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The following interview is done with Neptune and 'K-2T4-S'...

First, lets begin with a history of ...And Oceans.
We started back in ´89 with a death metal band called FESTERDAY. We recorded some demos and the line-up changed all the time. We also had several projects and shit after Festerday, but that is out of importance now. ´95 we, the members of Festerday, (de Monde, Neptune and K-2T4-S) formed …and Oceans. We recorded some demos and some tracks were released on a compilation cd. These demos aren't available any longer!!! We have a demo called "Mare Liberum" which was released by the Swedish label Defender productions and it can be ordered directly from them for $5. The address is: Öringsgränd 6, 86030 Sörberge, Sweden.
Could you define the meaning of the band's name to us and tell us why it was chosen?
(K-2T4-S) Well, you aren't the first one asking about the name and definitely not the last one either, but to your question. Let´s make one thing clear first. The name has nothing to do with water or any natural factors. We use it more like a metaphor to thoughts. We chose the name cuz we were fed up with all the typical band names. Indirectly and subconsciously the choice of the name could be that we live by the sea, but the primary reason was that we wanted a thought provoking and progressive name with no limits in any directions and with a tough of psychedelic patterns and reflections of our personalities.
Tell us about some of the topics your lyrics deal with? Are lyrics important for ...And Oceans?
(K-2T4-S) Lyrics are very important and personal in ...and Oceans. The lyrics are about being released from artificial thoughts and colors, but the interpretation stays on the individual level.
You've stated in a past interview that you are anti-Christian. Could you elaborate on this and give us your thoughts on Christianity? How long have you felt this way?
(Neptune) Well, I have pretty much had doubts about Christianity as long as I can remember. Of course you don't have such strong feelings when you are a kid, but after that when you get more mature and you start to think what the hell is going on. The more you read books related to religion and stuff the more you are certain that Christianity is nothing in the modern society. I'm a really strong supporter of individuality and I hate those Christian hordes gathering around the priests begging for forgiveness just to be able to 'sin' again after the ceremony. I think most of the Christians are really hypocritical when doing these deeds as they call 'sins' and then they go to church on Sunday morning with a big smile on their face, oh 'I'm a believer, hallelujah' and like nothing happened. It's really pathetic that they are denying loads of natural feelings and desires like lust and greed etc. when this is only driving them towards those things. Take for example catholic priests living in celibacy, but actually they are molesting/ sexually abusing those choir boys as much as they can and what's more hilarious the church is trying to hide it from the police and from the press. You have even some rehab centers there in USA for those molesting catholic priests in 'celibacy'.
      I really believe in the statement that Christians are easy/easier to control as long as they don't have any of their own ideas and point of views and priests really take advantage of this. This is the way to control them in the modern society, people don't buy 'fear the lord' shit anymore and there aren't inquisitors anymore at least not in that way as it used to be. Speaking of inquisition it has merely taken a new form, so there are actually a modern version of inquisition going on all the time at least here in Finland. The media is stating that Satanists are cannibals, they are raping, murdering children etc. Ok, I think this is enough for now.
Your latest release, 'War-Finland vs. Norway/...And Oceans vs. Bloodthorn, could you tell us about this and the motivation of its release?
( Neptune) Well, it's out now. Both bands recorded two new tracks and then we did a cover of Bloodthorn and vice versa and both bands did also a cover of G.G.F.H. We did it of the track called 'Flesh' and Bloodthorn did it of the track called 'Dead men don't rape'. This was a really challenging and interesting project to do. When you do covers you have to be able to get your own bands feeling to it and I think both bands succeeded really well.
(K-2T4-S) S.O.M.came up with the idea and for us it sounded like a great idea, coz it was an additional release for us. It was unique and we could make the cover tracks as we wanted.
Tell us also about your second full-length I presume your working on?
We are going to go to the studio on the 8th of November to record it and we have seven new tracks plus one track done by another band just for us. Music-wise this album is going to be a lot more intense and of course the tracks are much better. There will be some surprises too. It will be released during the spring of '99.
How would you describe your music to someone who has yet to hear it?
Well, we have a lot melodic/slower parts at least in our debut, but we have also those raw/aggressive fast parts. So they are giving balance to each other. You can't expect almost anything of the music of …and Oceans. We have no limits when considering the music of …and Oceans. It's really hard to explain your own music, when we make it we don't analyze it, we just do what sounds great.
Ok, hypothetically, if 'God' is listening, what would you like to say to him?
(Neptune) How does it feel watching from 'there' helpless when the destruction of your creation is inevitable and near?
Many in the scene have a strong distaste for religion, namely Christianity. Neitzsche described it as, '...the one innermost corruption,' why do you think Christianity is losing its credibility? How do you feel it got so widespread?
(Neptune) At least here in Finland the trend is that people are losing their faith in Christianity and even more losing their faith in the church. People are so frustrated in the situation of today that they are trying to find something new and 'fresh' to their daily boring life. People are becoming aware of that church is just a greedy money maker, just like one of the corporations of today. They are even stock-jobbing. For example here in my home town they are building a new parish house and they are planning facing slabs to the yard which are nearly worth of a million (that's almost 200000 US dollars). They really aren't lacking money. There have been researches how often people go to church during their life time. The result is that most of the people go there three times, once when you get married (if you are a member of the church) and twice you are carried into the church.
      We are going towards a real chaos, therefore people are starting to think for themselves in order to survive in this competing fucked up world. Christianity is a relic from the ancient times. It was spread by force, that's why it's so widespread. Like 'convert to Christianity or taste my sword!!'. This was the method all over the world. Nowadays people think that in order to be 'a good citizen' you have to be a member of the church otherwise you are being considered as a weirdo or something like that. Luckily the youth of today are thinking differently and exploring the 'alternative' beliefs.
So do you posses any kind of religious beliefs yourself?
(Neptune) In fact I don't have any strong religious beliefs, I'm interested in Satanism/black arts though as I read more and more Satanism related literature. I agree to some extent with the philosophies of Satanism like individuality etc. but I don't consider myself as a Satanist though. I believe in myself.
(K-2T4-S) Not exactly.
Do you believe in the afterlife and the existence of the soul?
(Neptune) Not really.
(K-2T4-S) Let me put it this way: It'd be nice to rape oneself and to get pregnant, so I could give birth to myself in form of a color or a shadow, but if ,and only if possible, I'd also give birth to my own death, but that would demand that the other I should get pregnant time after time so the new I could constantly be born to observe the birth of the other I's death.
We've spoken about Christianity, now tell us your thoughts on Satanism?
(Neptune) I think there are several directions in Satanism and I think it's hard to find a direction that you fully agree with. I think Satanism is about individuality, acknowledging all the natural feeling/desires not denying them. It's also about not to waste your energy to, feel pity for and even love someone you don't know. Why should you care about them and waste your time on them. These statements describe it well too like 'be your own master' and 'be what you are'. I hate pretending above all!!! This was the philosophical side, but I think there's more to it. You practice Satanism through rites, rituals and masses. I'm more in to the philosophical side though.
If there be a purpose to this life, what would you say it is?
(Neptune) To survive.
(K-2T4-S) Sex, drugs and ambient!
Your thoughts on the modern, mainstream human?
(Neptune) Self-centered, greedy human beings lost in this merciless world.
(K-2T4-S) It depends on how one wants to define the words in question. I'm not so sure if, and only if, humans are so modern, they mostly seem to be Neanderthals, but of course there are exceptions, the modern Neanderthals. Too many people follow norms without thinking about what they really want, but I can't help if, and if is all there is, they are naive and conservative.
What is your opinion on the current world? Do you feel things will grow worse before it improves?
(Neptune) As I have mentioned before we are going towards total chaos and situation is getting worse and worse. Things won't be better, the end is near. If it isn't the third world war then it will be the natural catastrophe. Nobody can't stop it, but they could slow it down, but they won't because too many decision-makers have dollar figures in their eyes. After all the human beings are dead, maybe then as a result of evolution there will be life again on this planet, but I bet there won't be humans at least not our kind of human beings. It's no use to think about the upcoming destruction, we just have to make the best of what we have now.
(K-2T4-S) The global situation will improve when the human race is and will be erased and the planet is vanished into the void. Mankind will incinerate.
Your thoughts on apocalypse?
(Neptune) You mean the end of the world, well it's inevitable
And to wrap up the philosophical with a music related questions, have you, or do you have plans to tour in the future?
Oh yes, definitely. Actually we have been discussing quite a lot about touring Europe. We just have to do some more gigs here in Finland to get some more experience and gig routine. That's the next goal for us.
Final comments?
(Neptune) Thanks for this interview and be true to yourself!!
(K-2T4-S) Thanks, but no standard inputs to my brain.

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