The following interview is done with C. Davis...

Lets begin by you introducing the bands/projects your currently working with...

SUBKLINIK has existed for around 2 and a half years. The other projects I am involved with are PROFANE GRACE from Sylva, NC and I also do a project called THE MOURNING which is in the dark/black metal vein. None of these projects have any root influence from other bands.

Can you give us a release history of these bands?

SUBKLINIK has the following releases and soon to be releases:
"PT.I:PT.II" 7' ep on Hour Of 13 Productions
2 demos that are not printed anymore
"FEASTING ON SOULS" double cassette in video box released by Slaughter Productions
"CREMATOR" CD soon to be released on Slaughter Prods. this Fall/Winter
"DAWN OF DESEKRATION" CD soon to be released on Black Plague Records this Winter
A live show by ANTHEMS FOR THE SEASON OF DYING titled "Enter Unto This Season Of Death" to be released by Dark Age Productions
THE MOURNING has a 4 song ep to be released on Hour Of 13 Productions on cassette this Fall.

For those who have not heard these projects, what can they expect, describe their sound and feel.

SUBKLINIK is in the dark ambient/ soundscape type of music. This is music that is created completely spontaneously from my inner self. This is true feelings of darkness and despair, anger and anxiety. Total darkness. THE MOURNING is kind of experimental ancient metal. More Paganistic in thought. This music I have been writing for the past 3 or so years that I have never really wanted to put out until now. I use a drum machine and play all of the guitars and bass myself. There is also some medieval type music that I create for this. Just to take my mind to distant places from the mortal "earth".

Tell us about the things in this life that inspire you, in and outside of music?

Mainly things that I think of in my mind. Certain things/places that I see. Mostly just visions that I have. I have always been enthralled by music so it is only by trait that I release these feelings and visions through this medium. I suppose my innermost desires are my biggest influences.

Name for us your five favorite bands, of any genre.

BURZUM - BLACK SABBATH - KORPSES KATATONIK - DARKTHRONE - GRAVELAND But these are only a few. It is too hard to pinpoint them. I guess my music would be my uttermost favorite!

What are your thoughts on religion, Christianity to be particular?

Well, as far as religion goes, there are so many so-called "gods" that one has to really find in themselves what they truly believe in. I am in no way religious for I do not worship anything or anyone. I only know what I feel and that has been uplifting for me. Christianity is of no use to me as it is just rules you are to follow. Hypocritical rules to me and I'm sure to other people. I do not need it for I know what I am. The afterlife is always on my mind so it will be interesting to see what lies for us there. I don't think you need religion though to find a better place. I do not think you can burn eternally for having your own thoughts. I cannot say anymore.

What do you think about Satanism? Whatever your definition...

If Satanism is thinking for yourself then I would say that I am a Satanist. I believe in myself. Nothing else. I can't say that I believe in Satan to be in the form of a person as evil has always ruled over this earth and it's existence. I guess we will not know until we depart. Whatever happens will be. I do not deny the satanic ways at all as everything I feel and think goes with it. But I do not worship anyone but me.

You speak of freedom to do and think what you wish as an individual. There was a time, long before the idea of damnation and Satan were uttered. A time of our ancestors, the 'heathens', who worshipped deities for 1000's of years before the creation of Christianity. This leads to the question of what are your thoughts on paganism?

Those times should have never been taken away from us as those were the true ways.

The true ways? So you do find truth in the religions of our ancestors?

Yes. But, I do not find truth in Christian ways. I do not find truth in hypocrisy.

I believe one of Christianity's reasons for widespread acceptance in the world is from their years of murder and war. They are one of the few, if only, religions in history who forced belief with fire and sword. They invaded with the blessing of an alien God, alien principles. They came to people who did not want them, nor need them. What are your thoughts?

They were mesmerized by this new found "truth" that blinded them from seeing what they were doing. They must not do this anymore. I do not like anything forced upon me, especially if it is something not real. This was the biggest and strongest lie of all time. The truth need not be suppressed any longer.

What time in history interests you most? Is there a certain period you would have liked to have lived?

Yes. Definitely the Middle Ages as I would have loved to see the earth as it was then. Also the time before the idea of Christianity. To see that would definitely help me in my everlasting search for what I feel as I cannot pinpoint it exactly. It is hard to explain as I have not found it yet myself.

OK, what if you could step back into say... the middle ages as you said you would have liked to live or even the future, but only for one day. What would you do there during that short time?

Good question. No specific place that I can think of. Just the world itself. If I cold see my fate then that would be all that I would want from the future. I do not know what I would do there. Oversee the world at that time I suppose.... See what new lies had been introduced at that time.

Is there one human being, living or dead, that you find inspiring?

Not really.

No one at all?

I do not take inspiration from too many things or people if any. Someone I would have liked to meet would have been Beethoven. A musical genius. Also Dead from MORBID / MAYHEM. He wrote great passages. Also a great voice. He seemed to be rather distant from his existence.

Hypothetically speaking, if you could ask some 'all-knowing being' one question, what would it be?

Why the fuck are we here? Is there more to it than this?

I know you've read the part of our site that has quotes from the bands we interview stating their thoughts on the world and its future. A whole lot of people worldwide feel that the end of times is drawing near, not just in this particular genre of music. What are your thoughts on the world, and do you see things getting better before they grow worse?

The world as I see it is doomed for sure. The human race is bringing that on for a fact. The earth will always be here unless shattered by a meteor or something. We will eventually kill ourselves off. I do not think it will be in my lifetime but it will happen. I do not think there will be a nuclear war to end it all. It will definitely be man against man.

Perhaps a combination of many things. Draw a card, each one is death. Where do you think things really went wrong?

Yes. Of course the wave of the Christian movement. We knew how to respect things better before that. They brought the idea of Material power. Factories. Progress. The world should have progressed without this idea. This is destroying our land. Oh well....

And to go along with this predicament, is the lack of values/morals of society. The intense lack of honor, truth, direction and identity. So many are motivated solely by their lusts and their greed. The truth is in its grave. Mankind is sure to follow. Your view on people, in general?

Most are worthless. The few I know are not. The ones that do not buy into this era of bullshit. I could do without most humans. They are great to taunt and laugh at though! They are scared of anything they do not know about. I find the unknown interesting. Fuck them. I do not need them. I do not care about them.

You mentioned you think about the unknown often and also find it interesting. The great unknown of life, is certainly death. Tell me your views on death, and, if you could choose, how would you leave this earth when its your time?

I would hope that I have a natural death. Old age. I am in no hurry to leave unless it gets so bad that it comes to it. Death is the most interesting thing I know. I hope it has the answers I am looking for.

Do you believe in dying for a purpose or cause?

If it is something I believe in, that is to be taken, like freedom then that is the only answer. I will not follow anyone but me. That's all.

What is the one thing you hate most in life, and in contrast, the one thing you love most?

The thing I hate most in life is having to deal with idiots that have no mind of their own. The people that are fucking up what we need to survive. The thing I like about life is the ability to create things as music, art, things like that. Even if others do not like what you do, you still create for yourself. It does help though if others like your creations! Builds confidence.

And alas, your final comments and words of wisdom!

Exist only for oneself. Believe in that. Resist the false truth and voice what shall keep us strong. That is all. Thanks for the time for this interview.

Indeed, 'the truth is a lie...'

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