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Spear of Longinus is a name fairly well-known in the underground by now, yet many aware of the name have never heard the music, or know much about the band besides your from Australia. Can you illuminate us on your much unknown history, events over the years and such?
Prior to S.O.L. Camazotz and myself played in a band called Equimanthorn. After this band split we released a rehearsal demo. But to be honest anything before S.O.L. is not worth a mention.

Could you tell us about your most recent release? What is the current state of the band? You mentioned that some believe that you have broken up? Does the band do any other projects? What label are you working with now?
Our last release was called 'Nada Brahma' and we have sold out of copies. Our label was shut down by German authorities (authority on what we do not know), and they confiscated some 500 CD'S, so it is a little hard to find. Our current line-up is: Camazotz and myself (Griffiths) at this moment. We are looking for a bass player. Death Dealer is doing his own band called Vomitor, which I also play drums in. As for a record label, we are working with an American label called Fenrir's Wolf, I think they are called.

Are you currently working on new material or projects? Plans?
We have a lot of new material and are scheduled to go into the studio on the 10th and 11th of February. This should be released this year sometime I hope.

The name 'Spear of Longinus,' which is supposedly the spear which pierced Jesus Christ... could you explain why the band chose this legend as the title of the band ?
Camazotz was reading a book called 'The Spear of Destiny' by Trevor Ravenscroft and he came up with the name Spear of Longinus. I like it because this is what ended the Xtian dog's life, very anti-Christ.

On the topic of religion, what are your thoughts on Christianity, it's overall impact on this world, and more specifically, Australia. Do you yourself have any spiritual/religious beliefs?
I myself am totally anti-Christian, I hate everything about them and their blind faith, but people still follow with a passion. I wish that some of the people on our side has so much passion for what they believe in. My personal beliefs range from Satanik thought to N.S. Aryan spirituality.

Is there a goal and a purpose behind Spear of Longinus besides just music?
I guess the purpose is to cause instability in society and within the cosmos. Our song 'The Rite of Ragnarok' says it all.

What are your thoughts on what has happened to Hendrik Mobus?
I really don't know the situation at all, I have heard rumours, but nothing from a good source. (www.hendrikmobus.com -ed)

What sort of things are important to the band, what things would you say you represent and what feelings/ideas do you wish to spread through it? Tell us about your lyrics, what sort of topics do they cover?
Stick to your guns no matter what they throw at you and never back down from a fight. We have had many setbacks but still carry on after being banned from playing live, slagged by the media because of our right wing view. S.O.L. lyrics cover a vast plain, from war to just about any topic. I don't think that we have any boundaries in this area.

What do you believe exists behind the curtain of death, if anything?
Well, I do think about this a lot, as it is something everyone wants to know. Maybe Valhalla, Avalon or something along those lines. I don't have an answer, but to say I'll tell you when I die.

Your thoughts on the ancient world versus the modern world. What are the major differences you see? What does the modern world lack, perhaps that the past possessed?
I would have loved to have been living in earlier days. Simpler life with little or no major problems. I think even though we live in larger communities we are all drifting apart. Earlier times everyone had a job to do and everyone looked out for their folk. Something that is lacking in today's society. I also believe we are losing our identities as with all the mixing of races and people just don't care about it.

What sort of things inspire you in your life?
People like David Lane, imprisoned for 190 years and still fighting the system. He was tried for the same crimes twice, which is illegal, the first time he got 40 years, the second time another 150 years. He has done more while in prison than most would have done free. (www.14words.com/)

Is there a person of the past who you derive inspiration from ? Explain to us why?
Lots of people, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan- just to name two people who were strong minded and took what was rightfully theirs. Conquered nations and ruled with an iron fist.

If you could know the answer to any one question, what would your question be?
What is our purpose, if any?

Would you consider yourself an 'extreme' person by your societies standards. What do you think separates you from the others?
Yes I would consider myself extreme, besides my looks it is also my beliefs. I am an anti-Christ Nationalist.

I read an article from 1997 in the Brisbane Sunday Mail regarding the band. I assume you've read this? How much problems have you had with censorship and others like this wishing you to disappear? Has the band faced any legal problems in the past?
No real problems other than not being able to play live. We have never used our real names or addresses on any S.O.L. merchandise so they find it hard to catch us. We have had threats from Xtian skinheads which is totally ridiculous, but typical of Identity Xtians. Any publicity is good publicity and our next release will ruffle a few feathers. ( Read the article we speak of <--here--> -ED )

Your thoughts on 'the free world,' 'freedom of speech," "expression," etc.... do you believe these things really exist? Or do you believe they exist only for those doing and saying what the system wants them to do and say? After all, just using music as an example, they are censoring and banning music everywhere it seems these days because they don't like the ideas expressed, yet they still claim we live in a free world. Here in the USA we cannot even get our photo CD's pressed because of their censorship...
Freedom of speech is a myth in most countries. They will let you say so much but then they clamp down. And don't piss the Jews off no matter how wrong they are they are always right. Even just Death Metal lyrics can get you in trouble. But this will only drive music more underground, which I think will produce the best music. With computers the way they are, you can release your own CD from home and say what you like about anyone. Fuck them all!!!

When you look to the future of Earth, or the future of mankind, what do you see? Will things grow worse before better?
Most likely worse as the N.W.O. gets more powerful and greedy they will destroy the world economy and we all will suffer. When this happens we shall round up all politicians and their supporters and hand them from the nearest tree. The Day of the Rope!

To end with music, where can the releases of Spear of Longinus be obtained from? What can we look forward to in the future from the band?
Your best chance is through the band at the moment, although we do not have anything to sell as yet. Our next release will be this year sometime but we are not the one's to rush.

My email is: sol_griffiths@hotmail.com
To contact Camazotz: spearoflonginus@yahoo.com
So feel free to contact us.

Lastly, your final comments and words of wisdom.
Thanks for the interview, sorry I wasn't more in depth with some answers. Look out for Spear of Longinus' next Apocalyptic release. 14/88


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