The following interview is done with Paimon...

First, explain the rather unknown history of Thunderbolt for us.
THUNDERBOLT was formed in the end of 1993 to destroy Christian scum and all worshippers of good, to bring death and doom. From the very beginning Paimon (guitar, vocals) has been the most important person, but after a long time of searching, two worshippers of darkness- Durson (guitar) and Galan Dracos (bass) joined the band. The growing hatred and desire of vengeance have forced them to record their debut uncompromising demo-tape under the title "Beyond Christianity" (1996) which was released with KATAXU "North" as a "Split demo 1997" (via Eastclan). A few months later Durson has been dismissed as he was too weak to continue the battle with the ghosts of THUNDERBOLT. In the end of the year 1996 the band has been reinforced by the new confederate of night- Uldor (drums). Together they have worked on the beginning of the new war. The summer of 1997 was the time of recording of the fresh material "Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty"- five hymns to praise the Dark Powers. Not so long after that, there has been a split...Uldor has been arrested and he's in prison now. Galan Dracos is suspected of some crimes too and shows his weakness in the eye of the "law"... But, obviously, THUNDERBOLT can't die, because it's might is so strong. Christian pigs will be tortured again, their blood will flood Nazarene's scoundrel. The new face in THUNDERBOLT'S Legion is Wrathyr (vocals). Stuff for the full-length CD/LP is now prepared.

Ancestral Research Records is preparing to unleash the split CD between Thunderbolt (Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty) /Kataxu (Roots Thunder.) Tell us about this recording, and what elements went into its recording on your behalf.
"Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty" of THUNDERBOLT and "Roots Thunder"of KATAXU was recorded in 'more or less' the same time, in the same place, on the same equipment...I have recorded vocals, guitars, bass and Uldor has recorded drums. Session keyboards has been created and recorded by Jacek Melnicki (KATAXU). We have created quite professional material, which (I think) sounds very fresh even two years later...We have also marked that here in Poland, where you can see many shit-bands, still there exists some interesting and serious bands.

Would you say there is a theme you portray through Thunderbolt? A message you wish to send through your music/imagery?
THUNDERBOLT is a kind of war message that I want to transfer through my music. It's the call to start the total war against Judeo-Christianity and other pestilence.

On the Tribute to Polish Black Metal page, it states that members of the band were involved in several church burnings, among other things. Further, it talks a bit about these topics in the Night and the Fog inlay. Please clear this matter up by stating if any of these charges are indeed legitimate?
Galan Dracos and I were confussed in one failed church burning. Uldor was confussed in one church burning and the murder of a subhuman and he was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment. His accomplice and the main "guilty" one of the murder- Cezar- was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment. That's all. Rumours say much shit...Fuck rumours !

Have you been able to achieve a stable line-up?
Yes, of course, but it's quite hard to find any intelligent and adequate persons in my area so I don't think the situation with the line-up could be changed in the near future. Anyway, we can realize our stuff with help of session musicians, no problem.

Do you view Christianity as your enemy? What are your thoughts of the pagan deities of ancient Europe? Do you have a personal belief?
Judeo-Christianity is a pestilence and every pestilence must be exterminated ! Fighting that scum should be the main reason of existence for every Black Metal band...! Our great pagan heritage has been desecrated by the Christian pigs and we must feel the duty to crush them. I feel great respect to the ancient pagan Gods but I can't call myself a pagan because I don't worship any god (because I worship myself) and I am more into Satanism (not a Jewish kind of thinking !) and NS. I can call myself a self-sufficient individualist.

Tell us about your lyrics, what sort of topics do they cover? Do you have a favorite song from Thunderbolt, that you believe might well represent the band?
My lyrics are my internal journeys and thoughts and could be quite hard to understand for people from the 'outside'. I think that my future lyrics will be "easier." I will print them on the cover of upcoming THUNDERBOLT'S full-length LP...I don't have a favorite THUNDERBOLT song because I believe that every THUNDERBOLT song has its own value. I think that the whole music of THUNDERBOLT represents THUNDERBOLT as a band.

On the Night and the Fog, Thunderbolt contributed the raw and obscurely melodic track 'Key to Eternity.' This compilation opened up a good deal of exposure for a lot of bands that normally have remained rather obscure and unknown. What are your thoughts on this comp, and will you be participating in part 2, which is in the works?
Our great comrade Ezunoth from DUNGEONS OF DARKNESS asked me if I would like to enclose the track "Key To Eternity" on "The Night And The Fog" compilation and the few weeks after that I was informed about his death. We don't know any concrete reasons and circumstances of his suicide but probably it could be the Jewish ZOG or FBI... Yes, I agree with you-this compilation is very good promotion for many unknown bands and both the music and ideology rules ! I think that "The Night And The Fog" deserves the name of cult release...! I don't know if I will be participating in part 2. Time shall tell...

What are your thoughts on the recent attacks on Darker than Black, No Colours, etc....?
I think that any attacks of the weak bastards can't stop our fight ! Darker Than Black is now stronger than ever and we will fight until the last drop of blood ha,ha,ha ! I don't care about No Colours, their problems are not my problems...

Logically, when you think about it, their attacks did nothing but strengthen the cause of DTB. i.e. - gave them more exposure; they had to close down in Germany and relocate the operation to the USA, which will prove to be a better base of operations anyway due to the not-so-restrictive laws. What are your thoughts?
I think that the USA is a much safer place than Germania if you want to spread NS stuff and so on. As I told before, both DTB and ARR are now stronger than ever and will show their power very soon ! You will see...

How is it in Poland regarding what happened to DTB, etc.? Are the laws very restrictive regarding this matter?
No, we haven't had any problems with the police etc. now. You know, here in Poland so-called 'laws' are very sentized to NS and "satanic" stuff /activity but they do nothing until something concrete happens... Some time ago here was quite famous about 'stunts' of "Satanists" because two bastards had killed one girl in, as they told, a "satanic ritual"... If you want to be famous- come to Poland and kill someone ha, ha, ha ! Mass media will make you a "satanic" hero!

The world, internationally, is sinking into chaos and despair. The future seems bleak to many, and far worse if mankind continues at this rate of decay. What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe at this rate a dark future awaits mankind?
Yes, I think that if there won't be any global war or any total cataclysm, mankind will kill itself anyway. Look at civilisation- it's mankind's 'product' and in my opinion it has arrived too far, in other words, civilisation is a death-machine for humans...The existence of humans has disturbed the equilibrium of nature and one day (if there will not be any war) nature will take vengeance! Humans are scum and they must die in endless pain...Nuclear war could be the perfect solution.

What sort of things inspire you to create music ? If you had to limit it, when you were growing up, what one factor of your life inspired you greatest to be who you are today?
There are too many things that inspire me to create music. Anyway, I can mention: depression, sorrow, melancholy, eternal longing for the ancient times, darkness, evil...too many inspirations. I can tell that my whole life and experiences inspire me. I can't find only one factor which has changed my whole life because I see too many of them...One of the main reasons that I am who I am is my observations of the real face of Christianity, the real face hidden under the mask of "good"...

Is there a person of the past who you derive inspiration from ? Explain to us why?
I think that one of my greatest figures always will be Rudolf Hess. I admire his fight in the name of reconciliation of the Aryan folks and lands. Heil R. H.!

If there was indeed a goal to this life, what would you say it might be, besides death of course?
Besides death and war against Christianity of course, I can quote a few words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

Your thoughts on the ancient world versus the modern world. What are the major differences you see? What does the modern world lack, perhaps that the past possessed?
From my point of view the ancient world is a total convergence if you want to compare it to the modern shit... Nowadays the main value for generality is money and other scum like that, in the ancient world the main values were Honour, Fidelity, Sincerity and so on. I hate the fucking stinking modern shit because I hate everything that is dirty and false. Sometimes I can't find myself in this "world"...I feel regret because I must be a part of this "world." I still believe in Us, in Aryan Youth which could make a better future for an adequate peoples! Tomorrow belongs to Us!

If you could know the answer to any one question, what would your question be?
What are the COSMOS...?

And ending back in music... tell us what the future for Thunderbolt holds? Plans?
THUNDERBOLT will return as soon as possible with its first full-length LP / CD under the working title "The Sons of The Darkness." I think that the music on this album is much more enlarged and original than on our upcoming Split CD. Await it!

Have you played with any other bands? Any projects on the side?
Yes, I play in a band called SWASTYKA- it's a pure ideological project. Soon we will record promo-stuff which, as I think, will be a totally KILLER ! Besides SWASTYKA, probably I will play guitar parts in SELBSTMORD. It's a band of Necro (ex-OHTAR member) and Diathyrron (ex-FULLMOON member).

Define to us the music of Thunderbolt in one word.

Lastly, your final comments and words of wisdom ?
Thank you for this long and very interesting interview ! Pagan pride flows in our veins, so we feel the duty to crush the Christian heads! THUNDERBOLT rules!

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