This interview is with Commander Jeff Schoep...

March 14, 2016

1) Can you please introduce yourself and your organization the 'National Socialist Movement' (NSM)?

Greetings, I am Cmdr. Jeff Schoep the National Director of the NSM. The National Socialist Movement is America's largest NS group, and one of the largest Nationalist Organizations in the USA. We are highly active in the streets, politically, and even on the southwest borders with our ongoing patrols. We consider ourselves to be a white civil rights organization, much to the chagrin of the so-called civil rights groups that represent all of the non-white and special interest groups, it is critical that white people have such an organization as well, so we fill that void. The NSM is a continuation of the Movement of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. We were founded in 1974 by Robert Brannen whom had previously served with Commander Rockwell. After Cmdr. Rockwell's untimely death (he was assassinated by a traitor by the name of John Patler) the movement splintered into several different NS factions, only 2 of those factions remain today that were directly connected to the Movement of Commander Rockwell, those being The National Socialist Movement and The New Order.

2) The NSM is probably one of the most visible NS organizations in the US, what kind of backlash have you experienced from the media, employers etc.?

The media is never very kind to us, we, like most white rights groups, are mislabeled as a hate group by the Zionist controlled mass media. In regards to employers, many of our people, myself included, in the past have been fired from jobs due to our open political activism. The average Party member does not usually have that problem, unless they are openly recruiting at work, which of course we discourage. Those of us who have done TV or newspaper interviews, or have run for public office are more likely to face persecution in the work place. The same goes for our people in the Armed forces, if the man or woman is recruiting while serving in the Army, the Army will kick you out. Itís a double standard because it does not happen to non-white organizations, but it certainly happens to white groups. The one upside to your question regarding Media is that now with the internet NSM and other White Nationalist groups have our own Media. We have 3 radio shows that run live and also are recorded weekly, which feature live callers, guests, chat rooms, and downloads if you missed the live shows. We also have a quarterly E-Zine that is published on our website, a forum, email lists, our own media team called NSM Media that produces those along with videos on our YouTube channels. We even have full length DVDs that we offer at which is our Record Label and store. We have essentially made our own media, as a way to promote our goals and ideals without Zionist influence and control. Itís news from the source, how it should be.

3) I recently listened to a speech you gave in Mississippi and I really liked the way you stressed the fact that we need to remember that it is not the immigrants that are orchestrating the destruction of Western culture, and as a matter of fact they themselves only wish to live in peace. We know who the enemy is, and that enemy is the enemy of all peoples. The Third Reich united with all races of mankind to fight our common foe, and that is the key. Hatred in the wrong direction is detrimental to us all and the enemy knows this and instigates and takes advantage of this weakness. Can you explain a bit more about how you feel about this?

Thank you, and yes you are absolutely correct. I am glad you asked me this question, as it is something people so often misunderstand about National Socialism and our stance on White Rights in general. NS is NOT about hate, it never was, and it never will be. Sure, we all hate that has happened to our Nation and what is happening to our Folk, but what motivates us is not hate, but rather love for our people, land, and heritage. I have done countless interviews over the years with mainstream media and they so often call us a hate group, or ask why do we hate this group or that, and it always baffles the mind. I challenge them to look on our site and tell me where they find anything that is truly hateful. They really cannot do it. They say that our policy of white separation is hateful and other silly things like that. Indeed the 3rd Reich did incorporate people from many different racial backgrounds into the fight for National Socialism. NS politically can be taken and transplanted into any Nation. I often hear people parroting the lie that Hitler claimed NS was only for Germans and not for export, that simply is not true. The Waffen SS for example had people of many different Nations, Races, Religions, and cultures involved in it, one of the lesser known divisions is the Handschar SS which was a Muslim division with volunteers from Bosnia and also Arab lands. The Grand Mufti of Palestine was allied with Hitler and NS, and even today we have many people from that part of the world who adore Hitler and NS.

I have even personally met with people in the past that had connections with the Handschar Division, other SS Divisions, Hitler Youth, Volksturm, and Wehrmacht too of course. Perhaps that was off topic a bit, but it may be of some interest to those reading this who believe NS was only for Germans, or only for white people. Perhaps even further off topic-- there is an interesting movie, I believe it was called "My Way", about a Korean marathon runner, which they say is based on a true story. A very good movie if anyone wants to check it out, based in World War 2, long story short at the end two Koreans were captured by the U.S. in German Wehrmacht uniforms fighting for the German Reich, and the movie tells the story of how that all happened, but my point is simple, if NS Germany hated non-whites then why did they have Arab Divisions in the SS and even a couple of random Korean guys in the Army?

Back to your question, yes all of mankind should be fighting for National Socialism against our common foes which are the International Zionists, communists, and their allies. They say communism is dead, but International Jewry has played both sides, capitalism and communism, and they are in the thick of the evil that plagues us to this day. That being said, it is not the poor illegal immigrant family that we must fight against, it is those who have orchestrated the madness behind their plight, and those whom have propped open our borders, granted amnesty and have brought our Nation to the brink of collapse.

Commander Jeff Schoep

4) There seems to be a sentiment that has taken hold of the movement recently that women are the major factor behind our problems and that women should not be allowed to vote or participate in politics on any level. It seems to me that actually we NEED women and sending the message that women 'belong in the kitchen' is the exact wrong way to attract women. Thoughts?

Myself and the NSM feel that women are an important part of our struggle, and certainly not a major factor behind our problems. Women have been targeted more so by Zionist brainwashing techniques and more have given into miscegenation than our men have, however it is not women as a whole that are our problem. If you ask me, less of our women would be lost if more of our men were Alpha male types and actually proved worthy to attract our women. I know I will take some flak from some people for saying that, but I for one have never had any problems talking to, or bringing women to our side. Not that a man is needed to bring them to our side either, just making a point, as so many men in the Nationalist Movement are perpetually single, and being in this struggle so many years I know these guys and they are good men, great men really many of them, it is just that so many women turn away from our struggle or fear it even.

On the other hand, the NSM is one of the few organizations that does allow and have women in leadership positions. We have even had Regional Leaders that have been women in recent years. A Regional Leader is someone who is in charge of a number of states including overseeing the state and local chapters, so we see ourselves as an equal opportunity organization (ughhhh that sounds so liberal ha ha ha kidding), but in all seriousness we do have women in key positions if they qualify and we will continue to do so. Itís not about which gender someone is, itís about who can best do the job, and believe me I am sure not all men like it, even within our Organization, but we are not run by a democracy, the NSM operates under National Socialism, there is no voting within the Org.

5) Do you think organizations are the way to go at this point in the struggle? There are those who believe a lone wolf strategy is best. Everyone has heard of the deep infiltrations of enemy spies and agents that target organizations. Does that worry you? I don't see any way to safeguard against this. Enemy agents could no doubt sow a lot of subtle chaos in groups, not to mention gather intelligence. Realistically, don't you think there are agents hiding in the NSM? Since you are smart and do not tolerate illegal activities of any kind, the effectiveness of these parasites is limited, however. Your thoughts on all of this?

I disagree with the lone wolf strategy, it is the politics of failure if you ask my opinion, with one big exception, let me explain here. Now, if someone is going out to do something illegal or letís say revolutionary even, then yes the lone wolf route is the only way to go, and it can be highly effective in that sense. However as a mass political movement or philosophy it is an absolute failure and will serve nothing but setting us back. I have been active in this struggle for 20 plus years now, and have seen/met hundreds, maybe thousands of people who claimed to follow the lone wolf strategy, and for 99% of them it was an excuse to do absolutely nothing, and I do mean NOTHING for the white struggle. Sitting around drinking, hanging out, being a club of buddies or whatever they want to call it, itís called being lazy and doing nothing. The other 1% are guys who are striking out against the system in very real ways, and for them the lone wolf strategy is the best route and it is effective and we must honor those men and women.

Regarding enemy spies, yes it is a very real problem we have faced, and likewise every organized white nationalist group has faced it. We have some things in place to help catch these vermin, and sometimes we do catch them, other times they go undetected, especially in larger groups like ours it is very difficult to know who is trustable. I always tell people to never say anything to anyone that you would not say inside a police station, yea maybe thatís being paranoid because most of the people are involved for the right reasons, and maybe 1 out of 1,000 are informants, or more or less, we never know, but it is still wise to be cautious of everyone, and avoid illegal activities to avoid being sent into zogís gulags. For us we keep it legal so enemy spies have little to report on, but sometimes they go on to sell their stories and write books.

One informant that I remember from recent years went on TV and lied, telling the cameras that the time he spent with the NSM he heard guys talking about killing people, raping, beating down non-whites and basically every violent thing he could think of. He spoke of how violent and dangerous we are, yet his infiltration of our organization led to not one arrest of anyone involved in our organization, so I wonder where did he witness all these claims he made? It was all lies obviously, but he nevertheless collected $20,000.00 in taxpayerís dollars from the Federal Govn't in pay for spying on us, and who knows how much was made for him in book sales, and whatever other deals he cut. That was just one informant story, I have others.

6) There has been a void of leadership within the struggle for years. Many of our greatest men are in dungeons around the world. It seems every time a potential leader arrives on the scene the enemy finds a way to take him down. The enemy specializes in lies and deceit, often planting 'evidence' of some crime on their targets. Matt Hale is a good example. First they attacked his organization, stripping it of its name, then, not satisfied, they charged him with a ludicrous accusation of wanting to kill a judge. What are your thoughts and how will you avoid the minefield?

Rev. Matt Hale is a friend, and a good man. I was there with him and others in Chicago getting ready to attend his court hearing over the stripping of his organizations name, and after he walked through the metal detectors for court the Federal Marshalls grabbed him. A few others and I were also detained and then released later that day.

I really liked your interview with Rev. Hale, and I do fully believe he was framed and set up by an informant. I encourage anyone reading this interview to go back and read Rev. Hale's interview first if you have not already done so, to get an understanding of exactly what was done to him. My advice for all white nationalists trying to avoid the minefield is this: stay legal, and do not even tolerate anyone speaking about illegal or potentially questionable things around you. Rev. Hale's case is one of the scariest set-ups I can think of. I believe the informant offered to do something illegal and Rev. Hale simply stated that he does not do anything illegal but whatever this guy wants to do is on him, and the system twisted that into Rev. Hale giving the approval for something illegal. Now that is scary, and an absolute travesty of justice. Things are not the same now as they were back in the 1980s or early 90s when a fight was just a fight and a night in jail, now a fight can land you with hate crimes charges and a 7 year sentence or longer.

Itís insanity at itís worst! We have young men coming to our ranks all the time and they want to go take care of business, and we advise every one of them that if they come to us with this stuff that it will end them up in jail, and to do things legally. If they persist with that talk we cut them loose from the organization, we can only assume they are working for the system and attempting to entrap us, which we will not tolerate. The NSM has a strict policy that if someone commits a serious crime while a member of the Party we revoke their membership. It has to be done to protect the organization, and itís the same policy most other groups have adopted now as well, itís the only way to keep the group alive and operating in this dangerous environment, behind enemy lines, so to speak.

7) One thing that many people criticize groups like the NSM of is wearing historical German National Socialist uniforms. We all love and respect our great NS warriors past, but people say wearing uniforms/collar tabs and badges is going too far. Critics bring up the argument that many of these things were earned, especially the SS collar tabs. Your thoughts?

The NSM changed its uniforms in April 2008 when we dropped the Commander Rockwell Era brown shirts and swastika armbands and went to all black BDUs [battle dress uniform Ėed.], with NSM patches. The only time the traditional uniforms of our early days are worn now is at the National Meeting on or around the weekend of April 20th every year, to honor Adolf Hitler, and also to honor our founder Commander Rockwell. The traditional uniforms have not been worn at any public rally since November of 2007 which has been almost 10 years now, but yet we do still hear online chatter about Ďoh the NSM wears German uniforms at ralliesí, etc., which is not even true. I do agree that no one should be wearing German war medals, or any war medals that were not earned and perhaps a few people had done that in decades in the past, but it is not something we see going on now. We do however allow members who had served in the U.S. armed forces to wear their earned medals and ribbons on their uniforms if they choose to do so.

8) Do I understand it correctly that the NSM no longer permits the wearing of historical NS uniforms? When was this decision made and what motivated it?

Ahhh, I just partially answered this in question #7. The motivation was for multiple reasons. One being that so many people coming to us for membership thought we were just a group for Germans, which looking back still makes me laugh but it was a really common question, so obviously it was a problem we had with our own identity. Some party members would have liked to keep the brown shirts as it tied us historically to our past connection with Commander Rockwellís original ANP [American Nazi Party Ėed.], however the times had changed and I felt that a more modern approach was needed. I looked at the growth some of our fellow NS groups in Europe were having and how they did things, and I felt the NSM in America was lacking in vision and a path into the future. America now is not what it was in the 1960s and 70s, and the time to modernize was upon us, so I made the move and announced it at our National Meeting in April of 2008, the next day we marched in Washington DC. Not everyone liked the move, but overall I think it was a wise move for the organization, and we are not really concerned with what people like, but rather what will bring us to Victory here in this Nation, and we hope to achieve that one day, or at least pave the path for it.

9) There is a ton of foolish and self-destructive arguing going on in the struggle. People whom generally believe the same thing but differ on tactics spend much of their energies fighting with one another. I believe people should keep their opinions to themselves and behind closed doors. Airing their grievances to the public makes them look childish and is tactically unsound. Personally I disagree with many things various people do and say in our fight, but at the end of the day we are fighting for the same ultimate goal. People should learn to keep their disputes private. Personally, I would never complain publically about anyone whose heart is in the right place but whose beliefs or tactics may differ from my own. Now behind closed doors, that's another matter entirely, I'll grumble to the dark until I'm blue in the face! But ultimately, people should keep their eyes on the real enemy and end the lame and cowardly internet attacks. How do you feel about all of this?

You summed this up 100% and I fully agree with every word in that statement. The NSM has never, ever aired dirty laundry on our website. At one time we were even sued by another alleged nationalist, we had to go to court and defend ourselves and hire a lawyer. It was horrible but we won the case, of course, because it was frivolous. Even after all of this that person and their ridiculous lawsuit against us was never mentioned on our site. A couple of other times people we had thrown out of the organization went on to attempt to form other groups, and tried to start drama with us, we ignored that too, and those people and their games have ended now. Every so often I will check around other groups sites and sometimes you will find public drama they have between other groups.

Our enemies pick up that stuff and run with it, which is why we will never provide any ammo to our enemies, and if we have problems, we handle them in-house, and/or directly in person until that problem ends, or the person stops their silly behavior. Sure, there are many different groups and we all have different ideas, ways of doing things, and sometimes we do not get along, but that stuff should never be aired publically where the enemies of our Folk can see it and laugh at us all about it. There needs to be more discipline in the white struggle, and that should be something all groups agree on across the board to not attack each other online. Privately, who cares, but publically, never!

[Above: The National Socialist Movement in Atlanta, Georgia, April 2013]

10) The internet has been one of the greatest tools for the struggle for truth. Never before has unrestricted access of knowledge been so accessible. On the downside there is a lot of garbage and falsities and lies. But anyone with an ounce of intelligence will eventually find the truth and what's really happening. How has the internet affected you and the NSM? What are your thoughts on it?

The internet has been a great tool for the NSM which we utilize to our full advantage. For the most part it has been a wonderful and effective tool for us. The only downside with the internet is that any idiot can create a free blog site/page and make up lies, slander and garbage. Since I am a public figure I have gotten a lot of flack online, as is true with anyone who is a public figure, some of us get it worse than others. I have been called a Jew, race mixer and a Satanist. Sites have doctored up images targeting my family. There have even been claims that my kids are black or that I date black porn stars, pretty much every thing you can think of. These psychos probably say I molest small animals, who knows anymore, the lies change often.

Most of it is pretty funny and ridiculous, but when someone takes this stuff seriously, like it is true, then itís pretty sad. I had a guy ask me if some of these things are true just recently, and I asked him if he thought that the entire NSM and all the groups we work with would really tolerate my even being around them if it were true? He said hmmm, I suppose you are right, that was a stupid thing to ask. All the drama and being targeted by crazy people is still worth it though. If I did not believe this struggle was needed to save our people, I would have dropped out long ago, but I stay on in service to our Folk, as it is the honorable and correct thing to do.

11) Have you paid much attention to the Golden Dawn of Greece? Any thoughts on them?

Yes, I love the Golden Dawn. I have been a fan of theirs for many years. Back in the early days of my activism in the 1990s we used to swap publications by mail with the Golden Dawn, and wow they have really come a long way. They are a model of success and we salute them for all they are doing for the Greek people and the NS struggle in general.

12) With the immigration crisis in Europe, do you think more people will begin to awake to the truth?

Yes, absolutely. White people of Europe will either have to rise up again, or our Race there will be finished, I for one believe that they will rise up and history will repeat itself and halt the invasion!

13) Let's talk about the glorious, epic and tragic war that was World War Two. For the past few years we've been researching and posting pictures and information on a part of our website called 'Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind'. The project documents with pictures and information the millions of non-Germans and, even more surprising, the many different non-white races which fought and died beside the Germans. These men, Blacks, Arabs, Asians, Indians, etc., fought beside Germany until the bloody and terrible end. Many non-whites even fought in the final battle of Berlin. Adolf Hitler raised more Muslim soldiers to fight for him than any non-Muslim in history. Commando Otto Skorzeny describes the incredibly diverse nature of the Waffen-SS in his 1975 memoirs: '...from 1942 European soldiers from many lands and peoples could be found: Albanians, Bosnians, Britons, Bulgarians, Cossacks, Croats, Danes, Dutch, Estonians, Finns, Flemings, French, Georgians, Greeks, Hungarians, Italians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Norwegians, Romanians, Russians, Serbs, Slovakians, Swedes, Swiss, Ukrainians, Walloons, Armenians, Byelorussians, Hindus, Kirghizes, Tartars, Turkmen and Uzbeks served under their own flags in the Waffen-SS. Almost all of these peoples were represented in my unit.' Now to my question, did you know about all of this? Were you as shocked as I was when you first learned about blacks and other non-whites wearing a 'Nazi' uniform and fighting for the Third Reich? Personally, I was shocked. They never taught any of this in school to us. Your thoughts this subject?

A. I did touch on this earlier in the interview, and it is not widely known what you mention. I have been a NS for many years now so yes I was aware of these things, and when you speak to men that served there like Otto Skorzeny (a hero), or my old comrade Theo Junker, the man who built the Hitler Memorial Hall in Wisconsin (Theo served in the Waffen-SS), his monument mentioned all of the volunteers and honored their sacrifice. You are correct, they do not teach any of this in school, and even many modern NS today still are not aware of this. I am glad you mentioned it because itís something we should probably draw more attention to, as the Zionist media is constantly hammering the public with all this ĎNational Socialism is hateí garbage, so itís a good thing to bring to light for sure.

14) Obviously they wish to divide and conquer us. They have been pushing lies and propaganda into our heads since the day we were born regarding how evil and racist Adolf Hitler was. But in fact, the exact opposite is true. It was America and Britain and their Allies whom were the racists. America had a plethora of race laws against blacks during WWII. Thoughts?

True statement. It is interesting how the victors write, or should I say re-write history.

15) The enemy's greatest fear is if the races stopped fighting one another and started fighting united against the real enemy. The enemy who orchestrates all of our destruction and sees all men --black, white, yellow, brown -- as little more than garbage. Adolf Hitler understood the nature of the enemy and our fight. He didn't see other races as his enemies, but in fact held great respect for them. Millions of non-whites saw Hitler as their savior, rightfully, during WWII. Adolf Hitler told Mohammed Amin al-Husseini that when the German armies reached the Caucasus, the border between Europe and Asia, to tell the Arab people that their freedom was at hand. The Arab Muslims even went so far as saying 'Allah in Heaven, Hitler on Earth'. During WWII Japan freed certain islands from American and European colonial occupation that were held by Germany in the past -- islands that were stripped from Germany after WWI -- the Japanese asked Adolf Hitler if they wanted the islands back. Adolf Hitler told them NO, he didn't believe in colonialism. I could go on and on... but I'll let you take over! Your thoughts on it all?

You put that all very eloquently, and you are correct. The International Jew had hoped to erase those truths, and use the other races as a bulwark against white National Socialists. It is a monumental task to re-educate people to these truths, but slowly and surely we are doing so.

16) Do you think it is possible for the white race to unite with non-whites in today's age against our real enemy?

Yes, I feel it is possible, and may very well be critical to our success. It is easy for anyone to say Ďoh hell we do not need themí, and Ďwe can do it aloneí, but I am a realist, and with so many enemies aligned against us, especially from amongst our own people, we must do whatever it takes to bring about Victory, and if it means making alliances, then by all means we must consider it.

17) Hypothetically, what if there was a group of black people who shared the goals and values of the NSM. Would it be possible to have a rally or march beside them? Can you imagine the enemy shitting his pants seeing that...

Well, that may be a bitter pill for some to swallow, but I do feel that anything is possible, realistic perhaps not, but possible. I would like to mention that last year I did speak at a black peoples conference in Beverly Hills, California with many black leaders from various black organizations. There are pictures, a video, and story about that on the NSM website. As far as I know, I am the first National Socialist to do that since Commander Rockwell spoke at the Nation of Islam in the 1960s, so it was definitely a historical event, which the mainstream media almost completely blacklisted (no pun intended) and ignored. We did some radio interviews in Los Angeles right afterwards with mainstream radio, but the TV media ignored the event.

The communist party and some Jews disrupted the first venue and were screaming at the blacks about why they invited me to speak, saying I was as Ďevil as Hitlerí and other crazy things, but the event went on despite the rude interruptions. The event was called a ĎConversation on Raceí, so I would not say the black groups there were necessarily allies, but a civil discussion had been started and we all agreed that we may do more of it in the future, so I feel it was productive and very interesting for sure. We have to start somewhere and that was a step in the right direction, and the Zionist media was not going to touch that. The publicist for the event was a well-known person who worked for big Hollywood stars, so itís not that they did not advertise or promote the event correctly, they absolutely did, itís simply that the media did not want it known that black groups were meeting with National Socialists. For more info on that see

Commander Jeff Schoep

18) We should brush a little bit upon the insanity in the Middle East. ISIS clearly is a puppet of Israel. What do you believe?

ISIS, or ISIL, is certainly a puppet of Israel (Occupied Palestine). I am certain most of the men/fighters who are with them do not wish to believe that, but it certainly seems to be the case. The Middle East is a mess right now. The U.S. backed overthrow of Libya turned that nation into a failed state now, and the same could be said of the mess in Iraq. Thankfully in Syria President Assad is still strong as a lion and he has help from Hezbollah, and now Russia as well, to stop the spread of ISIS terrorism in Syria.

19) I'd like to ask you a few philosophical questions now. I'm unsure if you have a religious affiliation, and it's unimportant here anyway, but I wanted to see what you thought about the idea of life-after-death? Do you believe a part of us lives on?

I really do not wish to comment too much on my religious affiliation, those who know me know where I stand on the matter, but considering that the NSM does not endorse any particular religion, and our policy is that it is for home/family and or church or religious establishments, I would rather not publically state my affiliation for the record. A wise man considers the possibility of anything, and I do believe that part of us may live on, and our ancestors watch over us here, so we must honor them and live well by them.

20) I've always pondered death and its inevitability, but recently more so, as someone I loved dearly died rather suddenly. They were in the prime of their life and were suddenly gone, forever. The funeral took place on a dark and rainy afternoon and mirrored perfectly how I was feeling. It was an open casket viewing, but I couldn't bear to see the person I loved, someone who had been so very alive, dead. So I sat at the back, stared at the coffin from a distance, and thought about all of the times we had together. They would never be again. Was there something other than this? Was oblivion our fate? Was an after-life just wishful thinking? I couldn't say. The answers lie behind a veil none can peek. What do you think? Have you lost many loved ones? Do you think about your own end on this earth?

Your feeling here is understandable and very normal, at least from my point of view. I have also experienced the death of someone I was close to recently, and thankfully I was able to see them just before they passed and say goodbye, etc. This person was not religious at all, but in the end they did speak of going to see loved ones who had passed on, so that in and of itself I believe tells us there may certainly be something else out there. I do not really ponder my own mortality very often, but I suppose it will come for all of us one day.

21) If there is a divine intelligence out there --an all-knowing being, and you could ask one single question to them, what question would you ask?

Of all the questions asked, I am tripped up on this one. Wow, only one question to ask would not be enough, I would try twisting their arm to learn more, just part of my curious nature I suppose ha ha, but if I was forced to ask just one, it would have to be something about the afterlife I believe.

22) If you could meet our divine FŁhrer Adolf Hitler, just for a moment, what would you say?

Thank you for your sacrifice, and I hope we have honored you in some small way by carrying on the fight today.

23) Have you read any of Savitri Devi's books? More specifically, her enchanted and beautiful book 'The Lightning and the Sun'? Or any works by Miguel Serrano or James Larratt Battersby? They express an idea that a growing legion of people have now come to believe: that Adolf Hitler was a divine man. Personally, he gives me faith in something greater than just us mortals. He fills that terrible void between life and death. He gives purpose. Hope. No one, faith aside, can say if 'god' exists, but we can say with certainty that Adolf Hitler does. Someone once said that Adolf Hitler is proof of God's love for the human race.

I am familiar with the spiritual aspect and philosophy put forth in her books and believe Savitri Devi to be a very wise woman. I highly recommend that people look into her works, especially the Lightning and the Sun.

24) There are countless amounts of people out there who do not like the way things are in this world and see the world headed into an abyss. Many people are looking for answers and eventually they find out the truth. But once people are aware of the immensity of it all they still don't know what they can do about it, or rather how they personally can contribute to the fight. There can be a great sense of powerlessness. What is your advice to people like this? What is your opinion of the best ways to contribute to the fight and make a difference?

I feel that everyone out there can get involved in the struggle in some small way. Not everyone can be a street activist, or patrol the borders, not everyone has money to contribute, not everyone can pass out literature, but everyone can do something, be it to promote the struggle online, or any one or more of the previous things I mentioned. There are so many ways, no specific way is best, but each person can and must do something, for those whom refuse to do anything are no better than the enemy if they choose the path of nothingness!

25) Tell us about your early influences. What was it like for you growing up?

I had a good life growing up, a wonderful family, and just pretty normal I suppose. Early influences, hmmm, politically I have always admired Adolf Hitler from as young as I can remember. Rudolf Hess the prisoner of peace was also someone I admired later on when I learned of him, and the same goes for Julius Streicher, Otto Skorzeny, and so many others who sacrificed for the struggle. On the American scene Commander Rockwell of course, Fritz Kuhn, The men of the Order, and all of the men I served with who fought alongside Cmdr. Rockwell too many to name all of them.

26) When did you first realize something was wrong with the world? For me, I remember in college being forced to take a 'minority sensitivity class'. It was the most anti-white filth I'd ever heard. It really angered me. What first awakened you and who are some of the first people you discovered in the movement when you went looking for answers? I remember going into a small used book store, looking through the True Crime books, and discovering the system book 'The Silent Brotherhood'. That book opened the door for me personally. From that book I discovered the greatest American heroes of all time. I also discovered a great, great teacher -- Dr. William Pierce.

I was interested in NS from a very young age, as long as I can remember, but actually getting active in it was not until I was around 17 when I first found groups to get in contact with. Before the internet was really anything, it was books, and I found one called Ď88í which had addresses in the back where you could write to all the different groups active at the time. By the time I was 18 I met with the different groups in my area and began with activism then.

27) Well, we've taken enough of your time Jeff! This interrogation is coming to an end and we'll let you get back to the fight. But first, any words of wisdom to this blood-spattered world?

Thank you so much for honoring the National Socialist Movement with this well put together interview, and thank you and salutes to you for your efforts on behalf of our Folk. Your service to the struggle over the years is commendable and much appreciated. Aryan women in this struggle are not at the forefront as much as they could be, so you Sister are a shining example to all with your efforts in this fight. In closing, I ask that all National Socialists and Nationalists in this struggle double your efforts, and fight twice as hard this year, the battle rages on! 88! Commander Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement

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