'Bloodless battles are raging, in the arena of our minds, crimes of deceit perpetrating, forcefeeding poisonous lies. Misinformation is a virus, infecting the following herd. The age of control is upon us, caged with ideas, and chained by words. This has been a test, do not adjust your set, believers have a choice, to follow or be lead... In television we're trusting, the power to teach wrong and right, you need not share your oppinion, one will be given to you, sit down and shut up, and wait instructions, you will be told what to do. Please disregard all the vermin, those who speak not the good word, Media Lords will determine, all that is fit to be heard, now we return to our program, already in progress you see, listen and pay close. Sit down and shut up, and be glad that your free.-Believers have a Choice from Faith is in Season

Beginning in 1984, Paul Speckman has had a number of musical projects, the most infamous of them being Master. Some of his other projects include Abomination, Deathstrike, and Funeral Bitch. During Speckman's career, Nuclear Blast Records has released seven of his works . In the following interview he outlines his views and goals for Master.

First off, let me begin by asking you where you got the idea of the name 'Master'? What does it mean to you? You are the master of your own destiny. When you realize this you can conquer all obstacles.

Should we be expecting a new album out soon? < We have just finished a split 7 inch with Moonlight Records. Dwell California has also showed interest!

What is the current line-up of band members? Since the line-up is always changing its hard to say, it's Paul Speckman and...?

What inspires you both musically and non-musically? Life, death, politics, religion. All of these things inspire me on and off the stage.

You've been in the 'scene' for a lengthy period of time, what changes have you observed in that time and what do you foresee for the future of Metal? The underground is dying, bands are selling out. But Metal will continue to conquer forever!

There seems to be a large decline in the field of originality when it comes to new bands. To be inspired by others is human, but to blatantly copy them is a crime that goes unpunished far too often. It seems that everyone isn't satisfied with just listening to music anymore. They feel they need to start a band, to be like their musical idols. This trend and overpopulation is but a venom in the veins of our music. Have you any thoughts on this matter? Do these people sleep at night?! Don't they have a guilty conscience?

What is it you feel sets Master apart from all the others? Master is The original. Copycats will always be around. Every dog has his day though. Stay tuned to Master!

Define to us your goals you hope to achieve through Master. I play music for myself. It is an emotional outlet for me. I wish to bring my music to the world.

Some of your lyrics have anti-Christian elements to them, what are your views on Christianity? I believe in myself and no one else. The industry has let me down many times. N.B.R. [Nuclear Blast Records] is filthy rich and I'm a pauper.

Do you yourself possess any religious beliefs? I believe in Master.

What are your views on the world today? Do you believe it will ever improve? The world is a lonely place. It will never improve with all this greed and people starving in the streets.

Lastly, how do you wish your music to be remembered in the future? I want people to know I have never given up and never will!

Paul Speckman
1271 N. Clark St.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

"Master your own destiny, create your own identity, raise the sword, cut through the filth, and beat them all. It's just free will..."

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