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First, tell us abit about Pazuzu, give us a bio please.

PAZUZU has been around for quite some time now, at least 5 years. It started as a little project between Silenius, Protector and me. A kind of experiment. We wanted to introduce a new type of dark music to the metal crowd, without the use of guitars or any other metal typical instrumentation. We recorded one demo entitled "The Urilia Text" and sent it out to a few labels. The reactions were very dim…especially because this type of music was not a trend back then. Evidently no label wanted to sign us that is except for Metallion and Head not Found…We split the production costs half and the result was a rather unprofessionally recorded "And all was silent" but we were very pleased with the result back then…After that, we all concentrated on our other projects, SUMMONING, DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS and ABIGOR. Two years down the road, I decided to resurrect the PAZUZU creature and compose a follow up album. At the time I was employed at DARK MATTER RECORDS and decided to release the album there. That album was entitled "Awaken the Dragon" and was recorded in a really professional studio. At the moment I am working on the third album.

You've also begun another band now, Raventhrone, what is this band like? Could you give us some info. on this?

RAVENTHRONE is a project band that I started about two years ago. Basically it sounds like PAZUZU gone Metal. It's very epic and symphonic metal with influences from all types of different styles. Once again I wanted to create something unique and elevated from the usual mass of mediocrity. The result of my experiments is RAVENTHRONE'S Debut "Malice in Wonderland". It was released a few weeks ago on Avantgarde.

Are you still working on Pazuzu then or...?

Yes of course. I am busy composing the follow up to Awaken. In fact I have about 40% of the music ready. I am deliberately taking my time, because I want to write good music without haste. The theme of the album will be the time around the 14th century and the black plague…I am experimenting with sounds and I want to do something more sinister without lacking the bombastic PAZUZU approach. Well, let's see how it turns out, haha!!!

Why did you leave Austria and move to Canada?

I wanted to be closer to my family who moved here a few years ago. Plus I wanted a change I guess…

Certainly there must be some cultural differences you've notice since your relocation. Could you explain the differences between these locations? Have you noticed a difference in the attitudes of people?

Oh yes of course. People are a lot simpler here. More down to earth on the one hand but extremely professional on the other. Really success orientated , I miss the relaxed and comfortable Viennese way of life. I miss the stress free atmosphere. But the good thing here is, if you don't want to involve yourself in this society you just don't. There is near to no history or heritage here. People are also not to bothered about it. Whether that is good or bad, I leave in the eye of the beholder…I for my part know my heritage and my history and it's importance to me and my life…

You used to be the vocalist for Summoning. Tell us how this came about and why it ended?

Yeah, I used to sing the death metal vocals on their demos. But that is a long time ago, hehe! I didn't sing on their albums. I am very good friend with Silenius and it just came about I guess…

What are you currently spending your time doing ?

Well the usual I guess, working and when I am not working I try to write material, no matter what. I also like to take my dog out for a walk in the mighty Canadian forest…It's fall now, so the forest is particularly beautiful.

Tell us about the Austrian Black Metal Syndicate and your work with them?

This "organisation" was disbanded years ago. It had no more meaning, It used to be like a supporting group of musicians. We used to design demo covers and check out each others new tunes. We had a rehearsal room we shared and we split costs for instruments etc…Member bands were at first SUMMONING, PERVERTUM, PAZUZU, CROMM and later ABIGOR. Then there were constant disputes between Trifixion and everyone else, then a lot of bullshit started and finally I decided to call it a day. The bands that deserved to move on did, those that didn't split up anyhow…

Explain to us your thoughts on religion in general. What do you think of Christianity/Satanism/Paganism?

That is a rather elaborate question with a possibility of a three page long answer. But basically I don't give these fixed religious ideas much thought. They have existed for a long time, some longer than others, and numerous people seem to feel happy and better of when practicing these religions. In general terms, I would say that religion serves as a kind of moral codex for people who have a hard time orientating their own thoughts, or their fears (especially of death). The whole purpose of most religions, is to evaluate your situation after your death. If you behave well according to the rules of for example Christianity, you are assured a place in paradise, if not, you will be banished to hell as a sinner. Although one is supposed to believe this along with the idea that a god like being really exists, there is no actual proof that God really exists. You see Satanism (as LaVey taught it) is basically the same just the other way around…Personally I can live by my own standard of morality…I am maybe an atheist or an agnostic…I don't know call me what you want!

Do you yourself possess 'religious' beliefs? If so, would you mind elaborating?

Well, when I was a kid, I used to be into Satanism, then later into occultism…but now I am 23, I have aged, and so has my view of the world…I am irreligious in dogmatic terms, I prefer, as already previously said, to live by my own set of do's and don'ts…with age comes experience, with growing experience one strives towards illumination, haha!!!

Do you believe in life after death and the existence of the soul?

I do not believe in a life after death. I am very empirical, if anyone came back from the dead and told me what it was like, I would most probably believe, till then after death comes silence…I do believe in a soul though…Once man dies, the motoric force that controls our thoughts, our feelings and our movements departs from the body…I am convinced that something leaves the body…maybe it's only energy, but nevertheless, that to me is the soul…

If you could control the way you will one day die, what death would you choose to depart with?

Well either I choose the normal peaceful way, and decide to die quietly in my sleep. Or I want to die during guerrilla combat while blowing up some government and industrial fat heads, hahaha!

Hypothetically speaking, you are confronted with an 'All-knowing being,' 'it' grants you the answer to one question. What would you ask, and why?

That's a tough one too…well I guess there a numerous questions that spring to my mind. I guess I would ask him, how I could make myself All Knowing...could prove rather handy in life…don't you think so?

The world certainly has many problems amounting collectively. Do you believe the world will get better before it gets worse?

I see black for this earth and to be honest, I hope humanity will be wiped out. I have become a misanthrope more and more over the last year. I hate crowds of people and I feel comfortable only when I am surrounded by people I value. This planet has lived well without humans, by God it will live well without them…We came to this world as hairy primitive animals, we developed and today we are our own greatest foe. We pollute, we abuse, we exploit, we destroy the list goes on and on…If I was God, I would turn humanities lights out…

Your thoughts on Apocalypse?

They are pretty obvious I think!

Alas, your final comments ?

I would like to thank you for this interesting electronic conversation. I guess I should remind everyone, that the RAVENTHRONE album has been released and that I will be putting out a new PAZUZU CD by the beginning of next year…Ia Andarra…See you at the Ninnib Gate…

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