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To begin, give a short bio for those unfamiliar with your work.
Infernal Helltank Salutes Sister of the Night, Blackthorn of the mighty THORNSPAWN horde scribing these words of Hate and Blasphemy! Thornspawn was created and born of fire in '95-96 by Swornghoul (Hellsaw) and myself (10-Megaton Nuklear Warheads/Vokillz)! Lord Necron (Warcommand) came into battle after being introduced to me by Swornghoul. Our first unholy mark on this subhuman planet was with our '96 battle hymns "The Dacian Empire". Which was only released to the locals in my land for exposure and promotion, only 100 attacks were executed. In the year of '97 we unleashed another hellstrike with our sonic kaos "Consecration of Evil Flesh". Which was sent to many zines, distros, labels, to further our world conquest! And has now been re-released in Europe through Hellflame Prod. (Italy). Throughout our existence we have gone through many bass players and 2 singers for not being dedicated enough to our cause. We approached an ancient warlord to join our ranks, for his past history in Black Death Underground. Bolverk of the legendary horde NECROVORE has joined the battle permanently!!!
This summer you released your first CD on Baphomet Records, 'Blood of the Holy, Taint thy Steel.' Tell us about this release, how it differs from your previous demo, and the work and emotions which the band put into it.
Recently after signing to Baphomet Rec. we did release our first full length CD "Blood of the Holy, Taint thy Steel" which has been licensed/distributed through Necropolis Rec. The response from the U.S. Hell Maniacs has been very positive and it has been re-pressed as it had sold out the first pressing. It has done well enough in Europe that Death to Mankind Rec. (Spain) has released it on 12" vinyl, limited to 666 copies. As for the difference from past releases (demos) is that we were able to enter a reputable studio that captured the essence of our battle hymns. With a more professional sound, yet not over polished to give the songs the raw, kaos effect that is mostly heard in our live executions! We worked long hours for this CD, to give a perfect example of what the U.S. hordes are capable of and that which are a force not to be under estimated....HELL, KAOS, GENOCIDE, BLASPHEMY, HATE, WAR!!!
Baphomet Records, owned by Killjoy of Necrophagia, is the label you areBlackthorn currently signed unto. Tell us about this experience thus far, and your plans for the future.
Yes, as stated before we have signed to Baphomet Rec. which is operated and owned by Killjoy of Necrophagia. The experience has been a good one...we didn't sign to Baphomet just for the reason to get signed. With Killjoy's history and commitment to the Underground for all of these years. We strongly felt that we could work with someone that had the same views and dedication as he has shown for the Underground movement. Not to mention he is a Die Hard worshipper of Black/Death Underground...I think he is a fan first, rather than just an owner of a label. And believes in the armies that he signs, unlike other labels that sign bands just to make quick cash. Hails to our Warbrother Killjoy and all his endeavors!!! Future plans include a MCD by years end titled "Empress from the Realms of Blasphemy" which will include live tracks from an upcoming Fest that I gather in Dec. 2000 "Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child-3rd Annual Black Metal Fest" in San Antonio, Texas.
Since you are the lyricist of Thornspawn, tell us about what sort of topics your lyrics reflect. Is there a message you wish to send? Propaganda to influence the listener?
My lyrics involve nothing else but hatred and disgust for the false white light religion known as the Christian plague. As without doubt my lyrics involve the awakening of the primal thought in man, and the glorification of the inner self to be their own lawful master. "Do what though wilt..." And to not seek guidance in any type of god or icon. It does also speak of the winged demon Satan, a force that will help destroy this pestilence (Christianity) that has over consumed and blinded the human race. This demon entity known as Satan is not held as a master.... I personally do not worship or follow any organized religion...but use Satan as a weapon to instill fear and destruction to the Christian flock of blind followers. The Propaganda in all is: Anti-Christian/Hate/War.
Other members of the band, through interviews from various sources, have stated their hatred and contempt for Christianity, thus I gather you share their views. If this is correct, tell us the motives for your hatred of this religion, when you first realized it, and what you have learned from it over the years.
Far more than just motives that I have heard, but rather things that I have witnessed. At a young age my family was involved in the Christian church, sending us all to accept and follow this deceitful religion. As it is the customary way of Americans to seek god for salvation and answers. As I grew into my young adulthood, I began to notice how the (fairytale) stories did not match up. Too many inconsistencies. Fables of this self appointed god that was jealous and vengeful did not register in my brain as being with merit and/or factual. As I reached my adulthood I began to read immensely in historical books and documents, of the men that force fed all types of races towards this so called "righteous" belief of the catholic/Christian faith. The inquisitions of England, Spain, Rome, and here in America proved to me that this religion was created on fear, persecution, hypocrisy, perversion, blood lust. Further it was proven to me, presently when many men of the "cloth" were caught in sexual crimes towards children, young men and women. In complete terms, I have learned the centuries of lies and falseness this disease has brought to the human race.....AWAKEN!!!
There are many different beliefs and opinions on various religions and god(s)/goddesses. Ultimately we will or won't find out which one of them is right or wrong when our time comes. What is your personal belief on the subject, and, do you believe a part of 'us' lives on in any manner? What have you experienced to form your answer?
To believe that you will actually die and be put forth before a higher being and be judged is totally absurd. My own personal belief is that we never cease to exist. Our soul/energy that travels in this vessel called "mortal flesh" does not just lay dormant or simply disappear once the body is extinguished, it travels into other times and dimensions. The voyage to the stars and beyond the stars...simply explained as the energy that comes from the sun, it travels for hundreds of years to reach the earth. So as to the energy in our brain (electrodes) it is released and ascends to other portals of space (Astral Travel). It is not so much of a personal experience, but after much reading and knowledge gained-that is what I have concluded in my own belief (hypothesis)....
Your thoughts on the religions of old? The so-called 'heathen' religions? Swornghoul
I have dwelled into several of the olden religions for inspiration as well as knowledge: (Crowley, Egyptian/Sumeria/Babylonic Mythos, Kaos Magic, General Occult).They can be appreciated for the ancient ceremonial beliefs and the worship of the forces of nature. There is still much yet to be learned though....Accepting knowledge from all resources only betters your chances in creating that which brings you ultimate (self) guidance. And to the direction that one wishes to find ultimate gratification, stimulating the awakening of the ancient past. In some instances I have found almost a habitual channeling to the elder ways as I consume myself in learning all that is to be.
Much of history, including religion, has been rewritten again and again, filled with lies, hidden truths and distortions... even Christianity has such skeletons in their closet, which can be found anywhere from the Old Testament, to the highly interesting Gospel of Thomas. The murderous, thieving inquisition, with its persecutions, mass torture and murder, the unedited/unabridged book the Malleus Malificarum being a superb record of their perverse bloodlust,---the crusades, where so-called holy soldiers destroyed and sacked their own Christian cities, including the churches within them--the irreparable havoc done to the world's ancient cultures and religions by Christian hands, right up to this day. We could obviously go on and on, but I grow tired and angered of the subject, so let us ask you this: Where does true evil lie? With the so-called 'Satanists' of yesterday, who were usually no more than earth-worshipping pagans branded 'devil worshippers' by Christians, or even the modern 'Satanist' who glorifies the body, material pleasure, natural instinct, etc.. Is true evil the man who slits his children's throats as they sleep for the pleasure of simply watching them die? Or is True evil a force which has lived thousands of years, killed millions without punishment or guilt, repressed and destroyed billions of lives, and whose thirst for blood never shall be filled. A beast which has deceived so many billions of the human race generation after generation, sapping the blood from their veins and the life from their lives, and all along proclaiming itself the champion of goodness. Building multi-million dollar churches while millions upon millions starve and die. This beast, of course, is Christianity. So then, to our original question, in your opinion, where does true evil lies in this world?
To answer the very first question, Evil lies within the heart/mind of mortal is an instinct created by humans. Reflection of one of our songs titled "Man thy name is, Satan". To focus more in detail to 'your' conclusion, in which case of course lies the deceit, hypocrisy, and bloodshed that the Christian plague reflects is correct to say and I feel the same way towards it. Hundreds and hundreds of years of falsehood, claiming holy intervention and salvation to only kill and enslave those that went against their beliefs, all for the sake of this fictitious god. Further more, in early times it was easy to accuse and imprison those that stood in their way for their land and money followed by ultimate power and intimidation was what fueled these bastards. Now in today's time it almost is the same, to construct their places of worship (on the blood and money of those that seek false salvation) to reach the heavens and to ultimately betray the mindless flock. To conclude this question this plague called Christianity is the ultimate evil, created and written by man!
It's rather strange, but the definition of 'evil' has somehow been misplaced it would seem. It appears the whole concept lies more under a definition of rebellion, opposition, revolt. The black metal scene in particular uses many trappings and labels of this 'evil' concept, claiming to be so war-driven, so cold and heartless and 'evil,' yet, those glorifying war are most usually those never experiencing it, and strangely these same people in the black metal scene, a large portion I have found to be the opposite of any conventional definition of evil. These people possess honor, loyalty, trust, kinship... and are unified without leader against a world and its way which they feel does not represent them, but seeks to smother and destroy them. Your thoughts please.
To claim supreme and ultimate evil, just for the sake of caring what others see you as or interpret of you by your image, is a joke! In their pathetic lives this is nothing but a front to not be associated with the so called moral world. I live day to day for the sake of the power/inspirational belief that the music expels, not to be considered the "most evil" mother fucker in this movement. People tend to forget that the thing that brings us together in this movement is, first of all, the music....then our teachings in the occult. As to glorify war and its absolute death and destruction, is another expression to me of cleansing the earth of those that are weak and mindless to live on their own grounds. One is prepared for battle in their own will, so I cannot say that just because you have not experienced war at first hand you cannot comprehend it. Many that wish war, are prepared for the ultimate die with honor!
When you envision death, how do you see yourself dying? And if given aLord Necron choice, how would you go?
Views on this question at times are too personal to fully describe, but I guess in a shower of bullets after I take with me those on my shit list would be my choice. Vengeance and Death....
Your thoughts on the governments of this world, particularly your own, since you experience it first hand.
My thoughts on all governments are with vengeance, creating their legal ways to rob and oppress their people. Politicians only feeding is to say that this world is populated by slaves. But one cannot kill the machine, it has built its armies for hundreds of years and programmed their mindless zombies, with the fear of the Christian plague!! Even though I wish one could over throw such hypocrisy it is not something that is actually possible...
When envisioning the future of this world, do you see things growing worse before better? Is there a solution beyond destruction?
I see nothing more than death and ultimate destruction of this planet. Over population, pollution, warfare, famine and disease the inevitable solution is total destruction!!!
When you compare the old world to the new, what elements would you say the current world lacks that the old one possessed?
Actually I see not much of a great element that could have been taken from the 'old' world but the sense of freedom, before the Christian disease Bolverk consumed the planet. I actually condone the killing technology that has been created by man....
What things do you find most important to life, are there things that you would lay down your life for?
In my personal life the protection of my family is the ultimate importance and all others come second in line. The one and only thing I would ever put my life on the line for is my children nothing else.
What do you believe lies beyond our world, in the distant coldness of space? Life? Where is the beginning? Where is the end?
What lies ahead beyond the void is dimensions that we yet have to experience, other lives, voyages, adventures. Our energy trapped within, once it's host is dead it must/is released to continue. The beginning and the end create a perfect circle off each it is useless to even believe that there is an end much less a beginning. We enter the mortal womb as we exit the vortex of time and space.
If you could know the answer to one question, what would the question be?
Will our ancestors return from the Astral Black Void?
And to end with music... what is the meaning of black metal to you? What elements must a band possess to rightfully label themselves black metal in your opinion?
The unholy movement that mortals know as "Black Metal" is for those that have spilled blood, and sacrificed themselves through times when others had abandoned/disgraced the ancient cause. Die Hard Warriors that desecrate the temples of deceit, that anger boils in their veins, that breathe darkness, are the possessions that single you out from the wolf pack.
What can we expect from the future of Thornspawn? Plans? Touring?
Future plans for our regiment are to enter the studio for our upcoming MCD "Empress from the Realms of Blasphemy" with live tracks. As well as a collaboration with a label that I created (POSER HOLOCAUST REC.) and DARK HORIZON REC. to release a CD/LP split with the mighty FOG and THORNSPAWN. Also a split 7"EP with Greek Warlords UNHOLY ARCHANGEL live split through Hellflame Prod. (Italy) and possibly a 7"EP split with Atlantian War Heathens BLOOD STORM by years end through BLOOD, FIRE, DEATH REC. Dec. 1st and 2nd, 2000 will be another ax strike to the commercial fucks, as I have gathered once again the INFERNAL LEGIONS to partake in this years "Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child-3rd Annual Black Metal Fest" in San Antonio, Texas. This year I have summoned these hordes to make this unholy night monumental in U.S. Black/Death Metal history: SADISTIC INTENT, BLOOD STORM, THE CHASM, IBEX THRONE, BLACK WITCHERY, FOG, KRIEG, THORNSPAWN, KATHONIK, and NUN SLAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!! Those that have questions contact me at the following addresses: OR $15 for both nights will be the cost for witnessing this holocaustic night of Metal Fuckin Mayhem!!!
Lastly, your last words and wisdom to the world?
Support the U.S. Elite Hordes (INFERNAL LEGIONS)!! Fight to reclaim our thrones from all this commercial goth, vampiric, faggot shit that has killed our scene. Death to Gayhem, Emperqueers, Cradle of Posers, and all the money hungry rockstars that have allowed all these little faggot slipcock posers to infiltrate my scene and taint its kult kreation!!! HAILS OF ANCIENT METAL WAR VENGEANCE TO YOU WARBROTHER!!! INFERNAL HORDES ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!!!

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