The Sins of Thy Beloved

The following interview is done with Glenn...

Let's begin traditionally by you enlightening us on the history of The Sins of Thy Beloved.
Well, tsotb was formed by me, Arild and Stig in November '96. Anita and Ola and a female keyboard player also joined then. And in January/February 97 we recorded a demo MCD "All Alone" and soon after we got our first record deal. After this the female keyboard player left the band and Ingfrid took over. During this summer we also asked Anders to join us for some live gig's, and soon after he also joined the band. At the end of this year we ended the deal with our record company and in January '98 we recorded a new demo "Silent pain ." This is also when we got in contact with Pete and he played violins for us on that demo. We sent this demo to several companies and when we received an offer from Napalm Records we signed for them. And we recorded the Lake of Sorrow Album. I cant remember when we recorded this album... But who cares.... Pete also joined the band as a regular member during this period. And after this we've been on a European tour, and played some festivals and we've now completed the recording of our new album " Perpetual Desolation " which will be released early in the new Millennium.
Tell us about your latest release, 'Lake of Sorrow,' and your thoughts on this work?
I'm very proud of this album and I think it is a bloody good debut album. It's quite atmospheric and you can listen to it over and over again. But it was as I said a debut album and there is a lot of things that we could have done better if we had waited longer before we recorded it. But what's done is done.
Your material you are currently working on, how would you say it differs from the previous? Is there a release date set as of yet?
The new stuff is faster, it's more black metal inspired but yet softer at times, it has bigger contrasts, the arrangements are much better, and the production is way better then on Lake of Sorrow.
Having seven members in the band, do you find it difficult to work around everyone's schedule? Are there a lot of conflicts with all of the personalities involved? Or do some people decide the basic direction of the band?
Actually we are 8 persons, Pete joined the band after we had shot the photos for the CD. And we had no time to do new photos. It may be difficult to arrange everything since almost everyone has jobs and/or school. But it doesn't cause any problems. We're always able to arrange something. We haven't had any big conflicts yet...and I don't think we'll get them, cause everyone is so dedicated to what we do. It's mainly me and Arild who decides which way we will go since we write mostly all of our material. But if there's something the others don't like we always find a solution.
There are a lot of similarities with your band and old Theatre of Tragedy, I'd imagine you hear this a lot? Did this band influence any of you?
Personally I don't think we sound like ToT, and yes we hear this a lot ! I wouldn't say that Tot has influenced any of us and I won't say that they haven't.
What feelings do you try to relay to the listener through your music?
We write music that we like ourselves, and I've never thought of what feelings the listener may experience through our music.
Do you plan on writing any songs in your native Norwegian? Is there a reason you have chosen to only do English so far?
We have no plans of writing songs in Norwegian, I don't think that it would suit the music. We write in English cause it's a much more poetic language, and it would sound bloody pathetic with Song titles like "Helt Alene" or "Kysset"
I think it's important to know the people behind the music... tell us about some of the things in your life that inspire you?
Hmmm, everything inspires me, I cant say more than that.
What are your opinions on religion?
I don't give a bloody rat's ass about religion ! This topic is the source of all the bloody shit on this planet !
The music of TSOTB is very sorrowful....does this reflect a personal outlook of the band?
It might, sometimes, but dark and sorrowful things are extremely lovely, don't you think so ?
Would you give your life for anything if needed be?
I hate questions like this !! I don't know what to say. Family, love and shit like that might be things I could die for.
Explain to us your thoughts on death? What do you fathom awaits you, if anything?
Death might be one Hell of an experience or it might not ! I'll just have to wait and see.
What are your thoughts on the chaotic state of the world ? Do you see a darker future for mankind? Will it grow worse before better?
It will Never be better, only grow worse until it's all fucked up.....then Darkness enshrouds the world... And we all die !!
Mankind has always sought answers to the riddles of the night sky... what do you believe lies beyond our world, in the distant coldness of space?
I have no bloody idea. Emptiness ???
Many people these days are looking back to the religions of their pagan ancestors... what are your thoughts on the old religions?
The old religions are fascinating and I love to read about the old Norwegian mythology, The Egyptian is also interesting.
Back to music... Have you done any touring? If so, your experiences?
We've been on one European tour as co-headliners together with Tristania, Trail of Tears, Siebenbürgen, and Anticrisis. And that I must say was one Hell of an experience. It was awesome to play outside of Norway and I cant wait to get out on a tour again.
It's a rather unusual name, 'The Sins of Thy Beloved.' Could you tell us about why it was chosen and what it means to the band?
In the beginning we were called Purgatory, but too many bands already used that name. So we had to figure out something new. And after hours of brainstorming Arild and I ended up with The Sins Of Thy Beloved. This was a name we thought could describe our music. And we also wanted to have a name that was unique.
Are their any special projects you are working on for the future?
I've got some ideas for projects I would like to do, but I don't think I'll be able to do them in the nearest years, there is enough work with TSOTB. We still have 3 albums to do. So I'll have to wait and see....
Lastly, your final comments.
Hmmm, I hope that all you people around take time to check out our forthcoming album " Perpetual Desolation " And for those who haven't heard "Lake of Sorrow" Check this one out as well !..... And I would like to wish you all an unholy x-mas and a bloody new year/millennium!

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