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The following interview is done with Mathew...

Being a rather new band, formed in '95, the name Messe Noir is not too widely known. Tell the readers your biography and about your music.
Messe Noir means black mass in French. We have out a demo called The Throne of Ninninhagal. This is a 4 song tape. We started selling them a while back and got a really good response so we released the CD. The Music style is Non-repetitive! We really do not repeat the same riffs in the context of each song.
You've just released 'Mandal-Gate of the Calling,' It seems you concentrated a lot on speed and aggression. Is this what we can expect for the future of M.N. ? Or will you ever incorporate other elements/instruments into your sound?
We really can not slow down. We are already working on new material that is faster and more complex. We tend to get a lot faster and more aggressive. You can count on that.
Speaking of the future, are you working on the next release? Tell us a bit about what has developed so far...?
As for the future we have already named the next CD and plan on putting the actual song The Throne of Ninninhagal on it.
What are some of the best and worst experiences you have had playing live?
The best and worst times playing are usually on the same day. The day of the show starts off bad .By the end of the day when we finish playing our set people usually stare at us for long periods of time. Its like they are in a trance or something.
Judging from the name of your demo, 'The Throne of Ninninhagal.' and the title of your new release 'Mandal-Gate of the Calling,' Sumeria and the Necronomicon have been inspirational to the band. Tell us about this...
Well Sumeria is after all the first civilization in History? Ah bullshit, anyway we picked Sumeria because its wide range of gods and demons and tales. The Necronomicon just touches the outer core of the Sumerian culture and its gods and demons.
Have you read the Necronomicon? If so, it is also contested that it is fictional, that it was written in the 70's and not an authentic text, what do you think?
Yes, I have read the Necronomicon several times. This is a book written by a man, not to question this would be foolish.
What are your thoughts on religion? Do you yourself practice any?
No I do not practice any form of religion. Any form of religion is for the weak!!!
Undeniably a lot of world culture was destroyed by Christianity. Unlike any other religion, they used violence to push it upon those of other beliefs, and in the Old Testament one can find references where their God commands them to do so. Would you agree that force is the primary reason for Christianity's relative 'success' in Christianizing the world? Explain your thoughts on this...
Christianity is the belief of Christ. This a man of God. Those who follow the foot steps of another man is a fool. No one should put such faith in weak ideas. The faith itself is demeaning and hypocritical. Christianity did ruin a lot of culture and other religions. They were probable one of the largest cults today. Just go down to Church and pay your dues $$$$$$.
Being from the same land mass as ourselves, we share seeing and hearing what the majority of people's musical tastes are. The common trends of music from our point of view are very artless. What do you think? What do you think draws the line between the music black/death and mainstream, besides of course the sound?
The majority of the music from this area is due to money influences
All of us living are compelled to ponder our mortality and death. Some of us dwell on this more than others of course. When you think about death, what conclusions do you reach? What are your thoughts on this? Do you see an afterlife or with the end of our physical self does it all just end?
Yes it all just ends we are just mortals and gods of our own world. Death is the End!!
The one thing in this life that is incontestable, the one unspoken truth, is ultimately death. If you could control how you will die, what way would you choose to end this life?
It does not matter, to die slow, to die fast, to die in pain does not matter, because you will always just die
If you had one question you could ask an 'all knowing being', what would it be?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
The world is in decline, so say many of its inhabitants. The turn of the Millennium influences a lot of peoples thinking no doubt , but one needs only to look into current world events to see mankind is facing amounting problems like never before. Never before did we have the capabilities of destroying one another with more stealth. Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are only the tip of the iceberg though. The heat produced from a nuclear bomb is hotter than even the sun. Man has always striven for faster ways of killing his enemies, we have seemed to have reached the zenith in our quest. Do you see hope for tomorrow and a future for mankind?
Unfortunately humankind will be around for a long time!
Final comments?
Hail to you who speak the name!!!!!!!!!!!!

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