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The following interview is done with Lord Ornias...

Let's begin by you shedding some light on the history of Teratism.
I suppose the inception of Teratism began in the early 90's. Diabolus Erysichthon (guitar) and I have had a partnership for close to 15 years. We were basically writing much of our current material from 92-96, all though it has been until only recently that these very compositions have seen fruition. You all know the shit when endeavoring a project... dealings with the musically inept, conflict of ego's, the absence of the will, etc... Really, every possible element that prevents a band from establishing itself was present through out that decade. We were still quite young, and also involved in various other projects, so this band always remained on the "back-burner". We wanted members who shared our musical ideology and aspirations, and the lack of resources for this was more than evident. We were just so far removed from the other musicians we encountered. It all came down to finding appropriate members who had a stamina for perseverance, and passion for the music. We accomplished a line-up in the summer of 2001 with the addition of Tyrannus Vermis (guitar), Lord Samaiza (bass), and Flesh Harrower (drums). We immediately began rehearsing the "old" shit, and within about a month's time, we commenced performing live. We held two recording sessions in our rehearsal studio that winter that inevitably got us signed to Root of all Evil Records. This material has since been released as the "Ex Infernus" demo, and the "Invocatum Furae Diabolis" album that was released this past July. The majority of 2002 has been spent creating our forth-coming album, and performing at such events as Milwaukee Metalfest amongst others.

Tell us about your four song release, Ex Infernus, and your current endeavors. Are you working on new material I imagine? Will this also be released by The Root of All Evil Records?
"Ex Infernus" was released as a demo/promo CDR flat in a limited pressing of 1250. A stepping stone that was basically used to generate interest in the band. The material presented includes a live rendition of "Resurrection Denied", and exclusive mixes of 3 of the 8 tracks featured on our CD "Invocatum Furae Diabolis". This material is very raw and primal Black Metal. Its "Necro" as fuck, so its definitely not for every one. This was about paying homage to the predecessors, and our desire to rekindle material that had previously existed for years. At the present, we are executing the finishing touches on our next album "The Blessing of Death". We are currently undecided with whom this CD will be released or recorded. Regardless, we fully intend to be studio bound this fall, or perhaps early winter. I will say that we are very proud of the new material. It is far more developed and superior than the previous releases. Naturally, our progression as an entity is going to tend to show itself, and may catch some "off-guard". It may also be a bit more on the technical side this time around, but, it will still embody the cold and dark emotion prevalent in Teratism's music. We are striving for a release date early 2003.

Coming from Minnesota, how is the scene up there? Do you play at any local shows? Any lesser-known local bands you'd like to spotlight?
The metal scene in Minnesota is very diverse. As far as extreme metal is concerned, I would say it is one large incest pit, so you can imagine all the pathetic drama. Very unhealthy in my opinion. We have 2 underground stores, a few labels, various radio and television programs, a multitude of bands, several fanzines, and one ghetto venue that lacks the attendance needed for our scene to flourish. As far as playing locally, we have supported Hypocrisy, and we do live performances on occasion. Playing locally doesn't hold too much interest for us, so our efforts are much more concentrated on playing the fests held in other regions of the country. Minnesotan bands that I would spotlight would be Ossuary Insane and Demonicon. Both should appease fans of brutal Death Metal, and both have CD's available worldwide.

Tell us about some of the influences, outside of music, that influence your song writing?
Its mostly pure unadulterated hate and insurrection. Our outrage for the oppressions and mental slavery bestowed under a judeo-christian society. Our aggression and contempt for humanity and its folly. Really, one can be influenced in so many ways... especially on a sub-conscience level. It all comes down to our perception, and how we choose to process the information that is persistently shoved down our throats, and up our asses. We choose to channel our worldly perceptions into a musical charge through means of emotion and creativity. Never under estimate the power of hate!

What sort of feelings do you wish for your music to portray?
When listening to a Teratism album, one should experience feelings of woe, hatred, coldness, and aggression. With what we have recorded thus far, I don't foresee any room for compromise. We have created music that reflects our views concerning a hostile and calloused world. I'm not going to say that we will continue to rehash the same formulas over and over again, because we also need to evolve as musicians. I will say with integrity and honor, that the music of Teratism will remain dark and brutal.

If you had to define black metal, what would your definition be? What are your thoughts of the commercialization of black metal?
In my opinion, what is important about music, is the emotion(s) that are invoked within the listener. If you are going to create music and align yourself to a "black metal" identity... then darkness should take a central theme within the context of the music. Of course, the concept of darkness is going to be subjected to personal interpretation and varied opinions... and that's great. I firmly believe in individualism, and the expression there of. Without darkness though, anything else would be a direct contradiction to the fundamental principles on which this genre stands, or was built. The commercialization of anything, only dilutes and weakens its natural value. But, to be completely honest.... I really don't give a shit if Black Metal has been commercialized. I find it a bit amusing perhaps. I can't possibly imagine Teratism falling prey to capitalism. The demand for a band such as us... just doesn't exist, or, wont apply to a band of our nature. People are too foolish to understand what it means to "sell-out" anyways.

It's hard for one to find inspiration in today's modern world... where do you find inspiration?
I understand exactly where you are coming from. My perspective on today's modern world holds a visage of a lifeless and dead world. The human race is held captive by a multitude of agents (such as television, media, religion, capitalism, etc...), all that contribute to desensitization, and the execution of imagination. It was well said by "Captain Howdy" in Dee Snider's "Strangeland": "You were dead the moment you stopped being a child". I am inspired to create music and lyrics for Teratism because I am aware of mans subsequential fall to these very aspects of "reality". Its my war on what I believe to be false, and the sea from which I draw my propaganda is endless.

Life on Earth is relatively short in the long run. What do you hope to accomplish before the final curtain falls?
A very deep question. I think probably the biggest accomplishment is ones satisfaction with their own mortality. My own self-fulfillment is my greatest priority. If I happen to benefit this planet in any way while I am here, well... that's great. If I happen to touch the lives of those I care about, even better. However, I think we are all of a minuscule importance within the scheme of the universe. Were cosmic dust in the solar winds... You follow your instincts. You procreate with that which provides pleasure and happiness, even though that would be a very untrue statement for most people.

Give us your thoughts on this world, its people and its future? Will things grow worse before better?
I believe humanity is worthy to perish from its own ignorance and stupidity. I don't think humans are so blessed to see the end. Instead, I think it would be more suitable for us to live in our own shit for centuries to come. It would indeed, be a different world if we had to pay the consequences, and accept the responsibility of our actions. How ironic it is, that we still deny scientific truth over religious dogma's.

In life, it is said that only one thing is truly certain: Death. Do you know of anything else as certain?
Pain is an absolute.

Hypothetically, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?
I will respond by asking another question. If the answers to life's mysteries, or questions were attainable. Would life then, be worth living?

Your thoughts on the subject of religion? Do you believe a part of us lives on in some way?
I despise organized religion. I view religion as a bastardized tool in which mass manipulation and control is utilized. A definitive and effective weapon suit for personal agenda's. Some may exceed beyond the flesh's expiration. I think it is a fair assumption that the vast majority of humanity will just fade away.....

Final thoughts and words of wisdom to the world?
"Among life's perpetually charming questions is whether the truly evil do more harm than the self-righteous and wrong." -Jon Margolis
Thanks for the interview.

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