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First, lets begin by you informing us the current happenings with the band.
Svartsyn is rehearsing very hard at the moment with the song which will appear on our third album. Also we are moving to our own rehearsal room too. At the moment we don't know when we can begin to record, hopefully in the autumn. And I think the second album, "Bloodline," will hit the stores in autumn. We are preparing for two gigs in Germany- Berlin and Engelsdorf. The dates are not ready yet. These are some things which will come up in the near future.
You're unsigned at the moment, what happened to your past label, Folter Records, who released your 'The True Legend' CD?
The financial situation is the reason why we don't work with Folter Records any more. But we recently played on Folter's open air festival, "Under the Black Sun 2." It went fucking good for the fact that we haven't played live since Jan. 1998. There are not hard feelings between us and Folter. We'll see what comes.
There was a few years break it seems with the band, as the last material we've been aware was written in '96, before your 2 song promo. Tell us abit about what has been going on since that time.
After the first album we went on tour with Behemoth (pol) and Desaster (ger) in May 1997. We fired the guitarist Surth and replaced him with Kolgrim. I do the guitar now and Kolgrim is on bass. Before Kolgrim joined us, Draugen and I re-recorded the 7" EP in June 1997. The original EP was recorded in May 1996. This 7" EP may be cursed because it hasn't been out yet. Black Militia Productions (Canada) is responsible for the release. In August 1997 we began to record our second album, which was completed one year later. Since then we've been working on a third album and also a little bit on the fourth.
Tell us about what the lyrics deal with. What sort of topics...?
The lyrics from the first album and the demo are mostly about evil, suicide, etc. Different kinds of stuff, more fantasies I would say. The new lyrics are written with much more intensity, and are a little bit more realistic and closer to mankind. All this "forest evil fiction" stuff doesn't make sense. I get tired of all that shit. Now the lyrics mostly deal with murder, the ancient ones' return, terror, doom, war-devastations, and the fall of civilization. These lyrics fit more with our new songs, which are more violent and extreme. They are much better songs, like; "Dungeons," "I am Cleopatra's Killer," "It Breathes," "Flesh," etc. Really, after the tour we have been working harder than ever with our music, how it sound and the atmosphere. It's still Svartsyn, but more extreme and raw. The production on the first album doesn't last forever. The music is great, but the production is shit. We regret that we didn't wait a half a year with the recording and use another studio.
Every artist usually has a favorite work, which is almost always unintentional at the time, could the same be said of you? Is there a specific song you've done that 'shines brighter' then the others?
Nearly every song is a little bit something special. But so far I see my best work done on the 7" EP, "Goat Throne" (a new version.) Also on the "Bloodline" album are a few total favorites. From the first album my favorites are "In the Ghoul-haunted Forest..." and "The Shadows is Painting my eyes," which is a suicide song. I can't just pick one favorite song, rather 5 or 6. Most new songs are favorites because they are more intense.
What would you say separates Svartsyn from the legions of other bands?
Our dedication to our music and we love it. We are working very hard with everything and don't get any credit for it. No labels get in touch. But now it feels like things are going our way and that feels good for a change. When we send tapes around to people we at least want responses to it. It can't be too much to ask that they drop us some lines. No one cares anymore. The whole underground is torn-up. Every band is releasing CD's which they don't deserve. It's rare to find really great albums coming out. I just hope people check us out.
Explain to us your thoughts on Christianity. I assume you have negative feelings based upon your releases/imagery. Could you explain yourself and your motivation for this?
When it comes to Christianity it becomes interesting because of the fact that they are the cheapest scum of the earth. They base their religions on false arguments. The science-truth is something different and I believe more in that. Zecharia Sitchin writes good books about it.
What do you reckon is the greatest flaw to Christianity?
The Bible, existence and their falseness.
On a recent flyer advertising the band, it states 'Svartsyn performs Satanic cursed black metal.' So now the topic of Satanism... Tell us your thoughts on this 'religion,' as a whole.
I don't see Satanism as a religion, maybe more of a lifestyle. There is a different kind of Satanism, and for me it seems more like worshipping life. But in the Satanism I believe in you take more care of your darkest desires and lust, and that's interesting. To sacrifice animals for Satan is for me cheap. Does an animal have to suffer for the stupidity of mankind about things they don't understand and are not part of? It would be more real to sacrifice a man or a woman. The belief is stronger then. Murder is a crime, so for true Satanism it can never be real. Crush the society!
Svartsyn seem to be a very good example of black metal, so we'll ask you your thoughts on the definition of 'black metal' and what ingredients are necessary to be considered black metal.
For me Black Metal is bands like Dark Throne, Mayhem, Marduk...this fast rawness. No Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth. Keyboard-based music is cheap. When it comes to bands like Bolt Thrower (the first two albums are the best), Morbid Angel, (old) Pestilence, that's the Death Metal which I like. All the cheap copies around are nothing to me.
How do you feel about the politically correct bands in the scene these days... ? Would you yourself 'tone down' a certain element(s) of your band for a label under pressure? Perhaps to sell more CD's...? And lastly, your thoughts on those that do? This obviously happens widely these days...
If the labels or other people think we should change our image, then we are not the right band for them. We want to be totally independent with what we are doing. The label should just release our CD's and do promotion like gigs, ads in magazines, and tours. The labels are making money on the music and there is no reason why they should try to change the band in any way. For me the image is the band. It makes the music. Bands who have no image are dead. It destroys the feeling of the music.
What are your thoughts concerning our current societies...? Do you see an end to the world as we know it in our futures? A coming chaos?
Society is fucked-up. The system doesn't work anymore. The politicians just think it works. They don't see the result because they are not in it. Of course the world comes to an end sooner or later. There are so many people to feed in Africa, or whatever the problems are in other countries. Isn't it better to first take care of problems in your own country? Everything is about money and the world economic situation is bad. Society always blames the art, the music/movies when tragedies come around, like the incident in Denver, Colorado. It's sick really. People can be so lonely in this society, which was not possible 20 or 30 years ago or farther back. Upcoming wars will break the situation because wars cost a lot of money and who is paying for that? Now the war seems to be over in Jugoslavia, but re-building everything? Good Luck. There are people to feed and sicknesses around the world. Crush the society, Crush the system. All these laws which no one follows. Lawyers try to keep murderers and rapists on the street. Freedom to everyone is shit. It's good that countries like Turkey, Iraq, and some states in the USA still have the death penalty.
Let's move to a more philosophical realm of thought... Tell us your interpretations of death... do you believe in any sort of afterlife, and if so, what do you envision?
Death is always interesting in every term. Death is the great adventure. The only adventure. I don't see any future in my life. I cannot see myself 30 or 40 years old. I really believe in life after death. In some ways life must be worth living. I read quite a lot about the ancient ones and the universe, the tolveth planet. Human technology is amazing, it's too bad you can't follow what happens in the brain when we die or in the unconsciousness. The universe is too big, there must be something after death. I can't wait until the day I die. I don't know what to envision because the possibilities are endless. Doesn't life have more to offer than this boring shit? I'd rather not wake up tomorrow.
If you could know one answer to any question... what would the question be?
This is tricky. I could ask myself many simple questions and know all of them. The big thing is I making a fool of myself doesn't matter what I ask. I could go out to shop or whatever and a car hits me and then maybe I die. Then I didn't know all the answers to what I asked myself today. Tricky.
What would you say is the most important thing in this life? And if life has a goal, what would it be?
Most of humanity uses only 10-15% of their brain capacity. What about the rest? Technology is intelligent, but the behavior of mankind is cheap and simple. Most people like to hang out and drink beer and take drugs in their free time. The goal of life must be the individual person becoming superior compared to others by using the full capacity of the brain. Right now making great music is important in my life, extreme music. Making great art, because I want to be remembered when I die. If I do something very good, heroic, like saving someone's life, or whatever, I'd be put on the front page of the newspaper. People might talk about it for a few days, but after a month everything is forgotten and nobody gives a shit anymore.
Is there a person from the past whom you admire or perhaps you have been inspired by?
I don't think I can say I admire someone in my past. It's more that I look up to people. My inspiration to play music was Blackie from Wasp. "KILL FUCK DIE" was the best record ever made. The concept makes the album the best. I admire some great people that have lived in the past. I won't say any names, I don't want to comment on them.
How would you say is the best way to deal with enemies? Are you a supporter of violence?
The best way to deal with the enemy is simply to kill them. I don't fear any kind of punishment. I am not afraid to go to jail, not at all. If someone has something against me and wants to knock me down, they had better kill me. I am going to come back to kill the bastard. I will never forget. Maybe it will take one year until I take my revenge or maybe ten years. It doesn't matter, hate will still be the same. I am a supporter of violence because it is so common in the world. You see it on TV, you read about it everyday. It's almost like entertainment. Humanity is more violent than it was in the 60's or 70's. It really makes me wonder why more people don't listen to more extreme music because it fits the situation of today.
What do you think is the foremost major flaw of civilization?
That we don't accept our roots/past. The ancient ones came to earth and created us by genetic experience. It is the only way it could happen and for me there is nothing that can show me opposite or that I am wrong. And I think it is time to reveal to the people what really was going on at Roswell, N.M. and all kinds of alien contacts and signs. This should be open for everyone to see. We are such primitive beings, so afraid of our creation.
How can those interested obtain material from the band?
The best is to get in touch with us by mail or e-mail and ask, or to look around for distributors who might sell Svartsyn stuff. At the moment I don't think there are too much of Svartsyn releases. If you see something with us, BUY IT, and don't mistake us with the Norwegian Svartsyn.
If there is a message you wish to convey to the listener, what would you say it is?
We have been involved with the true Black and Death Metal for a very long time. Draugen played in other extreme bands before he joined Svartsyn, the same with Kolgrim. We are deadly fucking serious with what we are doing. We just want people to know that we are not a fucking normal band like others. We are like a fucking HELLCURSE.
Final comments to the readers of Mourning the Ancient?
Hope you enjoyed reading this interview. You can contact us by mail or e-mail if you'd like to know newer info about our releases and activities.

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