The following interview is done with Count Vassilium...

Please begin with a bio and introduce yourself and the band to the world.
C.V-ORK was formed in 1995 by me -Count Vassilium as a one-man band. After a couple of rehearsals I started the recordings of the debut demo called "Through the Fight, I Ride." Later during the same year I entered the studio [again all by myself] for the recordings of the second demo - "Slava Nam."
In 1998 Count Vassilium was joined by Frosthammer [guitars]. In this line-up ORK recorded their third demo - "Et a Novo Maqico."
In 1999 both musicians recorded two songs under the name "Rebellion of the Unholy Tyrants". This recording was released by Oskorei Productions as a 7" Split EP with the Norwegian black metal band Frostmoon. Shortly after that ORK became a five-piece - the Count [who already is in charge only for the vocals] and Frosthammer were joined by Hellthorn [guitars], Grimlord [bass] and Agarnael [drums]. The band played numerous live shows in Bulgaria, including concerts with world famous bands like Darkseed, Rotting Christ, etc. In the end of the year the musicians recorded the promo tape "Gronderblud." The two songs on it are still unreleased.
In the beginning of 2000 the drummer Agarnael was replaced by Gravedigger. In May ORK recorded their debut album called "Blessed by Evil" and shortly after that signed a deal with the German label Folter Records. The CD is out from Dec. 2000 for the price of 25 Dm. The blasphemous march continues...

You've recently released an interesting CD, 'Blessed by Evil,' please tell us about it in your own words and what went into its making.
C.V-Yeah, and I think that our album "Blessed by Evil" is interesting and that's so because we made it after many years of searching for the right sound. Each member of the band has done something very personal for this album! The music in my opinion is the right way for the presentation of the musician as an individual creator.

I'm not very familiar with the bands/scene there in Bulgaria. Could you enlighten us?
C.V-Bulgaria is a very nice country, but unfortunately there isn't many bands. Our scene is small but you can find very interesting hordes and individuals. Here the people still haven't this wrong thought that from the music you can make yourself rich and famous and maybe that's the reason they are so fresh I think.

Could you tell us about the topics of your lyrics? What sort of topics do you deal with?
C.V-Especially in "Blessed by Evil" I deal with lyrics about vampirism, Satanism, and war based topics.

There are a lot of anti-religious sentiments in the music scene today. While on the other hand bands are embracing the old pagan religions. Where do you stand on this topic?
C.V-Well, I think that the musicians are some sort of artists and in this situation they have the need to feel themselves free to choose from what they stand! But after some years playing black metal I am sure that this style is not suitable for the pagan topics. In my opinion the folklore music is perfect for that! Of course this is only my vision. Black metal styles offer the listener with aggression and anger. That's too close to Satanism and all forms of black arts. By the way I am not so deep into the pagan theme.

On the topic, could you tell us a bit about Bulgaria's pagan past? What sort of Gods/Goddesses were worshipped there?
C.V-Uffs, Bulgaria is a very old country. Our land is created in the year 681 from the Proto-Bulgarians and the Slavians. In this time there were so many different Gods, but the supreme one is Tangra. In his honour men are killed every week and one virgin and one dog, I mean like sacrifice! In these ages the Bulgarian nation was very proud! Unfortunately after these good years the Christian flocks destroyed all traditions and culture!

Give us your thoughts on the world-society. Do you think that something has gone wrong? Do you believe a dark future awaits mankind?
C.V-I am absolutely sure that a dark future awaits mankind. And the first avenger against mankind is Nature! Just look around how many natural disasters are registered every day. I don't know about the situation in your country but I can speak about Europe. In the past years the winter was six months long and very cold, and now this season is about 1 month and not cold. That's just one example. I guess that man will try to destroy Nature, but I am sure that nature will destroy man!

In your perspective, what are some of the things in life worth living for, and ultimately, worth dying for?
C.V-I think that there are only a few strong reasons for which man must live and to be more precise-to follow his instincts-to eat, to drink, to fuck and etc. The other reason is to fight against Christianity no matter how, all other is total degradation!

Hypothetically, if you could go back in time to any period, when and where would you go. What would you do there?
C.V-It would be great if I could go back in the past. I would go back to the 5-6 century in old Britain. In this dark period of witchcraft and magic.... I would teach some magic and dark rituals, I would kill some Christians, you know in this time it was easy to do that, also I would enjoy the clear air and the great Nature!

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
C.V-I want to meet Vlad Tepes (most famous as Dracula) and that's so because he is a spectacular person. I am deeply respect him. A great warrior who fucked up the Turks many times, also a great man and leader!

What would you say the old world possessed that this modern world lacks?
C.V-The modern world sucks actually. All these computers, machines and all other modern technologies make the lives of the people better, but on the other hand the fright in the flock is bigger! I think that the old world had some faults but the modern one is full of shit!

When you contemplate death, what do you envision... do you see a possibility of a part of us living on, or is this just a human hope derived from a fear of death?
C.V-I think that when death comes for you, all others stay back, you know nobody wants to die. But the only way to see what's after this life is to die.

If you could learn the answer to any one question, what would the question be?
C.V-Well honestly I don't know! Maybe "When is the Christian oppression gonna be crushed?" Or "When will the Earth finally explode?" I don't know....right now.

Tell us what we can expect from ORK in the future. Plans and goals?
C.V-We will enter the studio in Berlin (Germany) in 08.07.01 for the recordings of our second album. Before that we will play in "Under the black festival" in Germany (check out Folter Records) and at the end of the summer we will play in the Czech Republic on "Open Hell festival."

Lastly, what separates ORK from the hordes of other bands in the world, in your opinion?
C.V-Individuality, sound principles, talent and persistence!

Finally, your final comments?
C.V-Buy our CD "Blessed by Evil" by email at: or from us at: Thanx for this interesting interview and all the best! Hail Satan!

Count Vassilium of Ork
Box 112,2600 Dupniza
Mobile phone:++35988886801

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