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The following interview is done with Dr. Faustus, keyboard player of NINNGHIZHIDDA...

First of all, give us a history of the band.
NINGHIZHIDDA was created in the end of 1996/ beginning of 1997 by Mephistophe- les (voc, guit) and myself. Baalberith joined the band as our lead-guitar player and we started preparing material. Our promo-recording " The Horned Serpent ", which contained 6 Tracks, was recorded in summer 97 with a session drummer. This recording caused quite a lot of interest on the band, although it was never for sale. After several offers we made the deal with INVASION REC./Rough Trade and in July 1998 our " Blasphemy "-album has been released, feat. Mr. Lightning Bolt (Tsatthoggua) on drums and several guest vocalists. Finally Zagan joined the team in spring 98 as a vocalist and bass-player.

You've just released 'Blasphemy,' tell us about this release in your own words.
We've been recording our first album for Invasion Rec. in spring 98: " Blasphemy " , produced by A. Mason with Dr.Faustus and Mephistopheles, was done on 24 digital-tracks and is extremely powerful and raw, because we had very good conditions for recording and mastering. The album features 11 tracks of extreme metal with orchestral keyboards and great vocal arrangements, every song with a different touch.

By, the name,'NINNGHIZIDDA', I would suspect you are interested in Necronomicon?
NINNGHIZHIDDA is the horned serpent of the depths and the keeper of the gate, a character appearing in the Necronomicon.

Could you explain the basis of this interest? Have you 'dabbled' in its 'magic?'
It's just the interest in the story and it's symbolic power. We are no practicing "magicians".

The titles of your songs seem to be anti-Christian, 'Crucify the Lambs of God,' etc., could you pick a few songs at random and explain them to us?
We all do not believe in any kind of religion or ideology, the lyrics deal with little stories about desire, pleasures of the flesh and mind, proclaiming the non-existence of god and a higher order.

On the subject, your thoughts on Christianity?
A bunch of misguided fools, blinded by a not existing light. It sucks!

Have you in fact ever been to church or read the Bible? If so, tell us of this experience.
There are some churches we've seen that are incredible because of their architecture, real halls of ceremony, although they represent an unacceptable belief. Personally I'm interested in church-organs, in their monster-sound, where something else could be created with than praying to their lord... Knowing the bible is hard to prevent in our educational system 'til you are 14 and free to deny, but it's not too bad to know what you reject.

Your thoughts on Satanism and Paganism?
Our way is: believe in yourself and don't follow ideologies or any kind of religion. Any belief in a religiously structured system, even if it follows the 'evil', is Christian way of thinking: the opposite between two things. If one thing does not exist( there is no god, as we believe), there can be no opposite.

Tell us some of the things that inspire NINNGHIZIDDA. What sort of things do you do when not doing music?
The NINNGHIZHIDDA spirit and sound is unique. Everybody in the band is involved in the song writing, so we have a lot of different material and the possi- bility to arrange the songs more " symphonic ", with a lot of different voices and variations on the main themes. Each song is really special. Together with the sound, the " Blasphemy "-album, is an interesting mixture of brutal metal, the summary of how we like to perform our way of metal. And that's our inspiration, creating songs we like to hear and to record. Our members like various kinds of stuff like the old death metal bands, Slayer, Venom, some modern stuff or classic material in my case. Besides the music we like to have some drinks, visit concerts(which is not really be- sides music), doin' and watching sports, quite normal things.

Hypothetically speaking, if you were given the chance to ask some 'All-Knowing Being' one question, what would it be?

Do you believe in the afterlife? Heaven or hell? What do you believe?
We believe in the power of the individual and the creativity of combined will.

Your thoughts on humanity, humans in general?
Life is freakshow!

Most all of the bands we interview have a 'dark' outlook on the future of this world. What do you think? Do you see hope for a brighter future or...?
Future is what you make of it, things will happen or not. <

Which leads us to your thoughts on Armageddon?
If it exists, it's a place some people would deserve to be in...

To end with a few music-related questions, have you, or do you plan to in the future tour?
We are seeking for a new drummer, we got several tour- offers and like to go on the road in very early 1999 and do some festivals in summer.

What can we expect for the next release? Have you material as of yet?
Currently we are working on new material for the next album ' Faithless ', which we would like to release on January 1st, 2000 . It will be right in the vein of 'Blasphemy', heavy and monumental, perhaps even more experimen- tal. We are preparing ourselves for the upcoming shows, doin' interviews to promote "Blasphemy" and keep it goin'.

Alas, thanks for the time, your final thoughts?
Thanks for the interview, may you who read this have fun with the NINNGHIZHIDDA 'Blasphemy'-album and watch out for the Live-dates in 99. If you like to know something, if you want to order the album or if you are a drummer looking for a job, please feel free to get in touch.

Mail can be sent to:
Invasion Rec.
P.O.Box 2119
15707 Königs-Wusterhausen

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