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The following interview is done with Herr Stalhammar...

First, to get the formalities aside, tell us about ROSSOMAHAAR with a history...
Rossomahaar was formed in 1995. First demo, entitled "Grotesque", was recorded only in 1997, however it was released even later, in the beginning of 1999 by RIP Productions and Hobgoblin Records in the shape of MC album. Rossomahaar consists of three people: Lazar (vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums programming), Baalseguothstarius (bass) and Herr Stalhammar (poetry and concept). Also, seems like we have a new guitarist namely Alex from TALES OF DARK NORD and DER GERWELT.
What is the current situation with the band? Releases... future plans...?
Soon you'll be able to listen to the new masterpiece from Rossomahaar,"Imperium Tenebrarum" (in the shape of demo??? or perhaps, CD???) It has more emphasis on guitars, overall it appears as more grim and hateful stuff... also, much more professional when it comes to performance and recording...
Tell us about the scene in Russia.
It sucks. Only a few true BM bands here... Like Rossomahaar (of course!), Nargotrond, Temnozor', Fullmoon Rise, Woods Of Fallen, Sunchariot, Dreaming Soul, Rakoth... And dozens of wimps like Satarial, Demons Of Guillotine and Rod...
Are black metal releases easily obtainable there?
Yeah, no problem with it. You can get anything you want here (if you have enough money, of course!)
How does the population view this style of music?
Fine question... Although, the answer will be short: the entire population just doesn't care about us and the stuff we compose.
You have a picture of Anton Lavey crossed out on your webpage. Tell us about this.
I just don't care about Satanism and it's inventors, i.e. Jews. Like LaVey, for example...
Based on past interviews, you understand the seldom understood fact that Satanism is a Judeo-xtian invention. Your thoughts?
Hmm... Yes, it's Jewish religion, simply another part of Christianity... Nothing more to say.. I'd better become a X-tian than a Satanist...
Tell us your thoughts on Christianity... and why you feel this way.
I'm against ALL religions. Any kind of religion has an aim in enslaving man's ego and personality, and I'd like to keep 'em save, at least till my death. Who needs god when there's man???
You describe your band as Aryan Black Metal. I would imagine this brings a lot of criticism to you, as I've read an example of this in your guestbook. Tell us of your experiences.
Damn it, I'm really tired of suchlike questions. Yes, we support national-socialism, since we feel ourselves WHITE people, and we're simply proud of it. I don't care about various freaks writing some shit in our guestbook.
Your thoughts on WW2 and those regarding the war between Nazi Germany and Russia? How does the Russian government view National Socialism in Russia today?
I just hate our (pathetic) government! It does nothing for the profit of our common motherland... The Judeo-xtian tendencies seem to rule over this part of the world as well... I have read a lot regarding WW2, and I deeply disdain Hitler as a personality, however does it mean that I can't support NS Views????
In contrast, your thoughts on Democracy and Communism?
Fuck both of them. They didn't do anything good for the mankind. Totaletarism is the only way.
What do you think separates ROSSOMAHAAR from other bands?
We DO HAVE originality that others don't possess. Besides, we're utterly sincere in what we're doing.
I'm interested to hear your view on the world, since you originate from a country we've yet interview someone from. If your familiar with our website, you know that a strong majority of the bands worldwide that we interview have a dark outlook on the future of mankind. What is your opinion? Do you see the world situation getting worse or better?
Well, I also can't say anything good concerning the further development of mankind. Seems like the Powers of Mother Nature will get rid of all of us... rather soon... The ecological Armageddon is inevitable as well, I suppose...
You seem to support Paganism... what do you believe religiously, if anything?
Nothing. I prefer to believe in myself and nothing (nobody) else. Yes, I support paganism (not pagans, though!) but only as a Nature worshipping...
What way would you like to pass from this Earth?
I'd prefer to do it in a sleep. If I lived in a past, I'd like to die in an honest battle, but somehow I think that it's impossible nowadays...
Living or dead, what person in the world inspires you?
Stephan Zweig, Marquis De Sade, Friedrich Nietzsche, A. P. Chechoff, M. Bulgakoff, Knut Hansun, Howard Lovecraft, etc.
Lastly, tell our readers how they might obtain your releases.

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Alas, your final comments?
Meine ehre heisst treue!!! Support the forthcoming war and racial cleansing! Thanks for the interview. Support the underground, support Rossomahaar!

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