Tomassi? I'd love to hear any memories you have of him. Did you keep any of your correspondences? Wow, that would be historic. Tomassi to Mason. I'll cross my fingers just in case.

Joseph Tommasi is a person that must never be forgotten. This I undertook to accomplish in Siege. And I must say it has worked. We have lately sought for help in expanding the data on his life but to no real success. Shame on those others. But we will always realize that we have done more to keep his flame alive than anyone else. One day some real investigator will rectify this situation.

I met Tommasi at each of the Party Congresses from 1969 through 1973. During 1974 we corresponded fairly regularly. I warned him against the motivations of the Arlington group but to no avail. When he was killed in August of 1975 some of the life went out of me as well. It was then I decided to keep his name alive. You can perhaps locate an NSLF website today and see his total output plus news items as well as our correspondence.

[Above: Joseph Charles Tommasi (1951 - 1975)]

26) What did you think when you found out Tomassi was murdered? What do you think about all the drama between him and his killers? Was there a lot of infighting at the time? After Rockwell died it seems people went into a power grab.

I'll answer this question this way: I wouldn't have minded it so much had there been an actual power grab. But there was never any "power" but only that one "pie" - the Right Wing mailing list - that all were in competition over for their meager funding. Some were actually crazy enough to play it like a power struggle. Unbalanced, unhinged and acting in bad faith. And they wonder why it is called the Lunatic Fringe.

27) You released a MASSIVE collection of pictures of Rockwell and the Movement, all unpublished as far as I know. Whoever took the time to scan them all did a great service! Thank you! There is one problem however: the pictures aren't titled. There are a lot that the viewer has no clue what it is or who the people are. These pictures are so historic, it's a tragedy that we don't have information with them. Are they your pictures? Do you know what a lot of these pictures are? This stuff should be in a museum, comrade.

Out there on the internet are photos of Rockwell that cause my heart to skip a beat. Once more, what exists and has surfaced astounds me and more than encourages me. I'm sharp enough to get them identified, dated, etc. I get them printed off as I am a big believer in hard copy or so you may have already guessed.

Yes, they are all from my collection - what you see in the site - and they do need to be properly captioned. And they are all in a "museum" at present. I took care to scan everything before sending it off and the respective discs have been copied and uploaded many times. It will all live forever. A very definite victory.

28) What is your advice to young people about the Struggle. Time is truly running out. I often hear the whole 'I want to do something, I just don't know what or how I can help!' What is your answer to this?

Time running out. Time "runs out" on this and then on that. Many lines in the sand. Many lost opportunities. It ain't over till the Fat Lady sings. The enemy is worried and frantic. "Satan senses that his time is short and is full of wrath." From the Bible. John in Revelation answered the question this way: "Hold on to what you have and await His return." Hitler's last recorded words were to his valet, Linge, who was about to lock the door for those awful ten minutes when he asked, "Who will we fight for now?" And Hitler's answer: "For the coming man." Be in the Truth but don't assume foolish action.

29) Personally I believe that Adolf Hitler was divine, much like Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano thought. I also tend believe in a force, or intelligence, perhaps something our ancestors called 'god(s)'. May I ask you what you believe? Is this battlefield we call life a part of some cosmic war beyond life and death? Many peoples believed that at 'Ragnarok' or 'Apocalypse' the forces of light would gather and battle the forces of darkness. We know which side we are on if this be the case. Our side has the greatest generals, tacticians, commanders, etc., from the entire timeline of men. One thing I remind myself is that the men and women of the past are 100% behind us and our beliefs. They would be absolutely appalled if they saw this current world. A world where white people are being attacked from every side.

The final verses of the final book of the Old Testament go about like this: "And I will send you Elijah who will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers lest I smite the earth with a curse." Theologians mainly will claim that this Elijah has yet to appear. We believe it was Hitler. Oh, yes. And he would come just before the day of the coming of the Lord.

[Above: James Nolan Mason at the very spot where George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated, 1976.]

30) Adolf Hitler said 'that one day his spirit will rise and the world will know he was right.' Will that day ever come?

When I was locked up in the Cincinnati Workhouse during 1974-1975, I had one Black comment to me that, "In twenty years Hitler will be made a hero." I asked why he thought this and he said, "Because everything bad has already been said about him and that leaves nothing but the good." Well, once again timing was off but as I said earlier what is out there on the internet about the real Hitler is just amazing. It is the kind of avalanche of Truth that will ultimately sweep all of the lies ahead of it and away.

31) It's an extremely dark world. It grows darker and darker. It's a skill to be able to not let it hinder you/depress you. Concentrate on your personal fight. What keeps you going? Will an apocalypse scenario be the only way to wrestle power from our enemies? I've read somewhere that you believe in accelerating the decay of the world?

Things are in free-fall. The fight belongs to God only. What keeps me going is the realization I found as I was at work while at Colorado State Penitentiary in demystifying the Bible. We stand at the end of all prophecy. The story is about over. As I said before, it has all been anticipated and the outcome is given. That's when I stopped worrying. I wrote long ago that anytime one saw the term in any movement type of manifesto, "We must..." it meant, number one, that it hasn't been done and, two, it wasn't going to be done. We can do nothing except try to stay in the Truth. And, no, I never suggested that it was even possible or desirable to try to "accelerate" the decay process. I've known those who have postulated this but I am sure it was a form of cop-out on their part and an excuse for turning their back on the clean and manly life.

32) Recently Jeff Schoep betrayed the Cause after 20 some years. He was the leader of the NSM. How can a person go to the enemy? How can they unlearn what they've been taught? I'll never understand. I could NEVER turn my back on National Socialism and the millions who died for us. It is ingrained so deeply in me that nothing could change it.

Someone rewrote the "history" of the NSM some years back. What they came up with is a total fabrication. I started the NSM myself in southern Ohio in 1975. At present in "The Vault" section of our website are a few at least of those earliest publications which prove my claim. Bad faith and stupidity took it over in 1978 and the trail has been one of disgrace ever since. So what else is new? What did Frederick the Great say? "Now I know men; I prefer dogs."

33) You continued the Siege newsletter, founded by Tomassi (1980-86), the publication of the book Siege in 1993 and the newest addition (2003, out of print). How many were done? You mentioned to me that you plan on releasing Siege again. When can we expect this third edition?

In the past thirty days I have seen editions of Siege that I didn't know existed. And pretty damned good they are too. We can effectively stop worrying about reissuing Siege. It will remain out there forever. In fact in the fresh edition we had planned was placed a disclaimer stating that the work was forty years old and intended only for study purposes. The bastards can be expected to come after us - me - for its content at some future point and I want to be on record about it this way. Its continued publication is entirely out of my hands.

34) This has been a long interview and I hope it didn't bore you. I look forward to your responses and thank you for taking the time to do this for us. Let's end this with a few hypothetical questions just for fun. If you could change one thing, one event of the past, what would you change? If you could send a message to Adolf Hitler, what would it be? Lastly, if you could go to anywhere in the past, for one day, where and when would you go?

I used to think a lot about regrets, that is, changing the past. I don't do that anymore. "From before the foundation of the earth", as it is said. You couldn't - or shouldn't - change anything. But I have come to say that I'll take mine gladly but they'll have to take theirs like it or not. Our poor science is just getting around to seriously looking at such things as parallel universes and multiple dimensions. Then there is mass intelligence. No need to worry about sending any messages. All is known.

I do think a lot about this or that occasion from my own childhood and how I would like to go back and just relive that one entire day, from waking to sleeping, just to say hello and have a good, second look around. Useless hopes. Everything is locked away upstairs. It is only the retrieval system that starts to break down.

35) Thank you comrade! Any last words of wisdom to this dark world?

It isn't a dark world after all. It is a world of light. If it were otherwise then the enemy plots couldn't be happening. There must be a positive before there can be a negative to attack it. I love my life and to hell with the games of any enemy.
It's the easiest of things to see Satan at work all around us. But that is the best and absolute proof of God. As I said, every bit of this has been long ago anticipated and the hammer is about to be put down on it.

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