The following interview is done with Craig...

First, tell us about the birth of Sturmfuhrer and the reasons for its existence.
Sturmfuhrer was actually started under the name Methadrone in '98, but soon changed to Sturmfuhrer as I felt I needed a better name for what I wanted to get across!

The aesthetics and image of Sturmfuhrer are widely saw as controversial. Can you explain your personal reasons for taking such an approach?
I always had political feelings toward the Far Right and now I can finally express them now!

Tell us about your previous work in music. I understand you were involved with Incantation?
Yes as Vocalist/guitarist from '90 to '94, then I did some session vocals in '98!

Your imagery takes on WWII era themes with a strong emphasis on Germany... what are your thoughts on the last of 'the great wars'?
I think Germany was defending itself from the plague of world usury/Jewry and was unfortunately beaten with the help of world Jewry, between Amerika, CCCP and Britain "OUR" kind was seduced into believing Hitler was a mad man. The sad thing is that most of "US" didn't even realize that "WE" were fighting "OUR" own people!!!!

Tell us of the current happenings with your project and what we can expect for the future.
I have a CD titled "Ich Kampfe" (I Fight) on Elegy Records, and now I am currently working on new material for the next CD hopefully to be recorded by Dec./Jan. also to be released on Elegy!

What message would you say you wish to convey to your listener? Is there a specific atmosphere you try to create?
I try to bring the listener back to 1930's/40's Germany when the Fatherland prospered and also to give a sense of Dark atmosphere, with controversial samples!

Looking to the current state of the world, it's quite apparent a violent period stretches before us. Do you see the world getting better before worse?
I definitely see it getting worse unless "WE" start doing something about world Jewry/usury! We are going downhill fast with the media multi-cultural cesspool that is being subjected to every decent White person that turns on the "Electric Jew"!!!!! As long as "WE" keep getting force-fed this shit, and not do something about it, the faster "WE" DIE!!!!

In your opinion, what are the major problems in the world today?
One of the biggest problems Amerika has and almost the rest of the world is the U.S.'s unconditional support for Israel! As long as the U.S. keeps licking the shit out of Ariel Sharon's ass hole, and keeps lying, and force-feeding us Jewish propaganda, and doing nothing about it "WE" are DOOMED!!!

Hypothetically, if you could go back in time to any period, when and where would you go. What would you do there?
1933 Germany, as part the Schutzstaffel!!!

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Adolf Hitler, He could of had the world!!!

When you look to the stars, do you see a possibility of life elsewhere? In the endless cosmos could there be life forms similar to ourselves? Do you see a day when mankind will cast off the chains of Earth and populate the stars? Would we ruin those planets as we are ruining our own?
I think perhaps possibly within "OUR" lifetime "WE" will be fortunate to see the end of world Jewry, if "WE" take on the struggle and end the utter demise of the world. I think "WE" can prosper on other worlds or "WE" can lay down like dogs and be utterly annihilated unless we do something now! I mean NOW!! I just read a scientific study that in 200 years there will be NO more beautiful blond haired people left on this planet. ( Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/2284783.stm ) Lets do something about it!!!! Blondes make more babies now!!!

What positive attributes would you say past civilizations possessed that we have lost in our modern world?
Ancient Rome under the great Caesar, which is parallel to 20th century Germany under the great Hitler!!

Death is the absolute truth. No matter how strong or clever one may be, the physical self will one day perish. Do you believe in the existence of the soul?
I firmly believe that any mortal being that makes a difference in this mortal struggle will be immortal! That is to say, "Cattle die, and kinsmen die, And so one dies oneself; One thing I know that never dies: The fame of a dead man's deeds." And as this mortal shell dissolves, it becomes fertilizer for Mother Earth!!!

With that said, if you could choose your exit to this world, how would you choose to die?

Finally, your last comments and words of wisdom to our readers?
If "OUR" kind does not band together and fight what destroys everything "WE" know to be true and pure, You might as well lie down now and die forgotten!!!

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