Rites of thy Degringolade

The following interview is done with Paulus...

You are most well-known from your past involvement with Sacramentary Abolishment. Could you enlighten the world to Rites of thy Degringolade with a history and current happenings? What does the name mean?
Rites was originally started as a side project while I was still working with SA under the name... of pure belligerence. As I harness the ability to play all instruments, obtained recording equipment and went to work over dubbing each instrument track by track. The name RITES...was spawned by myself after SA was dead and buried. I entered the studio and created a four song demo. This was released by Catharsis records. Soon after I was ready to unleash a full length, I did just that! As for the name...I think it is rather self explaining. A falling or degrading... of what, that is for you to decide. I will say "thy" does not represent me, as I am rising at an increasing rate!

Rites of thy Degringolade contains some of the past elements of SA, yet very different. However it seems to retain some of the sometimes strangeness of the former, yet more so. Vocally and musically, song titles... are very obscure. Could you shed some light with your thoughts on this?
Well to me it does in no way seem "strange" as I have created this from my mind, in order to retain one's sanity, this must be unleashed. This is simply myself in sound.

In an interview with Axis of Advance, I asked about the break up of SA with you ex-band mate, but now that I have the opportunity to ask you as well, I'll take it for the record. Could you explain what happened to us ?
I do not know exactly what they say, nor do I care. As I know that we created brutal releases, this is all that matters. I went my separate way due to the fact that I am unable to tolerate the city, and do not care to exist among large groups of humans. So I left the city and the band. One cannot create with that which does not create. I need not talk shit about others. I am on far to high a level for that. Carry on!!!

Your latest CD "Thy Caryatid" is quite unique sounding. The sound and style are very refreshing in its uniqueness. It is very raw and crude, yet contains lots of background elements-whispers, chants, moans, etc.. Tell us what went into its making and what it is you wish to imbue into your music?
Recording this release was extremely difficult to say the least, as I did EVERYTHING on my own! Aside from the technician, I went out of my way to get all the sounds that were required, such as timpani drums etc.. Whatever was required, I exploited it! I always do only what I hear, and in turn that is what you hear. As I know I do not write in the conventional vein, imagine dementia and pure satisfaction as one.

I imagine you are working on new material, if I am right, could you tell us about what to expect for the future release?
Yes indeed I am! As always I never quit working, I will release soon a 7" and also a split LP with the cult band NUCLEAR DEATH. It will be BARBARIC. I wish to release the LP soon, some labels are interested, if any others are interested they are urged to get in contact with me, as it shall be a sick release.

Could you tell us about your lyrical topics?
I truth, many have asked this question of me. And I shall reply the same....no! I shall post the lyrics on the site and you may decode yourself. I shall say this...your worst fear ever, but with no outside or obvious danger, and no proof of it's existence. Yet it is there, and only the one in question is fully aware of it.

Outside of music, what has inspired you in life? What things enrage you most?
Higher then life creations. They are far and few between. One must find that on there own. Flemish painters of the past! As I said before one thing that does enrage me is this...those that claim misanthropy, yet live and work among large groups of humans on a daily basis. This makes little sense to me, that is why I do not live in a city.

Do you personally see hope for the future? Or does a dark day await us all somewhere down the line?
As far as I am concerned that dark day has been her since the first building blocks of mankind came together, on this earth. I care little as I have already done what must be done, and am still in the process. BEWARE.

Earth being such a rotten place, it is refreshing at times to fathom the infinity of space, the possibilities... what are your thoughts on the cosmos and life elsewhere?
It is so fukkkkkking real, all of it, that is for each of us to decide though, as for life elsewhere? Where do you think we came from. Not god! That is mankind's creation.

How do you think life originated on Earth?
From the stars of course, a collection of building blocks, fused together. Quite simple in my eyes. Two or more elements merged... and a new substance is created or outcome is achieved.

Hypothetically, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would your question be?
I have many questions, any one who says they do not is a liar! Yet I have already answered all the "major" questions. ALL OF THOSE HAVE THE ANSWER DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEM. Beyond science and reason is what I speak of...infinity.

If you had a choice, how would you spend eternity?
In total infinite paradise, where there is sleep, drink, pleasure, pain. There is total creation and destruction, all simultaneously. And of course there is brutal metal all the time, ha.

Lets hypothetically say you are about to be executed... as you stand at the gallows, what would you envision your last words to those killing you be? Also, what would be some of things you fathom might flash through your mind in the seconds before death?
I might say "you are wasting a bullet, why not put it to better use, as I know so many far more deserving of that." As for what may flash before my eyes... I have experienced this before, it was in a car. W spun around and out of control. We ended up in the ditch. The car was very close to being crushed, and us along with it. I do not know what I saw, I only know what it was. To my surprise there was no panic involved. Therefore I can say that I do not fear the event of death, as I know...ONLY DEATH IS REAL. You can't will on that one!

What sort of literature interests you?
Human history, theory, philosophy, even that cursed subject science!!!

Is their a person dead whom, if given the chance, you could meet, who would it be? What would you ask/talk about with this individual?
I would meet with HIERONYMUS BOSCH and would discuss everything that ever was. There are others as well, due to the fact that I would be in contact with the deceased, I would harness the ability to converse with all things that have ever died or been, and all things that are to come. (that is a good and demented question-hail)

Getting to the end of our discussion, let's look to the future of Rites of Degringolade, what can we expect?
I shall continue to prevail, as I have done, I have been playing for 10 years now, I shall end when I am complete, and move on to the next... beware of my end times.

Any chance of catching a live performance? What were your past experiences like?
Yes. I will do some live shows in the future, I also do side projects (WITCHBLADE). As for past shows, some were bad and some were very brutal and sick. We did some shows with Morbid Angel and Incantation, after that I was asked to play drums for Incantation when Kyle Severn was unable to enter Canada, I knew their material, so I joined in, played drums for Incantation.

Lastly, your final comments?
Hail to you at Mourning the Ancient for your interest in RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE, and for asking some demented and original questions. That is sick and required....Demo is sold out I may repress more soon, full length is available 11$ can. 7" in the future and split LP as well.

5118 birch ave.
vegreville ab.
t9c 1k1
The site is still in progress, Mp3 is now up.

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