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      The following is an interview with Reinhard Logewolf and Adolph Kleinwolf, who are currently incarcerated in the Nebraska State Penitentiary. It is our hope that others may learn from this, realizing that there are religions other than that of the Judeo-Christian norm of society. Reinhard and Adolph reveal their religious beliefs, which lie in Asa-Tru, and discuss their views on the world and its dark future...

First off, when did you first become aware of this religion? Me and my brother were both introduced to Asa-Tru in 1992 upon our incarceration at the Nebraska State Pen.

What are you incarcerated for? We were incarcerated for refusing to live within the boundaries of today's Jewish run society.

In what ways, if any, has this changed your religious practices? Neither of us practiced a religion prior to our introduction to Asa-Tru. However, I have found that unlike Christianity, this is a true way of life. The religious aspects and structure were not stolen or forced upon at sword point.

How do other inmates and guards react to your religion? The institution as a "whole" considers us nothing more than a bunch of white racists, skinheads, or Aryans. We are in no way affiliated with the KKK, the Aryan Brotherhood, or any other Christian organization. The institution is afraid to have white people get together in a group and practice one of their ancestral religions or take pride in their heritage and culture. They are afraid of what they don't understand.

How many other inmates practice this religion with you? There are about eighty other people who practice Asa-Tru within the Nebraska Correctional Centers. But, there are kindred that have been started by brothers who are out.

Do the prison officials restrict your practices in any way? The federal courts ruled on a lawsuit about a year or so ago. This gave the institutions within Nebraska pretty much free reign to restrict our religious practices, time allotment and an assortment of other issues which I'm not clear on. We no longer are allowed to celebrate our twenty-four ceremonies a year. Now they only allow us four per year.

What kind of rituals are done in your religion and where do you perform them? We hold rituals in accordance to the 8 Spoked Wheel as follows: Yule, Frey Faxi, Charming of the Plow, May Day, Summer Finding, Mid Summer, Winter Finding, and Winter Nights. These rituals are done on sacred and holy land, outside. A "Land Taking" ceremony is done, and blessed by the brothers and Gods/Goddesses. These festivals are the main ones done. They are for good harvests, fertility rites and such. They add to our personal strength, kindred strength, and strength to our Gods/Goddesses. We also have what is known as White and Red Sacrifices. A White Sacrifice is a ceremony of sacrificing grains, flour, salt, and other non-blood naturals to give thanks to the Gods/Goddesses for a good harvest, a good year, or to give blessing and the like. A Red Sacrifice consists of sacrificing a horse, goat, pig, or ox in honor of one or more of the Gods/Goddesses. This is done during our feasting festivals of which there are twenty. We also have four non-eating festivals. They can also be done for asking the Gods/Goddesses to grant you victory in battle, lasting peace with your people, chaotic mayhem, right and might, or whatever your quest might be. The part of the sacrificial animal is given to the Gods/Goddesses from which you are asking favor. The rest is eaten as a feast. We have no waste.

Is it difficult to obtain literature on the subject in prison? You can obtain literature as easily on the inside as you can on the outside, but you have to know what you're looking for and where to look.

What books could you recommend to anyone wishing to learn more about Asa-Tru? Here is a list of books, but I'm not sure of the authors: Hollander's Poetic Edda (Hollander, Lee, Austin: University of Texas Press, (c) 1962, rep. In paperback 1986), Thorsson's Futhark, The Well of Wyro, The Book of Troth Vol. 1 Et 2, Grimm's Teutonic Mythology Vol. 1-4 (Grimm, Jacob; James Steven Stallybrass; Gloucester, Mass, Peter Smith, 1976), Gundersson's Teutonic Religion and Magic, The Heimskringla (Sturlusson, Snorri, Austin; University Press, 1964), H.A. Bellow's Poetic Edda, and all of the sagas. We highly recommend all of these books to get someone started in the right direction. (Editor's Note: We took liberty to find some of these authors from our sources at hand.)

Who/what inspires you in life? Vengeance inspires me, and setting right what was wronged. To stop the criminals from building their churches on Odin's soil.

What are your views on death? I assume you believe in Ragnarok, could you explain it to our readers? Death is the beginning of the end of a new beginning. It is our fate, our destiny as warriors. Ragnarok is self-explanatory. When the shit comes down, that will be all the explanation the reader needs.

What sort of goals do you wish to accomplish before you die? We would like to build a more solid foundation in Asa-Tru, to be carried on through our children and their children and so on. Therefore, our ancestral heritage and culture will not be forgotten. Hopefully, one day, we will have our own Gothard (church).

Are you of Northern European descent? If so, did it have any bearing on your choice of religion? I am of German, Irish, and Frisian descent. And yes, it played a big part in my choice of religion.

Of the world in general, what are your thoughts? Do you see any hope for the future? We, as the Wolfhead, view the world as mislead flocks of sheep, following a bunch of baby-raping, foreskin-eating hypocritical butt-fuckers, in their quest for a new world order. The only hope for our future is to thin the flock and remove the heads.

Alas, we thank you for your time. Any final words...? We, as the Wolfhead, hope that after reading this that the true warriors will step forward from out of the shadows, establish their true roots, and help to take our fight of vengeance, right, and justice to a society that has strangled and suppressed our people for two-thousand years. To all the true warriors out there, the Wolfhead hails you! Hail Aesir! Hail Vanir! We thank you for giving us the chance to get some of our views out in print. We wish you luck with your Mag and all that you undertake. May Freya smile upon you and Odin grant you victory! 'Til Ragnarok...

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