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First tell us the history behind Noctuary ( past/present line-ups, when and how the band was formed, etc.)
Noctuary came into creation mid-way through the year 1996. Noctuary was bred from two previous bands. Summoned, blackened/death metal, and a nameless "garage," black metal band. Both shared members, and the only difference was the direction of songwriting and changing of vocalists. I was the vocalist for the "black metal band"(which consisted of only myself and the current Summoned drummer) and there was a different vocalist for Summoned. We kicked him out and combined our creative efforts into the first Noctuary demo, "Where All Agony Prevails." The line-up on this recording (which was the last official line-up of Summoned) included myself, Joseph, on guitars/vocals, Ian Mclean on drums, Darin Winn on guitar, and Sean Ball on bass. Shortly after the demo there was a small break-up, more like a hiatus, where Ian and I concentrated on another project we had going at the time, Black Winters Fading. Shortly after it's initiation, BWF disbanded. Leaving Ian and myself to focus, again, on Noctuary. We immediately began a search for musicians to join us in our campaign of aural carnage. Quickly, we found Ed Knecht to be a fitting bassist for Noctuary. Since then, we've lost our drummer, and gone through numerous live-only musicians. We borrowed Rob Alaniz of RISE to perform session drums on our debut CD, "For Salvation..." Now we are back to our 2nd incarnation with Ian back on drums and an addition of a 2nd rhythm guitarist, Michael Berezny.
How would you describe the music of Noctuary? What topics can one expect to find in your lyrics?
Our music invokes a variety of emotions, and comes straight from within our hearts. From our sorrows, to our hatreds, to our triumphs. Topics that are contained within our lyrics include the same emotions that are fulfilled through our music. From our dark moments of life, to our utter hatred for religion (christianity being a main focus), and the hardships we have overcome in our lives. Most of Noctuary's lyrics have more than one meaning, there is a literal meaning, and there is a meaning within the words... and I leave the true meaning for the listener/reader to find in themselves.
Your thoughts on bands who put on this facade of 'evil' and unconventionalism, yet are politically correct slaves? Your thoughts on political correctness, which seems so important to the lemming masses?
Oh how wondrous it would be to be born evil, the offspring of "Satan" himself... I find it more amusing than anything else. Everyone has the right to live how they want, whether if their lives are lies, or not. Personally, political correctness sickens me... I'd much rather live in a world of individuality and truth.
Describe the emotions you wish others to feel through your music.
I wish for others to feel their own emotions through our music. To hear our sorrows, triumphs, and hatreds and be able to relate. I don't feel that Noctuary's music, or any music for that matter, is something to just headbang to, etc. I think of music as a very emotionally charged expression of an artist. You don't just look at the Mona Lisa and say "that's a painting of a chick." There is also music which is created for the masses and the sole purpose of making money. That, of course, will never live beyond this age we are in now. Music that is written from the heart is eternal.
What are the goals you hope to reach through Noctuary? What is the message behind the music?
Through Noctuary we wish to express our feelings in their purest forms. Our music will be ever evolving and changing. We are hoping to have the opportunity, one day, to tour and play out wherever we are in demand. We have no message behind our music itself, really. Noctuary is just an exploration of individuality through musical ideas and techniques. We don't preach anything.
Explain to us how Christianity has influenced your life.
I don't really see how Christianity has influenced my life directly, except that our government is based very much on Christian laws and ideals. Musically it has affected my influences greatly. Since an overwhelming majority of the greatest composers of all time have been influenced by divinity in their writing.
Describe Christianity in one word.
How do you feel about the old religions? Do you find any truth in such beliefs?
I find many truths in every religion, but I do not think religion is anything more than answers to questions that can't be answered. It isn't much more than rules to be governed by, in my opinion. The idea of individuality resurfaces here.
Is Satanism something you look to with interest?
No, I can't really say that I am interested in any religion. There are also different types of satanism to cling to. I find LeVayan(sp?) to be nothing more than systemized Atheism. I also do not look to "gods" to worship or praise.
If there was one thing you could instantly destroy what would it be? Why?
MTV, self explanatory, heh heh...
Not too many things in life are certain, but there is one certainty...where there is life, there is death. We all must face it one day, what do you believe you will face when you reach the end?
I don't believe myself, or anyone else, can admit to knowing the ultimate truth. That is something we face in the end, and never before it. One can have hallucinations of afterlives, gods, etc., but none of this can be considered real.
With visions of world stability swiftly crumbling before our eyes and senseless violence taking over our cities, can the people of this world look to the future for hope? Is there any?
No, I am very pessimistic of the future of this world. I'm sure the fall of man will come soon, most likely within our life time. Since the beginning, the land has been raped for the progression of one species. The world has definitely lost an ecological balance.
Do you believe the human race could be on the brink of extinction?
I think mankind will see it's end soon. We have chosen a life-style that will ultimately destroy us. With the way the world is right now, we will be wishing for our deaths not long from today.
'Truth' in today's world seems to be just a word. It has grown unimportant in people's eyes. What are your feelings on this?
It definitely has. Most believe what they are told, if the source is "respectable" in their eyes. Even if the real truth is plain to see. It is much easier for people to be persuaded by "smooth talking" individuals who are out there to push their beliefs and ideals onto others.
And to the music once more, what can we expect from Noctuary in the future?
Always something new. We do not want to rehash our old material, but we will always stay in our form as a very "metal" band. We will experiment with more compositional ideas and techniques as well, and leave some structures very simple and "to the point." We will never compromise emotion for technicality.
If you had to choose a word that best represents Noctuary, what would it be? And in contrast, what word would it least be?
Individual, I think. We will always be doing our own thing, not following the paths of others. The word it would least be is motionless. We will always move forward and express ourselves the best way that we can.
Alas, your final thoughts and words of wisdom?
A thousand hails to Mourning the Ancient for your support! And hails to all those who took the time to read this rather lengthy interview. Together we shall destroy the divine light!

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