Ordo Equitum Solis

The following interview is done with Deraclamo and Leithana...

First, can you explain your history to us--such as where and when it all began and what you've done over the years.
Deraclamo: The project Ordo Equitum Solis was born in 88-89. Both Leithana and I felt the need to express ourselves through the music. At the end of 1990 we published Solstitii Temporis Sensus, our first release, and from that moment on we've been immersed in the music, which gave us joy and suffering.
You've just released 'Planetes,' your 7th release since 1988 (which includes a live release and mini-CD's). Could you tell us about this release and how it differs from your previous works?
Deraclamo: I think that Planetes is quite a different work compared to the previous one "Hecate". I think that all our works are different one from the other even if they have a precise style. For us making a CD means to put part of us into it, so each work includes our personal experiences and our sight of things, our rage. Planetes reflects a period: we escaped from society and came back, but still wandering and searching for something; in fact Planetes means wandering around: the Ancient Greeks called Planetes the eternal wandering of the stars in the night sky.
You're also preparing to release 'OCTO,' a compilation of your songs throughout the years, and containing additional unreleased material. Could you tell us a bit about this and about the unreleased material?
Deraclamo: Octo was released recently, it is a collection of songs from our discography, including rarities that appeared on compilations and limited editions. The work is divided in two CD's: "Songs of the Fool" represents the obscure and experimental side of OES and "Songs of the Man" the acoustic side. That compilation tells about our steps in the universe of music and also about our two souls in eternal conflict: I think it is interesting for those who don't know OES, but not only, because it contains really rare songs, photos and artwork that tell about our path through the years.
Your releases used to be released in the USA by Projekt Records, but they haven't released anything since your video, 'Live in Russia' (1995). Is there a reason why they stopped releasing your works?
Leithana and Deraclamo: Our relationship with Project finished when we released Hecate, and today Project is no longer allowed to publish our works. Actually all our works are distributed exclusively by World Serpent.
Your lyrics we imagine are a very important part to your band... full of longing and often expressing the downfalls of this world, all of which seem to be done in a very personal way. Tell us about the inspirations that are involved when you write them. And also, could you tell us one of your personal favorite lyrics from a song, and why?
Words are important in a song, so we're very careful when we write: it's easy to be misunderstood. Unfortunately many words have lost their preciousness, and I personally always avoid obviousness and demagogic purposes. I don't want to teach to others, I just want to tell them about myself or about the way I see things. All this comes out probably because of the loneliness I feel inside, I need to communicate but feel no one hears and understands me. I often feel sad. My favourite lyric: as yet maybe "the Vault of Heaven", which is for me a personal message of Love to the Stars, a drop of pureness through the dirty atmosphere.
Is there a specific release that you are most pleased with? Perhaps a single song which you feel represents the essence of OES?
Leithana and Deraclamo:
We like all the songs and works we've published, each one represents a moment of our lives. We'd never publish a work that doesn't satisfy us.
On the other hand, is there anything which you are dissatisfied with?
I'd like to have more economical possibilities to be able to make even more accurate recordings. I love the production. Also, for what concerns the business I think that the so-called independent music is disappearing, and that too many people call themselves independent when all they do is run after major companies and try to copy their style.
You have some shows coming up in the near future in Germany and Italy. Could you tell us what one can expect at an average OES live performance?
Our concerts are concentrated on the music. On stage are Leithana and me. Leithana plays the keyboards, the zither (an instrument similar to a lyra/harp) and some percussions, while I play both acoustic and classical guitar and also some percussions. We're very satisfied with this type of showing and we really have fun. A few years ago we used to have guest musicians for our concerts, but now this way we feel much closer to the audience. Yesterday we came back from a festival in Germany that took place in a castle. There was a nice program, Gitane DeMone was headliner, I think she's a very good artist.
What is the meaning behind the name Ordo Equitum Solis-Knights of the Sun? Why have you chosen this particular name and what does it mean to you personally?
That was a choice we made in '89, when we lived totally isolated from society, immersed in inner research to realize our material side. That period gave us strength and will. We were immersed in an musico-spiritual exaltation where the contact with Nature was the primal spring of inspiration. This explains that name, which includes the symbol of the Sun, the order that we understand as a subjective discipline to create, and the knight understood in its most noble aspect. Today all this is seen as an utopia by the modern world, but we believe in it, and we're alive and present in this era, and try to live our own way within it.
One thing that we've always found satisfying about your music is that you have stayed true to your original feeling and sound throughout all the years. Which is usually a very sad, pagan, emotion filled and mysterious experience, you do a very good job at relaying your emotions to the listener. Your music is a fine example of the saying that 'music is the universal language.' Could you explain your thoughts on this?
Leithana: Thanks, what you say is really nice and touching. Giving emotions to listeners is the point we always try to reach. It's true that music has a great power on people, and the bad side of it is that it's easy to wash brains with a song. Personally I'm not interested in speaking to humanity but to individuals... I'm a bit misanthropic. Sometimes I think humanity, or the mass, is a monster, and I just don't want to talk to it. I'm not forced to. I prefer to waist my time getting lost in the research of the "Chant of the Stars", and enjoying the moments of sintony with the energy from the Stars. It doesn't happen often, but it makes this life worthy.
You use an array of languages in your songs, could you tell us what motivates this?
Leithana: I'm French and Deraclamo is Italian, so we had the opportunity to learn different languages. We think that each type of song has a language that fits better to the music. Also, we think it's pleasant to hear different kinds of words, and even if one can't understand, it's nice to imagine what the song tells about... sometimes it takes one even further into the dream.
What message would you say you try to convey to your listener, what feelings?
Leithana and Deraclamo:
To be always oneself, as Crowley said "do what you wilt shall be the whole of the law."
If there was but one word to describe OES, what would it be?
Deraclamo: Utopia.
Your releases have always used a lot of 'occult' imagery, could you explain the motivation and your belief on this subject?
Leithana: We are attracted by the symbols and all they represent. We think they are a representation of the Divine. The use we do of the symbols is quite subtle because we deeply respect them, it's so subtle that most of the people don't even notice them. I love it that way.
Musica Maxima Magnetica released a very unique 2 song EP a few years back, housed in a wooden slip-case, which was limited to 23 copies. This is an extremely limited release (we possess #19), could you explain the intention behind this very creative work? Why was it chosen to be so ultra limited?
Deraclamo: If we're talking about the same release (we think it's Playing with the Fire/Angoris Nox-instrumental) MMM has nothing to do with it. The project was realised by Feuergefahrlich!, after Markus Lion, Rudiger Freund and the CXII team organised a concert in Emmendingen in 1995. That release was the final act of an unforgettable concert.
We're interested to hear your thoughts on the world. Many, including ourselves, see the world's situation not improving, but in decline. Explain your thoughts on this very important subject, and how you see things.
Deraclamo: I think Humanity is playing too much with the Earth. Men think themselves to be clever and indestructible, immortal, superior and resolute. In fact they're incredibly weak and schizophrenic. Today people breed for fear, use Viagra to obtain the erection of the phallus and use vitamins if they are tired. They watch TV constantly and then feel ashamed to masturbate. They believe futile products are essential and don't realize that water is undrinkable, and the air unbreathable. I'm not a naturist and not even a defeatist, I only think that we could live much better than this if only we were less selfish. Anyway, Nature is infinitely stronger than any religion or human exaltation.
Leithana: Cycles have an ebb and a flow and cannot be stopped. Civilisations cannot escape that process. Probably our so-called "occidental and rich" civilisation is in decay. When a society raises television far above Gods, what does it deserve but death? Nature is everywhere around the universe. I do not wish to make our world better: it's corrupted from the roots. Repairing sometimes is not a good idea.
What do you foresee for the future of man, where do you think things went wrong?
Deraclamo: Destruction to rebirth is the natural cycle of things.
Leithana: Things started to go definitely wrong about 2000 years ago. No one cares about the future of man.
What are your thoughts on modern religion? More specifically, Christianity? In contrast, how do you feel about the religions of ancient Europe? Do you yourselves follow any specific brand of belief?
Deraclamo: I'm not interested in religions. I respect the beliefs of the others when they respect mine, if not they can fuck off. I do not give Europe such a great importance, I don't like frontiers and I don't think it's useful to create some or to break them to exchange something. Anyway, Europe or America or Asia have the same problems, the bastards walk on the necks of their mothers for money. I personally follow my way, which is winding, interesting and nice, and I try to learn and to see further than my nose, and express myself with my guitar.
What are some of the things in this life you love and respect, as is said, everything worth living for, is also worth dying for. So what elements in life would you say are worth dying for?
Deraclamo: I don't think I'm able to express these feelings in a way which is not music.
Leithana: Conscience.
In contract, the things you hate most in this life?
Deraclamo: Man
Leithana: Ignorance
Hypothetically, if you could change one single thing in this world, what would it be?
Deraclamo: Nothing
Leithana: I try to think... but why do we always need to struggle like this against reality?
Is there literature or works of art that have inspired you that you could tell us about?
Deraclamo: Reading is my favourite relaxing moment. I read many different things from ancient history to a banal novel. Reading and music are the highest moments of dream for me, it's like when I let myself go in the waves of the sea, naked in the dead man position...
Leithana: The book that touched me the most was The Odyssey.
Is there a person of the past that has inspired you?
Leithana : I always hated teachers and masters. I like to learn on my own. One of the few persons that have revealed something to me was Crowley.
When the curtain falls on this life, how do you envision death? Do you fathom there is something more awaiting us?
Leithana: Of course I believe there's something after this life, and the reason why I can tell this is because I remember when I was born, believe it or not. Somehow I think that death does not exist: as Hermes says "nothing is created, nothing is canceled, everything rebirths". I personally think that in most of the cases death is more painful for those who remain than for those who die. I think that it should be normal to wish to somebody "have a nice death" just as we wish "have a nice day".
Back to the music, give us your thoughts on some of your songs and tell us a bit more of what went into their making...
Leithana: It's so difficult to tell what happened... It's like in dreams, it's hard to remember exactly. It might seem absurd but when we create a song we're not really conscious of what goes on. Everything is foggy and euphoric, until at a certain point the song is finished, and we wake up and feel suddenly sad...
Do you ever have any plans of touring North America?
Leithana and Deraclamo: We'd love to tour again in the US, our last time there was in '94. We got in touch with several managers and hope that it will come through quite soon! Of course we'll let you know.
Where can interested readers obtain you works ?
Leithana and Deraclamo: They can buy our works directly at World Serpent Distribution:
mailorder@worldserpent.demon.co.uk and have a look at their website: www.worldserpent.demon.co.uk One of our North American distributors is Fearful Symmetry.
Lastly, please give us your final comments and words of wisdom to the world.

Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat.

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