The following interview, done in August 2012, is with Strigoi Warskin.

Greetings and thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Until your most recent release your music has been unfamiliar to me, but you've been very busy producing works since your demo days of 1999. Based on the discography I've read you've been extremely productive, with a lot of demos, splits, EP's and full lengths under your belt. Could you brief us on the happenings of note in the last 13 years? What changes has the band undergone? Is the sound the same?

Hail! After the first 3 demos I had to take a short break from 2004 till 2008 in order to find new members and raise an audio/lyrical identity. From 2008 things became more relevant and I've established continuous activity, recording a lot of stuff. There were some line-up changes but I never lost my focus on the essence of SEGES FINDERE. The music is stronger and more fierce now, therefore the primordial raw Black/ Death Metal essence of the demo days prevails. You can note on every release there are earlier elements, as a new chapter. This was a natural and conceptional evolution.

Your newest release, put out by Elegy Records, called 'Dessemitize' is quite ferocious. You've captured a very violent, old school sound. My compliments. What can you tell us about what went into the recording of this release, and how did you meet up with Elegy Records?

Well, "Dessemitize" was idealized to be really straight forward and quite minimalist... However bestial as fuck in both aspects: musical/ lyrical. It must to sound as destructive as the title. "Dessemitize" stands and represents the complete annihilation of every Semitic influence (religious/ political/ social/ ethnic). This is the first album entirely arranged by me. Rob already knew about SEGES FINDERE and told me he was interested in a future release by ELEGY RECS, so when I did show the recordings and cover artwork to him, he suddenly got interested.

You are the only member of Seges Findere, on your newest release you use a session drummer. Do you not use permanent members for a reason? Is it hard to find good people to make permanent additions?

It's really hard to find serious and devoted people with some free time. So, I prefer to avoid such problems and changes and work alone.

The topics and truths dealt with in Seges Findere's lyrics are controversial even in a music scene which claims to have no boundaries. Can you tell us a bit about your lyrics, what inspires you to write them? What messages do you want to send with your music?

Hate, War, Blood, Fire and Death are my greatest inspirations. Mankind's history is replete of these themes. Maybe sometimes my words can sound controversial or even metaphorical coz I try to expose my point of view into the Black/ Death Metal content. I just want to raise elitist values, resistance and intolerance on those who are asleep for the truth.

You come from Brazil, a very large country with lots of diverse underground metal bands. What are your experiences? Do you ever play live? Any good bands from your region you'd care to tell us about?

Since 1992 I've been involved with bands. I had some good and bad experiences, anyway they're relatively important to my musical and personal development. I did play some live gigs in 1995 with my first black metal named SABBATHON. It was a kind of Rotting Christ/Varathron/Necromantia influenced band. Nowadays I don't see many interesting local bands. I still prefer the ancient atmospheres of old Brazilian bands like Sarcófago, Sextrash, Mutilator, Holocausto, Expulser, Impurity and others rather than these newcomers.

Life on Earth is relatively short, What do you hope to accomplish before your death?

Life's a daily struggle and I feel like a warrior. I just want to keep on fighting till the last day.

If you had the power to change one thing on this world instantly, what would it be?

I'd like to see the return of a dictatorship in Brazil.

What are your thoughts on political correctness and censorship? Have you had to deal with any of this in the past?

The values of this modern world are inverted and political correctness as well as censorship have other meanings. The youth is living the culture of faggotry, drug liberation, criminality, amalgamation. Modern political correctness and censorship are totally PRO-SUBHUMAN. I'm absolutely against this modern view of ZOG's PseuDocracy. They invented their "freedom of speech" and at same time they repress any different kind of thought/ideology than theirs. I had problems with these scum. The SEGES FINDERE release "Proclamation of Blood Vengeance" is banned in Germany... They hate the truth!!!

Your thoughts on the subject of death? Do you believe a part of us lives on in some way? Or is death the final curtain?

I see Death as the beginning of a change, those who died as the ones who keep on living. In my opinion physical Death is just the transformation of Life to a form of spiritual energy for a determined time or remembrance. A few who are strong stay alive in the cosmic plane, be it by their acts or even in memories.

The lyrics of Seges Findere are very anti-Judeo Christianity. What do you hate most about these dreadful religions? Can you remember your earliest encounter with these religions? Care to share a memory?

I repudiate their pathetic way of life and servitude. They preach nefastic statements to enslave and manipulate and destroy human nature in all senses. They spread the values of desert hobo prophets and swindlers, which grew like a cancer all over the world. Haha... almost everyday I've some contact with these vermin. They roam everywhere knocking on doors or on the streets crying shit. Remember, Jesus was a fuckin' Jew and Christianity came from him.

Hypothetically, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?

When does this World finally end???

We see the tyrannical empires of this earth crumbling. The world grows more and more violent and mindlessly destructive every day. The weak are glorified, the strong suppressed. Do you see the end of this civilization and its madness coming soon?

With this accelerated destruction I can't imagine humankind existing for 100 or 200 years more.

America has become the mindless slave of Israel, spilling its blood from sea to sea. The poor of America go off to fight and die largely against the poor of another country. While the filthy tyrants and their servants drink their blood and eat the spoils of another war. Your thoughts?

ZOG has severe control, disseminating chaos everywhere and America is their weapon. I'm very pessimistic and don't see much hope unless action be taken somewhere, but so dark is the future.

Do you ever see a time when the average person wakes up to the hidden truths of this world. Or will it take the fires of apocalypse to get their attention?

Perhaps it will happen too late, however to resist is possible. It's hard but everyone can do a little to spread the truth behind the facts.

And back to Seges Findere... what can we expect in the future? Any plans?

New songs are on the way. 5th full length album shall be titled "Hateful Wargasm" and some splits are planned. Also some live gigs are been planned for 2013. That's all for the moment.

Your final thoughts to the world? Curse your enemies and hail your comrades.

Thx for the time and wait for the worst. Death to Peace! Join us or fuckin' perish!!!!


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