Tears of Grief

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Introduce Tears of Grief to the readers of Mourning the Ancient.
Tears of Grief was created a few years ago when a band member from an old band became tired of all the trouble and shit going on in that band (people came and went). Tears of Grief want to play (metal) fast, slow, Viking, speed...we don't put ourselves in a corner and say that we play black and death metal, we play aggressive metal!
Tell us a bit about the band and what it represents ideologically?
Tears of Grief have in present four lad's. It's Dark-myself, who's the lead singer, Isengrim, who's the lead and now the only hell guitarist, Tormentor who's the drum killer and Gorgarrgor who fucks with the bass. We represent metal in its best variation with fast, slow, and some keyboard. When we play it's all or nothing, we get up on the stage and rip the skin off the audience with chains, fire and hell!
Explain what your lyrics deal with and what message/feeling you wish to spread?
Our lyrics are written by Isengrim and Argorg and are often about eternal darkness and hate to false belief, to rule the world with the power of darkness and pure evil combined with ancient lyrics. We represent our music and all who like it, we don't need to spread a special message, we just hail metal!
Your latest release, the 'Church Desecrator' demo, tell us about this. Since this was released in August of last year, what are you currently working on? Speaking of, the title, 'Church Desecrator,' might be taken as a bit cliché, tell me your feelings towards this and why it was chosen.
Church Desecrator (the title is a "smash in the face" hehe... Cliché or not, who gives a shit!) was made during a long time, we had some bad ideas and no good music was made but I'm very pleased with the demo, it's a good variation of songs and was also on a CD with different bands, so that took some of our time too. We have just finished our latest recording, it's a four song tape with pure evil songs. I assure it will draw your attention. It will be sent to festivals, record labels, magazines and friends of course, but I don't know if we will sell it yet.
What are your thoughts on Christianity?
Christianity is a fucked up religion and they still try to force people to believe like them. In ancient days they burned and tortured innocent people who practiced witchcraft and had different opinions than them. Personally, I don't give a shit about it, what the rest of the band thinks, it's all up to one another.
What about Satanism/Paganism? What is your belief?
Tears of Grief believe in darkness and metal. We drink our beer and worship darkness in all its beauty and listen to t.o.g. Some of the other members in the band are more familiar with paganism. Satanism has been getting a bad reputation because of fucking 12 or 13-year olds (mini-blackers) who think they are Satanist worshippers just by the colour of their hair black and wear special T-shirts, jewelry like pentagrams and so on. They try so hard to be evil by listening to Marilyn fucking Manson then after two months they listen to the same pop-shit like the rest and change style. People have to be real to get some respect from Tears of Grief.
Tell us your thoughts on this world and its future... do you foresee things growing worse?
This fucking world is doomed, we will destroy ourselves...end of that.
Tell us about some of the things that inspire you musically, and outside of music. What sort of things do you enjoy when not working with the band?
I get inspiration from other great bands like, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral, Iron Maiden etc. I've been listening to metal all my life and all kinds of metal inspires me. I'm a slave to metal (hehe).
Hypothetically speaking, if you could ask an 'all-knowing being' one question, what would it be?
My question to this person would be: How in the hell could Kiss (the band) be so famous?! It's not metal. Urrrk!!
What is the greatest advice you could give to a person at this point in your life?
My advice is: Don't take any shit from no one-- and live, eat, drink and shit metal and listen to Tears of Grief.
Back to the music, tell us what lies in the future of Tears of Grief.
Like I said, we have just finished our recording and we made a gig in Norway ( Bergen, garage) and that was evil. In the future we plan to do some new songs and will try to send out our tape to magazines, fanzines, record labels and festivals. We are trying to get some bands to play in Eskilstuna (Sweden) later this year, bands from Norway and Sweden, Nordic metal rules!
Any record label interest yet?
It seems like the record labels haven't got into their fucking minds that Tears of Grief smash you in the face with our music but we will keep terrorizing them with tapes.
Lastly, your final comments to the reader?
My last word are: Check out our homepage (http://www.algonet.se/~gluten/index.htm) and our demo. Be a true metal warrior and hail to Mourning the Ancient and hail to metal!

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