Sacramentary Abolishment

  • The following interview is done with Verminaard, April 19th, 1998.

  • 'When the Sun finally sets is it only to rise again? Objectives no longer clear. gray faces my only allies. Can this continue for long? We've forgotten who we are. The fire is out. No one can remember the Older ways that we fought so hard to achieve. With time, they say, the heart grows fonder. But we are those who know no such things. Of all the blood spilled in our name too much was our own. And we can't continue this way. Old friends bear enemy shields, and the young, too unfocused to learn.'-Flee the Hammer from The Distracting Stone.

    Tell us about the history of Sacramentary Abolishment. S.A. was formed in mid 1993 by Paulus. After some line-up changes, and musical differences, we've had the current line-up since early 1994. The line-up consists of myself doing bass and vocals, Wor doing guitar and vocals, and Paulus on drums.

    Your music is very aggressive and filled with rage. What is the drive behind your music? What things in this dismal world inspire you? We ourselves find it difficult to find inspiration in today's plastic world, instead we look to the past for ours. Is this so for you also? What are some of the things you think the world has lost that that the past once possessed? The drive behind our music is our distaste for today's world, or more importantly, the people in it, therefore I agree with your statement of a 'plastic' society. We look to the past somewhat for inspiration, as the eras before us were of more consequence to us than the present. We enjoy learning about ancient wars, right up to the Golden Era of WW2. The main thing that the world has lost that the past once possessed is a sense of honour amongst it's populace. People today are two faced and 'plastic'. For example, one who claims to be an ally, usually turns out to be an enemy in the long run. I think that the segregation of the people in older times led to a more close knit community, and therefore, people were able to forge more unified battles.

    In past interviews you've done, you've expressed your hatred and dissatisfaction for this world. It's a trait commonly shared by many of us, regardless of where on the globe we survive. Tell us more specifically what you find wrong in the world, and any possible solutions. Well, I personally think that this world is beyond repair. The stupidity of the vast majority of people living here are making that so. I think the only course of action is to educate yourself in the ways of mathematics and physics, so one day it will be possible to flee this orb of shit. The people that understand the ways of the stars will be the ones strong enough to forge a new future.. the remaining sheep will be annihilated..

    With the millennial year drawing closer every day, many seem to harbour a strong belief that the world is in it's last days. Some base this on religion, some on prophecy, but even a fool could look and see that something has truly gone wrong. You express many thoughts on Armageddon in your lyrics.. give us some examples of why you feel the end is near. When did you first realize this? The Armageddon that we describe in our lyrics is of a different nature that what most religious sheep feel "Armageddon" is. In our eyes, Armageddon will consist of a violent nuclear war, where all life on this planet will cease to exist. This is why I say that the strong must flee this planet. 'Life' will reinvent itself in another galaxy one day.. let's just hope that it is not too late. I first manifested this philosophy long ago, as my guardians growing up knew that intellectual development was the only key to survival.

    You have two CD's out: 'River of Corticone', and your newest, 'The Distracting Stone'. Define to us the meanings of these titles and why they were chosen. Our first CD, River of Corticone, was a concept album, based around a River way in the future. This River, known today as the River Nile, had been renamed as the River Corticone. For more information on this, an essay has been prepared by Wor, that can be viewed on our website. As for 'The Distracting Stone', there can be many ways to decipher its meaning. I guess the main meaning behind it was the idea that many things in society are distracting, and these things are the supposed 'strengths' of today's world. (ie- Church, friendships..). Stone is strength, hence the parallel.

    Tell us what message you hope to send to your listeners through your music. Well, our first album was written and produced to have a dark, foreboding sound, and to invoke a sense of urgency in a listener. The second album shed it's dark feel, and wanted to send out a vibe of pure hate. There is no love, or art, of anything pleasant in 'The Distracting Stone', and therefore it was produced in such a way. This is why we chose to change the vocal style for this album, as we wanted to scream forth a vile and disgusting hatred towards all beings. Most people do not understand that, so who cares anyway. The new album will be of a different nature all together, and thus the vocal style and production will again change.

    Through your band name, S.A., it is obvious you hold a hatred towards religion. Is it directed at Christianity, or any religion in general? Tell us your beliefs on religion, and why you feel this way. What are your views on Pagan religions? There seems to be a revival, of sorts, as of late, with the ancient religions Christianity had hoped to destroy. Yet, many elements of these old religions seem to us, modernized. What do you think? Our hatred is towards religion in general. We hate all forms of Judeo-Christian beliefs, including that of Satanism. We do, however, appreciate the ways of old. Speaking personally, I was raised as a Pagan, and therefore understand the ways of the earth, etc. However, this has led me to clearly understand that this earth is destroyed A large part of the earth's downfall is based around religions. As a side note, however, people that 'modernize' old beliefs are idiots. They can not possibly understand the true ways of old, if they are rewriting the ideals to suit today's Judeo-world.

    Tell us about the future of S.A. What are your plans? And when S.A. is finished, how do you wish your music to be remembered? How about personally? How do you wish to be remembered? Well, on a personal level, I do not wish to be remembered at all. I do not play in a band for glory, especially personal glory. As for the band, we wish only to be remembered as '..the band that few could understand, but fuck.. they were harsh, abrasive, and never boring.' The future shall be a busy one for S.A. The summer of 1998 will see a Canadian tour unfold, doing, I believe, 9-12 shows in the major cities in our vast country. A new album is slated for a late 1998 or early 1999 release, for which the material is about 80% written thus far. Aside from that, we are uncertain.. only time will tell, I guess.

    Who would you say is the one person, past or present, whom you most greatly respect? And Why? I cannot really say that there is one single person that I can direct my respect to. In general, I believe that the people who deserve my respect are the people who lead a harsh lifestyle, and are not just all talk. Most people talk big all the time, and that just shows weakness. To truly be strong, and therefore respected, one does not need to announce it. One knows it. These are the people that I truly appreciate.

    In conclusion, give us your final thoughts. In Canada, watch for us this summer, and worldwide, await the next CD anxiously. The next CD will probably be a 5 song affair, but not an MCD. It will still be 45 mins or so in length. Thanks for the interview, and we'll hopefully meet again in the stars.

    S.A. c/o Verminaard
    864 Millbourne Road East
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T6K 0S3 Canada

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