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The following interview is done with Shade...

First, lets begin by you giving an introduction to Myrmidon. I'm sure most of our readers are not familiar with your works.
Myrmidon performs pure black metal...we're from South Texas and we are two members right now, myself on guitars and bass guitar and Buer on drums and vocals.
Illuminate to us what the band represents... what are some of the things it stands for? How about personally? What do you 'fight' for in this life?
Myrmidon again is all about performing pure black metal by ways of darkness, hatred, evil...we're blasphemous black metal. In this life, we personally fight for the the abolishment of everything that opposes us. Anything we feel that might try to break us is what we turn our backs to.
People are beginning to take note of the rising black metal bands in the USA. With such bands as Demoncy, Judas Iscariot, Darkmoon, Averse Sefira, etc., it is very justified. What are your thoughts on the USA BM 'scene' and its future?
I think its we've expressed before, its not all about Europe. Europe has some great bands and tremendous scenes...for instance Finland, Czech Republic etc...but there is US black metal too. We're certainly not close-minded enough to only listen to bands from a certain portion of the globe. We do have our preferences to certain bands yes...who doesnt? But, we enjoy black metal from everywhere. US has a great scene that is building up.
Are you a believer that black metal is highly based upon philosophy and belief, foremost?
If it werent based on these things, what would it be based upon? No matter what the content of the lyrics are, its got to come from imagination, experience, feeling...all of which have to do something with belief in some sort of way, even in the simplest and smallest way.
Tell us about the lyrics of the band. What sort of things do they deal with?
Lyrics...blasphemy, darkness, evil...isolation, depression...
Your thoughts on Christianity? Satanism?
Personally, I dont think too much about either one. Everyone has their own idea of what each one can ask 10 christians and 10 satanist and their all going to have a different opinion of what each one is. I do understand that many satanists believe in the rule of freewill...and thats something I can live by. Christianity and other religions are more organized and there is an expectation of following orders. That's not me...
What motivates you as a musician? Is there a definite message you wish to spread through your music/lyrics/imagery?
As a musician, I think my imagination, my creativity creates my motivation for the most part. Of course I have my own influences as well. Myrmidons music is not technical. Our music isnt hard either. Its pretty basic stuff...we intend to keep it that way. I am not a virtuoso on the guitar either. At home, during my times of practice I'll practice and learn what I can. No matter how easy or complex my practice wont effect Myrmidons music...
There are many bands who put on this image of brutality and 'evil'. Yet, in reality, they are politically correct slaves of their record labels/media. Your thoughts on these traitors? And, would you ever bend to the will of a label under pressure?
You know...all that is bullshit. We don't ever plan on signing to a big fucking corporate label even if we had the chance. They'll all claim to be doing the music naturally as a progression...whatever. Even if that is the case...there has to be some motivation coming from the labels on the progression a band is taking. I understand that progression from album to album is great, but some bands just create a new band under the same name. I admit, our newer stuff is slightly different from the 'Divine Blasphemy' demo...but it's all in the same vein you know? If anything changes in our's the production. Next time, it's going to have a more raw sound. 'Divine' did come out a little cleaner than we wanted it to. The drums sucked though...everything will be worked out as it should be next time we record. People who are familiar with our demo will notice a change in the sound...not so much the music itself. It will still be blasphemous...more than less.
What are your opinions on society in general? Would you say you go against the grain, and if so, how so?
The society is confused. There is no general direction in society at all. A lot of it is political shit. I dont pay much attention the political sides of things...but society in general is a warped thing. Categories...trends....fads....labels etc etc...whatever.
Lets look into the future of the world... what do you see... a place much worse than now? Violent change? Tell us...
I've thought about both a better and a worse place than what we have today. I can see a more peaceful place...but I do see more of a tragic world relying on technology. Technology is both good and bad. For instance...our war machinery...our ability to perfect the aim on a small desolate country across the world. I hate to get into detail about this...but the job market will only request more from the computer specialists, which leaves more people jobless...unless everyone owned a computer and are extremely familiar with them, then there wouldn't be much of a problem. But that is not the case. 50 years ago...none of these things were much of any problem. 50 years from now...who knows what will be our problems then....if we are here to have problems.
Tell us what you envision when you ponder death... ? What is death like in your imagination?
That's extremely hard to tell...I've thought about many things that are unexplained, but death is something I haven't thought about to much extent honestly.
Would you say there are some things in life worth dying for? If so, explain.
If I had my own family...a wife, children...I would think that would be worth dying for. Why shouldnt it?
Hypothetically, if you could know one answer to any question. What would it be?
Without knowing too much, exactly where is the boundry of our universe if there is one?
Through your perspective, what is the meaning of this life? What is it ultimately, you hope to attain or accomplish?
Life is based upon thought ,observation, imagination, creativity, freewill and determination. I hope to attain a life using all these concepts to my fullest resulting in a life I had complete control of to the best of my ability.
And in closing, how can readers attain your merchandise.
Our website address is: Emailing us would be the second step in obtaining something of Myrmidon....
Last comments and words of wisdom to the world?
Hail Mourning The Ancient...continue the great art you have created, thanks for the interest. To the underground world...blasphemy, evil, darkness, sorrow is all in the name of black metal. Ride the winds of this creation and let it capture the essense of the soul. To Think and Observe, To Imagine and Create, To Conquer and To Prevail!!!

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