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This interview was done by a Turkish 'zine (D.C.) which never came into being for one reason or another. It was contributed by alpaydereli@yahoo.com. Both questions and answers have been edited for grammar and misspellings. Some of the questions we found fairly humorous and off-topic... but the current information of Opera IX is told. Enjoy. The following interview is done with vocalist Cadaveria...

-Hails from your Turkish fans to you Cadaveria! OPERA IX released the 3rd great work "The Black Opera - Symphoniae Mysteriorum In Laudem Tenebrarum" in last months. How was the interest of your fans to this album all around the world? Are you pleased with the interest to this album? Also, do you think that you can surpass the previous album "Sacro Culto" with the new one?
"The Black Opera-Symphoniae Mysteriorum in Laudem Tenebrarum" is surely our best album and I think it marks a big improvement in Opera IX history. There's no comparison to Sacro Culto and The Call of the Wood. In The Black Opera all has been done with care, the production quality is impressive, thanks to the experience of Studio Underground (Sweden) and technically the songs are extremely elaborate, we chose particularly complex guitars riffs that build obscure melodies crossing with the keyboards, the drum changes continually, the voice is performed in different ways according to the meaning of the lyrics in order to give life to the characters that live the concept. All reactions have been very positive and sales are going very well. It has been "album of the month" on many European magazines and it is continuing to collect great reviews.
-Now you are working with Avantgarde Music! What was the reason for this label-change? What are your hopes about the future with your new label, are they working enough for OPERA IX?
The deal with Shiver Records was made just for 1 album. This was decided by us 'cause we wanted to be free to look around us and see what would have happened in late 1998 and 1999. In Autumn 1999 Avantgarde Music's guys came and seen some Opera IX rehearsals, well they told us they were impressed by our matured sound and this led us to sign a contract for two albums. Actually we are completely satisfied by Avantgarde Music's work. They gave us a good budget for the recordings and this time we have had the occasion to go abroad, in Sweden, in order to find the right sound for us. Considering our actual label is well known and has a good distribution, I think this time we will not have any kind of problem and that "The Black Opera-Symphoniae..." will be promoted in the right way and will be available in all music stores.
-When will you be on tour for the new album? You know your guestbook in your web-page was bombed by mails like "Live In Turkey" in previous weeks. What do you know about your Turkish fans and what are your thoughts about them?
Actually we are promoting the new album with some live shows, we have been in Mexico in August and we will tour Italy in October. I don't know if we will do an European tour 'cause each member of Opera IX has a job and it is a serious problem for us to leave it for 15 days or 1 month. Maybe we will do some dates abroad in 2001. About Turkey, well this is the situation: in April 2000 we have been contacted by a Turkish guy in order to take part to a festival in June but then the date was not sure and we didn't reached an agreement. Some days ago the same guy contacted us again telling the same festival had been postponed in the end of November, beginning of December 2000. Unfortunately we cannot come in that period 'cause we are busy with our jobs and then we must work on new songs 'cause we want to enter studios soon to record the 4th album. So if there will be any opportunity to play in Turkey in 2001 we will be very glad to participate. Turkish fans are showing a great interest in Opera IX and for us it would be great to come there, but as I told you actually there are some problems that don't allow us to do this.
-When and where was the strangest OPERA IX show for you?
Surely in Mexico. Especially in Mexico City Mexican fans have welcomed Opera IX greatly. They were totally crazy down the stage and they really showed to adore us. I saw some people crying listening to our songs. Really great and exciting!
-You made an Iron Maiden cover in past. If you remember, in my letter I wrote that I found the guitars weak and insufficient in this track. I think the only cool thing was your awesome vocals on this track. What are your thoughts about these critics?
I agree with you, the general sound of that Iron Maiden cover isn't so good. This song was recorded in few hours in an Italian studio. In Italy there aren't any good recording studios (and this is the reason why we recorded The Black Opera abroad and the same we will do with our 4th album). Anyway, with our surprise, Opera IX's version of Rime of the Ancient Mariner had a great success in USA. A Call to Irons vol. I, the comp. CD where this cover appears, sold around 30.000 copies in USA and this allowed Opera IX's name to be well known also overseas. Dwell Records, the US label, has a big distribution and works professionally, so after the positive experience of A Call to Irons, we are still working with them. Dwell Records, in fact, has licensed The Black Opera for US market in August 2000.
-Is there any chief/leader in your band? For example, I observed that, usually the interviews are being answered by you and you are in contact with OPERA IX fans more than the others. As a matter of fact, you are the focus member of this band because of your sexuality and your awesome scream vocals as a female. (Also because of your beauty of course) So, after all these reasons, can we say that Cadaveria is the leader of OPERA IX? (Now I am sure that Ossian and the others will kill me!)
I think that without Ossian, Vald, Flegias and Lunaris Opera IX wouldn't be the same band. Surely my voice has something special and the fact to be a girl focus the fans' attention on me but I think all Opera IX's members have the same importance in the band. I never wanted to be the star in the band, the reason why it is me who answers all interviews is that I'm the only one who speaks English well, so for me it is easier to answer foreign interviews. On the other hand the other guys care about Italian promotion and gigs.
-Which bands do you like from your country Italy? Also what are your thoughts about bands like Rhapsody, Labyrinth etc. from Italy? You know, Rhapsody's lead guitarist Luca Turilli made a solo album in last months. What do you think about these "true-metal" heroes? How can we destroy these "true" guys, please give me some advice...
Even if power metal isn't my favorite genre, I like Rhapsody 'cause I think they are very good musicians. From Italy I like some new band like Mater Tenebra, I like Cultus Sanguine and the first albums of Death SS and Paul Chain.
-Do you listen any other kinds of music except dark-black metal? What is your definition for "beautiful music"? Also what do you think about 802s heavy metal music?
I listen to all the music that gives me strong emotions. It could be classical or medieval music as well as doom (My Dying Bride), death or black. I like old heavy metal (see Killers album by Iron Maiden) and the first black metal like Venom, Possessed and Celtic Frost.
-If you had a chance, which musicians would you choose to share the same stage? You can choose from people who are alive, dead, metal, non-metal, etc.
I would like to play with Merciful Fate 'cause I like King Diamond as a musician and as a person. I think he is one of the few people who treat occultism seriously as we do.
-When you are a little and pretty girl, what were your plans about the future? For example what was your favorite job? Did you think to be a singer when you were a child?
Honestly I had no plans. I never thought to become anything special, but I always did what I wanted to do and my family always allowed me to express myself in the way I wanted. I've loved singing since I was a child but I didn't imagine I would have become a singer. I started singing in Opera IX as a joke and only some years later I realized how important was this for me. Actually to sing is totally part of my life
-OPERA IX is a busy band and isn't it difficult for you to carry this heavy weight as a young girl? You are a frontwoman of a great band and it must be hard and tiring I think!
Yes, it is very hard. Music itself isn't so hard to carry on, but the fact is that I have a job and I study and it is very difficult to do all these things together. I have to divide my life in three parts: music, job, study. The fact is that I like music and I like studying and I have to work to live so I cannot eliminate none of them.
-How do you spend your time in your daily-life when you aren't on tour? Are you wicked and aggressive as in OPERA IX or are you a well-behaved girl who cooks meal for her parents/family at evenings?
I'm always myself. I'm Cadaveria on stage and in my ordinary life. Music and occultism are a way of being and of thinking, always and everywhere. The only creature for whom I cook is my dog.
-Are OPERA IX members sometimes participating with ancient and dark rites? What do you think about these dark meetings?
Opera IX love to explore the unknown and want to bring to light the ancient Magic. Yes, I ritualize, but this is a very personal aspect of my life I want to keep secret.
-You are very related with Celtic culture... I read something about a famous Celtic priest called "Kandraks" in an Italian comic called "Zagor". Was there a priest like him in Celtic history and did you read this comic? (Especially issues which includes Kandraks)
I know Zagor by name but I don't read comics. I know Celtic culture 'cause I feel attracted by it, I read serious books about it, and when I can I love to visit North France, Scotland and Ireland. North Italy itself preserves Celtic culture and near where I live you can find Celtic stones used for sacrifices.
-Now, maybe it is a bit of a magazine question. You may not answer it if you want. You are a very attractive and beautiful girl! It is not a compliment, it is REALITY! You are a real MEDITERRANEAN PRINCESS! Now the question; when you were on tour or when you were walking in the street in your daily life, was there anyone trying to disturb or annoy you because of your beauty? And also Turkish fans (especially guys, hehe) are wondering if you have a boy friend or not? (As I said, you may not answer these if you want)
I thank you for your compliments but I think I'm not so beautiful as you said. Italy is full of girls who are more beautiful then me so it isn't a problem for me to walk in the street. I have been on tour in Mexico and on the tour bus there were around 20 boys while I was the only girl but I really had no problems. I want people to respect me as a person and as a singer not as a beautiful girl, respect is a thing you must build by yourself through your behavior and your actions. People who have met me have understood the person I am and appreciate me for my mind, not for my aspect. The same does my boyfriend.
-Are there any plans about taking part in a compilation or tribute album in the near future? If you had a chance, which song do you want to cover?
No there are no projects like this. We have performed Bela Lugosi's Dead cover on The Black Opera and there are no plans to do another cover in the future. We have many ideas for many new and original tracks and the new album will be 100% Opera IX.
-Your web-page is really awesome and it is one of the "best of the internet" I think. What do you think about the cyber world in generally? What do you like to do when you are online?
I think the Internet is a great source of communication. A web page is a good show-case for every activity and e-mail is a fast method to get in touch with the world. I haven't much time to navigate and explore the cyber world, each time I open the mailbox there are tons of messages to download. Then I care about Opera IX's web pages updates, sometimes I use the Internet for my studies, sometimes just to relax myself.
-Which album was the "best of the 20th century" for you?
Don't' break the oath.
-As the others, your last album's cover and art work is wonderful again. Can you tell me something shortly about your last album cover and artwork, please?
The cover is the visual translation of the whole album concept that is an exploration of all what is unknown and a spiritual research of the truth done by a occultist-warrior. You see me in front of a black mirror that reflects my evil essence. The cover represents the revelation of the supreme secret, we wanted to say sometimes the secret is in front of your eyes, 'cause things have a double essence. To discover it you have to look around you with different eyes, you have to cross the mirror.
-There is a death/black band called Wykked Wytch in USA. Their lead vocalist is a Turkish girl and she is making scream vocals like you. But of course she is not as good as you. You are numero uno! (again it is not a compliment) And my question; did you listen this band in past?
No, I'm sorry, I don't know them. My favorite singer in extreme music is Sabina Classen from Holy Moses
-Do you like football? Which team do you support? You know Inter Milan has a Turkish player called "Hakan Sukur". Also, where are you living in Italy?
I don't like football, I really don't follow it. I live in North Italy, between Milan and Turin.
-I am giving some band names to you. Please write the first word which comes to your mind at the moment when you heard these following bands?

MAYHEM Old Norway
The KOVENANT Sparkling
EMPEROR Fallen angels of doom
MORTUARY DRAPE Another band on Avantgarde Music
PARADISE LOST Lost (high)way
SAMAEL Really not bad
POSSESSED 7 burning churches
MARDUK Kicking massacre
NAPALM DEATH Pure holocaust

-Which band(s) and zine(s) do you know or heard of from Turkey?
Well, I have some problems in remembering names. Actually I cannot say a band or a zine in particular. Dead Comedian, of course!
-Yes CADAVERIA... That's all... I hope you liked and enjoyed my questions. I know that you are very busy but this interview is very important for OPERA IX fans in Turkey. We are sad about you not coming to our country, so at least please let us be contented with this very special interview! I hope one day we can see you in our country. I will send the issue of our fanzine when we release it. Also I will stay in contact with you. Because you and other band members are friends for me with being a CULT band for me! OPERA IX is a CULT band for Turkish fans and CADAVERIA is our BLACK GODDESS!! See you in future, we are waiting your DARK answers.
I thank you for this interview and I hope to come to Turkey soon. By that time enjoy Opera IX's new masterpiece. The great portal is opening.

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